NBA 2K14 Locker Codes – Random Locker Code (Xbox 360/PS3)

Posted May 24, 2014 by Simon in Locker Codes

NBA 2K14 locker codes

This Locker Code is totally random, you can get anything from Diamond Durant/Diamond KD to 100 VC coins. You can also get the all new Diamond Duncan or Ruby Andre Drummond.

Locker Codes for Free Random Item:

  • Playstation 3 and Xbox 360: N14PS-MKEFD-GN8EL-RUIWQ-AH5C6
  • Playstation 4 and Xbox one (Click here)

 Good luck. Comment below on what you got! 

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  • kevin

    Ti said this code has already expired.keep an eye out for new codes released often

  • Noah Ampo Cabreza

    ahmm it say’s there that i need to sign in 2k sports.. co’z im not connected and the code need to be validated… pls help me im playing in xbox 360

  • Noah Ampo Cabreza

    can anybody help me… co’z when i finished enter the code it say’s there that i need to sign in’z im not connected….

  • Devon McCulley

    what did you guys do

  • Jackson Jennings

    I didn’t get anything

  • angelsandair

    Just to share it again. got my free locker codes here ->>

  • infamous2k14gamer

    Sharing it again, working locker codes ->>

    • Jayvee

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    FOR PC?

  • Astrid

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    • Jay

      What code gave you 10,000 ?

  • best guy ever

    Didn’t work

  • UK NBAGamer 2k14
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      never seem to get pass the offers how do u guys do it

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      • Bettina Lily

        you’re the best! thanks!

      • Allan

        Doesn’t work. Can’t get past the stupid surveys. It won’t unlock. Don’t waste your time. I fill in half a dozen surveys to the end, it told me that it had validated but the download still didn’t unlock.

      • Allan

        Forget it! hahaha.. i already figured it out how to make it work. Sorry.. Thanks man! 🙂

      • Noah Ampo Cabreza

        how did u validate the code??

      • Allan

        I didn’t. That was NOT me replying. It is a scam. Someone on this website replied as me to cover up the fact that it does NOT work!

      • Voltaire

        got my 50k VCs! Thanks! You just need to follow the instructions people! don’t make things complicated! LOL :))

      • Allan

        Yeah yeah i know.. sorry my bad! thanks!

      • ZBaller

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  • Mister UK Gamer .

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    Add me on xbox one : ASTSantana1000

  • JohnPopiYRN

    When they putting out more codes??

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    it does not work anymore

  • max b

    its expired

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  • izy_mid

    it says its expired someone help

  • Griffin Gelder

    I got diamond kd… so happy #mvp… good luck durantula

  • Ryan Spaulding

    When I used this code the other week, I got a pair of pink sweat pants for mycarrer :/

  • Moses Crooks

    2k can you please release a new code for all consoles thank you.

  • Psyonikx

    Code has expired. Don’t waste your time.

  • Quintin Ransome


  • A Person

    Doesn’t work.

  • William Davis

    do you have to have xbox live for this.

  • sam


  • keon

    Does this code still work?? Says its expired

  • Joshua

    i got 1k lol
    thats awesome

  • Sharrpy

    i got 50k vc

  • Martez Price

    I got 1000 vc

  • ShadowFax75

    I got a pre game intro animation

  • damyon

    How many times can you use it?

    • Moses Crooks


  • Dormer49

    I got 500 vc.

  • Peter Tran

    Got a damn dunk package :/

  • Donovan McCray

    I got 750 vc. Better than nothing.

  • Tedik

    I got Silver Boost 🙁

  • Connor Best

    20000 VC!!!!


    2000 vc

  • Nick Car

    250 vC 🙁 any old codes still working

  • Patrick Teodocio

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  • Juicyj5836

    20,000 vc and boy did it help.


    My Team silver booster with Paxson in it

  • BigHog

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    I dig it.

  • Richard Ruiz

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  • TeO21

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  • Collin

    mines did not work

  • Anish

    Make a Memorial Day code

  • Marcus Johnson

    Tried it yesterday and got 10,000 VC! Tried it again today and it said that “This account has already entered this code, try again later.”

    • weewarkie

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  • bob james

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  • DLimaFX

    ps4 ?

    Hello ? I know you the game on ps4 is a beta compared to the ps3 but come on

    • BoneKiller360

      go to the post before this, that’s where the next gen locker code is.

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