NBA 2K14 Patch 5 Details

Posted May 21, 2014 by Simon in News

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The new NBA 2K14 patch has officially arrived both for XBOX One and the PS4 and will come through automatically as long as your console has an active Internet connection.  The patch is around 2.4 GB in size and addresses a few issues with MyGM, MyCAREER, and The Park.

 Here are the offiical Patch 5 Notes:


  • Voice Chat should now be much more reliable when three or more people on a team are voice-enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where users would not see server-based content (thumbnails in the store, NBA Today video, clothes in The Park) when signing into a first party account after having already booted the game.
  • Fixed an in issue in MyCAREER where an in-game save (specifically, in the game before you were set to receive your own signature shoe) would freeze when attempting to later load the file.
  • In MyCAREER, the On-Court Coach signature skill will now properly allow you to call plays when equipped.
  • In MyGM, fixed an issue where no players would appear (in specific circumstances) in the list when attempting to propose a trade.
  • Fixed in issue in Online Leagues that prevented some users from being able to matchmake against select other users.  Online Leagues in general should be much more stable now.
  • Duplicate players (the same player from different years) are no longer allowed in the same lineup for a MyTEAM game, as was originally intended.
  • The default quarter length in MyCAREER has been reset to 6 minute quarters, as originally intended.  Users are welcome to re-adjust as necessary.

The Park

  • Addressed an issue where specific player types were unable to complete alley-oops.
  • Users will no longer experience a freeze when loading into The Park after previously playing a different MyCAREER file that was terminated by quitting out of the Rookie Showcase
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes stop moving or even skip/glitch around the court when spectating a game.
  • Fixed an issue where a game would sometimes disconnect when another player quit the match.
  • Players will no longer get stuck after lining up to start a game if another user drops/quits right as the game is about to start.
  • Addressed a very rare crash that would occur when users would spam their controllers while waiting on a ‘Got Next’ spot.
  • Fixed an issue where a user playing on controller two will not up in The Park on other user’s screens.
  • A number of other smaller Park changes have been made to increase the stability and overall performance of this feature.

NOTE: All patch fixes will work in your existing game mode saves.

Feel free to add your thoughts on the patch in the comments below.


  • zzXzTYLERzXzz

    Just put Blacktop online back in. The park is broken and I don’t want to wait an hour to play a pick up game just to be kicked out when a player rage quits.

  • Serchenko9

    8 months to fix this (and other points of the list) —> Addressed an issue where specific player types were unable to complete alley-oops

  • derrick

    Since this patch I have not been able to join my friends park. It looks like I go to the same park every time. Courts are more unreliable since patch.

  • haris

    update euroleague teams rosters

  • PoloThaTruth

    I think that the park sliders should be on simulation and the difficulty should be on hall of fame. On the park defense is nonexistent, a player can do a layup on an entire team with ease if he has finisher level 3. Plus, the amount of contested shots that go in are ridiculous. Along with all the lagging and being spontaneously kicked after ever other game I really hope the 2k team put a lot of effort into the park on NBA 2k15 for the Xbox one

    • Maman Crombie