NBA 2K14 Patch 5 Details

  • zzXzTYLERzXzz

    Just put Blacktop online back in. The park is broken and I don’t want to wait an hour to play a pick up game just to be kicked out when a player rage quits.

  • Serchenko9

    8 months to fix this (and other points of the list) —> Addressed an issue where specific player types were unable to complete alley-oops

  • derrick

    Since this patch I have not been able to join my friends park. It looks like I go to the same park every time. Courts are more unreliable since patch.

  • haris

    update euroleague teams rosters

  • PoloThaTruth

    I think that the park sliders should be on simulation and the difficulty should be on hall of fame. On the park defense is nonexistent, a player can do a layup on an entire team with ease if he has finisher level 3. Plus, the amount of contested shots that go in are ridiculous. Along with all the lagging and being spontaneously kicked after ever other game I really hope the 2k team put a lot of effort into the park on NBA 2k15 for the Xbox one

    • Maman Crombie


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