NBA 2K14 Locker Code – Random Item – Diamond Duncan Possible! (PS4/XBX1)

Posted May 20, 2014 by 2KUpdates in Locker Codes

NBA 2K has released an all new locker code and it is a random locker code. You can get anything from Diamond Durant/Diamond KD to 100 VC coins. You can also get the all new Diamond Duncan or Ruby Andre Drummonds.

Random locker code:

  • Playstation 4 and Xbox one: #BOXOFCHOCOLATES
  • Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (Click here)

 Good luck. Comment below on what you got! 



  • Mark Davis
    • Sheena


  • Dustin

    where can i get new ones?

  • scottie

    100 vc. neeed a new code!!!!

  • Gabe Sanchez

    Taking Forever

  • kobes number 1 fan

    when is this code done

  • Albert Martin
    • Anbu54

      Thanks bro!

    • michael

      i cant download the app after the survey….help!!!

      • michael

        got it. just clear your cookies and you’re good to go! 🙂

      • Bettina Lily

        thumbs up! really helpful!

    • LikeMike

      Thank u for sharing! Works like charm!


      Works for me! 15,000 VC baby!! yeahh! :))

    • ZBaller

      Good job! thanks!

  • Luis Felipe Gil Lamaignere

    Not works on PS4 ;( expired

  • Davis

    where do you get it for xbox 1?
    (need help)

  • Roderick A Jackson

    i got 100 vc!!!! Whoopie!!!!

  • Lou

    Love how these expire just days after they’re posted… What are we supposed to do if we can’t check these forums daily 🙁

  • Spencer Staley

    I got 20000 vc 😀

  • Adam DePersiis

    Help me this code dosent work for me on ps4

  • Adam DePersiis

    My dosent work

  • elie

    Tim Duncan!!!!!!!!!

  • Mj jackson

    Wont work for my ps4

  • Kevin Maloney

    Yaay 100 vc! :/

  • Desham Alves

    5000 vc thanx

  • Jamarcae Fikes

    YES!!! I got 10,000 my team points

  • water_ur_seeds

    Came up short again, ‘Livin’ Large’ dunk pack, that Im sure I already had 🙁

  • Jeanniesis Bright

    Ghost Knit Shorts?!?……….wtf? whatever!

  • brian

    Anybody know some new codes

  • dontaneal

    3k VC -.-

  • lfcxcooley

    BOOM! Got Diamond Tim Duncan!

  • josh

    100 vc yay

  • Ellis Walker

    Gold Pack with Eric Gordon :-/

  • Joshua M Clark

    Some shitty shoes

  • chad moody

    10 percent off everything in my player store lifetime

  • Miami Heat

    3000 vc

  • Jervin Alvarez

    2000 VC

  • jun

    diamond kd!

    • Miami Heat


  • kay nine

    I GOT RUBY ANDRE DRUMMOND YEA!!!! Scored 22 points and 13 rebounds the next game even though i lost. what a beast.

  • Liam

    20k VC

  • James

    1500 VC!!!

  • 300 VC -_-

  • Maman Crombie

    20k mt

  • Cameron Crank


  • Jazzy

    myteam silver pack

  • Vincent

    100 VC man.. Is this a fake Locker Code?

  • Kyleadamson

    250 vc damn it !!!

  • koner

    a stupid wrist band for my player I don’t even use him its bull crap

  • Black Pantha

    Diamond Durant thanks!!!!!

  • Moses Crooks

    any codes for ps3 and xbox 360??

  • I got 20,000 VC coins. A lot of the codes have expired. There’s a lot of dunk packages for free

  • Rokas Arlauskas

    10.000 MT points Thats second time im getting this shit…

  • Colin

    Got some crappy shoes any one know any VALID ps3 codes

  • Gianarax


    • Maman Crombie

      xbox what? one

      • Gianarax


  • Jose Carlos ®

    1000 coin…. give me 20 mil coins plis

  • lindin loubeau

    20000 VCs!!!! Hahahaahhahaha!!! Yessssss
    I mean MT…. 🙁

  • Felix Lebron

    100 vc

  • Doctor Dankkk

    100 vc this is bs

  • TJ

    Airbound for Myplayer

  • doubler

    Freakin converse shoe for my player

  • Splitzide

    MT 10,000

  • Chris Johnson

    I got a dunk package for my career

  • Marv

    Diamond Tim Duncan

  • CityBoa

    20,000 MT Points…I’ll Take It But A Player Would’ve Been Nicer!

  • wu82

    I got a Celtics uniform, but can’t find it

  • pgl

    I got some lame home uniform for my player,and I can’t find it in his wardrobe! F..k you 2K

    • Splitzide


  • Luis Gonzalez

    Danny greene

  • 727skyrocket

    Got hyper quickness for my player !!

  • Guy

    Seriously ? No respect for current gen? BOOO!!

    • Gabe Tollin

      PS3/360: N14PS-MKEFD-GN8EL-RUIWQ-AH5C6 it’s on 2k’s facebook page.

    • Jeremy

      Current Gen? PS4 and Xbox One are current gen now. PS3 and X360 are last gen.

  • pete

    Diamond kobe!!

  • Sam

    I got a diamond durant crazy

  • Ryan

    5000 vc…better than nothing

  • amitri

    Umm ps3/Xbox 360?

  • Kevin Mercado


  • michele

    a pair of shoes -.-

    • Doctor Dankkk

      at least you got something i got 100 vc