NBA 2K15 Release Date Announced

Posted May 3, 2014 by Simon in News


NBA 2K15 has officially been listed at major retailers such as The release date for NBA 2K15 will be October 7th, 2014 which is the first Tuesday of the month and historically the release date of our annual basketball video games. The game is listed to come out on the PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, PlayStation 4 and the XBOX one consoles as well as the PC. The cover is still fairly vague and no further details have been announced for NBA 2K15.


  • Dustin

    Unless the PS3 version is exactly the same as the PS4 version (meaning same cut scenes in my player and overall gameplay), then the price for the PS3 version needs to be cheaper. As a PS3 user who does not want to get a PS4 but still wants to play, why should we have to pay the same amount for a game that is nowhere close to the same as it’s PS4 version?

  • Shawn Tuzara

    i’m gonna be the happiest person if the broadcaster will be change to Mike Breen “BANG”

  • Shawn Tuzara

    also make a cyberface My player for ps4 like in ps4

  • Shawn Tuzara

    be able the player touched the ball like in like in ps4 for ps3

  • Shawn Tuzara

    fix kobe’s jump shot BASE on ps3 or xbox 360

  • joshua brown

    Also make the players and coaches answer half time questions during half-time from Doris Burke like u did for the ps4 but for the ps3

  • joshua brown

    Also make the pads on the arm sleeves bigger like you did for the next gen consoles but for the ps3 and 360

  • joshua brown

    I also want for nba2k15 to show the players with their arm and leg pads still on while their sitting on the bench like next gen but for the ps3 and 360

  • joshua brown

    I just want to play 2k15 and feel as though I’m watching the nab finals or something

    • Shawn Tuzara

      me too bro

  • joshua brown

    I think that the people who work for 2k could send an update on the 2k15 disk so it would update the ps3 and the 360 so at least we could get the graphics from 2k14 next gen, because i’m pretty sure everybody wants to play next gen even if some of us have ps3 and 360 including myself

  • Trey

    Can someone please tell me if the story mode is going to be on the 360 like 2K14 is for the xbox 1 I don’t want to waste my money on the same game as nba2K14 I swear 2k13 and 2k14 are the same exact game nothing changed

    • joshua brown

      4real though I want to play my career and I want to be stopped with some cutscenes, I just want next gen for ps3

  • Andrew Jackson

    Can you make it next-generation for Xbox 360 and being allowed to go to myplayer store without Xbox live or internet

    • LBJ is Homie

      Wtf, you cant do that and you will need xbl to play online if you make the disk for the next gen consoles nothing will happen I bet it wont even work. The consoles make the games look next gen not the disk. THINK

  • shawn

    please no FREEZES

  • shawn

    should the ball stick on the hand of the player in ps3 or 360

  • swagkid

    They should let us be able to drive

  • swagkid

    They should add long knee sleeves like kd wears . They should also add elite socks. And they should let you be able to zip up the Jordan xx8 like in nba live

    • shawn

      Yeah men, like for Dwayne WADE

  • darrius

    Make ps3 next gen to

  • darrius

    Have it were u can create your own black top team using created players and go against other peoples created team online

  • darrius

    Should upgrade the my player for ps3 like ps4 its the same game should play the same

  • Desmond Moultrie

    please please please please put an agent mode
    on 2k15 xbox360 please thank you

  • Clint Goodworth

    have the MYGM mode for Xbox 360

  • Kylar

    be able to talk to lebron and other player for xbox360 instead of just xbox one and ps4

  • disqus_v2SuCCQX8H

    Make the cheats last forever like 2k13

  • david

    will nba2k15 on ps3 be like next gen on ps4

  • mike

    and also be able to do a dunk contest interact with other players drive to the barber shop and get a haircut

  • mike

    can you have it were u can create players like nab 2k14 and have crew mode 1v1 private lobbys and be able to pick your own car with vc drive to the park walk and/or drive to pickup your friends from there house and have other clothes like nike jordan shirts and shorts and jordan and nike headbands

    • Chris Ortiz

      Dude its a game not LIFE! Smh

  • David Fernandez

    fix the ridiculous 3 point shooting.

  • 2k feign

    And enough with the bullshit in gameplay like no way can fucking blake griffin get blocked by ray allen 4times in one game. Or cp3 gets ripped by a scrub like prigioni fix that shit make it real

  • 2k feign

    Also for next gen dont have the same story line and maybe be able to live life as a basketball player. U know roam ur city go workout have kids party drive to game or airport ect.

  • 2k feign

    Im tired of the same dribble moves, the old nasty tattoos, those ugly haircuts get some modern clothes and asseciories, and be able to have better leg sleeves and stuff like that

  • Guest

    Kevin Durant just announced as cover athlete

  • Akem Jn Pierre

    Can We Get the Option to be A Coach, Owner, or Player.

  • Akem Jn Pierre

    Why don’t we do like a Summer League for the Rookies and Actually get to start our first game

    • Shawn Tuzara

      i like that,

  • kingkanyon

    Can you please Make sure Deandre Jordan can F’ing rebound on this game, He did lead the League this year. And Please let me edit my own Roster on PS4 without having to Download it and then upload it WTF that makes no sense.

    • pontraell ellison

      i agree he cant rebound in my team so i replaced him with wilt

  • xCookieMonster808x

    2K, please make PC next gen graphics. I could be the happiest person in this world if you were to do that.

    • shawn

      me too

  • v dub

    Can you make it that in mycareer we will be able to have more than just home/away jerseys maybe some throwback jerseys, Christmas jerseys and nba green week jerseys for if you get drafted to a team like the bulls

  • Redchief

    I think it would pretty cool under my player during the season we are able to hire nd fire agents, build cribs and buy cars and do extra thing. A little something like the Sims being able to build a house, Buy stuff to put in In. Basically like living the everyday Life of a hooper. Having to go to practice. Workouts, charity events etc. Stuff like that would be epic!!!

    • michael simpfenderfer

      Are you serious? You want all that extra shit. This is a basketball game, not Sims or MTV Cribs. You want to do charity events and workouts too like in GTA where you have to workout and eat to keep your guy healthy?! You f’ing serious.
      As long as if they do that they do t make that mandatory in the season and career mode then fine.
      I just think there’s already enough in the great game.

  • Jozef melaj

    I think it would be great if we could shoot around as soon as the game turns on and press start to go to the home page of like career also we should get all star weekend

    • SwagMonsta

      there is an allstar weekend if youre good enough to make it

  • travis

    Can we get a Co op career somehow where the same people get drafted into the same team maybe on a first round pick and 2nd round pick would be nice me and my bros would like that

  • Lyric

    Creation mode is more important than ANYTHING!! I want to be able 2 create my own guy face!

  • Lyric

    For the next gen consoles plz fix Creation mode so WE CAN CREATE BETTER FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ASSOCIATION MODE!!

  • MagicBBALL

    Oh yah and make it possible for everyone to dunk it of a lob (I lay it up)

  • MagicBBALL

    Fix servers, keep crew, but do what 2k 11 did, make like a park mode and the talking features that only exists on x box one ( but do it to 360 and 1) But mainly Fix servers thx for hearing me out:)

  • Andy Chadburn

    bring back multiplayer association on next gen!

  • JK

    Fix the dam servers

  • Justin Peters

    Make it so you dont need all 30 teams being used by somebody in order to do the association

  • Rank50_HOF

    Want to make REAL 2k fans happy? Start w/ Multiple courts*(inside/out), Increased Crew Customization*, Better Alley-Oop Defense*, East vs West Quick Match*, to name a few

  • Osasu Oke

    going to bejust like 2k14..if not worse

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  • chuck

    On ps3 let everything look like real life play like real and mycareer mode need to be different let us play the college playoff and also let mycareer be like ps4 flying on the plane and.talking let us.just shoot around for blacktop and let us choose if we want to shoot around before the game….HOPE U USE THIS FOR PS3 THANKS U IF U DO