NBA 2K14 Locker Codes – Random Locker Code (All Consoles)

Posted April 23, 2014 by 2KUpdates in Locker Codes

Sans titre 2

This Locker Code is totally random, you can get any item in the game from a Diamond Kobe/Durant to 20K VC coins.

Comment Below on what you got!

 Random Locker Code – Expires after round one of playoffs.

  • PS4/XB1: N14PS-71Y6R-ZV92E-F7FPI-QPNXC

 More NBA 2K14 locker codes.


  • Jacob Williams

    Where can I find the locker code selection on 2k14 on ps4 ?

  • gABE


  • Aldric
  • angelsandair
    • Albert Martin

      Thank you! 🙂

    • Armada01


    • Gamerboy2k14

      Thank u for this!

    • LikeMike

      Updated locker codes!! Thank u for this!


      Great! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Dixit23


    • Bettina Lily

      appreciate the updates! great job!!!

  • Miami Heat


  • Ryan
  • New codes pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!! Especially for VC!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Gomez

    Where the codes at

  • Moses Crooks

    umm….2k where the codes at?

  • TeO21

    any new codes????

    • Moses Crooks

      how does this get 42 likes?

      • TeO21

        i dont know man

  • Colin

    Anyone know any ps3 codes that would work right now thx.

  • Reek Armstrong

    How do I get a locker lock cuz I don’t have it on my 2k14

    • Chris

      When first cut the game on its gonna say nba today mycareer mygm and and all that go down to features and u should see it

  • Follow Moses

    OMFG give us a new code y’all take so fucking long just to release a new one!!! DAYUM-.-

  • skiddy

    I see everybody else with 200 300 400 games. I only have 72.. I have no combos or support cards. How do u delete or sell cards?

    • Jackie

      You go to profile,go to players then there will be a delete option.

    • Be1i3veALL

      Use the cards to upgrade your others player that you use the most. Max your players and don’t cut rare players. If you have 2 cards that are same, upgrade one and then combine them.

  • skiddy

    please answer, how do i delete cards in my nba 2k14 iphone app?????????

    • Desham Alves

      You don’t Delete them you use them for experience points for your other cards.

  • wurstkase

    are there any new codes

  • DJ Honeycutt

    Are there any new codes

    • wurstkase

      any new codes bro

  • Splitzide

    It didn’t work for me when it was first posted and I entered it exactly the way it’s posted.

  • skiddy

    in the app called mynba 2k14 for iphone, every time i try to play a quick game, it says you have the maximum amount of cards on hand. how do i change this

    • wurstkase

      delete some cards in your collection

      • skiddy

        how do I do this? please answer

      • DiVeLiMI

        train your line up players with other players, your best players get better and the card u have used will go away

      • skiddy

        but i dont have any players that im able to train

      • DiVeLiMI

        When i go to quick game, edit line-up and choose a layer, i click ‘train’, select the cards i don’t use any more and then proceed, i hope this helps

      • skiddy

        under “train cards” it says no players available, what should i do?

      • skiddy

        i tried to but read my previous comment and it will explain why i cant

      • skiddy

        please answer , its so agrivating when i cant do anything in this app

  • skiddy

    yo guys i have a question and i will follow whoever answers

  • TeO21

    new codes?

  • aj ranieri

    when is a new code coming out

  • skiddy

    its been a while ronnie 2k

  • Kenneth

    If anyone knows any new ones post up, i heard that a diamond kd code got leaked and used up for the capacity it was #KDNBA2K15COVER

    • skiddy

      its a fake code

  • monster

    Anyone know of a new codes

  • fkdlkfkljflkjds


  • Cameron

    is the code still valid?

  • Spin

    for people having problems make sure you put in all of the – for it to work

  • Ahmed Evans

    Got 15,000 VC!!!!

    • wurstkase

      got any valid codes bro

  • Lucas

    got invalid code at xbox 360.. what up ? :/

  • Scott Jordan

    500 vc drag

  • jaayjaay santos

    diamond derrick rose

  • Alexander Monroe

    Still valid on Xbox One (make sure you enter the “-“). Just got 5000VC.

  • Carmelo’s fanboy

    Getting not valid on xb1 help pls

    • Joakim Olajuwon

      playoffs round 1 just ended hours ago

  • Zach

    Paul Pierce from Gold Pack

  • Joakim Olajuwon

    10.000 MT! not bad!

  • Kareem Fluker

    Dunk package livin large for myplayer.

  • Edwin Figari

    Diamond Kobe gracias 😀

  • Ryan Fluharty

    5000 vc birches

  • Anthony

    My brother and cousin got diamond Kobe… I got 2k vc -_-

  • Ameer Reid

    Zach Randolph in a gold booster

  • Max

    Cargo shorts for my player… Wow really 2k

  • Dan

    got shoes…..

  • Correye Johnson

    I unlocked a exclusive all eyes on me pre game intro for myplayer……cool


    250 vc fml..

  • Jelani

    750 vc… really? haha, my total vc is 1,234!

  • SwipeKing_1017

    FUKKIN BULLSHIT 2k…10% lifetime discount to the myplayer store!!!!

    • ACE x Ninjazzz

      thats good

  • DatBoiDimes

    1.5K VC. At least it’s something…

  • Jonathan Swistock


  • Jonathan Swistock

    Getting not valid? Help?

  • Marko Jagurinovski

    got dirk in a gold pack with this code and i sold him for 13 k vc

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Air Flight Huarache

  • josh

    i got 100 vc. eh at least its somthing

  • skiddy

    stats of a beast

  • skiddy

    Kobe Bryant

    62 – ORL

    Tracy McGrady

    61 – LAL

    Shaquille O’Neal

    60 – WAS

    Gilbert Arenas

    57 – MIL

    Michael Redd

    57 – DET

    Jerry Stackhouse

    56 – CLE

    LeBron James

    55 – MIL

    Brandon Jennings

    55 – MIA

    Dwyane Wade

    55 – SAS

    Tony Parker

    Points (Cont.)

    55 – IND

    Jermaine O’Neal

    54 – SEA

    Ray Allen

    53 – DAL

    Dirk Nowitzki

    53 – SAS

    Tim Duncan

    52 – POR

    Andre Miller

    52 – POR

    Brandon Roy

    52 – NYK

    Jamal Crawford

    51 – DET

    Richard Hamilton

    51 – NJN/TOR

    Vince Carter

    51 – GSW

    Antawn Jamison


    31 – MIN

    Kevin Love

    28 – DET

    Ben Wallace

    28 – ORL

    Shaquille O’Neal

    27 – MIL

    Andrew Bogut

    27 – SAS

    Tim Duncan

    27 – LAC

    Marcus Camby

    26 – MIN

    Al Jefferson

    26 – POR

    Joel Przybilla

    26 – GSW

    Andris Biedrins

    26 – ORL

    Dwight Howard

    26 – DAL

    Erick Dampier


    25 – DAL

    Jason Kidd

    24 – BOS

    Rajon Rondo

    24 – MIL

    Ramon Sessions

    22 – NYK

    Chris Duhon

    22 – PHO

    Steve Nash

    22 – CLE

    Andre Miller

    21 – NOH

    Chris Paul

    21 – UTA

    Deron Williams

    20 – DET

    Will Bynum

    20 – NOH

    Darren Collison

    20 – LAC

    Baron Davis


    10 – POR

    Brandon Roy

    9 – WAS

    John Wall

    9 – MIA

    Mario Chalmers

    9 – NOH

    Chris Paul

    9 – DAL

    Dirk Nowitzki

    9 – CLE

    Andre Miller

    9 – BOS

    Paul Pierce

    Gerald Wallace – 8


    15 – ORL

    Shaquille O’Neal

    11 – DEN/TOR

    Marcus Camby

    10 – ORL

    Dwight Howard

    10 – CHA

    Emeka Okafor

    10 – UTA

    Andrei Kirilenko

    10 – ATL

    Josh Smith

    10 – PHO

    Amar’e Stoudemire

    10 – IND

    Jermaine O’Neal

    10 – DET

    Ben Wallace

    • Heng

      Invalid codes?

      • skiddy

        what do u mean?

      • Heng

        i type it on PS3 it came out with invalid codes…or it already expires?

      • skiddy

        no, that once happened with me. ur just unlucky

      • Heng

        so it that means can’t use anymore?

      • skiddy


  • Maximilian May

    30 K MT!!!!

  • bkbully84

    My player dunk package: verticality

  • skiddy

    d cous

  • T_RoY

    100 vc….my life is complete

  • cooldoe

    5k vc.. could have gotten better but still good

  • skiddy

    demarcus cousins in gold pac

  • skiddy

    demarcus cousins in gold pack

  • Champz85

    Unlocked Kwame Brown 🙁

    • Jackie

      That’s worse than 100vc, LOL.

  • Jayden Russo

    20K MT

  • Jonathan Horn

    D Rose T Shirt lol

  • ElWizard

    40 000 VC 🙂

    • Jackie

      HOW?!?!?!?! Is this possible? Would 2k make there be that big of a difference between 100vc and 40000vc? Or are you lying?

      • Jay mays

        he’s lying the most 2k ever gives for this is 20k vc ..if he isnt then thts somethin u gotta attach with proof

  • gwapboyhood

    This doesn’t work have a ps3 put the code in several times

    • sean noell

      have to use dashes man

  • skiddy

    got demarcus cousins

  • iPhobiic

    5k vc

  • Joseph

    yay, 100 VC

  • Roman Martirosyan

    Diamond Kobe cheers!

  • JustinRavi Cleveland

    Wow just 500vc. These codes always suck…

  • Black Pantha


  • Stephen Carrillo

    5000 vc. ahh yeah

  • Matt Myers

    Gold booster

  • Leandro Torres

    Invalid code in my ps3. with Caps and –

  • NedHelp

    I dont get it to work !? help pleace?

  • bobby

    ruby igoudala

  • stunna1970

    I got 1500 vc

  • ARandomVoice

    I got Adidas Adizero Ghost 2

  • Markie Greer

    10% lifetime discount on myplayer store

  • Logan Murrison

    1000 VC

  • Ant LeRoy II

    250 vc…… tf am i suppose to buy with that little shit ?!?!

    • JustinRavi Cleveland

      Lol! I got 500 and I even feel sorry for you…

  • xuax

    3000 VC… oh man…

  • Chironix Lexium

    Hi how to know what we got? Except 20k mt i see nothing in my career

    • xiixxii

      you can only use MT coins in my team.

      • Chironix Lexium


  • sal

    15000 VC baby!! 😀

  • Slizzy Yung Slick Aceito

    silver booster pack w klay thompson so i cant be too mad lol

  • Jay mays

    when does this expire

  • Jamarcae Fikes

    I got a fucking double finger strap wtf 2k!!!

  • Besim Nezaj

    I just got diamond durant

  • Jarrod

    Is this code still valid?

    • Jamarcae Fikes


    • Yes !

  • broderick

    500 vc

  • 3 at the buzzer

    Dunk package

  • MH!

    myplayer dunk package…thanks?

  • Tyrell

    1’500 VC cool but could have been better

  • thomas

    Does anyone know when this code expires

  • Atheo11

    diamond durant and last time i used the random code i got diamond kobe

  • shawbrothers

    I Got A Donald Sterling Audio Tape !!!! Thanks 2k !!! -_-

    • MH!

      LMAO…too soon

  • geraintjones23

    I got 20,000 vc

  • Dorian

    I got 100VC… thanks?

  • DLB the baller

    I got dimond Durant!!!!

  • Francois D

    I got gold pack, Tony Parker and 3 arenas, Heat arena, Mavericks arena, and Warriors arena

  • A little bit of truth

    derrick rose tee … really !

  • nate tucker

    1500 wooooww al the things

    • Jackie

      Look at the bright side, you didn’t get 100 vc like some people.

  • Darius

    MyTEAM Gold Booster =D which only gave me a John Wall -_-

  • Elliot

    100 vc….of all the things I could have gotten…hopefully next time I get Diamond Kobe or Diamond KD

  • Joel Deeprose

    It’s not workin for me anyone know why? I have. Ps4

  • Ryan Shackleton

    Diamond KD

  • Alex

    Thanks for the code, I got a gold Dirk and Suns Latin nights jersey

  • Ben

    All I got were shoes…

  • 3 at the buzzer

    Nothingggggggggggggggg with5000000 million gggggggggggggggggggggs

  • Vinny Jay

    Vertical Dunk Package :/

  • Joshua Supino

    Mines not working do I have to capitalize it

  • David Figueroa

    15,000 VC points 😀

    • Jackie

      Dude, I got a third that u got, someone got 1/150 of what you got, wow.

  • certifiedPGHgoon

    100 fucking points are you shitting me

  • Kyleadamson

    I now have diamond Kobe and kd and Kobe is rating 96 and kd’s only 95 what crap when I got his I thought he’s so gonna be 99 so gay

    • Jackie

      Don’t say gay, and the only people with 99s are MJ and Lebron. Although KD is extremely good right now.

    • willsaf22


  • I got the Big Show dunk package. -_-

  • 250 vc lol
    Oh well..

  • Supervillain

    trash only 500 vc

  • afas

    100vc love it … -.-

  • anton sumerlin

    Carp just 750 vc

  • Isaiah Mello

    10,000 VC

  • Jordan

    ehh.. got gold chris bosh from a gold pack

  • Joey

    30,000 MyTeam points

  • Adonis


    • Jackie


  • Spin

    My player pre-game intro : Game On

  • skiddy

    when is the expiration date?

  • ImOn Dat

    Great..3,000 vc. Kinda wish it was a duck package.

  • Isiah Silvestre


    • Jackie

      WTF? “We appreciate your style.”

  • Isiah Silvestre

    I think i’m one of the first people the get this… 🙂

  • Carson Rosario IV

    Verticality dunk package :/

  • CL

    Nice.. 5,000 vc!

  • water_ur_seeds

    Livin’ Large dunk package 🙁 was hoping for something for MyTeam…

  • Prince Hodges

    Got sweat pants heated

  • Follow Moses

    WTF! i got the Air Jordan 1 -.-

  • Kyleadamson


  • Kyleadamson

    on last last one of these i got diamond kobe so i dont care what i get from this one just great full that i as lucky enough that

  • 100 VC i know it was free but F**K

  • thunderfan

    5000 vc

  • pontraell ellison

    im scared get it tomorrow

  • Daniel Capece

    Got a dunk package, vertically, I’m grateful 2k is giving stuff out for free. Not being

  • Jamal ‘Roman’ Arrington

    3000 vc

  • Cw moss Crew

    Got A Eazy-E Dunk Pack

  • Maxwell Okolo

    got a Damian Lilard in a silver pack.

  • Darius Keeppushin Jackson

    Basketball jersey

  • no1illa

    got a diamond kd. been had a sapphire kd but its cool i guess

  • Steven Jason II

    1000 VC

  • Martez Coleman

    1000 vc

  • Matt

    100 vc

  • Watchnerd92

    A pack of SLAAAAAM DUNK on My Career :'(

  • Malick Sy

    When does it expire

  • Felix Bourque

    Kevin Durant diamond i’m hype!!!

    • Mymy

      Not cool man

    • Hammam Khalifah Atthahabi

      Loading…. Bullshit

  • Rokas Arlauskas

    pre game intro animation: game on…..

  • Ill Will

    Can somebody help with this! I did this in all caps and dashes were included but still coming up invalid!

    • Bernie Davis

      I did it on ps4 lower case with dash and it worked fine. Did it today 4/24 on ps4

  • Ill Will

    Entered the code but it keeps telling me its invalid !!!! -.-

    • CL

      make sure you enter the hyphens too.

  • Alex Porter

    k this is unfair no more xbox 360 locker codes

  • Felix Lebron

    I got 15000 VC

  • Ellis Walker

    i got a dunk package… im pissed

    • Watchnerd92

      Same thing

  • Alex

    200 vc wtf!

    • Watchnerd92

      I got it once, I was really desapointed

      • Hammam Khalifah Atthahabi

        haha stressed

  • Marcus Laursen

    i got 1000 vc

    • Mymy

      Me too…

  • Rados.Aleks

    where do they obtain this codes ???

  • fadarrius

    i got 20,000 my team points

  • Teodor Danailov

    Gold Boster pack|good 🙂

  • sanibo123

    i got 750 vc

  • Mister UK Gamer .

    HA I announced these codes hours before this site ( here is proof )

    So i reccommend you guys subscribe because we get the codes before this site!

    • fadarrius

      and? i don’t have to pause a video for the code on this site

      • Mister UK Gamer .

        You dont have to pause the video on mine either the code is always in description!

    • Wow really ?? ! Amazing !!!!!

    • Seeing you post a video on every single locker code post has been getting rather annoying. Why do you need to make video showing people how to put in a code? Is it really that hard?

      • Mister UK Gamer .

        Well number 1 I get the codes before this site, number 2 some people dont use this site therefore I do a video to post to youtube, number 3 whats it to do with you, you dont like my comment or video dont watch or read it!

      • Your “number 3” argument is rather silly considering videos take up half of the comments section. Nice try, though. Just because you get the codes hours before this site doesn’t change anything. Not like the codes expire within hours. It takes days. Lastly, I’m pretty sure if people want locker codes they’ll actually Google it rather than YouTube search it.

  • ThaGr8testOne

    Got that Diamond KD! Surprised as f%#! To say the least, lol:)

  • Got 1,500 VC. Not too bad!

    • Hammam Khalifah Atthahabi

      you get that on the app

      • Hey, VC’s VC. I’ll take whatever I can get, haha

  • Liam Gilgan

    Got a Houston Rockets jacket for my myplayer. -_-