NBA 2K14 Locker Codes – Ruby Andre Iguodala – (PS4/XB1)

Posted April 20, 2014 by Simon in Locker Codes

Sans titre 2

The code for Ruby Iggy is valid until the warriors loose the playoffs:

  • Playstation 4 and Xbox one: #IGGY9NBAPLAYOFFS (You have to use the # for it to work.)


  • 2kgamer24
  • JustinRavi Cleveland

    Did they mean lose once or just plain lose? Either way, pacers are still in and the code doesn’t work on ps4.

  • Sharrod Duffie

    All i want to know is how common is it to have a good connection but there may be a glitch keeping ppl from connecting to the 2k server for myplayer blacktop and quick teammatchup but they can still play head to head private matchups?

    • Mikey

      Exactly every time I try to play blacktop it crashes and backs me out… Idk what’s up with 2k.. But they gotta fix it cause I’m getting losses from games I didn’t play

  • Mister UK Gamer .


  • diego

    anyone know how the code? stick it but I get wrong

  • diego

    xke meto el codigo de aguadala y me sale erroneo alguien sabe por que?

    • Jackie

      No sé, lo glitches. Sacó de Traductor Español. I don’t know spanish.

  • Hakeem Glover

    it said i put the code in but i still dont have

    • Jackie

      You checked the rewards queue?

      • Hakeem Glover

        Yeahhh i did. There was nothing.

      • Jackie

        I don’t know what to say but 2k glitches a lot.

      • Hakeem Glover

        yeahhh it do… smh

    • that happened to me!

  • Jackie

    i got him, but some error said I didn’t have nor did I have my Paul George, what the crap?

  • Watchnerd92

    Thank U, Fine With this Ruby Iggy 🙂

    Hope they’ll be eliminated later as possible.

  • Kyleadamson


  • Kyleadamson

    Is it valid till they lose a game or till they get elimilted

    • Rokas Arlauskas

      till they get eliminated

  • David Banks II

    What if they never lose?? And win the championship?

    • Kyleadamson

      I think after the finals are over it will be taken down/invalid
      (But the clips will beat em)

  • Lochstar

    Dosen’t work for me 🙁
    Says it’s invalid

    • Lochstar

      Never mind had to reset console and let it sit a bit 😉


    Wow that’s 2 weeks without Xbox 360 and PS3

  • Trevor

    when I opened my pack the card came out…. now he is on my starting lineup.

    • sanibo123

      how u do dat I didn’t get mine??

      • Trevor

        well I opened mine yesterday and I let it sit for a min maybe it was just luck


        You go to collection and press rt a couple times and reward reque will come up snd there will be a pack with iggy in it or if there is a reward section it should be in there try both

    • Jackie

      Thanks, yours works and mine is messed up. I don’t get 2k at all, with glitches that some people get and some don’t get.

  • Xpert_thief1234

    May I add you

  • Chuck D

    I got the code to work but I can’t find IgGy anywhere on my team. Help

    • SmoothPancakes

      You’re not the only one. I got to the code to work, went to MyTeam queue and claimed the card, and now I can’t find it anywhere. I got screwed out of the card.

      • Have you tried restarting your console and then waiting 5-10 minutes before getting back on MyTeam? My Emerald Anthony Davis has disappeared on several occasions, and restarting my console and waiting a little bit has always fixed it.

      • Jackie

        Dude, my Paul George has disappeared, I hope this works.

      • Hope it works for ya too! It’d suck to lose Paul George!

      • BigZ DaRuler

        Reward packs.

    • Jackie

      Did you check with the players that are in free space and can replace others?

    • BigZ DaRuler

      Reward queue.

  • disqus_JrgbpDScCz

    so the code will go on forever? 🙂

  • Sifat Baig

    The code worked but I didn’t get the player. Please help

  • Mister UK Gamer .

    All working here

  • “Until the warriors loose the playoffs”