NBA 2K14 Locker Codes – “The Big Show” – Exclusive My Career Dunk Package!

Posted April 8, 2014 by Simon in Locker Codes

Sans titre 2

Need a new dunk package for NBA 2K14? Use the following locker code for PS4 and Xbox one to get an exclusive dunk package called “The Big Show”.

‘The Big Show’ My Career dunk Package:

Playstation 4 and Xbox one: N14PS-I1VEP-YAXJ8-U2BFX-KRI1L


  • Mark Davis
  • Jackson Jennings

    When does the new one come s

  • Diego Pedrollo


  • Andrew Saul


  • MrPerfect

    Only down falls no dunk contest, and sorry ass tattoos.. when are we going to get the full sleeves?? Also MyPlayer customization is very limited for ps4. These things will be the only things stopping me from buying any other NBA2k games

  • Red_One22

    It’s telling me that the code is Invalid….what do I do?

  • Hdidjdjfj

    Diamond Kobe pack


    When is the new one coming?

  • Robert Simmons

    All yall sound like a bunch of cry baby ass bitches…..evidently you arent putting the codes in fast enough like some of the others?! (LIKE MYSELF) ive personally gotten a TON outta putting these locker codes in not to mention nba2k15 is SOLD bc im buying it and id rather be the sole owner than share it with a bunch of pansies like you all are being JSWSMH tisk tisk

  • Joseph

    I agree with Nathan all you guys are fucking retards like I don’t think people will buy 2k
    15 and if you damn internet doesn’t work get fucking new internet retard

  • king michael

    alley oop dunk package private park

  • Griffin PraisingGod Dewinter

    Can you post the locker code for diamond kobe or just a random diamond player?

    • Farmer Condor

      Sure man I heard they’re just giving them out these days

  • Hammam Khalifah Atthahabi

    Keep expiring codes. Lets see how much people will buy 2k15. You think you can give them exclusive codes. Well you can but you’ll get what is coming to you.

    • Nathan

      Are you retarded? Do you really think people won’t buy 2k15 because of the locker codes? How bout you quit complaining and earn the shit on the game yourself instead of relying on locker codes to do everything for you

      • Joe

        stupid prick just shut up and quit replying to peoples crap

      • Nathan

        I’ve only replied to 2 people because they were the dumbest thing I’ve ever read

      • Young Nigga

        Dude Shut Up


      Nathan is really stupid

      • Nathan

        I’m stupid? This niqqa trying to say that people won’t buy 2k15 because of locker codes…people will still buy the game because the point of the game is not locker codes


        K wat u think is true

      • Nathan



      Im still getting 2k15

    • Farmer Condor

      maybe you should type the codes in on time or just not worry about codes at all.

  • anusman

    Give my ass a ’04 Kevin Garnett!!!!!

    • Joe

      i agree and a Marburry


    No xbox 360?

  • skiddy

    yo guys did diamond kd come out yet?

  • nas

    diamond kd might come out 2nite

  • Sammy Holladay

    What about the people that already bought that package.

  • Desham Alves

    I can only equip this package for the Park mode

  • Mister UK Gamer .

    All working here!

  • Phoenix

    ay how bout a code for 81,000 VC since I didn’t have internet for a while and it wont let me use my MyPlayer online and that’s how much VC it’ll take to get stats up to where I got them to playing offline and I don’t even know why I cant use my MyPlayer online in the first place

    • Nathan

      That’s ur own fault that your internet is shit not 2ks so quit complaining

      • Joe

        shut up Nathan you anoying idiot

      • nero

        stfu not erybdy complainin cuz dey ask a ques whu u posd 2b da xbox 2k god or sutn cnt b cuz datz me

      • Nathan

        I couldent even read what you said…learn to spell

      • Farmer Condor

        Dude are you fucking retarded? He said he didn’t have internet, and obviously didn’t know he wouldn’t be able to use his MyPlayer online. And the 2k servers are SHIT, it’s not anyone’s internet.

      • Nathan

        Yea it’s not 2ks fault he doesn’t have internet..and the 2k servers are fine if your internets not a piece of shit…



    • nero

      had dat prob….yu gne haf2 start yo my player ova…..but at leas da roster will b updated

  • Asa Kennedy

    You can’t cater to just PS4 and XBox1 all the time. There are other systems you make your games for. Makes me not want to ever buy 2K games again.

    • Bullet

      It’s only for Xbox one because y’all don’t have the park so we can’t do it in regular games just like you

  • tony king

    What about 360 code 2k

  • What if you already have bought this dunk package? Is there an alternative?

  • Ravi

    doesnt work for PC

    • Earvin Torres

      I hope you’re trolling.


      Who plays 2k on pcc

  • Hakeem Glover

    i put in the code and it didnt work. It said it did but i dont see the package.

    • OhItsTJ

      The code works I just did it, make sure you typed it in all caps. Then go to MY CAREER-player upgrades-The Park Upgrades- 1st dunk at the top “BIG SHOW.” (Required: Dunk 80) So yea this is for off court.

      • Mister UK Gamer .

        you dont have to type all caps!

      • Hakeem Glover

        Ohhh ok its the Park Upgrades. Thanks bruh