NBA 2K14 – MyTeam Silver Pack Locker Code (All Consoles)

Posted March 25, 2014 by 2KUpdates in Locker Codes

2K has released an all new locker code, this time it’s a MyTeam silver pack. It’s for all the console and expires in 4 days. Post below on what you got from the pack.

1 Silver MyTeam Pack – Valid until Saturday, March 29th, 2014.

  • Xbox One and Playstation 4: N14PS-E224W-HAHJK-LAE3X-A5SV4
  • Xbox 360 and Playstation 3: N14PS-CS9UB-NWKTB-HZREV-E7FNK


  • Tavares Herring

    Code expired

  • dumb_gaygay

    code expired

  • disqus_q6dmUsvb8q

    Is there a time line in which u have to use the code before a certain date?

  • Wemerson Rodrigues

    Kevin Martin!

  • Ryan Shackleton

    Isaiah Thomas

  • Douglas Richard

    Nick “swaggy P” young!!!

  • Rokas Arlauskas

    Omer Asik!

  • dakota

    kirk hinrich

  • Philip Nino Topacio

    i got goran dragic

  • keeshon

    i got glen davis :/

  • Joe

    Hansbrough :/

  • Trey

    It says unable to process on Xbox One. That’s B.S.

    • Trey

      Codes don’t work Wtf?

  • Dan Carsey

    Jamal Crawford

  • Steven Pickett

    I got Aaron brooks

  • Dumbo12

    I got Jared Dudley (:

  • KyrieIvi14

    I got Omer Asik

  • Gavin Jordan

    is dwyane wade in silver or gold??

    • Revolt

      cmon now u kno Wade a gold

  • Massoud Shamsuddin

    i got HARRISON BARNES !!

  • Trey

    I got gerald henderson

  • abc

    suck it i got michael jordan

    • ivor47166

      Impossible, it’s a silver pack…

      • ivor47166

        No legends can be gotten from current packs.

      • abc

        too pro

    • Dee Willis

      Jack ass Mj Is a gold player …why lie

    • riquiniqui

      Usually people who say that stuff don’t even have the game

  • Nick Reed

    Damian Lillard

  • Teodor Danailov

    got isiah thomas

  • VB

    anyone know who the best silver player is? I’m thinking Anthony Davis..

  • Isaac

    I got kendrick perkins -_-

  • Jordan Sievers

    i picked up Klay

  • Dee Willis

    I got Tiago Splitter

  • skiddy

    mine says this code has already been unlocked or redeemed on this account.

  • Ayan


    • VB

      nice try

    • hashcookiemonster


    • luke gentry

      cp3 is not even a silver

  • Aaron Chamness

    Vince carter

  • FB

    Come on 2k a sliver pack?
    We want Gold Packs!

  • Marko Jagurinovski

    omer asik not bad i selled him for 2000vc

  • Nicki Nordlund Hansen

    Chauncey Billups. Not bad I guess…

  • Matthew Foust

    Bradley Beal – Go Wiz!

  • Kris Aime

    Matt Barnes.. smh

  • Tony York

    I got something saying that its invalid

  • Felix Lebron

    Ben McLemore

  • VB

    I got Gordon Hayward

    • Calvin Starks

      Where is the code?

      • VB

        Pause the video at the 1:20 mark

  • Calvin Starks

    I don’t c the code

  • Marco Li


  • brad

    Don’t see the code

  • Andrea Pastore

    i got matt barnes .-.

  • Jarrod

    I got Andre Drummond

  • Guest

    it says code invalid