NBA 2K15 – Dunk Contest Motion Capture Footage

Posted March 24, 2014 by 2KUpdates in Gameplay

2K has released another motion capture footage, this time showing some of the dunks you will see in the Dunk Contest for NBA 2K15 and some from the Park.

Post some of the things you would like to see in NBA 2K15.


  • mfermin25

    It’s still in process so I hope you add slamdunk contest that you don’t have to play my career or regular season just yo play that. instead play it like a quick game mode. Just saying.

  • Tomspy77

    I recently bought a PS3 after always being behind on the hardware front and am loving 2K14 (Before I played every 2K since the Dreamcast debut, although in the recent lean years they were on PSP, WII and PC) with all it has to offer…

    I just hope much like the PS2 got a couple years of relases of sports titles after the PS3 launch, I hope the PS3 will get a 2K15 release, and I really hope it contains at least some aspect of the My Career features revealed for the PS4 version of 2K14.