NBA 2K14 Locker Codes – Random CODE (Diamond Kobe/KD, VC Coins, Gold Pack, MyPlayer Clothing)

Posted March 18, 2014 by Simon in Locker Codes

Today’s locker code is totally random, you can either get a Diamond Kobe, VC coins, Gold Pack or totally something else. It all depends on your luck. Some people have gotten 250 VC coins while some got 20K VC. So good luck. Comment Below on what you got!

Locker Codes for Free Random Item Expires March 21, 2014.

  • Xbox One and Playstation 4: N14PS-A2XUC-NYI38-XYWHE-1ZUWU
  • Xbox 360 and Playstation 3: N14PS-ZQG5D-MEQGE-KEM15-AYLAS


  • Donny Hogendorp

    I have nothing

  • Jackson Jennings

    I didn’t anything

  • Gonzalo Ambriz

    Thanks alot

  • Matthew Lapinig

    How many times can you use this code

  • The Clamps22

    I got a rock 🙁

  • KyrieIvi14

    I got a match intro

  • Victor Serna

    Gold pack for me

  • Kjartan Ísak Sæmundsson

    5000 vc thansk 2k…….

  • Tony York

    THIS IS COMPLETE B.S posted 4 days ago and its already expired wtf!!!!

  • Andy C

    1500 VC

  • 2kballer

    Diamond Kobe niggazzz!

    • ivor47166

      Fail, the code expired.

  • fred b

    Dunk package I had already

  • daboy

    gold pack

  • da_boss1530

    I got a dunk package I already had….

  • 77

    dunk package

  • Richard


  • Mahek


  • jc

    Dunk Package

  • Boss


  • Boss


  • Manuel Schmähl


  • Christian Ferrer-Ortiz

    2,000 VC thanks 2K

  • sosick

    1000 vc

  • packofz

    100 vc wtf..

  • Jacob Ajayi

    I got diamond Kevin Durant!

  • Nick Datilio

    Fast break dunk package…

  • Jacob Shockley

    I got 250 vc I was hoping for diamond Kobe but I guess 250 vc is ok

  • Devon McCravey

    Morioka complain too much about free vc. If you don’t like it gamestop will take your game.

  • Devon McCravey

    Lifetime 10% discount on player store.

  • UnL3aSh

    100 VC -_-

  • Hakeem

    Nike shox pro -_-

  • Chad

    2000 VC…..good looking out…helped me become a better pick pocketer..

  • Johnny

    3k vc…not bad i guess!

  • Andrea Pastore

    omg i lost all my emeral player aldrige,george,de rozan , mcw ,drummond and other for a total of 50,000 VC !!!! anyone know what happens ??

  • Nicholas Daniels

    I got an intro that I already had. Thank you 2k

  • doodoo face

    500 VC. such BS. 2K sports are being greedy little f***s. want us to spend all our money on the game, and make it take forever to earn VC on our own.

  • Trevor Donovan Allen

    750 VC..

  • deandre

    can u do it twice

  • Aundre


  • MarcoKaho

    Got 5000 VC pretty bless

  • Brandon

    i got an intro animation…

  • Jase

    750 vc, this is bs

  • Neal

    10,000 vc

  • Taylor

    100 VC -_-

  • tru11

    20 k wow lol

  • I got a dunk package, that I already had

  • spidertour02

    I got a pair of Reebok Kamikaze I’s. FAIL.

  • Nicklas

    2k vc.
    But yesterday i got emerald Paul George in my team, but today he was gone :'(
    Am I the only one who have lost a player?

    • You could have ran out of contracts

      • Nicklas

        I have only played with him once :S

    • Andrea Pastore

      omfg i lost all my emeral player aldrige,george,de rozan , mcw ,drummond and other for a total of 50,000 VC !!!! anyone know what happens ??

      • Nicklas

        He’s back!!
        Have you checked, if yours is back now? 🙂

      • Nicklas

        And he’s gone again…

      • Andrea Pastore

        Yes their are back , i understand that emerald players dissolve when there are problems in 2k server although you can play normally

  • Michael magee

    I got dimond kd

    • Bob


  • Anthony

    I got the sliver pack

  • Badoo

    Ok ok ok just get diamond kevin durant good luck

  • Andrea Pastore

    i get 20k mt

  • Earvin Torres

    300 vc not bad but could’ve been better

    • man_man12

      Damn they must of had limited o well

  • BigDreams

    Solid suite…. (headshot)

  • Komentra

    500 VC. Seriously? Just my luck.

  • K-Dot

    Diamond KD Ya Bishhhh

  • Jay

    10,000vc. Pretty good 2k

  • Ant LeRoy II

    my girl got 100 vc and I got a 10% lifetime discount in the my player store #sweet and its lifetime though !

  • Teodor Danailov

    omg 750 vc

  • Dan Salvetti

    nike shox….

  • Roxanna Adams

    20,000 mt

  • David Salter

    Stupid 250 vc

  • alex

    Got 10g!! Thanks

  • Germ

    I got the worst one yet. Knit Cap!

  • Mister UK Gamer .

    It worked for me!

  • Mike

    You’re probaly entering “1” instead of “I” where it says “NYI38-
    I got a stupid verticality dunk package, boo!!

    • bommer

      im on ps3 , i cant get it to work …

  • Steve

    Tried it like3 Times did not work till 4rth time! ,I got 3,000 vc.but can’t play my team cuz don’t have a home jersey can any one help?

  • Wesley Snipes

    20K. Needed that 2K

  • bommer

    why dont work for me ?

    • bommer

      can someone help me ? im trying in ps3 but i cant get it to work

  • suiso

    i got 1.500VC i guess its ok in compare with others

  • Brett

    Said I got diamond kevin durant for my team but its not showing up. 🙁

    • Alex

      Sounds like 2k…. Lol.

    • Andy ‘Cly’ Anderson

      U gotta go to myteam then packs, then hit r2 for reward packs

  • Alex

    Wow I got a dunk package: big show…… Yay… So happy……. Thanks 2k for failing once again.

    • Nathaniel Elliott

      That’s ok I got 100 vc

      • Justin @k

        Wow i thought i was bad i got 500 vc

      • Alex

        Yeah I’m kinda being a lil b**** but then I went on my other account for the ps4 and got a button down shirt so yeah I’m thankful for the big show now … Lol.

    • Oh snap, so did i