NBA 2K14 Locker Codes – Free 20.000 MT Points For PS4/XB1

Posted March 11, 2014 by 2KUpdates in Locker Codes

Need some MT Points for NBA 2K14? Use the following locker code for Xbox One and PS4 to get 20K MT points.

20.000 MT Points – Valid until Monday, March 17, 2014.
  • Xbox one and Playstation 4: N14PS-FINNQ-NE6LE-5XKUU-HW6CK

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  • can not see the code

  • Jim Hendrickson Jr

    I just nabbed a 95 rated Magic Johnson in the pack I opened with the 20 K MC code. Had a Dimer and fancy passer upgrade sitting around waiting for someone like him ! Happy camper right now.

  • antonio

    Bullshit how you enter it on ps4 12 letters only smh

    • Bernie Davis

      Ummmmm really??? Go to the locker in the game to cash in code. Should really look into it before trying to talk crap

  • Teodor Danailov

    pls give one and for ps3

  • Pizzle

    really wish they would do something about the Park servers prety much every time I play a game either I get dropped out of nowhere with no lag prior or 3-4 people in a 3 on 3 get dropped leaving just one on one with the rest being computers for 3/4 of the game game has been out for almost 5 months and its still broken right along with BF4 ridiculous

  • Alexpham

    Will there be one for ps3?

  • stefos

    i;m so agree with my man Behgz ok guys we support 2k from 2k10 since now and we dont have money for ps4 so mercy its so unfair……

  • Behgz

    WTF give PS3/X360 VC codes, you did over the holidays right before I bought the game, release another batch of codes for PS3! and not stupid shoes or dunk packages, those only cost like 150vc, I shit that out on the daily with the free dialy bonus on my app, hook it up with like 10G of VC for PS3.

  • Zach

    do i need the dash at the beginning?

  • Regis

    Finally got ps4 code to work code is N14PS-FINNQ-NE6LE-5XKUU-HW6CK for Anybody having trouble reading like me from above video.

  • Regis

    Anybody tell what exactly the code is ? Everything ive tryed to enter says invalid. Some of the letters look like they could be numbers or letters any help would be appriciated.

  • Jt Fleming

    Code ?

  • trent kelly

    Same here

  • Knuttdogg

    Got it thanks… Worked well

  • Russel Castro

    Whats is the code? Cant see it

  • ripcitysavage

    Lol did not mean to send three of those

  • retro1260

    nvm its good thanks alot dude

  • retro1260

    keep saying invalid doh

  • ripcitysavage

    Can’t see it

  • ripcitysavage

    Cant see it

  • ripcitysavage

    Cant see the code