NBA 2K14 Locker Codes – Gold MyTeam Pack (PS4/XB1)

Posted February 23, 2014 by Simon in Locker Codes

Sans titre 2

Need a new Gold player for your MyTeam in NBA 2K14? Use the following locker code for Xbox One and PS4 to get 1 Gold MyTeam Booster Pack.

Gold MyTeam Pack – Valid until Friday, March 3rd, 2014.

  • Playstation 4 and XBOX ONE: N14PS-Q1F7W-Z178U-LANR7-5M33Y

Let us know which player you picked up in the comments below.

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  • Nationals Charo

    Wait, the 3rd was a monday?

  • Riley Sullivan

    they need to come out with this for current Gen!

  • Emmanuel

    I got Joe Johnson

  • JurassicCurry

    got kevin garnet and its cool because he’s retiring this season

  • MattSG

    Zach Randolph – Xbone

  • colbyJ

    PS4—>John Wall

    Thanks for the code

  • Jacob Cardona

    I put the code in on 2k but don’t work

    • Guest

      its expired dumby

  • Mike

    John Wall 🙂

  • he

    sell the players back if you dont want them… smart ones

  • Teodor Danailov

    for ps3????

  • dosman

    Michael Jordan

  • Aaron Christian Collins

    Gortat :

    • Sean

      I got him too :/

  • Colton Larrick

    It won’t work for me. I enter in the code and it says it’s invalid. I tried 5 times. Wtf? Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Alex

    Yes David Lee-_-

  • Desham Alves

    This code is too long for the ps4 somebody help

    • Bryson Morrow

      you enter it in nba 2k14 not the playtation store go to features and go to locker codes

  • Jordan

    Why isn’t it working for me?

  • Jordan

    not working for me

  • Joe Scanlon

    When is a next locker code

  • Joe Scanlon

    I got Kawahi Leonard or whatever c’mon man that’s cheese

    • Marko Kobe Grenda

      dont use cheese you ain´t chris smoove baby 😀

  • Tyler

    so this works for anyone?? gonna try it when I get home… tired of playin nothing but kids with all 90+ golds. Either quit games for points or got their mommy n daddy to buy them a bunch of VC. pathetic.

  • Michal Zabierowski

    i got monta ellis as well :/ hmm its really fair that i got 81 player and some1 got for example parker or bosh

  • Dorian

    I put the code in and it said I now have a gold pack player but I don’t have it.

    • Dorian

      I actually got Miami Heat’s jerseys and playbook… thanks for nothing!!!

    • Oliver Saunders

      you have to go to packs then push R2 to go to reward packs, it should be there

  • Swaggwr

    Swaggwr 🙂

  • Wesley Snipes

    I got Kwahi Leonard. had a decent debut game with him in the second seed

  • Jd Dewhurst

    Kevin duranttttttt

  • XxGump02xX

    Paul Pierce

  • dis fake

    got john wall

  • softys11

    I got Joe Johnson.

  • pitersnake

    I got Tony Parker

  • Swaggwr


  • KiD CuDi

    I got a Gold Derrick Rose

  • Jordin Mitchell

    Ty Lawson

  • softys11

    I enter password, get congratulation but not recive pack who know whats wrong?!

  • Jamie Weishaar

    Xbox One- John Wall

  • water_ur_seeds

    Paul Pierce…

  • Andrea Pastore

    I got Only David Lee 🙁

  • Jr

    Do I have to buy the pack?

  • Teodor Danailov

    why for ps4 and xbox one 🙁

  • BIghomie mindya fucking bizzne

    I got Lebron James lol

  • Dmitriy Shuster

    Just got Chris Bosh, Very Happy with that.

  • MIau

    gold pack and diamonts kobe for next gen. PS3 and xbox only shit. Why?

    • Bogey5495

      Because we payed more for the systems

  • Anonymus

    I got David Lee?????

  • suiso

    i got Monta Ellis… what a sh*t

  • josh

    hello xbox 360 ps3

  • he

    why don’t you do one for the PS3 and Xbox!!!!!

    • BIghomie mindya fucking bizzne

      ya not important lmfaooo

      • Dzo

        u know thats just unfair for PS3 and Xbox 360 players and who want to pay 800$ for a Xbox one or ps4???
        just becouse they just much time to make Next gen, and just leave Xbox 360 and ps3 out. Im just saying they will lose costumors, like me, its just fucking unfair

      • makaveli7bg

        800$, what are you smoking. New gens are fucking cheap (well, Xbox One aside). PS4 is 400 bucks and i heard it’ll be cheaper in the coming weeks.
        What more do you want? Get a job or go cry to mommy to buy you one.

      • he

        i choose get a job

      • Anon

        I play on PS3, but i guess its fair if someone does pay that $400 bucks, then they should get something in return :P. But i agree that at least this gold pack shouldve been for all gens

      • BIghomie mindya fucking bizzne

        they are forcing you to get xbox one or p4 and if you dont then 2k14 is the last game that you play cause 2k15 not coming out on xbox 360

      • Bogey5495

        Actually its $400-500 and we get better codes because we payed more for the next gen consoles