NBA 2K14 MyTeam – Guide: How to get each Diamond/Ruby/Sapphire player in the game

Posted February 19, 2014 by ovais1470 in News

All players in NBA 2K14 MyTEAM for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are awarded via pack openings expect the illustrious “chase cards.”

Chase cards include Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond cards.

Here is how to acquire them.

  • Diamond Durant – Locker Code
  • Diamond Kobe – Locker Code
  • Diamond Rose – Acquire all the cards in game (Collector Level GOAT – not possible yet*)
  • Diamond Carmelo – Acquire Diamond LeBron, Diamond Jordan, Diamond Kobe (Collector Level His Airness – not possible yet*)
  • Diamond LeBron – Collect the best NBA player from each Modern Team
  • Diamond Jordan – Collect all of the NBA Historic pack players – not possible yet*
  • Sapphire Durant – Reach Seed 1 in RTP
  • Sapphire Rose – Reach Seed 2 in RTP
  • Sapphire Griffin – Reach Seed 3 in RTP
  • Sapphire Harden – Rockets Away Tournament
  • Ruby Curry – The Golden Team Tournament
  • Sapphire Iverson – Here’s the Question Tournament
  • Sapphire Pippen – One of the 50 Greatest of All Time Tournament

*Packs will continue rotate in each week allowing you to acquire new players


  • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

    Emerald Lamarcus Aldrige

  • Charlie Mcc

    Emerald Anthony Davis