NBA 2K14 MyTeam – Guide: How to get each Diamond/Ruby/Sapphire player in the game

Posted February 19, 2014 by 2KUpdates in News

All players in NBA 2K14 MyTEAM for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are awarded via pack openings expect the illustrious “chase cards.”

Chase cards include Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond cards.

Here is how to acquire them.

  • Diamond Durant – Locker Code
  • Diamond Kobe – Locker Code
  • Diamond Rose – Acquire all the cards in game (Collector Level GOAT – not possible yet*)
  • Diamond Carmelo – Acquire Diamond LeBron, Diamond Jordan, Diamond Kobe (Collector Level His Airness – not possible yet*)
  • Diamond LeBron – Collect the best NBA player from each Modern Team
  • Diamond Jordan – Collect all of the NBA Historic pack players – not possible yet*
  • Sapphire Durant – Reach Seed 1 in RTP
  • Sapphire Rose – Reach Seed 2 in RTP
  • Sapphire Griffin – Reach Seed 3 in RTP
  • Sapphire Harden – Rockets Away Tournament
  • Ruby Curry – The Golden Team Tournament
  • Sapphire Iverson – Here’s the Question Tournament
  • Sapphire Pippen – One of the 50 Greatest of All Time Tournament

*Packs will continue rotate in each week allowing you to acquire new players


  • Earnest Abiyah Hobley

    I got durant at seed two

  • ger824

    where is the emerald pack in the xbox 360 pleaseee say meee

  • Max 2K 2K15

    Does this work on past gen cuz I am playing road to the playoffs just to get to rose durant and griffin can u make a guide for 360 and ps3

  • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

    Emerald Lamarcus Aldrige

    • My friend got him in an Emerald pack, so I’m assuming that’s how you get him

    • Chi_Munny

      I got him in the Season Update (the emerald) pack, but it’s also possible to get Emerald players in their respective team packs e.g. Aldrige in Blazers pack, George in Pacers, Ellis in Mavs, etc.

  • Charlie Mcc

    Emerald Anthony Davis

    • I got him in an Emerald Pack, so I’m guessing that’s how you get him