Harrison Barnes Dunk Package Locker Code – PS4/XBX1

Posted February 16, 2014 by 2KUpdates in Locker Codes

Sans titre 1

If you tuned into the dunk contest, you might have seen Harrison Barnes do a 2K dunk.. you can now get his dunk package in 2k by typing the locker code HARRISONSLAM

Go to features, locker codes and type in all caps.



  • illygutta

    works on my ps4:)

  • Anthony Jr

    Me want code for ps3 Harrison dunk and me want it now

  • retro1260

    works on the ps4 also

  • greg bent

    what’s the point of making most of these codes next-gen only?
    I don’t see how it benefits 2k in any way??

    • nick

      Because most people have next gen and that’s there focus, not current gen

  • KuchiMonster

    Thanks just got it

  • nick

    damn can ps3 and xbox 360 get a code wtf

  • TK

    doesn’t work on my ps4

  • Justin Sours

    Works on One

  • shad

    Don’t work on the 360

  • hyiuy

    Why cant it be PG’s dunk… that would be sick

  • Ryan

    It was the worst dunk of the night!

  • espejophoto

    Doesn’t work on PS3

    • Oval85

      PS4 gets all the fun… =(

      • JJJ


      • nick

        Yall get more cuz the actual game is ass on ps4 and xbox 1 and they feel bad for cheating yall

      • Kazzn.

        Or your just poor and cant afford one.. lmao.

      • nick

        nahh i got one i just dont play 2k14 on it because it has to many flaws

      • u just mad cuz yall got weak cut scenes and they just gave yall an updated 2k13

      • nick

        nahh im happy cuz are shit aint rushed and scripted.The first game on a new system always sucks

    • nick

      ps4/xbox 1 it says it at the top