NBA 2K14 Experiencing Server Issues, Dev continues to actively work on server concerns

Posted December 29, 2013 by Simon in News


Multiple users are reporting they are not able to play the game at all due to the ongoing server issues.

Although the complaints have been growing in the past few days, it could also be partly due to the fact that many people just received the game for the holidays and are trying to get used to it for the first time.

Earlier today, 2K Sports said the developers are currently working on the problem:

The recent patch, which was made available on December 19, addressed a huge list of problems that players had been encountering. You can see the full list of patch notes here.

Hope to resolve the issue soon.


  • qbee7

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  • Shaun Gates

    The patch did nothing. Servers are garbage. Come on now, people buy this game to play online and can’t even enjoy a private match with their friends due to lag/connection issues. Been the same way for the past few games. Get it together.

  • Presiding Elder Miles Hamrick

    Why can’t you edit player sneakers


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    • this mike



        what exactly is ignorant about my comment? am i supposed to praise them or remain neutral. 2k doesnt give a shit due to their lack of competition. These servers have been horrible every fucking year. So fuck 2k and fuck you too, go suck Ronnies dick