NBA 2K14 – MyPlayer Creation | New Hairstyles & Designs | PS4 & XBOX ONE

Posted November 14, 2013 by 2KUpdates in News

Check out the all new PS4 video where it shows the new hairstyles and designs in NBA 2K14, much more improved than current gen. Are you satisfied with this or would have loved to see more?


  • arjaye

    I wish they would add options to put nba players tattoos on your character. If you want birdman tattoos or j.r Smith or LeBron or any players tats

  • jevon brown

    is their anyway they can change this,i wanna play with my create a player on nba 2k14

  • OlexaKid64 .

    No create a player or create a team is what I heard.. Huge step down. Massive step down. A lot of people depend on making their custom associations with their created players..

    • bigmoos1981

      Yeah I got my ps4 today and my copy of nba2k14 for it and I’ve had same problem n I’m another person who always likes to create myself and my friends on mine every year but guy who works at gamestop with my best friend said can create players n it was first thing he did on his but don’t know why it’s not on mine I’m guesding maybe it will be added later on at least I hope so but mine not even showing any online gaming features on it either as of yet

      • Reggie Warren Singleton

        Download network updates for nab 2k14……everything is there

      • bigmoos1981

        Ok man thanks il try to figure that out thanks a bunch dude

      • David G.

        he’s lying. i didn’t see any update

    • David G.

      i thought i was the only one haha i’m soo dissapointed

  • Bowinkle82

    looks good. lol at the 2k logo tattoo

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