NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Screenshots: My Team, My Career and My GM

Posted October 25, 2013 by Simon in News


First look at next-gen NBA 2K14 MyTeam in-game menu.


MyCareer has a brand new look, your MyPlayer this year will look more lifelike from new hairs, tattoos and more details put into how your MyPlayer looks. This year MyCareer will be story driven, it is different from past years. Over 40 hours of gameplay in your first year alone. This year your MyPlayer will have rivals, agents, and friends. There are tons of new conversations added in MyCareer, this year you really interact with the gamemode.


MyGm game mode is basically the connected franchise of Madden NFL… in this game mode you will be your MyPlayer and will control a team, if you do good you will be praised but if you do bad you can be fired. Your job will be to have conversation with your team and sell hot dogs and keep the franchise running. It has unique attributes on how you react with owners, players and the world around you. You have to keep the locker room intact. This is the complete evolution of association mode. Decisions and reactions is what this mode is all about.


  • NBA 2K14

    Awesome graphics. i wish 2K’s gonna update graphics on PC Version Too. Visit now for more

    • Natatouie

      yeah how come they’re not doin this on the pc version?

  • Al