Everything you need to know about Next-Gen NBA 2K14 – MyCareer, MyGm, Gameplay & Gamemodes

Posted October 23, 2013 by 2KUpdates in News

2K held a press today revealing most of the new features and went in depth about all new features in the game.

New Engine:

NBA 2K14 will be introducing a brand new engine to the game called the Eco Motion. This new engine is built from ground up and not a port.

NBA 2K14 New Features:

NBA2K14 Next Gen will have a new intro and four main pillars: NBA Today, MyTeam, MyCareer, & MyGM. NBA Today is completely different from the current gen version.. NBA Today for next gen will have daily zaps from the NBA and will show game highlights from previous nights games… so now you can see highlights of your favorite team if you missed them. All of your NBA news will be available on your Next Gen console.

NBA 2K14 Gameplay:

The introduction and presentation for 5v5 gameplay is brand new. The movement and animations are much better because of Eco Motion. The gameplay feels completely different than any other NBA game.. the physics are lifelike. Now speaking to ball handling. Eco Motion allows them to track true physics. Ball spinning when dribbling, ball in hands. Tangible object. New animation system has smooth transitional blends between moves, real life wing spans that affect gameplay. The game feels alive. For example, a shooter won’t land the same way two times. Animation will adapt to the situation. Coach will adapt to what is happening in the game. So game plans will dynamically change based on what other teams are doing. Showcasing how A.I adapts to your play. A “Human dynamic change” that coaches will implement. Only on next gen is this possible. There is also a new feature called the Emotion + which will categorize all the players personalities. Each player will have their own personalities like Kobe will be the Alpha Dog.

NBA 2K14 Graphics:

The graphics are stunning even on a default camera, this is all possible because of the new engine Eco Motion. Eco Motion shows brand new animations and new movements to the game. Level of detail showcased in clip with arena angles, behind backboards, cameramen, cords. mics etc. Level of detail is stunning. LEDs in score clock and jumbotron act like how LED is supposed to. Measured in Kelvin and reflected against other surfaces. Each Arena is redone to make it seem like real in each angle. Each player was face scanned personally, Kobe after his face scan “GTFO here”. Each players had different faces from smiling to mad to happy.

MyGM Gamemode:

MyGm game mode is basically the connected franchise of Madden NFL… in this game mode you will be your MyPlayer and will control a team, if you do good you will be praised but if you do bad you can be fired. Your job will be to have conversation with your team and sell hot dogs and keep the franchise running. It has unique attributes on how you react with owners, players and the world around you. You have to keep the locker room intact. This is the complete evolution of association mode. Decisions and reactions is what this mode is all about.


MyCareer has a brand new look, your MyPlayer this year will look more lifelike from new hairs, tattoos and more details put into how your MyPlayer looks. This year MyCareer will be story driven, it is different from past years. Over 40 hours of gameplay in your first year alone. This year your MyPlayer will have rivals, agents, and friends. There are tons of new conversations added in MyCareer, this year you really interact with the gamemode.

Park Gamemode: 

When you’re not balling in MyCAREER, you can hang out with hundreds of MyPlayers in the Park. Open field of courts shown with hundreds of MyPlayers playing. This can be a new gamemode, more details on it soon.

Association Mode: 

Just recieved news that the offline Association mode is gone from the game, no details on online yet.. but no more association mode, most likely replaced by GM mode.

NBA 2K14 runs at 1080p/60fps on both PS4 and Xbox One


  • James

    How do you see a cut science

  • Ali

    how come before i used to play with curry his shots and release were perfect in games now, the whole team is like the energry drained outta them and they just depend on plays ?

  • Hoops Maestro

    No Association Mode? I’m outta here. :WalksOut:

  • travis

    How do I creat a player and add him to season mode,franchise,or my team mode.I created a player but I. Can’t fi.d hi. Or put him on a team.

  • Tricia Bell Lanum

    I just bought this game im so pissed off don’t want this fuccking game any more. I will never pay for another 2k game agin


    Myteam domination is broken. CPU doesn’t miss shots or rebounds, my guys miss layups and wide open 3s wtf? Had Derrick Favors run down Tony Parker , HUH??

    • Stoprunning

      Today I played the Blazers in myTeam, and they were 100% for 3pt, free throws, and 78% shots.

      I just turned the game off and went back to tv.

  • Dee Lewis

    I don’t get it 2k sports I don’t get it. Bring this crap back…so upset

  • Dee Lewis

    R these 2k folks listening?! Bring back multi player season mode and stop messing around with this we like god dammit. Wake up! !!!

  • Noah Jensen

    Do you have to use your myPlayer in your myCareer or can you edit them from mode-to-mode?

  • Annonymus

    i couldnt go from current gen to next gen w/ this game, come on 2k!

  • Tj

    do you have to have internet to get GM mode ,and my career mode you don’t have a battle the phases I don’t even have the agent what’s wrong with the game

  • Charles

    I Bought the game today me and my brother looked at each other like what the hell
    Where is created player mode and franchise multiple player mode in the franchise

  • Charles

    Update this shit and put franchise mode in the game

  • antonio

    I can’t even really have fun I like to go against my friends see who can win a championship now nothing

  • antonio

    Where the he’ll is muilt player franchise mode I Ned that that’s the only mode I play with my friends and now nothing if I knew that I wouldn’t brought the game not saying its not good but what the he’ll

  • fan

    Found out there’s no multiplayer franchise offline. I can’t even play MyGM with my brother on my team. He can’s even have his own team. this sucks. NOT buying.
    1st Crew, now this. I’m DONE with 2k

  • trixsta50

    Ummmm, yeah the game is awesome. So those of you who are refusing to buy it based on principle. Well, you’re missing out…just so you know.

  • stone

    Is there not a next gen for ps3 and 360??

    • wat

      next gen is next generation, not current gen ps3 + 360. old news bro.

  • Sharwayne Hurricanedj Glasgow

    what happened to my team it sucks this year boooooo

  • Hstrip

    No multiplayer franchise mode??? (offline) NOT BUYING. VERY DISAPPOINTED. They tried to pull this crap about 5 years ago and everyone was upset- so they brought it back- now they are doing it again. PEOPLE WANT MULTI PLAYER ACCOCIATION MODE. I’m cancelling my pre order….

  • Branden James Darnell Barros

    Rumor has it that the kinect 2.0 will scan your face and put it on your my player. if thats true I’m excited for it

  • Blak August

    Well Im not going to buy it. NO OFFLINE ASSOCIATION MODE = NO PURCHASE

    • Branden James Darnell Barros

      Get up to par then #livinginthestoneage

    • wat

      you’re dumb as fuck. this game is awesome.

  • Reznov Popovich

    IMO Unfair for PC users that are playing 2k14

    • Dominik Devečka

      2K is always unfair for PC 😀

    • Femi O

      How is it unfair? They made a current gen port;the same ones 360 and ps3 got. Why should they have ppl wait (more complaining about “unfair”) and release a game where only a handful of pc gamers with solid rigs can play?

  • Andy Chadburn

    No more multi-player association is actually a huge disappointment. That’s all my friends and I played on it together. Come on 2k get this back in there please!!!

    • Michael Thompson

      i will be fine not having association mode because in 2k13 i never played it so i am good myGm sounds good,myCareer sounds very cool,and myTeam looks like ultimateteam on live i think it will still be good.2k dont bring association back.
      i like there will be rivals in mycareer and cutscenes

      • Branden James Darnell Barros

        Couldn’t agree more

      • Fabricio

        What about the rest of us that liked online association? It’s the only good way to see who’s a better player between me and my friends. Don’t say to get rid of something that you’ve never used.

    • Hstrip

      I am so pissed… Not buying this game now.