NBA 2K14 – Ultimate Layup Tutorial : Eurostep, Hopstep, Runner, Spin Layup, Reverse Layup & More

Posted October 7, 2013 by 2KUpdates in Tutorials

Many people are having trouble with layups in NBA 2K14 with the new controls, so here I teach you how to do all types of layups with video example using James Harden.

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  • Pedro Henrique Porto

    you are able to do this pressing Square and moving the right stick?

  • FbM

    i cant do the floater , tell me how please 🙂

    • jheff005

      drive hard to the basket then press sprint and 2nd pro stick at the same time.

      • John Mark Lobrido

        it doesn’t work… how to do that floater shot… the one by one button of the keyboard

  • Maurice Gonzaga

    Whats the best camera angle and whats the difference between camera relative and absolute in the controller settings

    • BobeKryant

      On Absolute, Left is Left. On Camera relative you’d have to push the stick to the Left of the basket, so different direction depending on your camera angle.

      • Maurice Gonzaga

        So what camera angle did u used often in ur mycareer? So ur using absolute or camera relative?

      • jheff005

        Drive .