NBA 2K14 vs NBA 2K13 – Face Comparisons | Western/Eastern Conference – All 30 Teams!

Posted October 2, 2013 by nikefaller in News

There have been a lot of talks and discussions about NBA 2K14 being “NBA 2K13 2.0” or “NBA 2K13.5”, but is this really the case? What do you guys think?

I decided to do one of the most elaborate NBA 2K14 vs NBA 2K13 Face Comparisons videos that you can find on YouTube today, comparing all teams from both the Western and Eastern Conference. At first glance you will see a lot of similarities between the 2 games, but there are in fact some notable changes (i.e. Iman Shumpert, Chris Kaman or Chris Paul). Overall it feels like the textures and shades of the player faces have been improved in NBA 2K14.

Of course, we’ve reached the edge of what is graphically possible with the Current Gen consoles, but given the fact 2KSports had to work on 2 games this year and included the incredible changes in gameplay feel … I believe the title of NBA 2K14 is warranted, do you guys agree or disagree?

Western Conference – All 15 Teams

Timestamps: 0:00 Dallas Mavericks, 0:34 Houston Rockets, 1:07 Memphis Grizzlies, 1:31 New Orleans Pelicans, 1:58 San Antonio Spurs, 2:32 Denver Nuggets, 3:12 Minnesota Timberwolves, 3:46 Portland Trailblazers, 4:13 Oklahoma City Thunder, 4:53 Utah Jazz, 5:27 Golden State Warriors, 5:57 Los Angeles Clippers, 6:34 Los Angeles Lakers, 7:11 Phoenix Suns, 7:38 Sacramento Kings

Eastern Conference – All 15 Teams

Timestamps: 0:00 Boston Celtics, 0:30 Brooklyn Nets, 0:57 New York Knicks, 1:28 Philadelphia 76ers, 1:51 Toronto Raptors, 2:22 Chicago Bulls, 2:52 Cleveland Cavaliers, 3:26 Detroit Pistons, 3:56 Indiana Pacers, 4:26 Milwaukee Bucks, 5:00 Atlanta Hawks, 5:30 Charlotte Bobcats, 6:04 Miami Heat, 6:48 Magic Orlando, 7:18 Washington Wizards

Stay classy folks!

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  • bradon

    funny cause half of the timberwolves that we just got this last summer are wearing a twolves jersey in their 2k13 photo as well as in their 2k14 photo … suspiecious

  • Siippa

    Robert Sacre is so wrong!! 🙁

  • Madam remaG llorT

    ha lebrons hair line tho