NBA 2K14 Current Generation VS Next Gen – Graphics Comparison

Posted October 2, 2013 by Simon in News

Check out the NBA 2K14 Graphics comparison vs the next generation of games.






  • adgtjbfrydf

    so retarded pc can handle intense graphics yet it looks so shitty i was so let down pc should look like next gen but they dont even bother the gameplay sucks the graphics suck and even if i customize the graphics they barely give you alot of options and it looks the same anyways the created characters looked like shit ive played so many pc games tht looked incredible and this one has to be the worst i know for a fact they couldve done better if 2k15 doesnt look like the ps4 or xboxone version im never playing a 2k game again

  • I wonder if the lines on Hardens forehead actually animate as his facial expressions changes. That level of detail would be crazy!

  • Kristian Brasel

    they better push a fat update out to pc when this is ready.

  • Pric

    when this will be ready to download ?

  • A Dope Zebra

    harden looks like real life!

  • JR

    Difference is huge,i hope that players emotions and behaviou will be natural.