NBA 2K14 vs NBA 2K13 Face Comparisons Full Video

Posted September 29, 2013 by 2KUpdates in News

NBA 2K14 is out and it’s time to compare how they have improved on the faces this year, not much difference from last year to this year as you can see in the video. There are some changes with some guys but that’s about it and Chris Paul seems to have gotten worse.



  • ray allen

    lebron looks the same but with higher hair line

  • D_Laid_Back

    look like a brand new last year

  • Joseph Farrar

    whats the name of that song

    • Joseph Farrar

      or who made it rather?

      • Joseph Farrar

        thanks man

  • youcef

    damn chris paul looks more real in 2K13 than 2K14

  • Rajiv

    Lebron’s receeding hairline is a big adjustment.

    • Fen Zai Chang

      Not a LeBron fan but hairline jokes are not funny anymore.

      • LETSGOOO

        Stupid its a big adjustment on 2k13 it shouldve been back there too and he should just let go so its funny to see him hold on for dear mercy.