NBA 2K14 CREW Mode – 3v3 & 5v5 Blacktop To 21

  • DatBoiBeastN

    I think its weak that you can pay real $$$ for skill points. Whats the use of really playing the season and getting better. If I can be a 99 overall in just 1 day if I pay $60.00. Talk about they wanna make a level playing field let skill points come from playing the game. They just want your money. That’s a Rip Off.

  • Robert Benoit

    Yo fellas I’m a 7ft center, very talented team player looking for a crew team, I bought alot of SP and sig skills, got brick wall and love the P&R option. Very flexible w/ team stratagies. add me ps3 g1mm1edal00t

  • kdxj5

    Really? Are you serious? How hard is it to make it for 4 quarters? Whats the hold up? The hackers? Maybe if you guys fixed your freaking servers and were more dedicated too them maybe that wouldnt be a problem! CREW lovers arent going to be happy with this. 2k’s motto ” If it aint broke, water it down” what a joke smh…

  • Mando Stay Cheesin

    How fucking hard is it to revamp an old version? I dont think it really takes that much to Fine tune an old version of a game mode. NOBODY WANTED A GAME TO 21 AT ALL. Its like 2k thinks they here what we say and do what they think is best. At least microsoft listened to its negative feedback and changed shit. and thats an entire console. Really cant change the coding to 4 quarters 5 minutes? Get real 2k seriously

  • Jocker Shady

    Bummer.. Not surprised to too

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