More NBA 2K14 Player Ratings Revealed – George, Zeller, Lopez, Westbrook, Bennett, Turner and Gasol

Posted September 12, 2013 by Simon in News


2K Sports has revealed more NBA 2K14 player ratings for 7 more players. More will be released daily.

Paul George – 88
Cody Zeller – 68
Brook Lopez – 81
Evan Turner – 76
Russell Westbrook – 91
Anthony Bennett – 76
Pau Gasol – 81

Previously revealed NBA 2K14 player ratings below.

LeBron James – 99
Roy Hibbert – 81
Victor Oladipo – 76


  • reem

    Lebron 3s betta be at least a 80. George is good with an 88… I gave him a boost up to 88 at end of the season during the sunner for 2k 13… 2k14 got it right… the rest of players rating seem just fine

  • Roey

    damm, paul george is so underrated, this guy almost knocked out miami with some huge performances in the money time…
    and what is the reason that zeller got a lower rating than bennet and oladipo, i think that he deserved more than 68

    • ian

      Hes underrated with an 88? He averaged 17 and 7 in that series against the Heat which is good but not world beating. Hes a good player who will get better but anything over an 86 is overrated for him.