NBA 2K14 Players Ratings Revealed

Posted September 11, 2013 by Simon in News


Today, 2K Sports revealed a few NBA 2K14 Players ratings. LeBron James 99, Roy Hibbert 81, Victor Oladipo 76.  Probably more ratings will be revealed during the next days.

Your thoughts?


  • Ryan Wooten

    I say Lebron 98(99 means he’s perfect and he’s not)
    Westbrook: 90
    Paul: 93
    Parker: 92

    KD: 95
    Kobes: 94
    Curry: 89
    Rose: 91(could improve to 94 by end of year, my first thought off of an injury)
    Howard: 95
    Hibert: 85
    Lopez: 89
    Wade: 87
    Duncan: 88
    Rondo: 91

  • Justin Lopez

    My boy Josh Smith better still have at least a 87 . If he doesn’t then 2K is dicking LeBron too much this year. Its bad enough that KD & Kobe went down & LeBron has a 99 smdh.

  • Evan

    LeBron should have like a 95-96, 99 means he’s damn near perfect, and he doesn’t have a 99 rebound, guaranteed.

  • WIll

    Has LeBron got 99 in every stat? if he doesn’t then im very dissapointed in 2k. The only exception is MJ

  • WIll

    LeBron- 98
    Kobe- 94
    Westbrooke- 90
    Durant- 94
    MJ- 99
    Curry- 87 (need to improve inside scoring from 2k13)
    Dwight- 95
    Duncan- 90
    Hibbert- 85
    Wade- 93
    George- 89-90

    • haha

      dwight at 95, curry at 87 you on crack

    • sosadkasf

      Melo 96

    • Simon Hirsch

      how could Duncan be a 90 bruh

  • Shayne Oliver

    Kobe should be atleast a 94-95

  • Death.Clutch

    99 on lebron?? c’mon man that so unrealistic, make it around 95-97, thats way better..
    and make roy hibbert’s rating around 85 man..

    • Chancelor Smith

      yes, someone else realizes this! Lebron’s good and all but he has a lot more improvement to make to be a 99. In all honesty Lebron fans, does he compare with players like Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson? Dwight being 95 and Wilt being 94 was blasphemous.

  • Dan L

    Here’s my ratings
    Paul George-88
    Rajon Rondo-91

    Kyrie Irving-88
    Tim Duncan-86
    Kevin Garnett-83
    Paul Pierce-82
    Tony Parker-89
    Roy Hibbert-86
    Deron Williams-88
    Jeff Green-86
    Blake Griffin-85
    Pau Gasol-82
    Marc Gasol-84
    Joakim Noah-82
    Josh Smith-84
    Nate Robinson-80
    Brook Lopez-84

    • Aj Brinker

      u had me there until u put westbrook higher than rose despite the fact that rose didn’t play last season should not be diminish his overall because it is based on his last performance during that season before he got injured, I would leave rose rating alone and let it dictate how it goes when the season starts

  • Glen Tindoc

    you guys need to understand that hibbert didnt play good ball on the regular season… but he should be atleast 84 or 85

  • Keelan Cetinich

    LeBron is my favourite player but having him at 99 is just shocking. The highest should be like 95 or 94 not that 99 bullshit. And Hibbert at 81?!?!?! Come one man!! Hibbert should be at least a 90.

  • MacGyver666

    Note to self: As soon as i get the game, lower LeBron “Flopper” James to realistic “under 90” values. He must be light years away from Michael Jordan’s capabilities (stats), like he actually is.

    • Hector Valdivia

      note to self, As soon as I get home remind me to laugh again at this ridiculous, moronic comment

      • MacGyver666

        Looks like we have a Fanboy here, i bet 3 years ago he was watching only Cleveland Cavaliers games and wearing a 23 jersey. hahaha Poor little guy… He thinks is so cleaver that he can offend people with his Maximum Intelligence comments… Congratulations for your very wise words! Now you can go back to your new team poom pooms… “Gimme a M, Gimme a I, Gimme A, Gimme another M, now another I… now scream with me: Lebron, Lebron, Lebron…”

      • Hector Valdivia

        I was a Heat fan since the 90s and I have pictures to prove it. if you would stop sucking on MJs cock for a second you will realize how stupid your comment about LBJ being under 90 in ratings is. It really is an embarrassment to your so called basketball knowledge…

      • MacGyver666

        Man… you love to insult people on your comments, you must be very proud of yourself. When young i bet you were that fat bully that always pick on some other guy that was smarter than you, like everyone. hahahahaha… poor little guy, i feel pitty of you.

      • Hector Valdivia

        keep embarrassing yourself… The point here is you know nothing about basketball that is why you have to bring up things that have nothing to do with basketball because i was right. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BRING GO AWAY

      • MacGyver666

        Poor little guy… maybe you should seek better for my name, IF you have brains enough to do at least one thing more on the internet than cursing people that you don’t know for nothing. Maybe you would find something about me and basketball. And sure, you’re right again, i have nothing to bring, i know nothing about basketball, you are the superior being here, very cult, very educated, don’t have to blame people to make your point, man you’re awesome, i with everybody on the internet could be like you… tsc tsc tsc… Poor little guy, poor little guy… dont even worth another word…

    • Hector Valdivia

      3 votes down and one retard voted your comment up. says everything..

      • MacGyver666

        What you were saying? How many??? hahahhahaha poor little guy…

      • Hector Valdivia

        you are sick and pathetic..HAHAHAHAH creating other accounts just to vote up. Get a fucking life you scum

      • MacGyver666

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  • Jason Spurlock

    Hatin on hibbert! I’m 81? C’mon nba2k y’all better than that. And so is he.***********
    *********************. 88-92 maybe

  • smhx1222222

    Hibbert 81… You serious???

  • gregorrin10

    99 that’s so unrealistic should learn from fifa,who got even Messi who is far the best,’only’ 94…but 99 is really unnecessary and unrealistic,only MJ from his best years could have 99,even he maybe 97,98,nobody’s perfect 🙂

    • Hector Valdivia

      99 is not perfect you moron 100 is

      • Jeff J Cole

        Lebron can not be 99, I mean in 2k7, lebron, kobe ​​and wade were 99 but things changed, jordan 99 is the only..And gross is you, in 2k and no other game rating is never 100 the maximum 99

      • gregorrin10

        Hector; i think Jeff told you enough,MORON 😉

      • MacGyver666

        Don’t mind talking back to this Hector guy, he is a poor little guy who insults everyone else to feel better with himself. What a sad life he must live… pooor little guy. hahahahha

  • Ryan Ross

    Kyrie better be at least 90

    • Fletcher Hadlow

      Kyrie in 2k13 was crap

    • sosadkasf


  • SC30

    I expect Steph Curry’s rating to be around 86-89.

    • Christian Vogel


  • Juwain wallace

    James Harden 89

  • Dewayne Glass

    kobe should be around 93

    • Ryan Ross

      id even say 95

  • Mando Stay Cheesin

    My thoughts? lol is that Hibbert should be higher. I’m not talking 90’s at all but he was dominant offensively and defensively in the playoffs and was the last remaining dominant center after the 2 round (i consider Tim a PF). He should have an 84-85 and the only reason they did that is so that the Pacers arent overpowered because if West Paul and Granger. I think he deserves it though

    • Josh Green

      Yea, but he probably has a lot of stats that bring him down to an 81. Lebron can have a 99 because he can essentially do everything. Hibbert has low ratings on 3pt shooting, speed, etc. An 81 doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to be dominant defensively and offensively in the game. It just means he isn’t as well rounded as other players.

      • Mando Stay Cheesin

        Rondo has low shooting dunking free-throw yet he is a 89-90. If you played my career then you know that awareness on both ends raises over all a whole lot. his defensive should be 90+ his rebounding on both ends should be 90 off 85 def. Post game high. Medium at least 75-77. high ft.

      • Mando Stay Cheesin

        all im saying is he was a 79 and he played far superior to a 79 in the playoffs. not just 2 points better. some might have started watchin then and called him the best Center in the Game with how he played. Im sure Dwight will be a 92 or so and Hibbert played so much better than him

      • Aj Brinker

        remember hibbert was playing against miami…nobody couldn’t stop hibbert unless a team had a legitmate big man who can guard him…he is pretty much overrated by that playoff performances against the hawks, knicks and heat so I wouldn’t take it into consideration seems as though he struggle through the regular season

      • Michael Stover

        Centers have always had low ratings with a couple of exceptions….big men get no respect in the game.

  • Donald Smith

    victor okadipo should be a 79 overall