25 Things We Know About NBA 2K14 (Game Informer)

Posted September 7, 2013 by Simon in News


Game Informer has posted their hands-on preview of NBA 2K14. They’ve posted a list of 25 facts about NBA 2K14 spread across a few different areas of the game, namely presentation, gameplay, Association and online.

Here is a preview on what Bertz had to say on his hands-on time with the game:


  • You should also notice major enhancements to the crowd reactions and the dynamic range of the ambience in the arenas,” Thomas says.”We’ve added more detailed event controls and reactions, which allowed us to provide a much more immersive and realistic crowd that keeps up with the action on the court.”


  • Last year the studio overhauled its right analog stick control by migrating the dribbling moves to the stick and hiding the shot stick options behind a left trigger modifier. In the quest to make the controls as intuitive as possible, NBA 2K14 removes the need of holding a modifier button to take a shot.
  • With this newly dubbed Pro Stick controls, the full suite of dribbling moves are still at your disposal just like last year, but if you hold the thumbstick in a particular direction it activates the shot stick. It takes a few games to learn the boundaries between shooting and dribbling, but after fooling around with a player in practice mode I grew more comfortable with this approach. I’m curious to see if this leads to accidental shots in the heat of the moment, however.

Association Mode:

  • This year’s big push with the Association mode centers on re-tuning free agency. Visual Concepts reworked the player logic so they have a keener understanding of the market when deciding whether to re-up with their current franchise or test the waters in free agency. As a result, you should see many more players hitting the open market.


  • As Visual Concepts previously revealed, Crews are coming back in a big way for the current-generation version of NBA 2K14. Using your My Player, you can compete in five-on-five pick-up games with nine other humans online.

Check out the article for the full scoop and add your thoughts in the comments below.


  • Taylor Cable

    How do u buy players in my team mode without buying packs ..

  • Hoops Maestro

    They should improve more the ASSOCIATION MODE. Like you must not have cap limits on hiring of staff, realistic trades, the face and body of the players change over the period of association years (e.g: beards, increase body weight, body frame from being a rook to veteran), awesome and realistic draft class (I know, the Rights of college players should be paid, but c’mon…) , increase retirement age for SUPERSTAR PLAYERS,…pretty much all of that stuff. I hope it can be done.