NBA 2K14 Lakers vs. Knicks – Full Game 4 Quarters of Gameplay

Posted September 6, 2013 by Simon in Gameplay

Today, 2K Sports streamed live the first ever seen full game of NBA 2K14 played between the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks (Current-Gen). Ronnie Singh and Chris Manning of 2K Sports were the two playing the game against each other. They also provided commentary during the game and talked about the new features that will be in NBA 2K14. They also noted the new additions to gameplay as they noticed it in the game they were playing.

They are playing on Superstar/Sim. Lots of new information is shown so enjoy.



  • PhilSucks

    Suck a dick, Corey. You clearly don’t know anything about intelligent inbound plays.

  • Corey P

    How do you let Kobe get his hands on the ball with less than a second left? Ultimate fail.