NBA 2K14 Video – San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat (8 Minutes of Gameplay)

Posted August 29, 2013 by Simon in Gameplay

Plenty more footage of NBA 2K14 captured at Gamestop EXPO has emerged and is making the rounds today. The latest videos give us a much better look at the game, including several minutes of raw gameplay between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs.

Give them a look and tell us what you think of NBA 2K14 in action in the comments.


  • Justin DomoKun Latour

    What is the music please

  • Vinícius Manhães Andrade

    I wanna know what are LeBron’s signature skills. If there’s a “LeBron James Signature Skill”, probably he uses it.

  • Xz

    2k13(2k12) roster update. same shit game, i hope nba live does much better job