NBA 2K14 – OKC Thunder Gameplay

Posted August 21, 2013 by 2KUpdates in Gameplay

With Gamescom happening, we knew for sure that there would be some NBA2K14 gameplays. This is one of the first NBA 2K14 gameplays featuring OKC Thunders and some teams from the EuroLeague.

The gameplay is from current gen. You can see some of the new animations and movements throughout the gameplay.


Your thoughts?


  • Spurs and Suns fan

    It looks the same but video games like this aren’t expected to improve game play a lot in one year. 2k12 and 2k13 had a HUGE upgrade in game play. But this game will feel the same. But they added new layup animations and it looks nice. Jump shots, player faces, and rebounding have all improved. They added Euro League teams which is awesome. Blocking dunks, crew mode, more realistic reactions and animations. I think this game will be worth every penny. Probably new commentary, myteam will have more options, mycareer will probably have more stuff as well, and this game is still in the making. Plus new rookies will be fun to play. The game just feels more realistic every year.

  • Jay TeamStarz Fitts

    looks the same….

  • Mel Ingoy


  • Brinden McGowan

    looks like they fixed the rebounding. i see some new lay-up animations. i hope players dont get stuck in animations like 2k13.