PS4 or XBOX One Which Will You Choose?

Posted June 11, 2013 by Simon in News

After months of rumour and speculation, we finally have details of Microsoft and Sony’s next-generation systems – the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

What do you think about the Xbox One vs PS4? Which system has impressed you the most since their unveiling, from the console itself, to its features through the announced games?

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  • Roger DE Guzman Dee

    xbox one!! xbox is tested about no over heating the unit.. unlike ps almost there unit 2 hours to play only.after that…ur ps got to yellow light.means you go to repair…while xbox unit,,even 24 hours still working…!! in my experience only!! thanks

  • Jutin Gardner


  • Rush

    Xbox one…it is way more versatile than its competitor that’s not worth mentioning. xbox live service is the standard for online console gaming period. Microsoft’s new OS Architecture is an innovation itself. i can guarantee that when the smoke clears more people will be using Xbox one for console gaming and communication in the long run. truth hurts but it is what it is. #Don’t Fight The Truth

  • dw3


  • God

    Well……..I believe that 5$ isn’t much to pay for multiplayer expirience

  • Baller23

    PlayStation 4 for sure.

  • Garner Ricardo Buckley III

    Xbox One.. i can play my season while i wait for a multiplayer match…Bet that PS4..

  • Microsoft Vs. Sony

    Playstation network is free unlike xbox live where you pay about 50 dollars just to play online. #RIPOFF

    • Michael Murray

      Actually if you watched the PS4 conference, you have to pay to play games online just like Xbox Live.

    • Garner Ricardo Buckley III

      Some PS4 fan you are. you didnt even watch the conference, which is a damn aint the only idiot on here, to read more comments like this…SMH

  • Jocker Shady

    PS4 !
    I’ll be waiting for any post launch bugs to resolve themselves and maybe a couple of price drops, then I’ll buy one.