NBA 2K14 Release Date Announced

Posted April 5, 2013 by Simon in News


NBA 2K14 has officially been listed at major retailers such as  The release date for NBA 2K14 will be October 1st, 2013 which is one day earlier than NBA 2K13 hit stores. As of today, we know that 2K14 will be on at least the PlayStation 3 and the XBOX 360 consoles as well as the PC. The cover is still fairly vague and no further details have been announced for NBA 2K14.

If you are a dedicated fan and want to pre-order your copy of NBA 2K14 early on either PlayStation 3 or XBOX 360 you can do so below.


  • Goheels999

    Real question, will your current gen 2K14 on 360 transfe to X1? If yes, i would buy and trade at BB, if no, I would wait.

  • Joshua Binajbaj

    is this compatible for windows 8 ???

  • Someone

    Do we get to keep old players from 2k13

  • John Malone

    2k ’13 was effing HORRIBLE!! Please tell me Jay-Z or any other non-NBA celebrity won’t have anything to do with this one. And do away with the coins shit and bring back earning a opportunity to sign a big money contract. Pleassseeeee….

    • Goheels999

      Wrong. The only issue was shot blocking and pst d. You sound like a Live fan.

  • Ryan


  • Ryan

    im not buying the game unless theres crew mode

  • If there is no Reggie Miller I’m buying from the bootleg.

  • Ethan

    Thank you

  • Dalton

    It would be cool if they made it where your my player was transferable. I worked on my pg too. I wish they wouldn’t have it where every player is 7 foot but I think they may have fixed that already. You guys are right! One year I played to build up character in hoping to join an onine team up crew. You dont want to play it anymore but then again you want to because of THE TEAM-UP they used to have. Hopefully they will bring it back. The coin currency to me, I sorta like it and I sorta dont. Some buy their way in to get top players in the elite team mode. Others got to work to get coins to get better players but they do start you off with a decent team. I would be glad if they took that away, that way it would be fair. And again started creating more jerseys and going more into detail about signature shots and moves for each player and bring back team-up and go more in depth with it because that was a good mode. The way they set it up is you got to work your way up in certain modes but it cancels itself out if people can just pay to get to the top. I think they are also doing well with is the player a shot defender, posterizer, 4th quarter, 3 point specialist, floor general, and such. Maybe the coach can influence the team aswell to do better. Please bring back all payers and teams. Reggie Miller, Rick Smitts, WIlkins, Shaq, Bird, Malone, Irving,Cassell etc.

    • Dalton

      And Team-up connection better. Options to practice for team-up or crew. I enjoyed their version of 2k9, it would be nice if they could implement those back into the game. I think if they do that alot more people will buy it. But that fact that we have to work our way up on something is still good in a sense because it is like earning your keep like a ladder system. Maybe they can make this for the crew games. Better Crews have better benefits like jerseys from nike so they feel better or something, like they get sponors. They can get sponsored individually and in a group. For Team up and my elite team would be different. Team-up can be ranked or for practice for the leaderbaords. My elite team would be fine as far as easy medium and hard difficulty like they had it. like if you picked pro you were going to go up against all silvers. It still is good for people in general to pratice and not to just jump in and start playing. I have practiced in 2k9 with xbox360 but over the years I haven’t I dont know just talking. I think the only thing that may have been wrong with 9 was it was so easy to run down the court and do what you wanted, the newer versions are better defensive and overall. Thanks for reading I really appriciate it.

      • Dalton

        It would be nice if the my crew leader or owner could have a draft of my player prospects he or she wanted to have on their team. The leader of the my crew would have the full control role unlike a player role. He could select jerseys shoes and games. Yes about the games maybe with other crews there could be like different league games then they go through playoffs, then olympics is like making it to the top of the ladder system in my crew mode. Because who would like to win a world championship? Players could still choose thier own equipment and where they want to place them. Switching from crew games. The crowd could play an important factor in certain arenas such as home court advantage and legendary places like Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and OKC.

  • felipe

    we should be able to change jerseys in mycareer!!! The latino night, retro, third or second jersey even when we’re at home. etc.

  • May, June, July, August, Sept, Oct.. 5-6 Months to go mmm just focus and enjoying 2k13 for now

  • disqus_CjUpKxOx54


    • disqus_CjUpKxOx54


  • Tim Nguyen

    They should have a “Finals mode” where players can replay all the finals matchups in nba history

    as they beat each one (or have them already included) in the regular game for exhibition games or multiplayer

    i would love to play as the 01 sixers vs 01 lakers or 03 pistons vs 03 lakers

  • Put in a new game mode make it more interesting

  • Zeke

    They should fix the MYCAREER All-Star Game Minutes.
    MYCAREER player always ends up at 12 the rotation even though its rating is 90+ and also leading in the All-Star Votes. Please fix this in NBA 2k14.
    ~ NBA2KGamer.005

  • AndrettiMedia

    i need Next Gen because im certainly not buying the same graphics and same controls lol

  • Juan Aguilera

    2K should bring back the dynasty teams of the early 2000’s, for example: Lakers 2000-2002, Spurs of the early 2000’s, T-Mac’s Orlando Magic teams, Detroit Pistons of 04-05, and so on. Not just the legendary teams of the 90’s and 80’s. They should also improve the “my player” mode online to where you can compete with other people online not just on the black top. Of course the gameplay can always improve and improvement in the graphics would be awesome! too.

  • Am very keen for 2k14!! You should be able to transfer your myplayer from previous 2k games!

  • cballer29

    They should get associated with a 2k racing game so they could make it you have to drive to your games and practices. Plus you should be able to buy a house and make it more realistic like when you are a rookie you do rookie duties and etc.

  • David


    • Lyle

      Absolutely fucking right sir, and kareem and DrJ

    • Goheels999

      Reggie is not a gamer and does not want his likeness in the game. Probably the same for the other guys. Not 2Ks fault.

  • Dev_PS3BEAST

    2K14 !!

  • How sure that NBA 2K14 will be available for PC?

  • LeBron is gonna be on the cover bruh.

  • i just want them to put wilt chamberlain from 1962 in the game. hes my fav player and i hate how they dont have any of his seasons when he scored like 40 every game. put prime wilt in with the legends!


  • Bring back crew games!!!!!!

    • kyle heard

      hell yeah they took away the best game mode………BRING BACK MY CREW!!!!

  • UltraHD3dPS4

    I hope this will be the first next gen nba game, either way its a good thing nba live aint making any nba games because their graphics and a.i. look like games from ’05

  • I think they need to make myplayer that you made on 2k13 to move on to 2k14 thats a lot of starting over they should do that from now on .

    • HELL work so hard get thru 3 season than have to start all over ..if you
      can continue or import the myplayer that would make it complete

    • Mark Logan

      I have 2k12 and I have decided not to waste my time with 2k13, but I wanna transfer myplayer from 2k12 too! I have worked way too hard on him just to lose my myplayer to a new game

  • i like 2k13 but the only i dont like is the VC coins thing!!

    • Mark Logan

      AMEN! I mean, at least give us an equivalency chart or something to an actual salary so that you know how much VC is actually worth. I hate the Virtual Currency system

  • myteam is useless!!!… bout thing where you can team up and play against other squads…have a nickname… and records with your squad……on quick match i should be able to play 2 on 1 (up to 5 on 5) with my homie/s helping me beat the other guy easily

  • tony oaklief

    Don’t waste my time, unless 2k learns the game of basketball instead of just making a game to make money. Be glad EA is having trouble with creating something new & innovative. Otherwise without comp y’all flood the market with garbage & we all are forced to buy into what we hope is an upgrade but end up disappointed once again.

  • As long as they fix Myteam…they need to make challenges like in Madden ultimate team. You could face the old legends teams and get VC and packs for winning. Also make road to the playoffs longer, like for the final game you could play the legend team in a best of 3 series or something. Make ONLY player packs but make them like 50,000 VC for gold, 35,000 for silver, and 15,000 for bronze. I HATE NOTHING MORE THAN SPENDING 20,000 VC ON PACKS AND ONLY GETTING POWERUPS AND JERSEYS. If they do that I think it will be great. (Reply w/ additional ideas)

    • Aldin

      You should be able to transfer/keep your current my team players.

  • I can’t wait

  • They might as well wait until the new consoles come out. Or else it’ll just be a waste.

    • Sports games will always come out before the season begins

  • PC version had and still have unresolved problems in the 2K13 release (showing wrong replays, etc.). So as long as they’ve taken the time to fix those problems and not have the next release be a Jay-Z overkill, I’ll gladly buy it and enjoy it like I did 2K11

    • Yeah i agree with you. And for me NBA 2K11 is better than NBA 2K12 and 2K13 because there was Draft Combine.

  • Can’t wait!

  • So, start enjoying the last months of NBA 2K13 online. If 2K do the same as they did with 2K12, few weeks after the new game arrives, the servers of the previous one will be shut down without warning.

    • Shontz Yaeger

      So, i mean who isnt excited about this game i have been waiting,and it seems like its been forever so really exxited and cant wait for it to come out

    • Okay that’s how it’s suppose to be? The fuck.