Feedback on the Roster Updates for NBA 2K13 on 3/2/13

Posted March 4, 2013 by Tyler Whitcomb in Rosters


Feedback on the roster updates for 3/2/13.

Players added

Patrick Beverly (73) Houston Rockets and Mike James (65) Dallas Mavericks are both to high. I like both players, but they are way too high. There numbers don’t support their current rankings.

Player rating upgrades

Tony Parker +2 (87)  – Parker is one of the most underrated players in the NBA. He always puts up numbers and the Spurs always win. He can get to the basket with the best of them and not to mention Parker has rings unlike any of the other elite point guards. Tony has been killing in the month of February. Parker is scoring 27 ppg (3rd in the NBA) and dishing out 9.1 apg (2nd in the NBA) this month.

Stephen Curry +2 (85) – Curry is 8th in the NBA in scoring while putting up 21 ppg shooting 44.7% from beyond the arc and 90% from the charity stripe. Curry got snubbed big time on not making the All-star team, but an 83? To me he is a top 20 player in the NBA and should be around an 85-88 overall.

Andre Iguodala -1 (84) – Andre to me is still a top 35 player in the NBA for what he can do on both sides of the ball. He has been struggling a little bit late offensively and deserves to go down 1 or 2.

Ty Lawson +3 (85) – Lawson is averaging 16 ppg and 7 apg for the season. Ty started off the season good, but not to his potential. However, as of late Lawson is killing other point guards in the league. Since February 10, Lawson had 9 straight games of over 20 points. From February 10 to February 27 (8 games) Lawson averaged 26 points and 8 assists per game. During that stretch Ty Lawson put up 30 and 6 against Lillard and the Portland Trailblazers and 26 and 9 against Deron Williams and the Brooklyn Nets. Lawson deserves to get a +3 upgrade.

Dion Waiters +6 (77) Dion is now the only other player on the Cavs besides Kyrie that has an overall of a 75 or better. Waiters is finally coming around as the 2nd scoring option for the Cavs. He has been playing very good lately and deserves to get this rating.

Royce White -1 (67) Royce White has so much talent. I really liked his last summer in the draft and liked the Rockets gamble on him, but until he starts doing something even a 67 is to high. I do wish the best for him,  I’m a big fan of Royce.

5 guy’s that need a serious upgrade 

Nikola Vucevic (68) – Vucevic is putting up 12.4 ppg and 11.5 rpg for the Magic. Nikola is a B- for rebounding in 2k13 currently. Are you kidding me? Vucevic is 4th in the NBA with 11.5 rpg and 3rd for Offensive rebounds with 3.5 per game. In the last 10 games he is killing it with 13.3 rpg (2nd in the NBA) and 1st for offensive rebounds with 4.3 per game. Nikola Vucevic should go from a 68 to a 78, yes +10 by next upgrades.

Greivis Vasquez (73) – Vasquez is putting up 13.9 ppg, 4.6 rpg, and 3rd best in NBA 9.4 apg. This 6’6 Point Guard has been on a tare this season. Vasquez was named player of the week on 12/24/12. Over the last 10 games Vasquez has put up 10.2 apg (#2 in NBA) and 3.92 assists to turnover ratio. In thelast 10 days this is the best in the NBA. Vasquez should go up 4 or 5 in overall to a 77 or 78.

Omer Asik (70) – Asik is the 3rd leading rebounder in the NBA with 11.5 rebounds per game. His grade in NBA 2k13 for rebounding is currently an A- and should be an A. Omer also puts up 10.5 ppg and is one of only 8 players in the NBA that scores over 10 points and grabs over 10 rebounds per game. The rockets like to run Pick n roll’s with Lin and Asik and kick it out to the corners, but when he gets touches inside he can score, NBA 2k should bump his inside scoring from a c grade to a b- grade and his overall should go from a 70 to a 76.

Tyson Chandler and Joakim Noah deserve to go up a little. Noah is currently an 83, but he does so much for the Bulls and I don’t think fans realize how good he really is. His game the other night of 20,20, and 11 blocks was one of the best games of the season. He deserves to be atleast an 85. As for Tyson Chandler, he is currently a 77 and should be around an 80. I know that NBA2k13 has him rated an A for rebounding and post defense, but perhaps they could bump him up a bit on inside scoring and I.Q.

Players to watch out for in the next upgrades 

Avery Bradley, Jamal Crawford, Anthony Davis, Zach Randolph, and Jeremy Lin.

This is presented by Tyler Whitcomb’s top 1,000 basketball players in the world book.

And you, what are you most looking forward to seeing in the next update?

Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below.


  • james harden needs to be atleast 92. omer asik needs to be atleast 75. chandler parsons definitely needs a raise too. and i would LOVE to see the old rockets in the game with t-mac and yao ming. what can i say im a big rockets fan.

  • kobe 97 lebron 98

  • A others players that need a bump in his raitings is Lary Sanders, Earl Clark, Bradly Beal, Chandler Parsons and Carmelo Anthony

  • Tal Keren

    what about J. Jack of the Warriors?? He is super good and deserves more

  • Jason

    Add Lou Amundson to the bulls please. WIthout Taj Gibson the post D is terrible.