LeBron James finally on the cover of NBA 2K14?

Posted February 26, 2013 by Simon in News

Further to our poll Who will be on the cover of NBA 2K14, LeBron James takes the first place (406 votes) followed by Carmelo Anthony (152 votes). You are nearly 30% to think that LeBron James will be on the cover of NBA 2K14!

To be followed…

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  • asjfkl;

    tony parker had an amazing season, and he is potentially the playoffs mvp behind lebron/…..go spurs go

  • Chris

    kyrie irving should be on the cover

  • KingJ

    I say they put Stephen Curry or lebron, Stephen Curry broke 3 pt record this year, lebron won MVP

  • bruce

    chris paul

  • liam

    or rookies Bradley beal damian lillard Anthony davis

  • liam

    paul George john wall cover

  • liam

    kd… worst player of all time

  • liam

    john wall on the cover LeBron aint clutch

  • NBA King

    Carmelo Anthony definitely deserves to be on the cover. Not Lebron. Lebron James is a cocky little bastard that doesn’t pass the ball. Where as Carmelo is actually a team player.

    • keep trolling clown.

    • KingJ

      OMFG youve got to be kidding me why dont u look at lebrons assists totals and then look at carmelos carmelos hogs the ball all DAY all DAY kid all he does it take jumpers when he has it, lebron passes the ball kid

      • Danny Meador

        Lmao ur dumb

    • Casen Matthews

      Lebron is the main passer on the heat. Dummy.

  • he should of been on da cover last year

  • yea put LeBron on the cover

  • Mike

    shhhh. stfu. lebron haters . hahaha

  • Shontz Yaeger

    lebron or durant but lebron is my #1

  • darius allen

    nobody wants Lebron James on the cover,I do not want him on the cover because he is arrogant,how about carmelo or Kevin durant,somebody who is not arrogant.

    • carmelo not arrogant fuck u talkin bout melo is more arrogant than lebron is

    • well if dats da fuckin case den kobe bitch ass shouldnt never been on da cases den

    • so lebron is arrogant now.. LMFAO maybe cuz hes so good your team got no chance.. thats why you despise him =)

      • Danny Meador

        Hows that 1-0 down to chicago.. hmm then u got to go against new york conf. Lets see if u make it

    • Casen Matthews

      Hater. Go read a book kid. Do something actually intelligent.

  • dont put ass james on 2k on cover i might not buy that game

    • u dont have to buy the game u act like 2k sports care if u buy the game or not they still got other people thats go buy it

    • Casen Matthews

      Two words for you: proper grammar. Try using it. Idiot

  • qwq10

    The english in this article is so horrible it makes me sad.

  • NOT 3 PLAYERS AGAIN!only one!!