MLB 2K13 – Official Trailer

Posted February 21, 2013 by Simon in News

2K Sports has released the trailer for ‘MLB 2K13’ Needless to say, it looks nearly identical to ‘MLB 2K12’. It’s not too much of a surprise considering there hasn’t been a single announcement of a new feature or addition for 2K13.

Check out the official trailer for MLB 2K13:

So the question is If you already own MLB 2K12, would you buy this for 60 dollars?


  • jkk

    no..bought mine on ebay for 40.00 and i’ll sell it for like 20 in about 6 months from now

  • FUCK Baseball, make a Football (soccer) game and kick Fifa’s ass!!!

  • I will NOT pay $60 for a roster update..

  • KAstor

    Nah. I only buy things I truly want.

  • 2Kbetter

    Yeah I’m Going to get it….