Nice Kicks Tweets Something Major Coming For NBA 2K14

Posted January 29, 2013 by texasgmr04 in News


Nice Kicks, one of the premier spots for sneaker information, met up with 2K Sports and mentioned on Twitter, something MAJOR is coming to NBA 2K14.

Shoes have become a huge deal for games, especially, basketball in general.  With shoe updates coming from time to time on NBA 2K13, there was no doubt in my mind that news pertaining to shoes in the up and coming title were not to far away.

This tweet actually comes from Nice Kicks themselves.  As always, we want to hear from you.  What are you hoping to see?

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  • Jarrean Miller

    Look…jus add more shoes to the 2k13 collection…..and make it so we can fully customize all the jordan shoes, nikes, ect…add more colors….and make it so we can create the galaxy, camo,weatherman, thermal foamposites….add the Barkley foams too….dey tough

  • Khristion

    they should have all of the colorways that have come out for a particular shoe like how in 2k12 they had every colorway for the lebron 9s and also the jordan retros should have all of there own colorways as well.

  • Jahaziel Rodriguez Burgos

    NBA 2k14 PS4

  • Jahaziel Rodriguez Burgos

    NBA LIVE 14 shoes are more realistic.

  • geyser12

    They should make the shoes more realistic like for instance, jordan xx8’s shape in nba 2k13 is nothing like the one in real life

  • cody

    they need to do adidas shoe updates

  • Val

    How to have those adidas calfs ?

  • Sea Hawkz

    should let u choose which shoe brand u want to be with cuz i wanted to be adidas but i could only choose between nike and air jordan

  • Sea Hawkz

    they should also have shoe updates for adidas not only nike and jordan

  • TaeBae7777

    I agree with the idea of having shoe updates more often of every shoe worn in the nba, start from college for your myplayer, start off with 10,000 VC…Being able to pronounce your custom name, make the shoes, body, hair, muscles, and tattoos look a lot real…better dunks and jumpshots, better handling moves, be able to choose a different voices that fit your myplayer, have the rookie showcase jersey better looking. Jus go all out with it for 2k14

  • Joe

    How do you wear those addidas calfs?

  • Just bring back the old (2k12) shoe customize model, we patchers resolv the rest 😀

  • Kam

    It’ll probably be something like they’ll not even have the generic shoes for anyone or theyll update the ones people wear. I think they should have a mycareer or association mode where it updates with the season so like when a trade happens in real life, it happens in your career or association kind of like the mode on MLB 2k12. I also like the march madness idea.


    in 2k 14 should have derrick rose long legs adidas sleve that go’s down to the socks but u can see the socks and adidas ankle brace

  • nice

  • Greg

    you dont have to wear generics in rookie showcase

  • Joel

    In mycareer you should start off as a college player in march madness and if you do well in the tournament it could also help your draft stock along with the rookie showcase. I also really think they should add techs.

    • i have been asking for this since 2k9

    • André Burden

      this is dumb. but it would also require a licensing agreement with 2K and the NCAA which is why college hoops hasnt existed since 2008

  • Aaron Smith

    2k should have these, in beginning of the game they should show you coming out of locker room and commentators should say these for Ex. “from Temple University #10, Aaron Smith (my player’s name), then our player should do the pre-game ritual with the teammate” that’s what I wish for in nba2k14

  • David Gray

    2k should start having the espn tnt and NBAtv signs

    • Elijah Murdock

      then they wouldnt make as much money they would have to pay out those companies to use their names

    • EA sports has the rights for espn