NBA 2K13 tutorial: How to Get Drafted #1 in MyCareer mode

Posted January 28, 2013 by Antoine .D in Tips & Strategies

NBA 2K13 tutorial - How to Get Drafted 1 in MyCareer mode
You play frequently NBA 2K13 in MyCareer mode but you are not able to get  drafted #1! Check out this Chrissmoove video tutorial. He gives you some advices to get drafed finally at the first position. You can watch Chrissmoove get drafted #1!

Here is the video description by Chrissmoove:

“Best playstyle to get drafted #1 with is Athletic. It makes it much easier for you to grab rebounds and get steals. You need these stats to help you secure that #1 spot. Getting assists and scoring is easy with all the play styles, but athletic definitely has an advantage on the boards.

Aim for 30+ points with an A+ teammate grade. In this video I show my scoring PG get drafted #2 to the bobcats without 30 points and without the A+ teammate grade.

Don’t turn the ball over. I only had 1 turnover in this game and that really helped. Answer positively in your draft interviews with all teams. Notice in my draft video that it says they liked my press conference responses.

Don’t tire yourself out by using turbo too much. I got tired near the end and just let a player go right by me for the score. Good thing I didn’t get tired earlier in the game. Also, double team your matchup if you are worried about him scoring on you. That will drop your teammate grade down a bunch.”

Timeline video:

1:35 Skip straight to the game
2:55 Defense gets me my 1st points
3:36 Rebound then spin layup finish
3:53 Crossover to layup
4:53 Sexy crossover
6:08 Shot clock cheese
6:54 Draft stock rising, almost all 5 stars
7:37 Turnover!
8:24 Back to back assists
9:45 Only 6 minutes left to get the A+
9:59 Big And1!
11:01 Lucky jumper with athletic playstyle!
11:30 I’m such a beast they are double teaming me!
12:04 Is that Rick Ross? He’s a boss! Splash!
12:30 I lost my A+ teammate grade with 1 minute to go!


  • Rasheem Dtn

    Do Bad. You Don’t Wanna Be 1st Or Anything. Foul Yourself Out In The Beginning. All The Good Teams Are In The Late 20’s. I Fouled Myself Out And Got The Bulls.

  • it is much harder to score with an athletic player. i used a 6’7″ pg, 3 point specialist and was able to get drafted number 1.i didnt need 9 rebounds to do it either i only had 3 or 4

    • Keesean Brown

      no its not is easier all i do is dunk