NBA 2K13 Upcoming Week 12 Roster Update Discussion

Posted January 15, 2013 by texasgmr04 in News


Just a few days ago, NBA 2K released roster update for week 11.  As you know, Kobe Bryant and Serge Ibake were the only two players that have ratings adjusted for them, both going up +1.  The most activity was that of players being set to injured.  I have read comments and most are not happy with the players being set on injuries.  They would rather play with them all then not having the opportunity to do so.

With that said, you know the drill here at NBA2K4LIFE.  What are you guys looking to see in the next update?


  • Upgrade the overall on Paul George, Greivis Vasquez, JR Smith, Anthony Davis, Carmelo Anthony, Earl Clark(Please 4 or 6+), Metta World Peace,Tyson Chandler, JJ Hickson, Andre Drumond and Kyle Singler. Remove Closer (Signature Move) in Lebron James and add Bruiser, Add Bruiser and Hustle Points to JJ Hickson, Post Proficiency to Blake Griffin, Deadeye to James Harden and AnkleBreaker to Kemba Walker.

  • josh nj

    Andre Drummond up his offensive/defensive rebound,Higher block %, And tendency to alley-oop more, as well as hustle. Will bynum add better passing and +2 jump shot. Villanueva CHANGE HIS RELEASE because he has such a quick trigger and the game does not reflect t his at all, up his 3 pointer. Up Greg Monroe from 79 to 82. add +1 or +2 to his 15ft jump shot. Add +1 or +2 Stuckey for 3 pointers. Lower Jerebko 3pointer so it goes -3. Up Jason Maxiell jump shot +3 because hes been pretty consistent with that shot. Lower Maggettes jump shot.

    I know my pistons inside and out, have watched every game this season, so dont tell me otherwise. (Especially with Drummond. I know you guys will prob freak out that he should get hustle right? Im sure no one else watches detroit pistons games so please dont talk)

  • Kobe’s overall is quite well, lets keep it that way mamba !!

  • Please return D ROSE!!! He is on the cover of the game for god sake!! THIS IS A GAME, NOT REAL LIFE!! We should be able to play with our teams FULL roster aside from REAL LIFE injuries!! Return D ROSE so us Bulls fans can play with our team and actually win!!!

  • veron

    Earl Clark Rating to 70 increase his offense and defensive attributes and make him a better shooter! MWP Make improve his offense hes averaging 14 ppg this year and he cant make a layup in 2k!

  • disqus_q5npjkRi06

    the raptors players demar derozan andrea bargnani jonas valancunas jose calderon ed davis amir johnson and terrence ross in my opinion are all underated in my opinion. Demar calderon and bargnani should be at least be between 78 and 83

  • disqus_q5npjkRi06

    make jose calderon ed davis and amir johnson overal get higher the have been playing great basketball for the raptors from december till no

  • 2k Insider said Paul George, James Harden, Grevis Vasquez and JR Smith

  • ronald moore

    kobe plays with sleeve and change dwight sleeve colors

  • where’s jarvis varnado?

  • Kobe with the Sleeve!! and LeBron With No Closer!!!

    • i think kobe with no closer too? cuz you know hes been missing clutch shots this season? lol

      • did you see his two shots against denver, I mean they lost but in crunch time the difficulty of those two shots is through the roof

      • i wont deny it.. its good… but 14-40 is bad.. sad but true.. hes killing the lakers in crunch time.

      • Bilal Sattar

        kobe bryant is still one of the most clutch players in the league… relax

      • pfff 14-40 relax…. kd is the mr. clutch now.. read the articles.. kobe is 14-40 in the clutch this season..

  • Joakim Noah HAS to be moved up a bit. He has career highs in six categories! Also boozer has been averaging 21 and 10 during the last ten games! Noah is currently an 83. Im thinking 85? Booz is a 79. He could very well stay at 79 i suppose but an 80 would be a slight bump that would suffice.

  • how bout lebron’s 3pt shooting going up? asik,lin, and harden going up too. and please correct me since i just installed the game and this will be my first so idk the last update..

  • Crandall

    J.R. Smith should go up to an 85 at least. Who has to put the team on his shoulders when Melo is out?


  • Ken12

    Carmelo Anthony’s rating going up by 3 ?

  • leeroy jenkins


  • Brook Lopez update please +something!

  • Farhan

    any consideration for earl clark to go up by a little?