NBA 2K13: Kobe Bryant Full Court Shot Game Winner + All Star DLC Code Giveaway

Posted January 9, 2013 by 2KUpdates in Gameplay

So recently I just hit an amazing full court game winner with Kobe Bryant and it was insane. So I decided to upload it and wanted to know what is the best game winner you have ever hit. Share your story of your best game winning shot on the comment section of the video for a chance to win All Star DLC Code. I will choose a random winner Monday.

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  • Ryan

    I want it. Period.

  • logan bowes

    .8 seconds on the clock im the 92 bulls my friend is the 85 Celtics im tryin to inbound to MJ but he gas him covered. I see Steve Kerr (who is somehow also announcing the game) open and go to inbound to him, but instead accidently pass to Cartwright at tge three point shot. I somehow get his slow shot off it bounces off the rim,into the air and goes through to send the game into 2ot where #23 takes over and I end up winning 125-112

  • Justin rose

    One time in my carrer mode game was 89 – 87 and my team was losing then my player “Jayy Rose got the ib with 2 second left he threw the ball it hit the I’m flew up hit backboard and swished it with a 76 overall

  • NBA2k13 Boss

    I was on Association mode and MY team the Bulss went to the finals. We were tied with the lakers 3-3 and the lakers were up 1 and with 1.8 seconds left richard hamilton threw it up from half court and swished it

  • Christian Kwan

    In my career, shannon brown missed a potensial game tying dunk and rebound to me with 1 second left and i quick released it at the three point line and made it against the thunder

  • once time when i was playing mp carier , it was last match of the regular season before play-offs. Suns had to win with spurs but losing 2 pts. I get the ball and try to shoot unfortunately Blair was so fast and caught me with defense post move skills . I decided to made a shoot. With hook shoot from 3’s i made a basket and Suns advanced to play-offs. BtW great Kobe shoot 🙂

  • One time I played w/ my cousin 2K13 not really a game winning shot but he leads by 4 my ball so I call 20 sec.timeout MWP passes to D.Morris 0.5 left shoots immediatley and score 24-22 of and its LAL vs.LAC aka.Battle for L.A!

  • Man. How do i buy the dlc codes/contents?

  • The game: 2k12
    The teams: okc (friend controlled) vs miami (your hero)
    Okc has 2pt lead. 1.7 left on the clock, sideline inbound, Mario Chalmers; left corner…. splash! Game over sir have a safe trip home.

  • i hit a game winner three with my player against the Raptors

  • My best game-winning shot was with Kobe against the Knicks, O was playing against a friend, and with 14 seconds left on the game I got a rebound with Dwight from a missed free throw by Jason Kidd, I took a timeout, I inbounded the ball with MWP to Kobe of course, that was on fire and had the Closer signature skill, at center court with Melo guarding him, and I start killing the time, dribbling and dribbling, then with 4 seconds left I started sprinting to the left and from the left wing, and with 1 second left I took an off-balanced shot with Melo’s hand on Kobe’s face, and then, the buzzer sound just before I saw that ball going in. I WENT CRAZY!!! I want that code.

  • when there was 1.8 sec and made the game winning shot which was a three


  • rowellcortes

    well i was down by 1 with like 0.7 seconds left. so then i called timeout. so then my teammate inbound the ball for an alley-oop! we won.

  • My brother and I were going against the OKC in Season Mode. We were the Hornets and the game was tied 108-108. We didn’t that we weren’t going to go to OT, so he gave me the ball. .5 seconds on the clock and I faded away as Westbrook rose up with me. I thought he tipped the ball because the shot looked off, but it hit off the backboard and in! Happiest night of my life.

  • FaisalBilal

    nice shot!!!!

  • Matteo

    I was playing a conference final in an online association (3-3) vs a friend of mine, i blow a 15 point lead in the 4th quarter, 88-88 ball in my hands, 4 seconds left. CP3 was ready to use the screen and get a wide open 2 pointer but Shawn Marion come out of nowhere in front of Paul, in that istant Griffin was running towards the basket so i launched an alley oop… the ball completely missed Griffin, crushed on the backboard like a brick and went in. If the pass were good it would be out of time, i’ve was lucky and went to the finals lol

  • In “myPlayer”, had 3.5 seconds to get a shot off as we were down by 2. No stamina, exhausted as can be. Sprinted to the half court shot it, and it swished.

  • my player dunked an alley-hoop from a standing position and almost hit the rim with his nose

  • I was playing 2k9 with one of my friends online. He’s got the Lakers and I got my boy tmac and the rockets. I’m winning by 2 and I foul Kobe on a desperation 3 that he misses but makes all 3 free throws. I’m now down 1 with 0.7 seconds left and call timeout. I inbound to Mcgrady just inside the 3 point line and drained a fade away to win the game and bragging rights till our next game… which I’m pretty sure I won too haha

  • i was playing with my player, PF for ATL & i was in the playoffs finals, against OKC & i had 2.4 left & popped a half court & won the championship with mvp award on my first year

  • alley oop off the back board from behind the hoop with rudy gay

  • On My player I was playing with new orleans in my first season as a starting small forward playing the LA clippers needed one more game to make the playoffs as the 6th seed clippers leading by 3 I get the ball with 2.7 seconds left Shoot the 3 get fouled ball goes in 4 point play make the playoffs lose in the finals finished the season avg. 33 points 6 ast 7 reb on all star

  • Ok. My Player. Playing against the Heat in the NBA Finals. I’m a PG.
    Game 7, tied at 98. LeBron has the ball with 18.3 seconds on the clock. He gets a pick, I switch on LeBron, I steal the ball race down the court, run iso, hit a fadeaway in the face of Wade at the buzzer for the win. NBA Champions baby!

    • isaac

      tbh, sounds like u made that up. too perfect

      • erik

        “tbh, sounds like u made that up. too perfect”
        heat fan?

      • isaac

        Hellllll No, I hate the Heat. Boston for life

  • An inbound Alley-oop from Nash to Kobe

  • me had afull court shot with kevin love <3

  • my best game winning shot wasnt on 2k lol…it was on nba live 09….i was losing by 2 vs the suns 1. something left …..ball on their court….i go to the far corner with kobe and the other guy has steve nash guarding me…i pass the ball to kobe….hit the shoot button…he fouls me and it goes swish!…4 point play and i won the game….but my best one on 2k13…i was losing by 2 against the heat…..kobe had gone on a tear in the 4th to get us their and the other guy knew who i was goin to with a couple seconds left….so i run to the top of the key…..he has joel anthony so hes running at me and ray allen is right beside me…kobe catches right in between them and shoots and makes it…i have replay proof of that one…i want that code though! #TEAMlLAKERS

  • sonny

    tha mamba strikes again

  • kingpinslicer

    me had a half court shot with king james, no rply :S

  • Big shot ! {Give that guy a dlc code