NBA 2K13 Week 10 Roster Update Discussion

Posted January 8, 2013 by texasgmr04 in News


Saturday’s roster update from 2K was one that we all have been waiting for.  There were 16 rating changes to players and it happens to be the first big update to ratings since December 18th, when there were nine players with changes to their ratings.  Hoping to see more of these quality updates, what are you most looking forward to seeing in the next update?

We are looking forward to seeing your comments.


  • Kosta Koufos from the nuggets needs to be upgraded. Hes played very well this season getting a few double double games and leading the nuggets scoring a couple of times but hes only rated 57 in 2k. ?????

  • Upgrade Jared Sullingers mid range!!

  • How does brook Lopez have a rating of 76?!!! He’s a top 5 center!

  • Do kobe cyberface with skinhead and clean shaved

  • Grevis vasquez should be an 80+ rating. Chandler parsons needs a complete new look and rating. Nikola pecovic needs more sig skills and better rating.

  • Xavier Olivera

    Remove Closer (Signature Move) on Lebron James, add Deadeye to James Harden, Hustle Points and Bruiser to JJ Hickson. Upgrade the overal on Dion Waiters,Jamal Crawford, Chandler Parsons, Paul George still improve his game, and Anthony Davis

  • Calvin

    give stephen curry dimer, and make his 3pt shot even a little bit better

  • default

    can’t understand why jeremy lin has the floor general ability and blake griffin has 80 mid range shooting…

  • I wouldn’t mind some slight changes in terms of facial features. For example, give Larry Sanders his mustache and goatee. Things like that.

  • kemba needs that closer and ankle breakers

  • disqus_WgKzzbR2u2

    Its crazy how Ryna Anderson has the ‘Hustle Points’ sig but JJ HICKSON DOESNT…THE MAN IS A BEAST BY ALL MEANS! ·_·

  • GrigolSmalls

    Why rayray aint got that closer Signature Skill I dont know…Give lilard closer and Zaza pachulia give that man Hustle Points sig skill

  • Maro

    show Lillard some love ! he needs that CLOSER signature skill move

  • disqus_WgKzzbR2u2

    J.J Hickson needs the ‘Hustle Points’ sig and Damian Lillard needs the ‘Closer’ sig