NBA 2K13 Week Nine Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted January 3, 2013 by texasgmr04 in News


With the latest NBA 2K13 roster update just released, there were many that surely will come away from looking at it and noticing that there were no rating changes.  In our last roster update discussion, you guys have stated what you wanted to see in this update and we frankly did not see much.  Players that were injured and already playing were activated in this update.  I for one was looking forward to seeing some rating changes to those players that have been playing well as of late.  One that comes to mine for me and I feel that should be looked at is Jamal Crawford, and Jrue Holiday.

I am pretty frustrated with this update as Lance Stephenson was the only player to get any kind of rating changes.  When will we get an update that is much needed?

Other changes that we should see in the next would be that replacement of Avery Johnson on the Brooklyn Nets and P.J. Carlesimo added.

You know the drill.  Let your voice be heard!


  • will04

    Add the long compression pants that Durant and Westbrook wear and let the my career gear be used in regular game modes and put all the latest jordans that come out even the 28’s

  • disqus_Hey2I9mGWT

    Simply put my crew in and that will make everyone happy make it like my team where you need to earn the VC points to get certain players to play alongside your myplayers

  • Can we put defense in the game?

  • disqus_fxB5rQSvEX

    LeBron is NOT A CLOSER!!!

  • is the haft time highlights and P.O.G highlights not in the game anymore

  • Here’s some more changes that need to take place in a future update:

    Please count assists even though they’re “bad passes”… They’re still assits and sometimes highlight ones.

    Add attributes to more shoe brands than just Nike. I feel screwed that I signed with Jordan after realizing you only get extra attributes while wearing Nike shoes.

    Take away the penalty from bad transition defense. I consistently get penalized even though I played the break correctly.

    Add more questions from reporters… i get tired of answering the same 5 questions over and over again.

    Overall you made a great game, these are just some things that will make it better.

  • DariO773

    New jerseys and shoes are nice BUT We NEED

    vc points for online association

    Replace doris burke w/stephen a smith/skip bayless

    Updated sound track (boring)

    Spectate other games

    Improved my career tattoos/change jersey

    decide players jersey number/acessories in O.A

    Lebron is NOT a closer

    Bring back my crew/playable all star weekend*

    Subtract vc points if u quit
    Gamertag @dario247

  • Rondos jumpshot got better! Give his mid shot 75 and three pt 70

  • Linas Kleiza jumpshot is really ugly make it normal.

  • When will the my career replay save glitch/freeze be fixed on the xbox 360. That’s what everyone is waiting for.

  • Westbrook has roughly 9 assists per game right now with a pass rating of 73 in 2k13. Ridiculous

    • texasgmr04

      I would hope that he is looked at when ratings are being adjusted.