NBA 2K13: Week Eight Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted December 27, 2012 by texasgmr04 in Rosters


Allow me to introduce myself……. My name is……. (how many of you started rapping that chorus?)  My name is Mike aka texasgmr04, and I am an avid fan of NBA 2K.  I was just brought on by Simon to see what I could bring to an amazing site.  I am excited to be here and look forward to learning things from you all as well as giving you my insight and news on NBA 2K13.

Another roster update is coming for NBA 2K13 and with Christmas games in the books and a slew of other games in the books, there are a number of players I feel have been playing some good basketball and is in need for an update.  The Lakers have started to get things together with the return of Steve Nash (remember the last update had Nash still injured). The Clippers are the hottest team in the NBA with 14 straight wins. The Heat continue their run of close wins over the Thunder going back to the Finals. The Houston Rockets have shown what they could do on the offensive end with the arrival of James Harden and Jeremy Lin.

The two big adjustments that need to be made with the next NBA 2K13 roster update is the activation from injured status for Nash and Dirk Nowitzki. Other players that should be seeing increases include Paul George, Damian Lillard, Larry Sanders, J.R. Smith, Austin Rivers, and Greg Monroe.

Let’s hear it! What changes are you hoping to see?



    I just want Nash back

  • JR Smith’s Clutch

  • lebron: 95
    durant: 97
    dwade: 94
    westbrook: 93

  • Tricia Joseph

    sleeves please also new kobe shoes christmas is over please nba 2k

  • Tricia Joseph

    ive noticed that their’s alot of players who’s sleeves aren’t right like cp3 with the clippers it just makes for a better gamingexperience when everything is right for the teams. also would love to see kobe in the newest kobe 8’s concord and white.

  • Tricia Joseph

    need to change the shoes for kobe to concord shoes and change sleeves for howard to laker colors rather orlando colors.

  • tre

    metta world peace has been playing lights out deserves bump to mid/3pt shot

  • also put kaowhi leonard back in game ok ?

  • Ok nice.:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • i just want nash back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP

  • Fysico

    stephen curry, david lee klay thompson should be updated. playing much better than what their ranking is.

  • they need to update J.R Smith’s tatto on the throat…, they tookhis young money tattoo off

    (thanks to Jay-Z)

  • disqus_690CopycyZ

    Shumpert flat top, kid & play style

  • disqus_690CopycyZ

    Tyson Chandler left arm sleeve, raymond felton wears under armour, j. kidd wears nike, simple changes but still should be taken care of, and Marcus Camby active

  • Xavier Olivera

    METTA world peace is improve his game,JJbarea, Alexey Shved, and Anderson varejao

  • Many players on these teams need ratings increases. Melo, Durant, Harden, JR Smith, Mayo….even Duncan should get an increase. Too many to list.

  • Guest

    Many players on all the teams need significant increases. Carmelo, Duncan, Durant, Mayo, Paul George just to name a few.

  • is it time to give JR the closer skill? I think at least level one or two.

  • OJ Mayo needs to be higher!

    • Oh, And yall really need to fix hairstyles. Jennings cut that mohawk up two years ago.

  • Definitely melo should b a 94.and LeBron should b dropped down to a 94 he isn’t + 4 better than Durant and he definitely ain’t no +8 above melo!! Most imp get Dirk back

  • waleed

    terrence ross. calderon, and derozan need to be boosted

  • disqus_bacTnCuvvh

    Paul George, George Hill how come augustin as a higher overall than george hill when hes a starter, 2k your ratings are GARBAGE

  • also norris cole new hair

  • and also harden and tattoos should be added to someplayers also we need jr smith to increase

  • yes i agree with that and all dewayne wade should increase

  • j.rsmith HE TO GOOD his need to be increased and change iman shumpert hair

  • Chris Copeland on Knicks!

  • Drune

    Steve Nash without injury

  • laquon

    melo should be a 92, update the knicks court there’s no msg sign..

  • Pau Gasol need to be to

  • Ru

    Harden needs to be increased, j.r smith,jamall of off the clippers, kobe bryant, felton too

    • Guest

      I forgot about Felton. He has been playing very well for the Knicks.

  • Kyle Singler

  • Add tattoos to Damian Lillard and Tony Wroten.
    Change Norris Coles hair

    • texasgmr04

      I would love to see that high top fade from Cole.

  • Xavier Olivera

    Increase the overal on Dion Waiters, Kyle Singler, Anthony Davis,