NBA 2K13 : Eminem vs TuPac ! Celeb AllStar Team presented by MGX151

Posted December 21, 2012 by nikefaller in Mixes/Montages

This mod was created by MGX151 and he deserves a lot of credit for it. He is a very talented and highly respected modder in the NBA 2K community. I am absolutely amazed by his work and the sheer amount of details which it entails. 🙂

You can find him on YouTube or the NLSC forums.

This mod will be released on the 25th of december and the download link can be found in this thread right here:

Our original plan was that I create a montage for MGX151 featuring this mod, but unfortunatly a lot of personal issues outside of YouTube have come up in my life. I still felt that it was only right to do this video and mention MGX151 in it. Ever since starting up on YouTube I wanted to showcase talents from the 2K modding community, especially because my channel is based on PC mods. I hope all of you enjoy this mod showcase and check out the amazingly talented MGX151 on YouTube !

Cheers Nike