Kobe Bryant, where does he stand amongst the greats?

Posted December 10, 2012 by Richard.S in Uncategorized

Last week Kobe Bryant became the youngest player in NBA history to reach the 30,000 point mark. Quite an extraordinary accomplishment by one of the games all time greats. But people discuss his standing amongst the elite of the game and where he fits in. Can the black mamba really be considered as the GOAT? Nothing against the guy personally apart from his what I perceive a really bad attitude towards coaches, management, teammates – new and old, Shaq (honestly he was never just another teammate) etc etc. I mean the guy has 30,000 more points scored on an NBA hardwood than I could ever dream to make so definitely not denying his talent. However I am a stat fiend and when I saw the news about Kobe I went to the history books to get a better idea of roughly where I think he stands in my opinion amongst the legends of this league.

First thing most fans will mention about Kobe is that he is mister clutch in pressure situations and big games. Five rings take a lot of clutch plays and a whole lot of luck after all. Even if he did have money shooters like Rick Fox, Robert Horry and Derrick Fisher alongside him during several of those campaigns he still was the focal point in the Lakers offense. What stands out to me though is the amount of shots he has taken to make all those points… Career wise he is roughly 45% from the field. That’s about the average clip for a shooting guard in the NBA. Another man who gets immediate consideration for the GOAT honour Michael Jordan was closer to 50% playing in the same position.

I know, I know scoring points doesn’t make a player the best ever but how about we look at Wilt the stilt. He was a scoring machine obviously but one season he must have got tired of just scoring and decided to lead the league in assists. Seriously a center?! He also was rebound king a grand total of 11 times. How about having the most championships to be the all time best? Bill Russell won 11! Well anyway enough about history and stats, theres way to many ballers to choose from.

My point is where do you the people see Kobe Bryant ending up on the GOAT list? Also who do you feel deserves to be the best even without the most buckets?


  • It took you 5 minutes to read my article? It took me 5 minutes to write so wasn’t looking for a masterpiece lol. Rondo hey…

  • Dokou

    Top ten. Jordan Magic and Bird are at the top 3

  • abdurrahman henderson

    um is this article forreal? i mean ima KB24 hater (Huge Rondo fan) but this was one of the most useless things i have read in my life! i want those 5mins back lol…