NBA 2K13: Whats With The Showmanship?

Posted December 8, 2012 by Richard.S in News

I am all for atmosphere and entertainment to get absorbed into a video game and love the cut scenes, cinematics and music that all come together to enhance my gaming experience. My attention to these details in NBA 2K13 has led me to question some aspects of the finished product we have. Having Jay Z produce the soundtrack and have his input into surely a few other parts of the game are very beneficial. My god, he is a god in terms of marketability, business sense and overall showmanship.

The question I ask myself however is paying him to have the title of executive producer surely has taken away some of the dollars that could have been spent on creating a much more fine tuned in-game experience. Even those flashy logos and animations during load screens could be dulled down a bit and we the fans im sure wouldn’t mind if the money went into better things. I’m sure some of those load screens have caused a fair share of epileptic fits! In MyCareer for example the cash could have been spent inserting college basketball into the game. I’m an Australian but I still understand college hoops is big if not bigger than the NBA in terms of sheer fan support for teams throughout the US. It has also now been several editions that 2K has featured legends and historical teams.

Why not have roster expansions of this sort available as dlc? Spend the pre-production finance creating a deeper MyCareer mode with the college experience to create a players true career. Similar to say Fifa for instance how they have installed more leagues and more players into the overall experience. Even an international competition with all the top countries, all the stars and big events would be a big success in my opinion. In fact all these ideas could possibly be downloadable content for future releases.