NBA 2K13: Sync It Up, Glitch It Down!

Posted December 7, 2012 by Richard.S in News

By now every true and worthy fan should have his or her copy of NBA 2K13. The real hardcore fans like myself whom play the game all day everyday and don’t leave much space to do anything else have probably come up against some form of nasty glitch throughout their interactions with the game. Surely every one is aware of the VC (virtual currency) glitch and I am not going there in this article. What I have noticed that takes away from the immersion of the game is the audio and commentary lapses. By far for myself the most annoying little mistake that jumps out at me is whilst playing MyCareer.

My team the Detroit Pistons currently have the best record in the league at 38 wins 9 losses. However just recently I versed the Cavs with a horrible 9 win and many many losses record. They are at the bottom of the east as displayed during the early in-game stat check. That was all well and good until one of the commentators suggested if the Cavs won this particular game they would jump into the 8th seed… What the?? Simple mistakes like this brings my mind-set out of the game and back into reality.

I would like to pose this question to the fans out there. what do you believe is the worst glitch in this years title? Hopefully in future editions we will see these annoying errors erased from this great games DNA.


  • I was using creative freedom when i wrote that part Alex 😉 I only play a game or two on any given day, but I do play 9 min quarters is that still bad? haha. Thank you though for thinking of my well being!

    • Simon2K4LIFE


  • was this picture from seanjohn1414 album??

  • Cory Edwards

    Commentary sucks!! I’m also playing with the Hornets. 46 games in to the season and dominating the league. But the commentators still talk about how we have no intention of making the playoffs and are simply re-building?!! Kills your vibe hard out!!

  • The socks in my career sucks! It’s always white even if you play away games

    I’m playing for the hornets, and my teammates got their socks black on away games. Can you pls address this issue to ronnie 2k. This should be fixed on their next patch