NBA 2K14 Wishlist

Posted December 3, 2012 by Simon in Wishlist

NBA 2K14 Wishlist (2)

If you have any NBA 2K14 ideas, add them here!

Let us know what you would like to see added to NBA 2K14 and hopefully we will be able to get the developers of NBA 2K14 to take a look at this page and add in some of the most popular requests that our readers have.

Leave your input below in the comments section.


  • Thành Chương Nguyễn

    I really like kobe’s accessories style esp his arm sleeve till his wrist. Also I want longer knee sleeves and hex pad sleeves to be longer.

  • Kma

    2k is pissin me off. I’ve been a die hard fan for years until last year on the next gen when the leagues were buns. I strictly play 2k for leagues and to make easy money. If the online leagues are the same as last year’s I will not waste my money or time on that game. Idc about myleagues myplayer crew none of that. I just want to run association with my Xbox community.

  • David Ortiz

    I would like to see arena starting lineups, like the legendary Chicago Bulls lights out intercom guy introducing the team’s starting lineup ,then the lights come back on, it would be awesome if they did it for playoff games

  • David Ortiz

    legends teams please add– the 92-93 Pheonix Suns , the 96-97 Miami Heat, the 97-98 Indiana Pacers , the 97-98 minnesota Timberwolves , the 2005-2006 Pheonix Suns , the 1999-2000 Portland Blazers with afro Pippen , the 2000-2001 Bucks , the 2001-2002 Sacramento Kings with Webber, the 2002-2003 Houston Rockets with Francis=Yao=Mobley, the 1999-2000 Toronto Raptors

  • Милош

    Retro Yugoslavia: Europe Winner 1995, 1997, Silver Medal in Olympic Game in Atlanta 1996 (final game over USA), World Championship winner (gold medal) in 1998 year.

  • Vincent

    Bring back Coach Mode or CPU vs CPU. Why should I play the game myself when I’m a GM?

  • Isaiah Vizcarra

    Add a mode where you can create your own nba legend team and play as them in local play. That would be fun and you could have nba fantasy drafts and actually play as them against another person

  • pontraell ellison

    Nike Jordan outfits like elite socks hollister aeropostal american eagle

  • What needs to happen in 2k15 is remove the dumb calls where a defender knocks it out your hand and it goes out of bounds same for blocked shots. and it is a turnover, should be still your ball.

    Fix assists as well sometimes I make a pass he drives to bucket no assist other time same exact play is an assist esp when I pass to my PF or Centre who is posting up; needs to be consistent. Fix the 3 point shot as well at 92 I miss more than when i had 86 and I make more shots with a guy in my face than when I am wide open, makes no sense?

    Make the 1 on 1 thing before nba where you can play in playground courts one on one that would be fun before you get to pre rookie season.

  • joshua

    Joshua M …In 2k15 make it easier to play 5on5 add 6 signature skill on blacktop to use instead of 5 and two player splitscreen in case if i wanna play with my brother againts two other shit talkers to prove we better on blacktop focus on blacktop and give us 6 signature skills to put on my character 5 doesnt let me get creative i want to be able to play with 6 signature skills on blacktop so i can really play the way i want.

  • Brandon

    Make it to where we can play 1v1,2v2 and 4v4 not just 3v3 and 5v5.In case that one person doesn’t want to play or isn’t online you can still play blacktop or crew.

  • Ryn

    Make the Knicks suck like they do in real life.

  • Chris

    I’m in the dunk contest with my character and after the first person dunks the game resets

  • Nate

    Make it transferable from ps3 to ps4 in USA not just Europe. That’s fucking pathetic. Don’t expect me to pay full price for your game twice when I was under the impression I got the ps4 at a discount.

  • iveron2

    nba2k should add the option to chose a nba hall of fame legend like mj or active superstar like lbj straight out of high school and into the nba draft in my career mode

  • Tayler Beckman

    How about a rapters team with a young t-mac and vince carter..

  • William Ferguson

    like if your on here reading comments because that just about sums it up

  • Nathan Guess

    i would like 10,000 VC coins for xbox one and PS4

    • pontraell ellison


  • 13thpaladin

    I know this is late but I would LOVE to A: have the ability to RESPOND to a media challenge and even accept or deny it. and then B: Issue some of my own.
    I got one challenge where I knew I was not going even try to meet it as it was not part of the game plan.

  • cordell

    Come on guys ask for something we never had. we should be able to speak for are my player like labron was doing on the commercial.also skrew the ellis guy that you have to be rivals with any positon you play should be who you compete against for exampl if im a pg i should compete against michael-carter-williams.

  • William Glade

    Add the 1999-2000 pacers and reggie miller on myteam and add kareem

  • Easton Yuncker

    A Team like in Madden 25 or 13 the canton greats just basketball greats and not the dream team or team USA and the creating a legend mode with old payers and present NBA Players.

  • Isaac b

    tattoo sleeves

  • Isaac b

    Have i promise bands in my career

  • Shakil Clutch Supa-Sta

    2 player season mode , ability to create a player (other than myplayer), ability to choose your pick in fantasy draft!

  • Shawn Ward

    Better tatts and the option to get rid of those stupid socks.

  • Jillian

    It’s annoying that you have to make your player from the ground up every year. Would be amazing if you could transfer your character, even if you can’t transfer attributes. Maybe 2k15?

  • Isaac b

    make the knee pads longer like they wear them in the real NBA.

  • Richie

    change the controls they’re so hard

  • murphy83

    Well I’m stuck can anyone help me I’m in the playoffs and I’m waiting for other teams to advance but I can’t anyone knw how I can advance them??? I knw I’m way off topic but need help pls

  • liltrgga

    I would like to be able to put more realistic tattoos and fill up da whole arms, legs and neck to make them look bad ass and be updated in tattoos like the other nba players…especially for ps4

  • Guuyvuyviuiug

    Kareem Abdel Jabaar in the Bucks and Lackers !!! One of the best legends. In 2k 14


    The ability to import or download custom draft classes into online association

  • Ryan Simmonds

    On next gen please let us edit players stats during gm mode was great to have that freedom on old gen

  • Nick Jones

    No more paying for sleeves and clothes and make it where u don’t have to be 13 to play online

  • chipthecritter

    Most comments here are dumb but seriously why on the ps3 version can i select draft order in fantasy draft but i have a random pick on the ps4 version. I should have the option on the newer consoles just like on the now outdated consoles. It makes no sense to take away a feature like that for next gen systems

  • B-Dub313

    Proper shoe updates for rookies.. Adams (OKC) Snell (Chi) to switch from Nike to Adidas… Perkins & Fisher (OKC) to Nike from Adidas. Deandre Jordan switch from UA to Nike? Willie Green & Reggie Bullock to Jordan?? David West, Nike to Adidas? Corey Brewer to UA from Adidas ?? Kevin Love no longer wears nike… And where is D-Wade’s La-Nings???? Come on guys.. Where’s your research department?

  • Ryan Johnson

    FREEroaming Like my carrer in REAL life

  • PK

    Improve the rebounding. Right now it’s AWFUL!!! sick to death of making good position, hitting triangle to go for the rebound and watching as my player just stands there and does nothing while smaller players jump over you. it’s making me hate this game right now. i’m considering reverting to Lakers vs. Celtics ’89

  • edip

    i want roster updates to euroleague teams there are teams that have changed since last year

  • Geoffrey Andrews

    I would like for on Myplayer mode your player can enter into the dunk contest or/and 3-point contest, and if he becomes a big enough star he could play on team USA.

    • William Ferguson

      you can enter dunk and 3pt contest

  • Phil Pierre

    We sbould Be able to promote asst. Coaches to head coach like in madden

  • Rokas Matulevicius

    And please make my team online modes without xbox live plz or make it on 2k15 Just make it plzz If you would make it thanks

  • Rokas Matulevicius

    Could you fix reach in fouls?Make some changes in My Career mode LIKE make some more teams to ask you questions and more questions.And make all star FOR FREE

  • John Villas

    can you bring back the NBA CREATING LeGEND?? please ?and can you also change the control settings of 2k14 to 2k13 settings? its really irritating to be honest

  • Donald Trump

    It would be awesome if you had the option to release, trade, or assign players from euro teams to NBA teams.

  • Terrell

    The lose ball shit gotta go! I wish the settings was like 2k12 but with options! I wish it was a lil more easier to lose defenders during dribble moves! I wish the attributes was a lil more effective! I wish 2k could put a lil more work… into my player/my career mode! It should.. be more about my career not the computer! It seems like 2k is against my player!

  • Minister Nathanael Loveless

    Oh yeah it would be great if there could be way better AI from the players on defense when playing with a defensive team to where you dont have to be on the player just for them to play defense!That sucks!Lol!

  • Minister Nathanael Loveless

    Id like to see you guys add Christian rap to the music on the game as well as add the 93-94 pacers,94-95 mavericks,and please put an olympic mode added to the game in the dynasty mode where players throughout the seasons and go and be on an olympic team and you can play it in the off season that would be dope!And bring back the allstar weekend but add it as well to the season dynasty mode!

  • Chris Poulin

    Too late for 2K14, but I’d love a way to be able transfer created players from 2K14 to 2K15 so I wouldn’t have to spend countless hours recreating the same players.

    • Jillian

      If I could vote twice, I would!

  • Cedric Torres

    I want in MyTeam would be free for those who cant buy the original CD.

  • Gabriel Ruiz

    Bring fiba teams… Like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Brasil etc… or at least create another game like FIBA basketball 2k something and include in it every oficial tournament of the FIBA such as olympics, world championship, world championship qualifier, regional cups asbthe Tuto Marchand, basically an nba 2k game but about FIBA like FIFA soccer…

    • Cory Chandler

      Also Canada too! Awesome idea dude!

  • John Lend

    would love to see more animation on contact dunks.

  • John Lend

    i wish there’s a scenario that if a player hits a game winning shot, the crowd, the teammates and the coaching staff would run directly to the player who hits the shot and then celebrates.
    such as
    : Kobe Bryant hits a game winner bank shot three against Miami Heat. ^_^

  • unakakilla

    Would love to watch my friends gm while waiting to play the winner. Listening is cool but watching would be great as we’re always in party chat.

  • Mickey M Harris Dumas

    i hope to see real hair cuts fades and better beards that doesnt look
    like spray paint, french braids are not real looking,side burns dont
    line up with hair cuts

  • James0n.

    I hope that 2K14 PC version wont lack the features from console versions, like myteam, the VC money system, the clothing for blacktop, all-star weekend, altough it was pre-order, it should be already in the game.

  • The 1 We Call Joey™

    Add new features to the game such as things live tried to come out and make such as pract

  • Daron Valmoria Damasco

    i wish there’s a slam dunk contest and three point contest on pc

  • NbaFanS

    how do i download the latest roster??

  • dontae

    I wish we had a new scoreboard, like espn nba tv or tnt. Also I dont care about the graphics on the current gen I jus want the gameplay to be smooth for bout current and next gen

  • Fundamentals6


  • iuyt

    We need a dunk meter like in the dunk contest feature so you can do amazing dunks in game.

  • DieHardCatXXJ

    Make Association mode more realistic as far as trades and draft. Something is wrong with the fact that Ben McLemore isn’t picked until Rd 1 Pick 25!

  • Yahoho

    In my player mode you could record through microfone your name, so when you play commentators won’t call allways nick name but your real name.

  • amiel sarabia

    Fiba Asia team please or smart Gilas only!

  • damien

    national teams, all star weekend (without preorder), better gameplay: improved steals and rebounds, realistic dunks (no between the legs and off the glass). my career: more voices, draft combine/college, realistic draft that your player can’t be drafted with another player on the same pick, being able to combine 2 or more players careers (and of course being able to give them different names)

  • jesus figueroa

    Fiba teams, celeb teams and realistic knee pads, and ankle brace and being able to wear high socks with them on, newest shoes and galaxy shoes and socks, more realistic shot forms and abilities and being able to get technical, and better blocks

  • jesus figueroa

    better dunk contest

  • jesus figueroa


  • jesus figueroa

    being able to pin people, like LeBron does. get the block off the backboard

  • Cetics & ClippersFan

    We Should Be Able To Have Elite Sock New Up to date Shoes Fuss with the ref when you crete a team make your own logo,Fight With Players But Only With Hard Foul

    • Harry Houdini

      Can’t wear Nike socks in NBA.

  • jay

    better shoe creation options houses and actually negoiate how much u wanna get paid way more shoes than in 2k13 more tats

  • shy

    More Endorsements , Be Able To Sign With Adidas , Spaulding , Converse , Ect. & Championship inviews

  • bc

    My career modeto startfrom college would be great ! and all starweekend in the game not to download afterwards

  • brian

    i want dunk contest and 3 point shooting competition in all star weekend,i want the my career mode to start from college then get to the pros and i want the my career mode player to be able to be in the olympics

  • Taylor K.

    Yeah here we go.

    Crowds. They need to be louder. Have a toughest place to play. Have realistic crowds. For exp. Miami’s fans usually show up just before halftime. Bring signs in. Do something cool to get a more exciting crowd.

    Apparel. WTF is up with the UnderArmour shoes. If i have to unlock them why have them. Monte Ellis wears AND 1. I think it would be cool to choose Adidas in the shoe deals. Nike sleeves underarmour shorts.

    Overall looks. What the fuck is up with the hair. you are either a gangsta nigga or a Frat guy. High tops. fades. dreads. what ever, now some of us are white dudes. How about hair that doesnt look gay.

    Association. At the beginning, each franchise has its own “score” (example Lakers and Celtics 93. Bobcats 20, Bulls 88, Heat 80.) kinda like the teams history. With that comes less change throughout the game. However, for a team that is constantly changing looks such as the hornets/pelicans, bobcats, t-wolves, Mavs, teams like that to edit or change the uniforms, colors, and arenas. Also have a system of “desired destination” ranked 1-30. These destinations are the places valued free agents go. Like Miami or LA at top 5 or Indiana and Minisota as less desirable.
    Franchise currency system. With the money from the current team build better parking, seating, and other accomodations to make more money. Eventually build your own arena.

    Olympics. I have scene a lot of people ask for this but I dont see this happening. with the rights legal stuff. But the ability to make TEAM USA would be cool.

    new voices for MYCareer. Autograph sessions, make them optional. the more you sign autographs the more followers you get. It would be cool to, if not create a house for MyCareer, but make the menu look like the house. Have a visible closet for appearance, have your PC or Mac for stats and Have a way to your garage to go to meet with GM or games or whatever. Also, have a team facility. Weight room, spas, trainer, coach’s office.

    thats about all that I can think of. Oh and 2k MAKE A COLLEGE GAME!!!!!

  • aajj

    college games before draft
    houses and cars in my career

  • george

    David Thompson (1978 Nuggets)

    Derek Harper (1990 Mavericks)

    Bob Cousy (1957 Celtics)

    Jamaal Wilkes (1981 Lakers)

    Tom Chambers (1990 Suns)

    Bob Pettit (1959 Hawks)

    Jack Sikma (1982 Sonics)

    Kevin Johnson (1990 Suns)

    Nate Thurmond (1967 Warriors)

    Alex English (1983 Nuggets)

    Reggie Lewis (1993 Celtics)

    Lenny Wilkens (1968 Hawks)

    Adrian Dantley (1984 Jazz)

    Dan Majerle (1993 Suns)

    Dave Bing (1968 Pistons)

    Bernard King (1984 Knicks)

    Kenny Anderson (1994 Nets)

    Wes Unseld (1969 Bullets)

    Rolando Blackman (1984 Mavericks)

    Cedric Ceballos (1994 Suns)

    Connie Hawkins (1970 Suns)

    Kiki Vandeweghe (1984 Nuggets)

    Dee Brown (1995 Celtics)

    Dave Cowens (1973 Celtics)

    Mark Eaton (1985 Jazz)

    Gheorge Muresan (1996 Bullets)

    Tiny Archibald (1973 Kings)

    Sleepy Floyd (1987 Warriors)

    Glen Rice (1997 Hornets)

    Spencer Haywood (1973 Sonics)

    Fat Lever (1988 Nuggets)

    Shawn Bradley (1997 Mavericks)

    Bob McAdoo (1975 Braves)

    Mark Jackson (1989 Knicks)

    Steve Smith (1998 Hawks)

    Elvin Hayes (1975 Bullets)

    Kenny Walker (1989 Knicks)

    Jalen Rose (2001 Pacers)

    Rick Barry (1975 Warriors)

    Dale Ellis (1989 Sonics)

    Jamal Mashburn (2003 Hornets)

    Bob Lanier (1977 Pistons)

    Artis Gilmore (1978 Bulls) also reggie miller, charles barkley ,chris webber , bob love, again julius erving and kareem abdul – jabbar dream team 92 golden state warriors 90-91 real usa team Think about whether you did the same thing as in the nba 2k12 nba gktetes would
    be much better if you put more than 15 legends as how you Maple if you put 51
    legends in nba 2k14 ʹ would doom you say have a very difficult job to deal And
    with that but think how many children think like me and crave to have the best
    players of all time in the best basketball game that has never gone. I know you
    will tell me there is the ultimate basis transcribed but it is only for PC. you
    please skefteiteto. Thanks a lot for listening

  • jasonmyers

    new hairstyles,new accesories, college games first before being drafted in mycareer

  • HaShaun Holman

    u can have a half time show and better shoes like lebrons because he won the mvp and in my player we can pick our emotion if we make a and one or game winner buzzer beater

  • Shamar

    Change the commentators . I want Jeff van Gundy and mike Breen! And a espn scoreboard

  • gavin

    and like have better shoes

  • tyler

    you should be able to decide what are the important games only during the regular season on my career. Also you should have interactions with teammates as you do with the gm’s

  • Brian Thomas

    let the players be able to block dunks that you KNOW can be blocked, have them talk about you before the game not someone else if your the real threat on the court, add the olympic games, I know the nba doesn’t want to promote violence but at least add other thing that will cause you to get fines, put the 3 point & slam dunk contest in my career & let us choose if we want to play in it, give us different voices to choose from at less 3-5 voices, add the summer camp too we can have a chance at being the number 1, 2 , or 3 draft pick if not then let us import our 2k13 My Career player is so take Pro off All Star-Hall of Fame difficulty is fine

  • john banks

    You should be able to edit the rotational minutes & starting lineups on my career mode also to skip any game u don’t want to play and shorten the season to 70

  • Jay

    I wish you could fight in nba 2k14 but only in MyCareer mode. The reason why is because people would do this too much in other game modes but if you fought with your player in MyCareer mode you could face suspension, fees, and less playing time, as well as other consequences. Its probably too much to ask this late but just consider it for future games

  • Lars

    -Defence, need to improve, the amount of reach in’s my MyCareer player gets with 2 help defence and steal signature steals along with 99 steal is…. bad, the amount of reach in’s called is way to much, more contact fouls need to be called, nearly every time you drive you should somehow draw contact. Also blocking a dunk, the amount of time my hand has gone through the ball, without any contact with the cpu and the ball has still been dunked, that needs to be fixed ! Also for blocks, my MyCareer player has 99 strength, his 7’2″, he has level 3 eraser and chase down artest, when blocking someone with these signature skills i feel that the force and strength of the block isn’t changing from anyone else’s block, bigger, stronger blocks would be great, also having the player actually swing his arm forcefully during a block would be great.

    -MyCareer, MyCarre needs to have more to do with actually gaining ‘followers’ on the social media, i reckon if a player has starting following you or is a fan a phone call or messages should be allowed to be sent where very basic conversation can be made. Also more endorsments need to made, VC should be awarded when a billaboard with your player is on it. MyCareer house that can be renovated and extended would be magnificent and make the MyCarrer game mode so much better !!! where added rooms can be done, basketball court, ping pong table, pool, pools and spas, tennis courts can be made, also different colour and shape designs for them, wish the better size and quality the more cost. furniture, beds, speakers and TV’s are aloud to be upgraded by being made bigger. Cars, farrari’s porshe’s, big luxury SUV’s to be included would be awesome. Have people like LeBron, Melo, Kobe, CP3 once being a fan even coming over and having options for what to do around the house. Having an Olympic USA team made by having try outs and alos voting selections, (have this team made every year because it will take to long to do four seasons and do it again).

    Also find a way where the game can recognise our name, maybe by having us put our first and last name in sylables, that would have the game improve alot and become so much more realistic, then just having the commintator say “Money has 24” or something. Also more celebrations during games, like Dikembe’s finger wag would be really good to be imported into the game, or Jason Terry’s jet after a 3 pointer, also after buying Dunk packages, the dunks need to be spread around more, like buying 10 custom packages, 2-3 in each packages but still 90% of the time in all different situations he does the same dunk.

  • Trey

    Allow your player in my career to make the USA team

  • nemanja


  • iman619000

    the ability to block a dunk

  • malik

    get a fiba mode
    get socks elite
    during the loading we can shoot
    get some and1 legend

  • malik

    choose our nickname in my player

  • Stefan

    I think game winner/buzzer beaters should be more realistic on the players celebrations and the announcers reactions I also think their should be a variety of different announcers so u don’t memorize every word the announcers say .

  • Logan

    Make the playoffs a big deal. Announcers should talk about how your player performed in previous elimination games.

    The way it stands right now, your post-season stats aren’t really important at all as long as your team gets the championship.

    People remember players for what they did in the playoffs, and right now there is just too much emphasis on the regular season. Also allow more simulation during the regular season.

  • PJ Krstic

    in MyCareer mode : if a custom player advances so much that in the second season he’s a leading scorer (by far), number one candidate for MVP etc. then at the beginning of the game commentators should talk about him not about the standard team star (who has fallen way behind the custom player). Overall – to be more aware of what the custom player is actually doing. In a second season where my player averages around 45ppg commentators are still saying : “you would not expect to see him on top of the score list…bla bla … it’s like found money – you never knew you had it but you’re glad it’s there etc.” That would be my main thing. I really love the MyCareer mode though…
    Also, will it be possible to transfer the MyCareer mode from 2K13 to 2K14. I’m playing full 82 game seasons in MyCareer and I really don’t want to start again from scratch.

    Thanks and keep up the great work !!!!

  • Mateo Garcia

    too many over the backs on offense+let us pick our own scoreboard or network+add the all star weekend

  • Ramirez Joseph Ramdon

    Slamdunk contest

  • Jeanpaul Lopez

    I wold like to see Olympic Teams : France, Spain, , Russia, England, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Brazil and much more

  • jay z

    one word….FLATTOPS. like Norris cole or iman shumpert or even retro looking ones


    We should be able to get the long hex pads like Paul George kevin Durant be wearing on the court in get new tattoo like Lebron in Carmelo anthony n warm up before games talk to media after games in start from college n work your way up like Mj n Kevin Durant.

  • Barak

    1) Make defensive help more realistic. Usually, if someone gets by a defender, they get right to the hoop because the other players don’t want to leave their man. Have more help, at least right next to the hoop.

    2) Add more factors to Association, such as team prestige or coach prestige. The reason Chris Paul stuck with the Clippers is because they got a prestigious coach in Doc Rivers.

    3) The incoming draft classes should be better and have occasional sleepers. The whole second round usually averages a rating of 53 or so. These players never even get to see the court. Plus most first rounders are low 60s. There should be more variation instead of always having a top heavy draft.

  • Ilias Dussis

    finally (also) european teams in 2k.

    1. But, will be this also for pc available?
    2. Will be the All Star Weekend (3-point contest and dunk contest) also for pc available?

    Thanks for any answers….

  • Micah

    Nike Elite Socks, Let them also be able to be personally customized
    (with or without attribute increases.)

  • Daniel Ridoré

    How about blockable dunks? In 2k13 if someone when up for a dunk the only way they didn’t score is if they were fouled or the dunk missed. I also think more historic teams should be added. I’d love to play Kobe and Shaqs Threepeat Lakers, and I’d love to play T-mac, Vince Carter, and those guys in their primes. Even if you don’t have the entire team just have those players on like a legends free agent list would be awesome. Or maybe like in previous 2k’s where the teams where 90’s east and 90’s west. It could be 00’s east and 00’s west.

  • Kristijan

    We want Partizan !

  • LeRoy Shine

    1. You should be able to warm up before every game… There should be a shoot around option that just loads a 3 min practice game in the actual stadium your playing in that night!!
    2. The ability to choose the team jersey’s, the home and away jerseys get tiring…
    3. CPU Defense is too much, sometimes I would perform an ankle breaker on my man and someone will magically rotate over to me…

    • Daniel Ridoré

      You can already change your team’s jersey.

      • Brian Thomas

        not in My Career

      • LeRoy Shine

        I mean in the MyPlayer mode!!

  • Robsky001

    2K14 should back to pshoe system !!! More brands like Anta,LiNing etc…

  • Nick pearson

    I want glitches gone and them to stop calling charges everywhere and defense needs to improve a lot

  • Nick pearson

    I want all glitches fix next I want them to stop

  • MyNameIs

    My wishlist, I want to be able to have a my life mode where you can live the life of your players and have an off the court mode with like GTA, also change the voices I’m sick of the same ghetto black accent for every person, I want new hair also, it’s been the same for years, I want a salary cap instead of VC, I want D-League and the Draft Combine back, also let us play Basketball for a high school team and college team and have an option to skip college, I want the Olympic teams in My player and you can play for team USA, I have been asking this for years, let us create a rookie and import him to My player like in Madden I’m sick of having a crappy player who can’t do anything, fix the lay ups even with 99 layup I miss all the time, also fix the Draft because even though I get 50 points I still go around 6th pick, fix the glitches also!

    • tyler

      your success of layup goes off of you weight,layup, strength your layup could be a 99 but if your 215 pounds your gonna get bodied

  • Kaleb

    Also add Soviet Uniion 1988, Italy 2004, 1980 Yugoslavia, 1978 Cuba, 2000 France

  • Kaleb

    Add more Olympic teams, 2004 Argentina, 2012 Spain, 2012 Russia, 2004 Lithuania, You cant just keep putting only United States Olympic Teams on the game if you put on more Couuntries Olympic Teams it would appeal to more people from other countries

  • tray

    Put full court black top make it 5 on 5

    • tyler

      they have that offline but you get vc for it

  • BJ Martin

    being able to block dunks play the all star weekend without dlc put technical fouls in. in association the players can talk to gm .make your my player start from coollege or high school and make the alley opps more realistic and unbelievable.Can we do the jamal crawford layup or chris paul

  • burrrr…

    If you are the best defender then your coach should be able to choose to switch to the superstar on the team so as to stop them from torching your computer teammates. Ex. I play a point guard and Kevin Martin (SG) just dominates from downtown. I mean 3 after 3 if he is given even the tiniest of room. Which the computer usually isn’t playing him tight anyways for some reason. I should be able to guard him or atleast we should be able to tell our defense to play tight. No reason they should continue to give him space but they always do. smh. needs to be fixed.

    • tyler

      hit lb to make the cpu press or swith to half court press or left on the dialpad and choose pressure shooters

      • burrrr…

        I’m saying in my career

  • Swagg Demolicion

    You being able to play in the Olympics.

  • El Cid

    I want to be able to sign and trade a player in THE ASSOCIATION. As well as orchestrate 3 team trades.

  • Rodwick Delice

    more post conference questions for my player
    and just please make sure jr smith is a beast

  • Dlorean

    the on-ball player should not be able to tip the pass when he’s right in front of you…

    defensive movement is sluggish at best. when i switch on to my player, it takes him at least a second to start moving.

    make dunks blockable.

    tone down the fouls.

    stop having the players cut to the basket when they have a wide open shot. for example, if caron butler is open in the corner, don’t make him cut to the basket right as i pass to him.

    speaking of cutting, make manual cuts smoother, like in 2k11. why does it take my teammate spinning around and juking to cut directly in front of him?

    make on ball D stronger (it should be able to stop the spin in the paint)

    i’d like to have an option where i can create my own plays and playbook and use them online.

    other than that, the game is near flawless. were these things fixed, itd be the best game ever.

  • Branndon Badger

    You should be able to pick what jerseys your team is wearing in my career instead of wearing just home and away you can pull the retros out and more nicknames you ve had the same corny nicknames for at least 5 years its time to switch it up !

  • Daniel Noony B Williams

    and show the highlights in the rankings as they did win 2k was making football games games

  • Daniel Noony B Williams

    For my career I would like to take more control over my career such as house cars magazine shoes endorsements interaction in the locker room re games halftime report sure how what we can do to win the game more coach interaction with player wear it certain type of jerseys on the holidays such as Christmas Cinco de Mayo be able to put together a big three… And the rookie combine for us doing drills running benching shooting more commercials

    • BJ Martin

      i know

  • Robby

    NBA D-League, a better online franchise and a never ending franchise that doesn’t end in like 2025.

  • Ethan Smith

    Be able to have a dunk contest or three point shoot out in my player mode to raise stats and popularity

  • Chris Williams

    When playing on the road (association) you should be able to see some of your teams supporters scattered through the crowd. Eg if your the Bulls at LA see some red shirts or bulls singlets in the crowd. In close games on the road would be cool to hear “defence, defence” coming from your fans in Maddison square garden ect

  • Mattew Boruiqua Albert

    we should get the dunk contest like bring back all star weekend mode that was fun or like mix it in in the blacktop

    and we should definitley start in highschool that would be fresh like we could pick our highschool and work our way up to be the #1 draft pick instead of jus the stars vs elite team to prove your spot in the draft thats wack, in mycareer mode we should be able to work out our player to get them brolic and work on there stamina and stuff and get rid of the press confrence its annoying, w should be able to creat our own dunk package and when we are a star we should be able to make sneakers often bc i only got one sneaker and im the star of the phoenix suns i score 45 points a game 10 assists 2 rebounds 3 blocks and 8 steals and i still only got one sneake with nike and i barley get any endorsments anymore

  • Troy

    Bring back My CREW!!!!!

  • CCC_X

    I want to be able to convert form 2k13 to 2k14

  • EastSidejr

    and the gameplay should feel like real life games have the players react the whats happing in the games like real players would

  • EastSidejr

    i think they should put more realistic tattoos on 2k14 when you creating your myplayer

  • Young Savage Jay

    a my player and black top off line closet

  • Aaron Holness

    I would like when your going to the game they add you driving in your car to the stadium

  • Jutin Gardner

    i wish in NBA 2k14 they would put the whole all star weekend like sears shooting stars competition, taco bell skill challenge, foot locker three- pointer contest and sprite slam dunk contest also, not just have all star game and rising star challenge.. + i would like to switch jersey and in the rising stars challenge it should have the home wears there NBA team home jerseys and the away team should wear there away NBA team jersey also in my career please

  • Dayetron

    I want the crowd more realistic. Like when Ray Allen or Mike Miller shoots a 3-pointer the crowd will rise up and anticipate the call

  • KnowYourRoleAndShutYourMouth

    the rock says you should be able to block dunks

  • asdfgh

    please create a slam dunk contest on pc

  • Da Pa

    the allstar weekend avalible for pc , the best stars unlocked in nba blacktop, the three piont shoot out and he dunks contest avalible in blacktop mode , better dunks, the return of kareem abdul jabaar

    • Daniel Ridoré

      And Dr. J

  • Nico Cancanon

    I would like to see aba teams like wilt and dr.j in there prime and also reggie miller and charles barkley they should also add more historic teams like more 90s teams and more 80s teams.. it would also be nice to see the old raptors with tmac and carter or the 08 rockets all in all there needs to be better old teams.. thwy should have kareem as well and the 08 olympic team as well as dream team also they need to have 90s celtics and 90s heat with alanzo mourning. It would be sweet to see a team nike team and a team adidas team.. they need to have the good wilt so you can play him against the 65 russell

  • Kyle Djavan Johnson

    Learn how to cut to the BASKET!

  • Dallas Stoltenberg

    Before I say this stop and think about what my wish will be like ok. Make it where you can start like at middle school or high school and move on to college then to nba with drafts and make it where top players make a covers of magazines

  • Kyle Djavan Johnson

    I want the ref to stop holding on to the ball so much. If an animation comes up GET OUT OF THE WAY when I’m playing the game! When the ball is kicked down court I’m tired of the one sf running down the court slowly to go get it, then running slower back down court to inbound the ball as times passes by…

  • Brian Jotzat

    I’d like to see the old school pacers with Reggie miller rik smits n mark Jackson also the pheonix suns with Barkley Kevin Johnson

  • Arjay Torres Embido

    Could you add some action where you can punch or shove a player then get t’d up or ejected just like in the real game hehe

  • Isaiah Dickerson

    have different body builds like if you want to create a player and have him long and skinny like kd or just built like a tank like shaq or just muscular like lebron that would be cool. Basically just adding more features to create a player, from freckles to scars and more tatoos and stuff

  • Isaiah Dickerson

    alternate uniforms on my player

  • Javoris Phillips

    How about changing the setting on my player mode

  • Eugene Hood’Rich Rembert

    I would like the my player to be more realistic like a realistic salary when you get drafted top ten you should automatically be labor as the star of the team I would like for my player to change roles and you should control your own tendencies

  • Eugene Hood’Rich Rembert

    Better Trades When A Players Chemistry Down You Should Have The Ability To Trade Him Right Away I Want If Your Player Is A Star He Should Have More Control Over The Team Front Office Like Trades And Free Agency Not Jus Say You Would Try To Get Those 5 Players You Actually Get Those Five Players Within Salary Though And Also My Players Should Have Agents

  • Steven

    In my player mode we should be able to change the jersey, try out for the USA Team, more realistic lay ups and dunk, technical fouls, team brawls, suspensions, trades, per game interviews, better animations

  • Kanyon Nelson

    1. Give us a way to play with other my players. Make it where we all compete in the rookie showcase and have to build our way up, without vc, but training. The better you do in the showcase, the better your overall.
    2. Bring Crew back, but make it non my player useable. It’s unrealistic when a player has 9 everything.
    3. Let us speak our mind in the press conferences and when we talk to media. We can be humble like Tim Duncan or Loud like Metta World

  • CameroMac23

    let the performance in the rookie showcase determine my overall and tendencies.. not have a base overall no matter if i bomb the showcase or outshine everyone..

  • CameroMac23

    i’d really like the people to say your name at halftime and at the breaks in mycareer mode.. instead of “miracle man” or “the machine”

  • CameroMac23

    There should be an intimidation feature like after you j someone or dunk on someone, you press a button and the player does some sort of taunt or trash talking to get under the opponents skin (eventually leading to TECHNICALS being called)

  • Antojuan Broderick

    1) First off fix all the glitches and BS in online association ($0/1 year contracts; Disappearing rookies; rookies carrying season stats into next year, see all draft picks stats before draft)

    2) Make it so you can actually have Pre-draft workout in online association, hire and fire staff, hear about upcoming draft players games in Headlines.

    3) Make the free agency period more realistic in the off-season for Onl Assoc. ( I can sign Dwight Howard for a $6M/ 5 year contract with a team option if nobody bids against me)

    4)Make it so that during the game if I set my defensive settings to play tight and deny ball, my players actually do it. I hate when I play someone that shoots 3s all game because my player is always playing off and I set it to play tight and deny ball. Really just better AI defense overall. My cpu players are idiots. They dont play like the AI on the other side of the ball.

    5) Make so the ball and other players cannot go through my hand or body to the hoop, and if the game is going to allow my player’s body members to go through another player’s either fix it so that it doesn’t go through and creates contact instead or stop calling it a foul on me.

    6) I agree the ability to be able to block dunks is needed.

    7) If my player is mid dunk and is contacted let him finish the dunk or call a foul, don’t make my player change his shot unless I tell him to do so.

    8) Smarter passing please. If I have John Wall and there is a guy standing directly in front of me dont make me chest pass it right into him when I have Nene right under the basket, That’s extra annoying.

    9) Somehow the cpu is psychic and knows where every deflection and loose ball is going to end up before it happens. Its very unrealistic.

    10)In online association make it so that we can see the Season Awards throughout the year. It’s blank until the end of the year.

    11) I also agree with player reactions to calls. I know 2k doesn’t want to promote bad sportsmanship in young kids but Techs and ejections are part of the game. They should be in it.

    12) In online association make the injury lengths more or less than 2 games for EVERY injury. A broken back calls for more than 2 games. Let users learn how to make adjustments to not having a player for a while. Amare is constantly hurt for half seasons. Put it in the online association please.

    13) In my career I can beat out Jeremy Lamb for the Rockets first pick and see him go to another team, yet he’ll still be on the Rockets roster when I get there. All the rookies should go where the draft sends them and mix it up.

    14) I agree there should be more games than just the Rookie showcase prior to draft day to help your draft stock and help your starting stats. If Anthony Davis can have an 80 something rating coming into the league why cant I?

    15) Finding a way to make the postseason atmosphere a little more exciting than the regular season would be cool. Crowd team shirts, more aggressive games, things like that.

    16) A look at future draft prospects so we can tell if we even want to make that trade for next years pick.

    17) Deeper online association draft classes. Seems like the top 10 players in the draft are the only ones that ever amount to anything. Have late first round/ second round/ undrafted players with hidden potential.

    That’s about all I can think of right now. Other than that GREAT JOB. Please dont put the house and car stuff in the game. It doesnt belong.

  • 2kfolife

    Fiba World Cup with different international teams and incorporate in myplayer like if your good enough you can make it to the fiba team, same with Olympics and the Olympic teams

  • abdulaahi

    y closet we need more clothes to wear during gm confrences and game confrences there also need to be some foul language on the court and be albe to watch the highlights of every game WE SHOULD alose be ale to shot before the game on the coulrt for warmups

  • will

    The signature skills should work a lot more efficiently , have myplayers get accessories , easier to get a my player a 99 overall,have sports center and sportsnation, make animations more realistic , automatically have all star weekdend in myplayer mode,dunk creator ,dribble creator, signature move creator,have a reality my carrer like with a car a house tv room drives to games practices,and finallyautomatically gets to reate a signature shoesnce signed with a shoe companey

  • owen

    make creating a legend the same as mycareer

  • Kameron Holcey

    Be able to choose your headband color for all players make knocks team color dark blue like it rlly is and make pacerd blue a darker blue to make team colors rite

  • disqus_TnTuY9F02S

    For 2k to make a ps vita version, that has nothing to do with the crappy psp version they put out.. That was just a slap in the face to us fans… at least make it with 2k11 or 2k12 graphics.

  • Kameron Holcey

    Mor advanced layups like switch hand layups layups almost like a dunk like shots u go up and drop the ball in da basket like they rlly do

  • Kameron Holcey

    You should make the knicks jersey how they really are instead of lite blue and the pacers to!! More post moves and quicker post moves post dunks wide selection of post hooks make some player look realer like melo paul george make pullup jumpers quicker example westbrook! drive moves faster faster more realisttic dunks realistic free throw make the players slimer like they really are without all the width make them small instead of big more aadvanced layups

  • Kyle Finnie

    They should add the real players dunks like Blake Griffin should be able to posterize players like he does in real life

  • Samuel Gipson

    In association the cpu shouldnt take over and force you to take a charge i hate when that happens like oh an easy block and the game is like nope blocking foul

  • Corey

    Mae a player and make it so you can go over to other players house drive to the games be able to talk on the bus talk in the locker room give greetings to other team make it real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mondo51

    quicker stutter steps and isolation moves, a lot of the time moves that should work don’t because there is too much lag between the move and the button command

  • Kevin

    I think we should be able to decide if we want to play our last year in college and finish the march madness tourney. Also, I think we should be able to go to a weight room and gain attributes like vertical, strength, and speed in there. with specialized workouts from conditioning coach for specific attributes.

  • HI

    the freethrow bar when its over 70 percent you should be able to make it

  • HI

    be able to take a pisture of your face for myplayer and be able to tell your teammates when to shoot the ball

  • Tristan

    You should be able to do a career with friends, like in Madden Connected Careers.

  • Tristan

    There should be a way to send hateful tweets at LeBron.

    • Tristan

      Yea, you are a genius. I hate that guy.


    Allow more blocked dunks. Everytime you go in for a block when someone is dunking you pretty much all the time foul.

  • FreshPrincee23


  • FreshPrincee23

    bring the little small afro with the tapper that was on nba 2k8

  • FreshPrincee23

    bring all the crossovers and hesitations back that was on nba2k12

  • FreshPrincee23

    like in madden 08 07 whatever year , you should have the house and the further you become a famous you should be able to buy a bigger house
    ~Use It

  • FreshPrincee23

    and in mycareer mode you should nba fit , nba green , breast cancer month ,and all the rest according to the month in the game
    ~Use It

  • FreshPrincee23

    offline players should be able to put gear on too.

  • FreshPrincee23

    in 2k14 after you play your exhibition game in MyCareer when your player of the game the reporter shold call you over and do a interview in the arena .
    ~Use It

  • Kameron Holcey

    You make the players look big and some the players dont look like the real players like rondo and paul george and melo and make the knicks team color rite and make different dunks quicker pull up jumpers graphics realer like your watchin tv and free throws look like they actually dribblin

  • Joshua Mott

    Get rid of the VC garbage bring back real Salary
    …because. We all know VC is a way for you guys to make more money stop thinking bout yourselvess and think about the customers… And the way my career is.. Allow the gamer to deside which rating he wants to enter the league at.. And I remember a few years back when in nba 2k4 I think it was.. You had a apartment in ur profile menu and you could have bough furniture or what’s not.. I think that would be cool to bring back but it my career mode.. Allow the player to earn more money allowing hi. To buy better mansion and vehicle that would be so awesome..

  • Cedric Dean

    Create a arena
    More accessiores
    Improve create a player extras
    More player in game chatter
    Jersey selection in my player
    Better low post moves
    Better crossover effectiveness
    More hairstyles
    More key games in my player
    Create a fan or sign
    Create a bilboard or advertisements
    More enhancements in my player like nba Ballers game

  • the boss

    I think that you should have a limit of 5 gold players on each team. so that the teams wont be as unfair. YOU SHOULD ONLY BE ALOWED TO SHOOT 20 THREES IN A GAME. because there are tooooooooooooooooo many 3 point cheesers that shoot about 40 or even 50 threes and make 80% to 90% of them.

    • Antojuan Broderick

      3s are ridiculous.. I understand Ray Allen is the greatest shooter in the league but with 3 people in his face??

  • the boss

    in my team there should be a platinum pack were you are guaranteed to have a silver player or legend and also you get 2 players and it cost 5000 vc. in my career when your best shooter is WIDE open for a three you should be able to tell them to shoot while the other team still cant hear you. lets just say you are doing a purple pack opening spree I always get kevin duckworth you should be able to get multiple players instead of just getting one player like all the time. I think that you should be able to by legends. lets just say you want to buy Michael Jordan he should be 30,000 vc. I think that all gold legends should be 30,000, silver 20,000 and bronze 10,000. and finaly I think that when you sell a gold legend instead of it being 500 like all the silver’s and bronze players are. I think that gold legends should be 1,500, silver legends 1,000 and bronze 500. but only when you sell them. AND DONT TAKE AWAY MY TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Victor Hugo

    Put national teams in the game!i think it would be cool

  • owen

    put in the draft combine drills along with the showcase

  • Ebony Palmer


  • Ebony Palmer

    they should ask every a question in the press

  • Ebony Palmer

    we should be able to launch a shoe deal

  • cabagepatch

    1.-Better crowd more realistic and more powerful as the home team gets momentum,and it will be nice if they wore like the same color in the playoffs.
    2.-A little show or recap every sunday just like the one you had in college hoops 2k8
    3.-To be able to choose jersey on my player
    4.-Shoe variety and details, also id love if you brought the color customization back
    5.-more complete and entertaining all star weekend with maybe the skills challenge, the all star game a little bit more relaxed, the rookie challenge with their actual jerseys
    6.-more and better shot variety
    7.-the dribbling stick was pretty cool but it would be better if we could actually improvise some moves and maybe create some on the fly, instead of just doing the predetermined ones.
    8.-in my player, to feel like you are earning much more and to have more control instead of just being able to do a couple of activities(not talking about the house or cars thing, you can do that on sims) but im talking of more publicity, maybe being able to tweet, choose any brand you want, have more control on your teams management and more realistic trades.
    9.- in association to make it feel like you are a real general manager and get some other responsabilities as well in some aspects such as scouting,budget management and all that stuff during the season and in the off season.
    10.-More hair styles and tattoos
    11.-make wingspan a factor, like when creating a player, not only being able to edit their height but the wingspan as well.
    12.-bring kareem back and put guys like reggie miller, charles barkley and all that.
    13.- some national teamns would be great to be able to play one or 2 tournaments would be nice.

    These are some ideas only, they are not like big deal but i guess those little details would improve so much an already good game.

  • DE T OX


    • DE T OX


      • DE T OX



      • DE T OX
  • Matt

    Let us control more of our myplayer like let us be him and walk around and drive around the city. also make more ways to earn more vc

  • mega

    dunk creator breakable backboards and fighting with techical fouls unsportsmanlike conduct ever flagrant fouls

  • Alex B nbafan

    I think that the games scoreboard should be a choice like espn, tnt, abc, nba tv, csn, and nbc. You can add that to features. Select tnt then you would have charles barkley, shaq, smith on the broadcast. abc, espn, Kevin harlen, marv albert reggie miller steve kerr. The lakers, Kobe, Celtics, rondo, and last bulls, rose. And since they all got hurt at the top put the return. LOL

  • Joey Joey

    Training Camps, Eating to increase Weight, Some Ways to Lose Weight and Increase Height, Top 5 and Top 10 plays, Dunk Contest, 3pt Contest. (Please Also For PC) For MyCareer and Other Game Modes…

  • Joey Joey

    Training Camps, Eating to increase weight, Exercises to lose Weight and to increase strength, Some Things to make the player to increase height, Top 10 and top 5 plays for MyCareer and other Game Modes (PC) …^_^

  • person

    we should be able to pump up the crowd


  • person

    we should do the real draft like the draft workouts and play in college and the life of your mycareer

  • carlos

    please please give us sport center, last but not least give my myplayer the ability to tweet back

  • carlos

    if y’all can give us sport center that would be allowed us to choose which network we wanna play the game at such as ABC, ESPN, TNT, NBA TV, cuz the same commentary is lame,

  • carlos

    give us the ability to buy attributes before playing in the rookie showcase game or college game

  • carlos

    press conference should be more fun

  • carlos

    when you fill all your attributes everybody should give props as the best player in the game

  • carlos

    lets us play like 10 to 7 college game instead of the rookie showcase so my player can be more popular

  • Trajan Mitchelson

    I’m going to start with rosters and draft classes…for rosters, 2k has been incredibly lazy with updates…they should have every single player in the game…also, generic shoes? What the hell!!!! I can understand when there are brands not in the game, but there are soo many players who wear nikes or jordans who have generic equipped. For ratings, 2k is awful. They do well on the superstars and its like they give up on the others. Im tired of people hitting shots they wouldn’t normally make, or doing these amazing layups that will never happen. They need to work on the tendencies part. Wingspans need to be added as well. Draft classes are decent in the game currently…its how they are incorporated into other modes. Draft classes should be available to load in my career. Also, there is this annoying thing where you cannot load a draft class when starting an association in the playoffs. That makes no sense at all. You should also be able to change the draft order and what team drafts who. It should be something like trade override where you can toggle it on and off. 2k should also work on a draft class, but thats not important. In Mycareer, you should be able to decide how you wanna start, either by taking the draft combine and being drafting according to how well you do, or you can be a superstar from the start, or you can be an unknown player from the dleague who gets picked up as a free agent. You should be able to simulate years in the game so you get drafted when you want (you could go your actual draft year), but still being able to load the draft classes for the previous years. As for graphics, they’re great. Some faces need to be fixed but other than that, its fine. You should be able to take a picture of yourself and put it on your my career using the console camera. Putting your voice in would be cool put probably way to advanced. There should be multiple voices to choose from as well. The amount of vc you make in the game is too little as well… Just some things that would make the game 10/10 for me.

    • Trajan Mitchelson

      Forgot to say when you’re creating a team, you should be able to make a logo, and what appears on the jersey. On the jerseys in the NBA they don’t have logos. They have team names and cities…

  • myplayer roles , i dont wanna take a starter position , i just wanna come of the bench and play like 18 minutes

  • online myplayer association , all your friends start together and get drafted all together in different teams and play against each others my players


  • online practice mode, just invite your friends and shoot around

  • person

    you should be able to break the back board

  • Nathan Sabinash

    Top ten plays, and be able to play our last year of college.

    • person


  • person

    be able to go through college in myplayer and live the life of your player. and it could be a choice so if u dont you dont have to

  • Paulson Paul

    when your my career mode beating a team bad let the crowd leave.and put like a player talking to you when your team is in the free throw line.and when you made a shoe make us sign it.

  • Ryan Cox

    During All-Star weekend, you could have celeberty game and during Franchise, and add Kevin Hart

  • Zach

    There should be more passing control in terms of loft. Sometimes you want to go over the top, but not throw up an alley oop because its less accurate.

  • Paulson Paul

    we should wear our christmas clothe on christmas day on my career mode. and put more hair designes in 2k14.

  • Different jerseys in my career, just a better game overall, got so boring in 2k13…

  • Nba 2k13, without the new dunks,social media, vc points, my player, was just another bball game.For nba 2k14—- My “player” for the creation of your player, we need more voices,tattoos, body changes, more dunks that are in game realistic, and for our jumpshot, I think there should be an option where you literally make your jumpshot. there should be angles, or numbers to point where you want your shooting arm, or the direction of your feet, how high and fast you jump to be. not just choose game made releases and crap. better social media, more press conference questions, interactions-on and off the court. BETTER FANS. I hate how no matter what stage you are in the game, the fans are flinging there arms randomly, I wish they would all stop and wait for the clutch shot to go in, not just be up looking like slender…

  • Jacob

    Put more Legendary Teams on there, like Magic Johnson with Kareem and Worthy. Or Shaq with the Heat

  • ray

    We need a way to transfer our association teams to exhibition matches so you can play them against real teams when playing two player or go against a team from someone else’s association, so we can play our teams one on one. That was a option in NBA 2k11 but it disappeared after that. It was a good option. Bring it back.

  • Jason Castillo

    Would love to fix the body types, it annoys me everytime I add some height or just a small weight on a player, they become so big or more mass.

  • The option for googles/glasses and face masks for your MyPlayer.

  • Colin

    The ability to create and customize your own coach. Let’s say i wanted a coach to look like Conan O’Brien, I would want customization up to that point!

  • daddy drisc

    when creating a team you should be able to make the jerseys look cooler instead of just having a fat logo in the middle…make them so you can spell out a word for the front of the jersey

  • able to rumble, dirty fouls, and punches the referee for wrong call

  • boof

    to be able to skip games one at a time in myplayer, instead of having to skip like 10 for example to get to your next key game

  • You should bring back the 3 point and dunk competitions to players NOT online. If they started targeting non live players they would have a bigger consistent fan base.

  • T. Burkett

    I would like it to recognize my last name

  • will

    in an auto sub situation,we see who’s on cue

  • Felipe

    a game mode with international teams (Brazil, USA, Spain …) like it was in the Olympics would be pretty cool

  • A.C

    GET VAN GUNDY AND BREEN COMMENTATING! Show them in the crowd. Also, Different hair styles, tattoos, faces for my player.

  • Kick ball constantly ruins the flow of the game. Dunking in the game needs to be more realistic. LeBron is not able to dunk EVERY possession for example. The 1-3-1 zone needs to be normalized because every time there are deflections on passes. Passes in general need to be made better because constantly the wrong pass is made or a pass is easily deflected. You should not be able to force someone out if the player is bigger. The court should be widened in 2k because too much of the time it feels too small.

    • Antojuan Broderick

      yes @ the kickball and deflection BS

  • hbker123

    Online Association fantasy draft, except with legends!

  • Anthony

    When I shoot a A- or a A shot I would like those to go in is not fair that I actually take the time to learn the shots (for the Knicks) and then have my brother who’s using the Heat to make b- c+ even c shots its just bullshit just today this asshole made a 3 pointer with bosh and guess what the shot score was … a FREAKING D+ (and yes the game was set and is always set to hall of fame and all game sliders are default)

  • Let’s add some International teams like Spain, Argentina, France…

  • dj

    make just like real life , like different players and teams enter the arenas different and also have u receiving your awards after the season (not only finals) also bring crew mode back or do better with myteam, and make as when u surpass a players record n the nba u get a better praise 4 it, just like if u surpass kareem 4 how many points n yur career u see yur slef on the list with kareem and other players who was close 2 of been 4 having the most points by any player

  • Lucas

    At quarter breaks they should have replays of some of the better plays.

  • Anthony

    I would like to be able to spectate my friends games that’ll be awesome

  • navy


  • We should add Shavlik Randolph to the Celtics roster… Just sayin’.

  • amir

    better crowd details and a more realistic press confrence. real life GM’s for example: in boston celtics – danny ainge

  • Hoody617

    the one thing i noticed that most ppl left out . . . how about updating the rosters in myplayer and season mode wit the real life roster updates we get. or that the fact that the reporters ask the same mundane questions and dont really talk about the game you had. i like that the last game we could meet wit the gm, but why not the coach? all in all the 2k series always seems to fix things little by little and im always happy with the end results, but actually listening to the fans and hopfully taking the advice will make the game a perfect game

  • disqus_n6zvMW49TM

    Dunk Contest should be available for PC.

  • Nicklas

    There should be an option for you to choose in Mycareer/Myplayer if the draft should be the same order as in real life or if you want to teams randomized to the draft order. So for example the Hornets dont have the #1 pick everytime you start a new Mycareer. You should be able to pick an option if you want the draft order randomized.

    That would be awesome!

  • disqus_zZHUjojpZS

    2004 pistons

  • u should use playstation eye to import ur face on mycareer or somthing, like madden.

  • jack3vers (ps3)

    Like you can run around and buy houses in mycarrier and you can drive around and buy cloths and drive around to find pick up games with people online

  • In my player mode, when you pass the ball to a teammate…please have a button where you can tell them to either shoot or drive in.

  • I’d like to have the possibility to choose your “money time’s” 5. Like there’s already a 3pt 5 or a bench 5!!

  • nah

    complete new career mode

  • taylor

    add teams like in the 2000s example 2008 rockets


  • Michael

    Create a team dynasty mode. For example: could lead the LA Lakers team at the time of Jerry West and lead them through all the years and drafts untill today.

  • Should play on playground with all nba team. Put back old all star weekend system ( slam dunk contest !!!). More comment of reporters after match. Review the passes system to be more intuitive.

  • disqus_nl6xhFXwAy

    I want to see the greatest LA fan, Jack Nicholson at the Staples Center!!!

  • BETTER PASSING is a good first step.

  • Brendan

    Better ability to progress players in career mode by training them and the ability to draw up unique plays

  • disqus_23oBpFVl7w

    1. it would be nice to have a life offside the court, buy a car, a house, sth like that
    2. start the carreer at the collage

  • More realistic crowd, sick of hitting a big shot and the crowd is silent.

  • facmax

    All Star Game for PC

  • gorg

    Wanna see some adjustments in the association mode.
    I want to have goals like: ” reach the Playoffs in 3 Seasons”, “win the title” and the possibility to get fired.

  • nbk

    I need….

    The Ability to Add/Edit/Create a fully custom playbook

  • rjssssss

    Simple… Please include everything the console version has to the PC version (VC, etc.) Please oh please, don’t leave us PC gamers…

  • Yau


  • 1) improve the interior defense; i have mcgee & ibaka on the same team, but when i don’t control them, they don’t get blocks
    2) there needs some signature weaknesses alongside signature skills (more signature skills would also be nice)

  • Kevin Lam

    there should be a option to view highlights on a game when we go back to look at box score on previous games.

  • longer dreadlock lengths and a variety of dreadlock hairstyles for My Player

  • talksick

    You got to let him be able to go to the club and pop bottles and bring models home, but he is at risk of getting suspended from the team and mess up team chemistry on the my player

  • Trev

    and don’t completely change the layout of the controls again this year. We spend all year learning an entire controller scheme just for it to be changed again the next year. A little more consistency would be nice.

  • Trev

    In “my career mode” sometimes when you make a risky pass (ussually alley oops) the game gives you a bad pass rating even tho your teammate completes the play no problem. Then the game doesn’t give you the assist, whether the game feels its a bad pass or not, an assist is an assist.

  • steve

    All i want is crew back.


  • talksick

    you should bring back that online game mode were you could create a team and have your my player on it with an NBA team’s roster like on 2k10 I miss that!!!!!

  • Kevin

    Put ALL the week-end of all-stars in myplayer mode and my association. Dunks contest, 3pts, skills challenge, that would be awesome!!!!!

  • Rhiy

    I want College Career.

    Another idea is having something like GTA + Nba together, So having your own home and life. Also having a shoot around at a park by setting up a lobby and you can walk around?

  • Sean

    We should be able to partake in the 3 point shooting and dunk contests. And make it so when I choose a player, it doesn’t start off on a delay and it picks them in stride.

  • 2kballer

    Improved stats analysis (more charts, like, imoroved trade tracking & offseason tracking both in Association mode & My Player or Create a Legend mode. More key games in My Career & Create a Legend (e.g.: after 2 seasons with Thomas Robinson you get circa 15 key games in a season).
    Less frustrating defense. Higher reward points in Drills.

    (maybe a story mode like in Fight Night Champion, controlling a future draft pick)

  • nations

  • josh

    In my opinion, could be interesting to play the warm – up before the match. Could you create this mode? Thanks. 🙂

  • Willy Johnson

    Area 55 and the G2 zone at Bankers life Fieldhouse for the Pacers

  • way more animations and also upgrade the create a player its been the same for many years

  • gie

    please add Philippines Smart Gilas Team and other international teams like on NBALive before..

  • Nikola

    make it simpler, more playable. make defense easier and make it harder to drive to the basket and dunk easily. make a “contested shot making” attribute, because durant will hit it when you contest the shot, ray allen rarely will. make it easier to stick to your man on defence and not to slide off somewhere. also, make a shot being contested if you’re in your opponents face, even if you didn’t jump. well, make it like a semi-contested shot. also, put an option to change the commands on all platforms, really change them, meaning that we can move with arrows, not just the little joystick on ps.

  • Fix the SHOT BLOCKING; too damn hard to block a shot (or make a on ball steal). Lets get greedy and say i want 24/7 mode back. Also, 1 button alley opps would be nice. At the end of a MYPlayer season, there should be a lil more effort with the season end awards (MVP, ROY, etc). NO MORE SIGNITURE SKILLS. No reason point guards should be erasers (biggest cheat in the game)

  • Aedrick Maniego

    the option to make a flagrant foul and fight lol thatd be pretty cool.

  • On online vs, show the record of the opposing player before the teams are picked. To mnany times do I pick a team to match up against to find out they have a terrible record and I would have dropped the tier of team I pick had i known.

  • Schnidzz

    You need to create a series mode like NBA Live had. Instead of having to quit a game everytime, switching who’s home and away, it’ll auto do that for you and give you options for a 3,5,or 7 game series. That would be dope. save a lot of time, and if the commentators remembered stats from the series.

  • More goal , milestone , and mission.

    Maybe add college in my career.

  • disqus_XzFywpp3P6

    History of the game, it is so important to not only the NBA historians but casual fans as well. Loading screens can possibly feature small tidbits on certain teams (teams would change every loading screen). This could include a teams retired numbers, the year of their inception, etc. The history of the game is so important and with this new wave of younger fans I believe it unfortunately is set aside. I believe it is important to understand the history of the game and the league, and loading screens could be a very key part in that. Just my opinion, and just one concept.

  • Antiyou

    in 2k14 should be great to play again with east and west

  • Tom Bolton

    Maybe some more in depth uses of life off the court where external factors can affect your game, more endorsements (relevant ones or some which can go wrong) with the VC where you can use it to outside of the game. Also the classic shooting system of the right analogue stick, to choose the shot/dunk/layup. And a more open blacktop again, where you can have 1v1, 2v2 etc.

  • Why would you wait 5 months before the game comes out to ask for a wishlist? Don’t rush to add shit in…this should’ve been asked months ago. 2k13 was close to perfect. Just fix the minor bugs you’ve been hearing about all year, don’t recycle the commentary and you have to do something that blatantly separates 2k14 from 2k13, or there will be no reason to buy it.

  • In the 2k14 wee need a house and customize the house like the sims 3 and able to drive cars to the stadium . Play and have fun. We need salary to customize the house and wee need to buy difreent cars 😀 hope I Helped

  • Yeah scottie pippen (chicago bulls) should be able to dunk from the free throw line. If u dont believe me go to this link . And we should have dunk contest without having to download it.

  • Ali bryers

    College teams

  • Chung

    1) Add in Technical Foul, e.g. fighting between players?

    2) The majority of crowd may leave the stadium if their supporting team is going to lose possibly.

    3) Add in more game modes (e.g. the 21-points in previous episodes)

    4) More interaction between players

  • Stuie299

    The only thing I really want is for it to not be buggy. I’m tired of having to wait till December to get a half assed patch. Take your time and really try to improve the game beyond adding new features.

  • WaNeX

    And i add Co-op Mode !!! play online with my friends !!! its really good idea

  • WaNeX

    Im Georgian Soo !! I want to in Myplayer Mode First u will be 13-14 years old boy and u need to grow and training !! So it will be really Good !

  • Edvinas

    please make dunk contest with my player.

  • Mark Walker

    1) Be able to change kits on My Career

    2) Tattoo sleeves on for My Player

    3) Better team AI. (so many times i pass the ball as a player cuts then they change direction = turnover)

    4) Less blocking glitches (player goes to block a shot, hand/arm goes through the ball but doesnt alter the shot at all)

    5) The online/offline career needs to be a hybrid, not one or the other. I dont always go online meaning i have to collect SP rather than VC

    6) More hustle plays, they show in trailers players jumping out of bounds to save balls, but they only stumble to get the ball and just throw it out of bounds anyway

  • Bring back a season mode where you can compete against say eight friends, do a fantasy draft and build your team rather than doing a franchise where you have 22 computer teams. Make it an option to have a full franchise like 2k12 and 2k13 but have the alternate online ability like 2k11 where you just have a select number of teams rather than the entire league. Many of my friends that have bought the game for years really miss this.

  • miguel

    you should also have 1 on 1 to 5 on 5 in my player black top online.

  • miguel

    you should be able to do behind the back and between the leg passes. control the way he passes instead of getting a turnover trying to pass the ball.

  • clint

    sicker blocks and more layup and dunk animations

  • Heron

    The defense should be more realistic, you don’t often actually see switches or mismatches. In my player if you are killing it in a game the other team should put their best defender on you, double team etc. Also if you are the best defender on your team, you should have to guard the other teams best offensive player to make it more realistic. its silly that Tony Allen would guard Willie Green and not CP3 just because hes starting as SG

  • Vis

    I don’t want post players to be standing on the 3pt line or on a mid range spot that they cannot hit when I go inside with my point guard or any player at all. Stretch the D and move to the ball so I can get a high percentage layup. Overall work on some basketball motions. Also that hop spin move works way too easy and way too often, its almost unstoppable when on a real, isn’t that hard to defend.

  • anthonie medina

    all star weekend slam dunk competition to be like the old 2k9 edition

  • First off 2K11 was the best ever 2K made!!!
    But somethings you guys need to fix and add improvements to ASSOCIATION MADE
    All 2K does is try to improve my player but never does anything big for association

    1.Bring back the d-league to association mode … D-League was great because for example if you had a drafted a player second round but was a 61 but had A+ potential you can send him there for the year to let him get minutes and get better other than sitting on the bench for my team. You can only be eligible for d-league if you have less than 3years experience in the nba

    2. FIX THE MOCK DRAFTS– Ever year they has this problem and it is such a piss off.. I want association to be like as if im actually a GM.. For example i downloaded this year draft class(2013) When i went to the mock draft 3 of the top 5 guys in the mock draft had been ranked to go mid-first… Thats sooo unrealistic and 1 of the guys went second round!! Please 2k fix this

    3.TEAMS MAKING STUPID PICKS- Please also fix this 2k. shabazz muhammad was projected to be a lottery pick and he was one of the higher ratings in the draft and he went to the bull who had the 28th pick!!! Like theres no way this would happen.. And now since he goes to the bulls the whole bulls team is screwed becasue now they have 3 SF who can start for almost every team. Also teams often pass up the best players and even before noel who was the best in the draft goes 19!! no way teams should pick on best available or position there’s no way a top5 player goes late first round

    4. FREE AGENCY- 2K your free agency is even worse.. Players shouldet just go to the team the offers the most money.. Example ray allen gets offered from the SUNS!! And he accepts that over the heat!! Theres no chance in hell allen would ever do that… In free agency mode it should have players interests.. Like weather, are they a winning team, coaching, staff, championship odds not just based on money.. Also dwight howard signs with the bobcats!! no chance dwight ever does.. 4 very have rated free agents it should be hard to get them.. I cant be the worse team in the nba and go and sign all the stars real life they wouldet do that. You should also be able to promise certain things to players like minutes or even a chamionship in the next 2years but if you fail to live up to those expectations the players happy bar will drop and he could possibly ask for trade…

    5.PRE-DRAFT WORKOUTS- There should be a part where i can actually interview the player and ask him a list of questions.. Like would you want to play for this team your whole career or find out if he likes the coaching staff because if he doesn’t like it chances are he wont re-sign when he becomes a free agent.

    6. POINTS FOR OFF SEASON- Whenever you get those points at the end of the season you should be able to do more with it other than training your players.. You should be able to buy an extra 5-5 predraft workout or maybe add points to your team to have a better chance of getting a highly touted free agent.

    7. COACHING STAFF/DRAFT/PLAYERS- Also with your coaching staff you should be able to promote your assistant coach.. Also you should be able to talk to other assistant coaches of other teams.. for example if i was the suns i can call the magic and ask to speak to their assistant coach patrick ewing.. I can then have a list of questions like would you want to coach here or if hes looking for anything in particular. But also the assistant should have his demands like for example ewing can say ill only come to your team if you let me pick my own coaching staff.. but trainers and scouts me the GM can pick but far as assistants it should be up to him. Also for the draft their should be international players but who have contracts with other teams so when you draft him you may have to wait 1 or 2 seasons.. Maybe even 3 seasons max.. And finally players… If a player asks for a trade in your association and you dont trade him after a certain time period that player will stop showing up to games and say bad things to other players about your team…So if you have a star on your team that wants out you better do it soon because that player can make your team meter go down which could affect signing free agents.

    GM- Then the final thing to add to this is your own GM stats.. You should be able to go and see how you did season by season.. Also it should add a contract for the GM so if you dont meet certain expectations by the owner you can be fired!! Some teams can offer 2 year contracts or even 1 year contract but if I go for example the bobcats and i flip the team around i shouldet be offered a job by the heat lakers or knicks.. Those jobs should be very hard to get.. Also you guys should have points for gm. So for example i should have offers like 3year contract/1000points a season.. I can use those points for free agency, signing high end coaches, training or even buying questions so when i go interview draft prospects, coaches, or nba free agency I can ask them some tougher questions.. It would also be pretty cool if while Im playing a game it shows my GM sitting in the stands watching, taking notes or even yelling at players.. It should also allow me to dress my GM and have commentators talk about how good im doing or even how bad Im doing. Also maybe sometimes showing my Wins and losses season by season would be cool to

    Therefore if 2K were to implement this into their game you would see alot more people buying it… Hopefully 2K sees this and trys to make their ASSOCIATION mode this year was the worst Ive seen since 2k8..

    • raikoekoe07

      thank you! i really like association mode. hope they fix it..

  • anthonie medina

    allen iverson to comeback

  • Carl

    Flagrant fouls and team/players fighting. 🙂

  • 2001 Sixers and 2001 Raptors. Kmart, Jkidd, RJ ECF runs Nets

  • My Player 4vs4 and 5vs5

  • 1) Fix the dribble out of bounds glitch when coming up court

    2) Fix the dribble backcourt glitch when being pressed right at the line

    3) Have players move without the ball a little more often

    4) Have Sprite replays show up less of the time (or the option to click out of them sooner). Your friend gets hyped for a dunk and you have the chance to get a fastbreak bucket and then Sprite pops up and messes up everything. Makes me get annoyed everytime I see Sprite in the game. It’s a negative.

    5) You should be able to blcok dunks a little more often. Nothing dramatic but Dwight should not get banged on damn there every game when he’s coming over to help.

    6) Add a referee-interaction/technical foul aspect. After a foul or no-foul call you have half a second to push either A, B, X, or Y and each of them will lead to a different reaction. Don’t change to a new cut scene, just in the flow.

    For instance, you drive to the lane and do not get a foul called. Pushing A, since it’s the easiest thing to push, would be something like shaking your head. Pushing B, would be something like looking at the ref and shaking your head while getting back. Pushing X would be something like throwing your hands up in the air and staring down the ref on your way back. Pushing Y would be to clap your hands hard, stare, and say something to the ref while slowly getting back.

    There should be maybe 6 different ref characters in the game and each of them would have their own personality and reaction to players actions. For example, you push Y and Joe Crawford is the nearby ref and you may or may not get a tech. This also depends on your emotion rating which is already built into the game. Some players Y reaction would be more dramatic than others. However, depending on the player, reacting to the ref might increase your chance of getting a call the next time a situation happens by like 10% or something. Take that concept and figure it out.

    7) Add this song to the game:

  • Emmett

    should make the myplayer mode more interesting by adding your player you control when your on the road or just walking around your home gym. You would also have a schedule ie training, team meetings ect with an actually time that you have to attend (if you dont some attribute will be scaled down. this is only a doorway which i recon you guys can elaborate on haha

  • disqus_NmyuWRyuUH

    Bring back crew mode.

  • Neirda

    I want that there is complete allstar weekend, with the competition of 3pts, the competition of dunk…

  • Tibz

    1. Blockable Dunks

    2. Association AI Trade requests and counter offers more realistic. Ex. there is no way I would trade my first round pick for their second it makes no sense.

    3. Relaxed All star first 3 quarters 4th quarter can be regular.

    4. Bring back the greatest games

    5. Have complete rosters for Legend teams

    6. Have more Legend teams and less repeats.. (Don’t need a Chicago for every third year. bring a Yao and McGrady Houston)

    7. Blacktop, Cant get pick pocketed every time

    8. More voice options for my career / Player

    9. Smarter Passing

    10. Better passing Lane Defence / Reaction times

    11. Skills Challenge Added.

    12. Dunk contest Points system be structured not just by luck of what you get for the crowd.

    13. My Career, When asked who you would like to play with, should be transferred to a trade screen with a maximum of 3 trades instead of requesting some players and having no idea who you will lose.

  • ralph

    We want reggie miller!

  • brian

    i think the game is already really awesome to play but i think it would be more aawesomeness if we got an exciting commentetors thats feel u more in the game…

  • disqus_TnP73yc46n

    Please bring Reggie Miller!!! Also that charles barkley can be used in other modes, not only in exhibition with the dream team. And if the team is not complete, don’t put it on the game, like sacramento without webber… Please don’t make the same button for pass and to fake a pass, is frustrating

  • Fin

    The replays shouldn’t happen in between possessions, it messes with the flow of the game. Replays should be at time outs or dead ball.

  • Jim

    Slam Dunk Contest and 3-Point Contest for PC!!

  • luiyiulim

    it is better if we can pick a specific year to start the association mode. So, we don’t need to play with those fake players.

  • AndrewM

    Be able to use a real picture of ourselves to create the myplayer face. (FIFA 11, 12 and 13 have all had this option)

  • Make it so teams gain momentum based off of dunks and home court advantage.

  • Fix the glitch where I can trade my 1st round 30th current pick for the worst teams next year pick.

  • manu

    we should be able to can buy special moves for celebrate 3 pointers or dunks as we have for the pre game

  • Technical fouls! Fights! More post up moves. Keep adding to association mode. Thats my fav part of 2k! Make it so you can start an association from any year. Make it so there are some 2 round gems in the association drafts. The second round is always 50’s overall. Chandler parsons was a mid 2nd round pick and he has been killing it in the nba.

  • michael91

    National teams
    Realistic stats in Dynasty mod

  • Anthonyt

    Add fighting or injuries and such

  • more variety of accesories for the players to wear and also Instead of having team colours 1 or 2.. we should be able to put whatever accesories or colour to go with each different jersey… e.g. try to seperate ech jersey with their own colours and accesories

  • To MyCareer interviews on court during the halftimes or after the game so the press conference after the game won’t be so repetetive also dunk creator is a great idea so everyone can have something special about their moves. Repetetive drills can be changed for training sessions with the coach and the team and upgrading your skills during this training and normal games. Sorry for my English

  • Vans


  • Dawid Lenkiewicz

    Work on defense!! This year was a great upgrade with defense 1vs1, but work on it more and more.

    1. Players should be able to block dunks!

    2. Better box outs

    3. Feel of more physical play

    4. Just tougher to score!!

  • Tron

    Also, when your a superstar in myplayer, your team shouldn’t screw you on the negotiations. One year I won mvp, finals mvp, defensive, all in a contract year and they offered 500 vc a year, to which i was a 99 at this point, 500 vc?! Try like 20000 for a year… the cpu should take stats into your contract offers

  • flyingPenguinking

    more nicknames for your player in Mycarrer

  • Don’t strip features out of the PC version. And keep it updated.

  • dre

    back export team n update association mode maybe u could start as
    bobcats n level up or somethin until u can start a association with heat
    n make trades harder n no cheats on n put it hof mode n if winnin bigger crowd if losin smaller crowd n hav to build fan bases up to afford to go over salary cap etc. Gameplay defense to react and wingspans on players

  • Guest

    Please make a port for the Playstation Vita!!!

  • Daniel

    Play de dunk conteste and 3pt in PC version.

  • The biggest thing that I would love in NBA2K14 is the option to change my VOICE in the MY PLAYER mode. that would be one of the best options that you could have. Either have a voice changer or make it to where we are able to skip the interviews after all the games. If you would please do this I would greatly appreciate it. thanks

  • Mantas

    HD tattos

  • The ability to tweak sliders in MyCareer because the game is ridiculously unrealistic. Both teams always end up 50+% FG%

  • asas

    less bugs!! change jerseys in mycareer. more options for accessories like specific different colors on home and away….. how bout sandbox style driving to the arena on practice days/game days haha probably a long way for this haha

  • ryugantz

    Add possibility to shatter board with dunks, like in my player mode or in elsewhere. The ones who can break it would need to be very strong and heavy. And if you have those stats it could only increase chance slightly. Like 1% or less. So if this happens, the board in game would break, and mini stop in game would begin, they would show a repeat and so on. I think this would add more hype into the game and would increase more diversity in my player mode. Now guards and SF are on the main stream.

  • inigolim

    flagrant, and technical fouls.

  • We should have better sliders, new customization things for my player and new dunk packages. We should have new things like fancy passing and better AI.

  • Dunk Contest !

  • Nikolaj Saadat

    Be able to adjust the games of the season in My Player.

  • Tom


    please make an On/Off Injured Option on every Player.

    very bad when you can’t Play with you favorite Player in Exhibition
    Mode because he’s injured in the real NBA. This is also bad when
    you’trying to trade a Player and you’re not able to.

    Again! Please make an On/Off Injury Option



  • paul

    when you are in the playoff put the series on top of the score broad. and make the player sit down in the dunk contest and 3 point contest. and more famous people.and please change the hair styles of the players and tattoos.

  • Marmorni kolac

    You should add “Ranked teams” for my player. We should be able to create teams with friends, connecting our My players into a team to play together each on 1 position. Online my player teams 2 strong

  • Put the 01-02 Washington Wizards with Jordan,2000-01 Blazers with Scottie Pippen,01-02 Orlando Magic with T-Mac and Grant Hill,99-2000 Suns with Penny Hardaway and Jason Kidd,99-2000 Lakers with Shaq,Kobe,Horry,and Rick Fox.And please please, put Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley in the game.

  • Tom


    please make an On/Off Injured Option on every Player.

    It’s very bad when you can’t Play with you favorite Player in Exhibition Mode because he’s injured in the real NBA. This is also bad when you’trying to trade a Player and you’re not able to.

    Again! Please make an On/Off Injury Option



  • adf

    Teams like T-Mac and Yao Ming led Rockets, MVP Steve Nash Suns, Gilbert Arenas led Wizards, Reggie Miller led Pacers.

  • Julian

    Have like around 5 or more players you can pick from in a new mode where there are with obstacles to over come with fixed story lines… Eg Melo getting his first ring, Dwights drama series ( picking what team you want to go to), CP3’s situation, over even a Dirk making a run for a last ring

  • Hi, when my friend and I play against each other, those games are almost always close. What I want you to do is to put the “lead changes/times tied” stat in the overall stats menu so we can compare that. I know that this stat sometimes appears during the game so I’m guessing that would be a minor programming change since you obviously have some code embedded in the program that tracks this thing. Thanx

  • desmond

    Bring bac Yao Ming

  • Adrean

    We Need more Reaction about having a Game winning shot and also Winning a Finals We Need also Audience Impact when we won a finals

  • chee siang

    i wish can choose the jersey when in ” MY CAREER” mode

  • An on-court interview with the player of the game after the game like in the real thing. Also a “sounds of the game” feature would be nice. Maybe being able to change the voice of your MyPlayer can also be a good addition. I really hope 2K doesn’t change the left and right analog stick system on dribbling, i think it’s already good.

  • 1. Durning timeouts we should be able to design our own plays, or at least see what a play called ‘alley oop for chandler, passed by felton’ look like
    2 We should be able to design our own sets, and in my opinion there should be another setting called ‘design plays’ and should be placed in the category ‘edit offense’
    3. In the association online we should be able to draft legends.
    4. In my team we should be able to buy legends

  • name

    create a signature dunk on myplayer! and also maybe not only in myplayer! and if possible also signature layup..

  • Nightmare

    IF you create my player the announcer must know how to pronounce your name during introducing your player and during in the game

  • 1. Euroleague
    2. National teams, Olympics, World Championships etc.
    3. Celebrities on crowd like Spike Lee, Jay-Z or Jack
    4. Technical fouls, it could be based on Kinect or sixaxis when we are nervous about a play
    5. Possibility to continue season from previous version of the game
    6. Top plays could be good idea. Maybe not every day but top of the week, month, season

  • Daniel M

    make the SP value the same as 2k12 not 2k13

  • Kai

    Have the option to choose the alternative jersey to use in “My Career” maybe?

  • the jersey
    make it real pls

  • sam

    at the end of a game, have highlights of the game

  • there should be more tattoo designs…..more hairstyles…more types of accessories. The game should be more free…i mean.. we can go to commentory box….more pass style…more types of shot…& all the stuff like that

  • marquise

    can make lebron stoppable because u guys made him like hes Hercules

  • NBA2k14 on PS VITA

  • I want to have this in PS Vita

  • hans

    player brawl, flagrant foul with blood, player A provoking player B type. ( % chance to occur ofcourse?

  • sdkef

    In my career mode,we should be having money instead sp..And with that money we should buy a house,car,clothes or something like that.And we should have practice with our team..Something like GTA and NBA in one..

  • LaTrelle Lloyd

    fix the blocking and chase down blocks, cuz it’s impossible to block shots/dunks in 2k13

  • also 2k doesn’t care about their fans only money you honestly think they will look at this page?

  • i want to see allen iverson in free agents

  • i want to wear all brands of 2k in MyCareer.

  • disqus_hdXdoV9WJj

    Whether Turkish translation

  • oh and another thing… change the commentators we’ve been hearing these same 2k commetators for like 5+ years and its grating to my ears at this point why can’t you guys get mike breen? aka the hype man! “Whitney for three BANG!” “he puts it in!” i want to hear that! and again better crowds hahah

  • Wingspan…fucking wingspan… well at least get the rebounding and majority of the cheese taken care of but i already vowed not to buy another one of your shitty games but there is a slim chance i will buy your game if enough improvements are made and not just gimmicky bullshit

    • oh and another thing, CROWDS! am i the only one noticing this? the crowds are not engaged enough! if i hit a big clutch game winner in the 7th game of the nba finals to win the game i want to HEAR the crowds ROAR and not just slight increase in volume and a end game so boring…

  • Jack

    They need to fix the potential of made up draftees. After a few seasons all the made up characters that are drafted become like 90s. so after 10 years every team in the nba has a starting line up with everyone at least 90 overall. This needs to be more realistic cause not every pick in the top 10 of every draft makes it to a 90 overall, some players only play for like 4 years then bum out.

    Also id like to see a retro My player/create a legend, where you could start in any year of the past and get to play with hall of famers and change the history books. or make a certain player become a hall of famer. I know its a long shot but would be good to see

  • Lebron James

    MyTeam for PC !

  • Be able to make your own dunk in the dunk contest and apply it to your my player

  • put some dirty plays, giving some fragrant fouls.. to be more exciting put some trashtalking.. pleasee it would be exciting

  • dk

    Dunk/3pt contest

    • its already in the game…

      • Jim

        Not for PC

  • Earl

    Better halftime show with chuck and shaq, more accurate faces, better player movements, fights and arguments during hard fouls, free nba all star weekend, more player reactions during clutch moments, ejections and suspensions, top 10 plays after each week in association mode, blockable dunks, crowd hype and their faces, changing halftime shows, player interviews after each and every game, commentators voice must be unique. Hope that we can see these things in 2k14. 🙂

  • Please, Please, Please put in the 2006 Miami Heat. I want to have Gary Payton, Shaq, Wade, and Zoe all on the same team.

  • Earl

    Accurate faces and player movements improvement and more game modes. Also I hope that the nba all star will be free. Last is that for it to be realistic their must be some fights and arguments in times of hard fouls. Also add more player reactions specially during clutch moments. Oh I almost forgot their must be an improvement in crowds reaction and their faces.

  • You should add a general management option that focuses on running the team having to make trades sign free agents to build a team from the bottom up and also add the ability to start from retro seasons ex: 1984,2000,1995 and play from there.

  • Let us continue our character from NBA 2k13 to NBA 2k14! I’m tired of starting over. Just save our roster from 2k13 and transfer it over. So we get to continue our character with all the new features the next game will have!

  • Tal Keren

    1. Take a picture of yourself and make the player look like you
    2. Start from college on MyCareer and build the way to the NBA
    Make the arenas, stadiums, shoes, jerseys and everything more realistic
    4. Create your own signiture dunk package
    5. FULL ALL STAR (dunk contest, 3 point contest, Taco Bell skills challenge, East-West game, BBVA Game)
    6. Ability to pump up the crowd
    7. EUROPEAN TEAMS!!!!!!!!!!! (All of the good ones: Barcelona, Maccabi, ect.)
    8. Old teams
    9. Dream team
    10. National Teams (USA, Spain, ect.)
    11. NBA D-League
    12. Cooler passes and cooler shots (between the legs, 360, behind the back)
    13. College Hoops

  • i want a realistic accessories and gameplay.thats all.

  • Frank

    there should be a beast mode.. In which player has 2 min to come back from 10+ point deficit and win the game while just controlling one player through his eyes

  • How about, players fighting about somethin and after a strong dunk the backboard will break like what shaq did…….

  • What about the fight button.It’s gonna be an intense game everytime 🙂

  • edwin

    full court 5 on 5 myplayer blacktop

  • Cerve

    I don’t know how many people will agree on me with this, but I think that they should make a co-op myplayer/career I think it would be fun to play with a friend and not just single player, and lets make this co-op myplayer both off and online cause some people don’t have WiFi.

  • BrickzBellevue

    Team up ….So We Can Use Our My Players On A Team Vs Other My Players !

  • Austin Ambrose

    In MyPlayer/MyCareer mode it would be nice to be able to wear alternative uniforms of your team. Currently in MyPlayer/MyCareer mode you simply wear home and away uniforms and it gets dull.

  • Kelvin

    triple double, double double tally in statistics
    be able to play superstars in blacktop, international tournament during offseason

  • Have the uniforms fit how they should like how Westbrook and LeBron wear tight jerseys, have better hair and tattoo options in CAP, and add more accessories


  • 1. I don’t want to get stuck in animations – especially if I miss a layup and then my guy is busy shaking his head or having a cry instead of hustling for the rebound.
    2. AI defence needs to be improved… that tearjerker defence makes me soo angry.
    3. Remove certain restrictions on height for 2k12/13 max height for pg is 6ft 7, but magic johnson was a 6ft 9 pg… so why can’t myplayer?
    4. wingspan should be able to be edited
    5. VC no, money yes! How am I supposed to know what myplayer is worth when he has a 1500VC contract? is that 15mil 1.5mil 150mil? who knows.
    6. Make sure instant replay works in all quarters.
    7. There should be at the end of the year top 10plays, dunks, assists etc… Just like normal NBA. Even if they were generated it’d still be a cool feat

  • disqus_YilKxXSKxT

    one thing..

  • Jnett

    • Overhaul Computer AI
    o Some problems with player AI:
     If Chris Paul and Dwight Howard are on elite level teams where they contend for a championship why do they constantly jump ship to the rebuilding Cavaliers or Pistons every time I play?
     Why does Josh Smith want to resign with the Hawks when they aren’t going anywhere?
    o Problems with Front Office AI:
     If Tyreke Evans’s production has consistently been dropping since his rookie year then why are the Kings so eager to sign him to a 6 year contract? Actually, it’s Sacramento, never mind.

     Why do I see the Celtics and Spurs keep trading away Paul Pierce and Tim Duncan? Tim Duncan will never be traded so why does it happen in the game?

     In the real NBA free agents and D-Leaguers are constantly coming and going on 10 day contracts. In 2K13 I’ve never seen a free agent signed to a 10 day contract. Not once. In fact, whenever I try to sign a player to a ten day contract they decline. What are the chances of an undrafted rookie not accepting an NBA offer? When a player goes down with an injury the front office should see this and give a FA a chance.

    Change the logic teams use with rotations. If the team has a very good balanced bench then maybe they’ll use 10 guys. Benches never use a full 12. Make it so all the starters aren’t getting 34 minutes. Some teams have one starter who only plays 25 minutes. If teams have two very good bench players then they should both play 20+ minutes.

     Whatever was done to AI draft logic this previous year, please change it. Before the logic was bad, but not horrible. It’s awful this year. Maybe you were hoping to create busts and steals, but if the guy is hyped up as a top 5 pick pre-draft and has an 80 overall why is he falling to the 20’s? And why are 60 overalls constantly being drafted number 1?

     Make it so some European/Foreign players who are drafted will stay in Europe for a year or two.
     Make it so that there are specialized players, (defensive specialists, three-point shooters, etc.) Where are all the outside shooting big men? Point forwards?

     There will never, ever be a number one pick who is a 5’11, 220 point guard from Tulane.

    • New Coaches not all A+
    o In past 2K basketball games all the generic coaches who appear are immediately on the level of Phil Jackson. They have an A+ in every single category and change the game. In my opinion maybe they should be a high B or low A in one category like if they’re a defensive specialist, but outside that they should have to develop like players.
    o Be able to let an assistant coach become a head coach.
    o Fitting into a coaches system
    o Make coaches actually matter. If your team is being coached by Gregg Popovich the team will perform better than they would if they were being coached by Mike Dunlap. Also make it so certain players can fit into a coaches/teams style better than others, (Steve Nash in Phoenix).

    • More realistic block and assists number.
    o I’ve tried as hard as possible and the highest simulated block numbers for a season average I’ve been able to get is 2.9. The highest assist average for a season I’ve seen was Rondo with a 12.1. Why does Serge Ibaka end up with around 2 blocks a game when in real life he is a dominant shot blocker (3.7)? This is the same with assists. Chris Paul only averages about 6.5 every year. Why?

    • Expectations and Suspensions
    o I’ll do my best to explain this idea. Make an expectations grade for each player. If the Bobcats draft a SG number 1 overall then he should have a high expectations grade and he’ll start despite his overall rating. If he performs badly then his expectation grade will consistently drop until it hits 0 and he’s yanked from the starting lineup. This allows scrubs to develop into stars and changes Free Agency a lot. Maybe in your Association Dion Waiters gets injured and Wayne Ellington is put in the starting lineup. He over performs and his expectations rise and he’ll be worth more in free agency because of his breakout year (think Jeremy Lin). If a player is coming off a horrible year then they’ll cost less in free agency. Maybe a team will overpay a scrub who happened to overachieve and he’ll go down as a horrible contract after failing to live up to expectations.

    o Make the emotion rating matter. You know who they are. Rondo, J.R Smith, World Peace, DeMarcus Cousins… Dwight Howard. They’re infamous for the trouble they cause on and sometimes off the court. While it’s understandable that there can’t be players arguing/fighting on court the emotion grade could at least make it feel like it’s there. The higher the rating, the higher the chance of a random suspension for a player or team chemistry issue. This would also change the draft. There are two point guards. One is immensely talented and has tons of potential. The other is a little less talented and has less potential. The first player also has a reputation as a major troublemaker. Are you going to take the 1st player who has the potential to be the next Ron Artest, or the safe but less talented pick?

    • Wingspan-
    o Wingspan is one of the most important factors in basketball. It’s why there are players like Bismack Biyombo (6’9) who are elite shot blockers (7’7 wingspan). Players who are extra-long and athletic can be better defenders, (Kawhi Leonard, Tayshaun Prince, Paul George, etc.)

    • Make it so the ball is its own object-
    o When someone drives to the rim and goes up for a shot if you go into replay mode you can see the ball hit arms, chests, even heads sometimes. When the ball comes into contact with something it should move. While playing my hand frequently goes through the ball only a little bit. While I still get a large piece of it, I guess it’s not enough to register as a block. This should still move the ball, the ball shouldn’t just go through it as if nothing happened.

    • Players score inside way too easily
    o It seems as though no matter what a player will score inside. Despite there being three players around someone, they will still take it up for a standing dunk 90% of the time, ignoring all defenses. It’s ridiculous.

    • Alter fouling logic
    o Why does Nate Robinson keep fouling LeBron on fast break dunks. “Nate, you’re not going to stop him.” Once a player gets to the hoop stop making players jump up and foul them. No one does that in the real game.

    • Too many dunks
    o I get that you want to sell a bunch of games to the fans who love seeing a ton of fast break 360 windmill jams over 2 opponents, but that rarely, if ever, happens except in the 2K games. Despite LeBron being one of the most powerful finishers the game has ever seen he still isn’t going to be able to dunk on Zach Randolph every single opportunity like in the game. It annoys me to see LeBron never attempt a single layup.

    • Please change the help defense
    o Brandon Jennings lets his man go by and he cruises in for an easy layup with nobody paying attention to him. In the NBA this wouldn’t happen, especially with Larry Sanders waiting there to swat it out of there. Why is there no help defense?

    • Make the crowd volume change.
    o If the warriors are down 3 and Stephen Curry hits a huge three to tie it why does the crowd stay at the same monotone boring pitch? It’s going to get crazy, so why doesn’t that happen in game?

    • MyCareer
    o My player gets picked number two overall, but he rots on the bench behind Tyrus Thomas? Let me start immediately.
    o My player gets picked 26th overall, and I’m starting after 20 games no matter how bad I play? Why?
    o Why is MKG on the roster when I got drafted number 2?
    o Why does my white Yale graduate sound like that?

    • raikoekoe07

      Vote this up!

    • Grae


  • Me

    Flagrant foul,Technical foul,fights scene,dunks can be block like in 2k12 🙂

  • Alex

    – Technical fouls and flagrant fouls

    – Players weekly practice

    – Emphatic blocks

  • Karsten331

    Fix the Servers

  • Bring back the orlando magic from T-mac, the miami heat champions from 2006 (Shaq, Wade, Mourning), the phoenix suns from Barkley. Try 2 make the game and the player movements more fluid with less robotic moves, and also not make the players to slow when trying to play down on the post with a big. Also maybe make it a bit slower paced on fastbreaks, this 2k13 is a fast paced game. Add different features to “my player” (different voices for your player, more clothing, add some different questions and answers asked by reporters, more hairstyles). It would be cool to bring a new feature like 1v1 or 3 on 3 streetball or something, also, if your putting in dunk contest dont make it like guitar hero PLEASE! Just press some buttons rapidly depending on a command at the moment of making the dunk. It would be cool to add maybe the taco bell skill challenge as a game mode. Also, try to put in the players some different animations or reactions, once you play it for a while you know everything they are going to do or how are they reacting to something. And finally you could add a LOT more different dialogues from the commentators, they repeat sometimes the same phrase (also you should maybe include reggie miller or any other WELL KNOWN COMMENTARIST instead of one of the commentators voice, keep kevin and steve kerr though). Thats all! 😉

  • Tron

    Chasedown blocks, Lebron needs to be better rated, as well as on the cover…

    • Jesse

      lebron is a 99. if anything hes a little overrated on the game

      • Tron

        That’s the joke And i lost all respect for you when you put lebron and overrated in the same sentence.., he is sooo good, that the difference between him and number #2(durant) should be like 10-15 points higher than everyone.. because if you have eyes you know he is unstoppable and no one is close to his level right now…

      • Jesse

        Im not talking about real life… im talking about on the game. In real life he cant consistently knock down mid range jumpers and 3s like he does on the game. He is just one of probably 20 players thats overrated on 2k. Their ratings are awful

  • bryan

    been waiting for complete coverage of all star weekend… including shooting stars and skills challenge… Also, Retired players can still participate in staffs like head coach or assistant. and retire player jerseys. and more options for player creations.

  • Better crowd, and what they do. Like go quiet when a blowout, less seats filled

  • change commentaors like the ones on abc,espn,tnt,nd stacy king and neil funk nd add skills challenge, and need less money to buy things nd better songs nd crowd needs 2 like a lil different nd louder,nd a my player online mode where u nd ur friends could be on the same teams or face each other

  • 1.After the game in myplayer mode let the sideline reporter ask you a question a or two about the game if you got Jordan player of the game.

    2A. Make injuries last longer (after the second year there are no more injuries)
    2B. Make the injuries more real. (Have a player or coach help you off the court)

    3. Add more things to the off season in myplayer. Like training camps or something.

    4. Add more endorsements for later in your career.

    5. Just make the myplayer more real.

  • put LeBron on the cover

  • NikeHead50

    LeBron’s REAL Hairline

  • Bring back dunk contests and three point contests into the blacktop

  • You should be able to get clean blocks on certain dunks and get steals. There should be some way we could animate our face onto our my players. The skills challenge should be included

  • raikoekoe07

    1. More Hairstyles, Tattoos on creating a player. More voice on My Player.
    2. Length of player arms. Like anthony davis, KD, rondo have longer wingspan.
    3. Set Shot and Regular Jump Shot should be different for every player.
    4. Cyberface should be more accurate. Dont recycle.
    5. Play style for every team. Like Memphis and Indiana focus more on D thus low scoring ball game..
    6. On Ball Defense for every Defensive Stoppers like Thabo and Tony Allen should be more effective than any regular players.
    7. Take charge should be able to get an Offensive Foul because its always Blocking Foul!!!!!!!! (Charge Card???)
    8. Dunks should be able to Block and Chase Down Block!!!!!!!!!! (Chase Down Artist???)
    9.Commentary should recognize Player Awards on every new season. (My Player, The Association). Like for example, after a season they’ll recognize Ben Mclemore as the Rookie of the Year last season.
    10. The player who won Most Improved Award should have a boost on ratings next season.
    11. Different places every year on All Star Games!

    • Grae

      interesting! there should be wingspan! i also like #3 5 7 8 11!!!

  • Flax

    I want past draft classes!

  • option to choose ur wingspan in my player!

  • josh

    I reckon the game should be able too alley oop off the back boured even into a dunk maybe when you use the right analogue stick should be able to get around people in mid air attempting a dunk make it more real i also think we should create a dunk and a shot even free throw shots too we should also add the three point and dunk contest in exibition, association and my player mode in my player mode we should use money not reward points for the contract we should also be allowed too put what clothes we want on our player we should add in buying houses cars make it as real as possible even put funiture in the house and pimp a car up maybe add magizines and like a tv show like in real life how you show people your house even have a nba charity every month. Thats about all i can think off but most of that stuff would be ace deffenty looking forward to the next nba 2k 14 game.

  • Well I would like for the dream team to be on 2k14 as well as elite Olympic teams such as Argentina and Spain

  • allstar weekend for free

  • I just dont want it to be so repetitive like 2k13……play game, play game, play game, play game, play game, do drills, buy attributes. play game………

  • Matt Burns

    Show scuffles after hard fouls and if players temper rating is high. Show them blowing up at the refs and getting kickd out. If player is hated around hte NBA when they have the ball have the crowd boo.

  • Start from the college you pick and then play till the nba draft

  • Start from

  • Michael Tan

    What about we’ll have an OPEN WORLD for MyPlayer. We dont just Play basketball but also LIVE our PLAYER’S LIVES? So we can drive home, drive to practice, walk around, have some fans in the street, play with other fans in the open court, go to the gym. Just a typical open world. This would be really great. 🙂

    And also a LAN GAME so we could play with our friends. 🙂

    Guys what can you say?

  • Be able to record plays, dunks and shared them to social networks!

  • Nba draft combine

  • It be cool if we could get payed with a real money amount and then buy a house and stuff for it. and it would be cool if we could walk around and stuff.just like when you look around on the bench.

  • USA Olympics

  • Meinard

    can you put in the all-star weekend a slam dunk contest and a three point shootout?

  • In my player the teams and trades should be the same as real life

  • Mimas Regalado

    Allstar event!!!!

  • And make a college series… Game

  • Do a fantasy season with every team’s best squad. You pick your team and play against all the greatest teams ever. For example 96 Bulls vs 2012 Heat. Or let the player pick a squad for every team.

  • It would be decent to get tnt and espn or abc on those networks like a real nba season

  • They should bring the the 2k Leaderboards like they had in 2k9 with the weekly ranks and the all time ranks

  • Put all the FIBA basketball teams to NBA 2K14.Please!!

  • euroleague

  • Put NBA ALL STAR weekend and host at New Orleans.Include slam dunk contest, three point shootout contest,NBA ALL STAR game, and Rising stars challenge.Please!!

  • To be able to pick the teams you want to get drafted by and creating a legend in thier time period in the nba

  • Jesse

    I would love to see your teammates actually play defense instead of the opposing team hitting every shot they take. also… dont let jay z pick the music anymore

    • Jesse

      There should also be more customization… most of the hair sucks and the tattoos suck. I would also like to see some upgrade to create a team. all the logos suck. you should just be able to pick a font to use and be able to have your team name on the jersey instead of some stupid logo

  • Bring back crew and make the three point shooting a little more realistic.

  • Put all the FIBA basketball teams to NBA 2K14.

  • guest

    have a dunk contest

  • Follow me @Chicity_Monstar


  • simple things like letting your player and team in mycareer use the alternate jerseys and random technical foul cutscenes 😀

  • better tattous and slam dunt contest with out all star package..and brink back the college 2k

  • ability to change JERSEYS in Creating a Legend

  • Put Derrick Rose, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant to NBA 2K14 cover.Please!!

  • Put Derrick rose,LeBron James, and Kevin Durant on NBA 2k14 cover.Please!!

  • Joe

    More international teams. Lebanese national team has competed in the past 3 fiba world championships yet they’ve not been recognized. Even when creating Myplayer, Lebanon is not an option for birthplace.. I think that should be added and also add a gameplay where you can play Myplayer in an online league…it’ll be much better to compete with other Myplayers.

  • tommy

    I want this to be like Sims. Where myplayer becomes more realistic, you can visit your teammates in town, travel, be able to walk around the city, travel, make everything more like real life. How awesome would that be?


  • have kobe and lebron and durant on the cover dunking

  • Better Logo’s For Create A Team Or Create A Logo Option.

  • a shot creator,crossover creator,dunk creator,and pc all star weekend:))

  • allow us to play on tnt and espn and nba tv

  • ZildjianCud6214

    Instead of Special additions like 2k13 w/ All Star Weekend…. Add it on as an actual feature of the game!!!!! And add other things to BLacktop mode

  • anthony rosado

    i think when your player becomes an allstar we should be able to have a pre game ritual like when lebron throws his powder in the air and have fan mail with an agent

  • allow everyone to play in the 3 point shootout and dunk contest

  • Cote Bell

    Crew Mode

  • First and foremost, fix the glitches and freeze issues. Can’t stand them. We shouldn’t have to wait for a patch to fix them. If I’m spending $60 on a finished product, that’s exactly what I want; a finished product.
    As for my wishlist, I think my biggest wish is the ability to pick the uniforms in MyCareer mode. Some teams have sooo many alternate uniforms and we can’t use them because we can only use home and away

  • Luis

    Bring back the resorce of save our association teams

  • let players start from high school and work there way up to the nba

  • have there be technical fouls and like arguments with the officals and the crowd leaves when the game is not even close and starting line up intros, and i go to sixers games they dont do yea boy after a dunk either can you fix that too

  • NS

    make alleyops better!

  • Bring back the college 2k series

  • Kyrie Crawford

    Add the MyCloset on PC and like Tamisha said about the series and add more sig shoe companys like u can sign with adidas underarmour etc.

  • Put Nike Elite gear Like “socks, Sleeves t-shirts etc…” and UnLimited customizable colors of shoes and etc..

  • Erez Ahl

    bring greatest games for current nba players like kobe and make association more realistic and be able to talk to players face to face

  • Customizable tattoos, deeper customization overall. Bring back black socks and different shoes brands and gear. Allow people to delve deeper into the whole experience.

  • Gust


  • CREW! CREW! CREW! Thank you.

  • allow jersey switching in my player and go back to the 2k11 game play

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    in order to make this game really good, everybody here has good comments so you should really look at this and choose the ones you think that are really good

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    you should be able to actually block dunks because they do it in real life…. also lebron james is really good but why is he an overall 99….. hes unstoppable and he makes everything in the paint… not even kobe is that good…. change that also

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    everybody should have a picture even the incoming rookies…..

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    in real life, the NBA allows you to play all 15 players…… on 2K14, they should allow you to play all 15 players….. not only 12 but all 15

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    all of the players on that game should do exactly what they do in real life…. this game should be the best 2k nba has ever made

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    Stephen Curry’s jumpshot isnt like that….. he actually jumps… change that also…. im a big nba fan and i hate to play a game that doesnt have the right jumpers because it gets me fustrated…. klay thompson hair is little longer with waves…

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    why on nba 2k13 dwight howard dunked everything but in real life he doesnt… you need to fix that

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    you should be able to choose different voices on the my career mode…. no more VC to buy things…. what happened to the skill points… even when you have online there should be skill points and you should be able to choose any jumper you want without you buying them, and you should be able to just choose the accessories you want without buying

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    the dunk packages should be right….. especially the speed…. Im a clipper fan and im tired of seeing blake griffin and deondre running so slow on the fast break…. there handles should already be the same also

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    2K14 should also leave the dream team and the celebrity team on there…. Team USA should be updated after the real Team USA play… On the celebrity team, everybody needs to be on there… KEVIN HART!!!

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    Give all the players their right hairstyle… on 2K13 deondre jordan is balled, but in real life he is not….

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    Everybody on the game should look like the person…. Kevin Durant looks nothing like that on 2k13….. everybody needs to look right… it will be better

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    When you create a team on 2K14, you should be able to create how our coach looks because I am tired of getting the same coach everytime… you should also be able to create your own LOGO and own PLAYBOOK when your creating a team

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    For all the teams, the Team Color Number 1 should be white, and the Team Color Number 2 should be black….. OR 2K14 should let us create our own team color thread on the game

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    We should be able to get technicals, flagerants, and ejections…. Everybody jumpshot should be right, not only lebron james…. everybody and the right accessories…

  • Ethan

    Are myplayer should get called out are names

  • Ethan

    Your myplayer should be in comeshals or be an guess on a tvshow about one of there games

  • Ethan

    Put your myplayer in college and highscool so he can be the 1pick in the draft overall

  • Ethan

    You should have a espn or a sportscenter instead of or anba tv

  • Ethan

    Your myplayer should go back in time and change history

  • Ethan

    Have your myplayer from nba 2k13 saved on nba 2k14

  • d2real

    Me I Want One Thing … To FIX THE DRAFT If I Get Round One Pick #10 I Dont Want austin Rivers On My Team … 2K Really Need To Fix That !

  • Dalton

    It would be
    cool if they made it where your my player was transferable. I worked on
    my pg too. I wish they wouldn’t have it where every player is 7 foot but
    I think they may have fixed that already. You guys are right! One year I
    played to build up character in hoping to join an onine team up crew.
    You dont want to play it anymore but then again you want to because of
    THE TEAM-UP they used to have. Hopefully they will bring it back. The
    coin currency to me, I sorta like it and I sorta dont. Some buy their
    way in to get top players in the elite team mode. Others got to work to
    get coins to get better players but they do start you off with a decent
    team. I would be glad if they took that away, that way it would be fair.
    And again started creating more jerseys and going more into detail
    about signature shots and moves for each player and bring back team-up
    and go more in depth with it because that was a good mode. The way they
    set it up is you got to work your way up in certain modes but it cancels
    itself out if people can just pay to get to the top. I think they are
    also doing well with is the player a shot defender, posterizer, 4th
    quarter, 3 point specialist, floor general, and such. Maybe the coach
    can influence the team aswell to do better. Please bring back all payers
    and teams. Reggie Miller, Rick Smitts, WIlkins, Shaq, Bird, Malone,
    Irving,Cassell etc.

    And Team-up connection better. Options to practice for team-up or
    crew. I enjoyed their version of 2k9, it would be nice if they could
    implement those back into the game. I think if they do that alot more
    people will buy it. But that fact that we have to work our way up on
    something is still good in a sense because it is like earning your keep
    like a ladder system. Maybe they can make this for the crew games.
    Better Crews have better benefits like jerseys from nike so they feel
    better or something, like they get sponors. They can get sponsored
    individually and in a group. For Team up and my elite team would be
    different. Team-up can be ranked or for practice for the leaderbaords.
    My elite team would be fine as far as easy medium and hard difficulty
    like they had it. like if you picked pro you were going to go up against
    all silvers. It still is good for people in general to pratice and not
    to just jump in and start playing. I have practiced in 2k9 with xbox360
    but over the years I haven’t I dont know just talking. I think the only
    thing that may have been wrong with 9 was it was so easy to run down the
    court and do what you wanted, the newer versions are better defensive
    and overall. Thanks for reading I really appriciate it.

    It would be nice if the my crew leader or owner could have a
    draft of my player prospects he or she wanted to have on their team. The
    leader of the my crew would have the full control role unlike a player
    role. He could select jerseys shoes and games. Yes about the games maybe
    with other crews there could be like different league games then they
    go through playoffs, then olympics is like making it to the top of the
    ladder system in my crew mode. Because who would like to win a world
    championship? Players could still choose thier own equipment and where
    they want to place them. Switching from crew games. The crowd could play
    an important factor in certain arenas such as home court advantage and
    legendary places like Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and OKC.

    • Dalton

      Bring back the D-League and pre-draft practice camps. Maybe make draft class come out of NCAA Basketball 14 aswell that way my myplayer could do better in the pros just like in real life. Also though I still have to play my games in due time for my player to be great!

  • Every after a game, there should be interviews and players should not only be standing on the court. For the champion team, there should be animations like in real life when a team would win a championship.

  • Nba2k14feutures

    can yo plss add gym in my player so we can have bigger muscles in my player PLSSS
    and add like gta hotel and seeing traveling walking around the streets plssss like gta you can have house car you can wwalk you can drive plssssssss

  • NBA Fan

    Make more shoes.

  • Steven

    and also we should be able to choose players to intentional foul… like how they foul dwight howard

  • tdog

    @google-139141433e20319ad4dcaea9f12c276e:disqus yeah great idea but programmer should develope a whole new game and add it to 2K ? that’s nonsense – and don’t defend it like “they could use gta or blabla” they can’t afford the licenses or whatever for this

  • Christopher Smith

    I got this idea a while ago that there should be another game or 2 separate carrer modes. One would be just like a normal carrer and one would be called The Life.2K can incorporate games like Mafia, Grand Theft Auto and others to make it feel like your living an actual life.Also they can add a twist where you can choose to do things that may mess up your carrer or do things that can protect your carrer. This would make the game a lot more fun especially since it’s just like normal players live. and at the beginning of the game mode The Life there should be a little story line from when he was a kid playing in the national championship for AAU or small fry and then kinda like a shocking accident happens and it should have a championship for high school and a championship for the 3rd and 4th year of college (if continues to go to college.)and then they enter theNBA. That right there would be the life f a real basketball player.

  • king_23

    More clothes like team Beanies, Nike and Jordan socks, Nike sleeves, nerd glasses. You should be able to give your player beats instead of the buds. Blacktop should have the Jerseys like in 2k11

  • king_23

    Reporters asking you questions before the game outside the locker room

  • king_23

    Half and full court alleys

  • king_23

    Spike Lee should be at the Knicks home games on court side amd have on different Knicks Jerseys every game if you have internet. Scottie pippin should be at the bulls home games. Lots of celebrities should be at all star games and regular season games. Like Jay z at Brooklyn nets game

  • king_23

    Summer league: you can play blacktop or in a high school gym against the top players

  • king_23

    My player should have a agent

  • king_23

    Players should be ejected and refs need to call flagrant, technical, and clear path

    • tdog

      clear path is in the game

  • 2kboss

    1:more realistic injury animation
    2: fights and players trying to separate them
    3: my closet for PC
    4: more signature skills and be able to buy slots for more than 5 signature skills
    5: Vince Carter 2005 nets
    6 : more realistic accessories (like being able to add your number and name acronym on a elbow pad)
    7: dunking over people
    8: my career being drafted by team USA and play for the olympics
    9:more tattoos, and being able to change the location of the tattoo
    10: a button to help a player up, walk over them(when opponent is down)
    11:my career teammates dont shoot when they’re open!!!!
    12: make my career more challenging, i’m winning by 40 points nearly every game!!!!
    13: custom walk up music
    14: interaction with crowd
    15: cut down on genetic players, they ruin the freaking game
    16:should be able to hear the player talking on the court( especially players like joakim noah and sheed)
    17:celebrities appearing at games(like jay z in brooklyn)
    17 ejections, technical fouls, and suspentions
    18: more circus shots
    19 why are so many players wearing genetic shoes?

  • king_23

    Assign your player accessories. White sleeve home and black at away. And assign shoes for home and away

  • king_23

    Play in Olympics in my career

  • king_23

    Your my career have the same color socks as your team. If your away on my career you shouldn’t be wearing white socks

  • king_23

    More hair styles like flat tops, nappy fro, and change it for the players like Norris Cole, iman shumpert, and nate Robinson

  • king_23

    Change Jerseys in my career

  • I want the ability to edit reach and wingspan in my player. Also more realistic faces for the player created players and can My Player GET A NEW VOICE??

  • deeno

    i want to have 3 assistant coaches,3 scouts and 1 trainer per team, with the real staffs on the agency pool,not the generic faces,and can 2ksports allow us to hire coaches as our assistants? coaches must be realistic as well, put the amnesty clause on players. put the d-league back, the highlights of every players after the game and like what others said top10 or top5 highlights weekly. please fix the trade logic as well.

  • Aldin

    My team is the BEST

  • Aldin

    I just want my team to be brought back next year and i want to be able to continue where i left off, so in the same seed and with the same players.

  • Aldin

    I just want my team to be brought back next year and i want to be able to continue where i left off, so in the same seed and with the same players.

  • person

    a mode were you can have more than 15 people

  • Any color socks like Chris Paul wear such as pink socks breast cancer or Multi color socks like

  • Cordarious Luckey

    The socks change to black and white for home and away games and color accessories for my player you should have a setting for white and black pads to be worn for home and away like actual players do. Please oh please get new tattoos for my player mode too! It is just ridiculous those same ones for years.

  • to get people unlocked on blacktop u need vc points but wht if u dont have online wht do u do

  • Summer League for My Player and getting traded to another team on Draft Night

  • Steven

    make more other leagues team and international teams… like what fifa is doing for soccer!!


    Showcase some new music from unheard artists. Do music search. Help people get careers and get a percentage for finding them. And yes I do have a song I think is perfect. Contact me at (don’t hurt to try)

  • Brandon King

    so this is mine hope they really read this, be able to change the voice im pretty sure thats everyones, how about like more press conference before u play the next game like this ” the thunder is on a winning streak do u think your team has a chance?” stuff like that how about if u have kinect u can take a pic and 2k can read it and your my player actually look likes you, usa team every 4 yrs, new tatts as in sleeves tatts, more realist dunks like how lebron james dunk on jason terry, half and full court alleys, fast breaks needs to be more creative, how about espn,tnt,cbs sponors some of our games, new hairstyles no homo or anything but damn tho i just want more realist things is this i want my player to be like an nba player you about nike,jordan or addidas sponor us or gatorade i can keep goin but i would love to see my ideas/everyone elses…also how about if im a top 5 pick im able to start or top 10 my player should at least be at 70 just make it harder to win or be a beast because in every 2k my player can be raw like kyrie or john wall or anonthy davis

  • dunk contest and should be able to do stuff after games on my player

  • Fury


  • disqus_iuZqUUj6ZZ

    I want Slam dunk contest without internet

  • Allan

    I want to be able to see the socks when wearing the ankle brace.

  • Brandon King

    I got the best idea if u have a kincet let it be able to take a pic of ur face and make ur my player really look like u other than than I wan t sleeve tattoos and like some major dunk on like how lebron did on Jason Terry the crowd wear ur jersey

  • Antoine Franc

    1. More realistic alley-oop animations, the one is 2k now are okay, but are not at all realistic
    2. Better spacing, I’m pretty sure we can all agree on this one.
    3. Better mechanics for driving to the basket. It seems the only way to get to the basket is to do 3+ dribble moves and/or a pick. The system for driving is clunky and not at all realistic, especially compared to what you see in am actual NBA game.
    4. The ability for teams to gameplan against you in MyCareer, I think it would be cool to see teams react to you based on your tendencies and attributes. This would be a great feature to increase Hall of Fame difficulty.
    5. The talking to the GM in MyCareer is a great addition to 2k13, but it would be alot better if you let players talk to the GM about whatever they want, whenever they want, instead of the current system.
    6. Quickness is useless in 2k13, especially on offense.
    7. They need to fix MyTeam like they fixed Ultimate Team in Madden.
    8. This one could be incredibly helpful, make it impossible to take shots from beyond half court unless the game is in the final two minutes. Im pretty sure its all happened at one time or another to all of us where you try to icon pass and end up taking a 30 foot shot (and if you’re in MyCareer) and getting benched for it.
    9. Add an incentive to practice in the MyCareer mode, I’m thinking if you complete a scrimmage or 5 minutes of practice, you get an attribute boost for the next game.
    10. What does it take to draw a foul when you’re going in for a lay up?! Must fix.
    11. Playing minutes and team role (starter, 6th man, bench, etc.) should be based on how high you are drafted. You should also get a “signing bonus” after being drafted, the higher a pick you are, the more VC you get.
    12. Last but not least, make it easier to become a starter in the All-Star game, especially if you’re a rookie.

    • This is a very good list.

      1. I would also add that the generic faces should still look like real faces.
      2. It would be nice to start off My Player if you could play in something kinda like March Madness(but with a different new to avoid copy right).
      3. greater customization of your Players physical attributes i.e.
      Reach, wingspan etc.
      4. A New voice for My Player or at least some other options as the current voice is Aweful. kinda

  • they should make a multi my career with up to 5 my players and when their teams go against each other both my players would play in the game and there will b an option to join in as any my player in the game and if 2 or more my players get drafted to the same team they’ll play on the same team on each my career

  • kim*&7^

    no need to buy allstar weekend

  • myplayer we should start off in the eilit 4 play for the ncaa title and then get to work out for teams then get drafted then in off seasons we should be able to work on or game with ledgens or other my players we shoud get money and carunsey have houses more cars more close and shoes more shoe indorsments add a real halftime show with kenny shaq and charlies should be able to watch your self on tv sports center or nba tv to see what they say

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    Have all of the 15 players play. On 2k13, only 12 players play but in real life mostly all 15 players play. so everybody on the team should be able to play, not only 12 players. this game should be real good and realistic….. also everybody should look like they are in real life

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    The Accessories: For all of the teams, the PRIMARY COLOR should be WHITE FOR THE HOME GAMES, and the SECONDARY COLOR SHOULD BE BLACK FOR AWAY GAMES. I am tired of seeing fake primary colors and fake secondary colors that no one actually uses in the real game. all of the jumpers should be exact and should be right not only lebron james. triple or double alleyoops in one. technical, flagerants, and ejections. should be able to argue with the ref and probably get a tech. no glitches. no more VC just skill points. jay z should produce it again. have pictures for all players including rookies. just make the game exactly like the real NBA

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    i would like to see every accessory right, every dunk right, every jumpshot right, technicals, flagerants, ejections, creating own coach when creating a team, creating own logos when your creating a team, no more VC, no more buying accessories for my career, jay z producing it again, be able to block dunks, should be able to create more than one my career with everything different, and just make the game be the best one and have everything perfect just like the real NBA

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    2k14 should let us have double or triple alley-oops. example… like in the nba when lebron threw an alley-opp to dwayne wade but in the air he threw it back and lebron jammed it, that should be in 2k14…..

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    people should be able to stop lebron james. 2k14 should also let people block dunks since people could do it in real life. 2k14 should have technicals, flagerants, and ejections. Either lebron or CP3 should be on the cover but most likely lebron james

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    you should have pictures for every player even the upcoming rookies. when you create a team, you should let us create how our coach looks and we should be able to create our own logos. also have the accesories right… example: blake griffin wears a white padded sleeve on his right arm on home games, and a red/black padded sleeve on his right arm during away games with medium socks. 2k14 should be similar to the real NBA.

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    please get everybody jump shot right…. example stephen curry, eric bledsoe and etc…. also get everybody free throw right also…

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    Keep the same controls as NBA 2K13 for xbox and ps3

  • DeeMz

    1. Add an Olympic or FIBA basketball mode to myCareer mode.

    2. Summer League in myCareer mode.

    3. Cheaper prices on clothes. (5,000 VC for a shirt -__-)

    4. Let us change the voice. I’ve been hearing the same voice for 3 years now & its annoying.

    5. More of the classic teams. (’00-’02 Lakers, ’93 Suns, ’00 Pacers, Etc.)

    6. Sneaker detailing a bit better.

    7. More than one question at the press conference.

    8. Less intensity in the All-Star & Rising Stars challenge.

    9. Rising Stars Challenge should be like real life. (Players wearing their own jerseys

    10. More updates on sneakers. A lot of sneakers this year that are popular around the league are missing.

    11. More lay up packages. Im tired of the same layup since 2k10

    12. The removal of the “Where Amazing Happens” commercial. Lets change it to the “BIG” commercials & playoff commercials.

    13. More choices on the path. Other brands like Adidas, Reebok, add Li-Ning with the Way Of Wades, etc.

    14. Better tattoos please?! More spots on the arms, neck & adding leg tattoos.

  • to be able to do everything the actual player can do in a real game to make it more realistic

  • guest

    high top fades

  • Quentin (RackedUp_Q)

    1. allow halftime interviews or post game interviews after/during games.
    2. Make it so you can hear what the refs?players are saying after fouls
    3. Players are able to do flagarent fouls , and referees can eject players
    4 Make the fans more realistic , and have some superstars in the stands with camera zoom in on them
    5.You should be able to go to the D-Leauge , or Pick teams that you would like to be drafted to and they interview you or send you emails.
    6. Make more endorsements in MyCareer Mode

    7. Update the shoes after releases of major shoes (Jordans , Lebrons, Kobes, Durants )
    8. Contact Layups are more realer
    9. In Clutch situations zoom-in on the ball after it’s shot , and have better player reactions on game-winning shots
    10. DONT MAKE LEBRON A 99 Overall , (NOBODY Desrves That)

  • Lyle

    The ability to make a team with classic and current players in association would be awesome. Also where the heck is Kareem (Abdul jabar) and Reggie freaking miller, as a pacer fan im realy upset with his not being in 2k13 or 2k12.

  • Joey Manolo

    2k14 definitely should make create a player much better than they have in the past. Better Hair, facial hair, & FEATURES. Lets make the created players blend w/ the real models.

  • Please.

    I want signature tattoo like Allen Iverson’s Tatoo

  • disqus_qgPZdvOwVY

    make it so you can buy and build a house so you can chill before and after the game and so you can drive around the city when you’re bored

  • I want Sportscenter so it can show are my career top plays

  • TrUE mike

    Be able to create your on dunk logo like mj and shaq and create more shoes

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    have a technical foul,flagrant foul, and suspension, eject player

    Um you should put Chris Paul, or Lebron James on the cover
    please let people on 2k14 be stoppable… on 2k13 lebron is unstoppable…. Miami is good but not that good in real life…… when you create a team, we should be able to create the coach, and when we do our jerseys for our created teams, we should be able to create our own logo.

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    You should get everybody shot right. Not only Lebron James. Everybody else. Example: Eric Bledsoe, Jamal Crawford, etc…… Please get everybody shot RIGHT…. also all the rookies should have a real picture of them!!!!!!! the NBA D League should have the real players. Change Stephen Curry shot to the real one also please….

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    Another thing is to have good music, no VC, every update RIGHT, still have the throw alley-oops of backboard, same controls from 2K13, better crossovers, dont let people still the ball so easily, and the thing that you really need is to have all 15 players to be able to play. Another thing are that the dunks need to be the real dunks that people actually do. If creating a player, you should put that you could make your own nickname, and make better threads. For example, you should make it to a point that you could customize what color you want your home sleeves and white sleeves for any player.

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    Since I am a Clippers fan, I want to see the right accessories. For example, on nba 2k14, .
    you should have a white padded sleeve on the right arm of blake griffin, with double medium socks. CP3, needs to have whatever he haves in real life. Just when you do the accessories, let them be the right way just like in real life. Because on 2k13 they had blake griffin have a blue padded sleeve on the home games. Since when did you see Blake Griffin wear a blue sleeve when there jerseys are white? but yeah.

  • javar stevens

    Can u please make mycareer/myplayer more real life ish, such as grand theft auto but without the violence please

    • Shontz Yaeger

      thats what i said but it could be a choice

  • sheldon

    start off with our people better with what type of play skill they have so its easier
    thats all 2k

  • sheldon

    be able adjust your persons muscle size and definition similar to on madden

  • sheldon

    make your myplayers to have signatures passing skills like rondo, chris paul or special ones like bewteen the legs or around the back

  • Kristian

    MY Career: Some cool changes I think. Check em out.
    1. The rookie showcase before draft should be called the All-American Game or the Jordan Brand Classic!!! And actually be like that game instead of this fictional rookie showcase. That would be sick.
    2. Workout with teams pre-draft: After you play the all-american or Jordan brand classic game i suggested above, teams call you in for individual workouts, scrimmages and drills. Just like what happens in real life and what we can do in association mode when we draft players. And not just freestyle shootaround’s. The coaches and ass. coaches of each team is out there with you and you have to run specific plays or drills i.e. Catch and shoot drills, fast break drills, dribble moves finished by a shot etc. That would be mentalllll! All of this effects your player’s draft stock
    3. Draft combine: Make us work for our physical abilities. Implement physical tests like vertical, agility, 20 yard dash, bench press, shuttle run – typical NBA draft combine tests. All this is done through some kind of timing bar or something else (I’m sure you’d figure it out), and the better we do, the better our rating for things like vertical, speed, quickness, strength. This is way more real life, and way funner. I want my experience to me more of everything a player does in the NBA
    4. Be able to change wingspan just like we can height.
    5. Start from high school or college and build your way through.
    6. More voices for your player.

  • Kristian

    MyPlayer: Select wingspan. All nba players have crazy wingspans, would be cool to modify that too.
    Start from HIGH SCHOOL or COLLEGE.
    More voices for your my player.
    I don’t actually like how quickly you can take over a superstar players spot after getting drafted. Some rookie would never take james harden’s spot. there’s also too many whack trades made by the computer in myplayer
    More shoe deals like adidas, reebok etc. Shit like sleeves shouldn’t cost so much either, it’s crazy.

    Be able to modify ticket prices, negotiate TV deals that bring in more money, rebuild the stadium

  • RAISING PAY-SCALE FOR MYTEAM A raising payscale for using multiple golds/silver players. Where as the first gold would be his base salary, the second gold would be base salary plus 100. the third gold would be base salary plus 200. the fourth gold would be base salary plus 300 and so on… This would be great because not many would be able to afford having these ridiculous lineups all the way down to the 12th man.

  • 1. IN GAME CELEBRATIONS. I would enjoy being able to purchase and choose how my player celebrates on the court after he hits a major shot or a major dunk. Choosing between my celebrations within the quick second that I decide to and if I decide to because maybe I would rather try for an inbound steal. Maybe even if he does too much celebrating he could a tech for TAUNTING! haha

    2. CREATE A STADIUM I would enjoy having a deeper creative process in designing a stadium!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to choose the type of wood.. the stain of the wood.. what colors the paint will be.. being able to reverse the natural paint area to wood and the natural wood to paint.. have more control over jerseys. Creating your own jerseys in myteam mode.

    3. DUNK COMP SUCKS. The guitar player dunk competition is … interesting.. but lame. However I do not have an idea that would make it better.

    4. ALTERNATE COMMENTATORS. Choosing between the usual basketball commentators and a new set of basketball commentators like Will Ferrell saying.. “That dunk was provocative!” and “He should not try that move again. Ever!” Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman…BOOM magic.


    1. Get rid of Jay-Z – Soundtrack was appalling… what was it like 8 songs??? 2K has always had the best soundtracks, so disappointing on 2k13
    2. More hype/atmosphere and intensity in playoffs… you don’t feel like your playing for anything
    3. Playoff statistics to be recorded in player card – again, why try and play well and accumulate stats if they don’t mean anything at the end of the playoffs
    4. More player animations post basket – that you don’t have to pay for.

    5. Better more in depth commentary, after a few games you’ve heard everything!

    6. Key games in mycareer should be – any matchup with a player over 90, rival games, previous year finals rematch

  • And there should be more CONTACT LAYUP finishes that trigger if you have a high layup skill. Such as doing windmill layups when driving in traffic.

  • backinblack

    can you plss add slam dunk contest and all star game for mycareer pc offline

  • Also in my career, tone down the effect of morale and a players overall. Every player with a decent overall should not have -6 points to their overall just because they are a role player ecspecially if you are having a great season because that is just ludacris.

  • You also should be able to change your jerseys in my career obviously.

  • You should be able to have ALL OF THE TATTOOS AND HAIR STYLES that the real NBA PLAYERS have in the game for your MYPLAYER. In my career, you should be able to make MORE SUGGESTIONS to the GM(This was a great imput this year) such as line ups, rotations, perferred plays to run, and the ability to suggest free agents and players to trade for. Gameplay wise you should be able to fake the pass while keeping your dribble(like chris paul), add more contact dunk animations, and make the SIGNIGTURE LAYUP PACKAGES ACTUALLY BE WORTH IT AND HAVE A SIGNIGTURE LOOK TO IT.

  • Have different commentators and if not have them looking at the camera and talking about us….. have BETTER Tattoos & BETTER HAIR omg those two need to be first fixed also bring back the d-league

  • And at halftime have your coach speak to the team so yall can get hyped up & real practice with your teamates… be able to drive to the arena……and have the other players talking while u on the bench

  • Also if your my player is #1 draft make him a lil better than others

  • If your my player good enough have him do the usa basketball Olympics& top ten plays on also game interview with d.bruke instead of always press confrence switch it up

  • Carmelboy34

    Just like NikeID for shoes, bring in Nike Elite socks and be able to costimize it

  • Also nba2k needs offensive sets implemented into the game like the triangle offense, the bulls motion offense these can replace the offensive quick plays located right on the dpad this can stop players from running iso the whole game with Kobe/melo/lebron and kicking it out after drives so people that play 2k can play basketball like its played in the NBA realistically and not these players just winging it

  • All future nba2k games should have gameplay based around momentum just like in real basketball when a team goes on a run everyone becomes better the teams shots fall more they play better on defense etc. for nba2k to bring their games to the next level they need some sort of way to give teams a tempo/momentum boost

  • deshaun pickney player transfer from game to game. college ncaa tourney. cheaper stuff on my player. choice of salary cap on association. trade suggestions on my career. more voices. more choices of shoe brands to sign with. after you sign with a brand you should be able to design your own clothes. pre game and post game locker room. pre draft workouts. you should be able to be a number one pick

  • Shontz Yaeger

    in myplayer when the other team makes a stupid pass and you can pick it off it doesnt do anything so we should have faster reflects and be able to pick off passes when you dont press a button because you are pressing the button late

  • Shontz Yaeger

    in myplayer when the other team makes a stupid pass and you can pick it off it doesnt do anything so we should have faster reflects and be able to pick off passes when you dont press a button because you are pressing the button late

  • That in the way MyCARRER in the contest of triple goes out with the vest of his equipment not that of Rookies’s party

  • Que en el modo MyCARRER en el concurso de triples salga con la camiseta de su equipo no la del partio de Rookies

  • Seth

    CPU offensive rebounding needs to be toned down. It seems that every single opponent shot that goes up they’ll have at least 1 or 2 offensive rebounds. Another thing I hate is when my teammates go out of their way to take my rebound. I’ll be trying to get my 10th rebounds when Terrence Williams jumps 50″ out of nowhere and grabs the rebound right over me. Too often I try to get a wide open defensive rebound and the ball hits me in the face and goes out of bounds on me.

  • Seth

    And there should be signature block packages. Like Dwight Howard, how he jumps up really high as a secondary help defender and blocks a shot close to its peak. Or like Javale McGee, swatting a shot into the 4th row. Or like Bill Russell, blocking shots to his teammates. Wilt Chamberlain, grabbing a shot attempt.

  • Seth

    Increase block success for sure. My player is an athletic 7’2 center with a vert of 85 and a block of 99 and a defensive awareness of 99 and i average just over 2 blocks a a game. If you’re block is a 99, you should be averaging 4 or 5 blocks per game, not 2. Also you should be able to block dunks. What really ticks me off is when Mario Chalmers dunks on me as if i wasn’t even there, I get a personal foul and allow man to score. Something needs to be fixed.

  • christian

    and add the realistic fight

  • christian

    add to the gamemodes is nba all-stars free

  • bring in the 05 – 06 miami heat team

  • momo jones

    they should put tattoos of the players from the nba so we can put on our my players also with some hairstyles. They should show we play at least 6 to 8 games of our college year.


    +1. Bring some depth to My Player mode by including more skill related features, not only endorsements because it gets boring after one season since it all becomes the same routine and nothing new happens. Make it more attractive.
    2. Improve the drafting system in My Player.
    3. Include dunk contest, 3 point challenge and All Star Match in NBA2k14.
    4. Dunks should be able to be blocked if the timing is perfect.
    5. For the top players in the league like Kobe, D.Rose, Lebron etc, include signature moves that can be performed when they are heated up or their confidence meter is full.
    6. Include the Top5 FIBA teams along with Team USA, like Spain and Argentina.

  • Guest

    Bring some new features in My Player mode, it gets boring after one season since it all becomes the same routine and nothing new happens. Make it more attractive.

  • Guest

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    Bring some new features in My Player mode, it gets boring after one season since it all becomes the same routine and nothing new happens. Make it more attractive.

  • Guest

    Bring some new features in My Player mode, it gets boring after one season since it all becomes the same routine and nothing new happens. Make it more attractive.

  • karauria

    custom 3pt and dunk celebrations

  • Jk Buford

    Feel like they should fucking do something about these fucking 3 point chesses its so easy to make a three pointer, especially in My Team mode no fun playing online all people do is shoot fucking 3’s it pisses me off, please i hope they make 3 pointer more difficult in 2k14

  • Alexander Ortiz

    if i get drafted at whatever spot i get drafted then the other rookies should be on there respective teams too like if i got drafted #1 in 2k13 and anthony davis was drafted #2 he shouldnt be on the team with me make him be on the team he got drafted to

  • ALL STAR STARTER!!!!!!! I hate beating out everyone in voting and then coming off the bench

  • They should have it where your player has his own signature moves, like if he makes 3 or 4 threes, He’ll do his own moves.

  • 2k should improve the people in the crowd

  • tyler

    it should be like an outside world where you can drive any where also as a fan to cum see other games and go home and when its game day go to the arena and walk back there and get ready to play here the speeches from the coach and get pumped and ready for the game

  • 1.) Be able to shoot-around when you come onto the court in warm-ups.
    2.) Give some vc/skill points then you can upgrade your My Player before you go to the rookie show case.
    3.) Better hairstyles and tattoos.
    4.) When the NBA draft comes be able to see like if it was a real draft, when you see players with holding there new teams jerseys and snapback.

  • julian

    Better ranking system online i dont want to face a guy thats 3-5

  • My song “PLAYOFFS”

  • langsten

    be able to change jerserys in my player an have the crowd boo you if you leave a team

  • devine godfrey

    they should wear their team uniforms in the rising all star game .

  • Carmelboy34

    Be able to upload a draft class in MyPlayer/MyCareer to either
    A) Play in the NBA with your friends
    B) Be able to update on the NCAA. like in 2015-16 get the prospects from college.

  • to return to the game kareem abdul-jabbar and dr j

  • JulzDaRandom

    1.More hairstyles(High Top)And also we can choose nba players hairstyles

    2.My career-Change the social media to twitter…Tryouts for Usa team or any others..More endorsements for shoes(Adidas,Underarmour)..More voice..Practice with the whole team..

    3.More accessories..(Mouthguard,Nike elite socks)…Were aloud to choose the colors for the accessories..

    4.Bring back Dunk packages of Lebron James,Blake Griffin.etc.

    5.When you create your my career mode,your player will start in high school, to college then into the NBA..

    6.Change Lebron James free throw,Chris bosh,Kevin Martin and J.R. Smith

    7.No more Generic Shoes

    8.Every NBA players should have their own jumpshot..

    9.We are aloud to make to mycareer account or more

    10.Make the PA call our names rather than the nickname(My name is in the 2k thing)

  • Sick van syke

    Edit age. Crew mode.

  • Seth Sumbang

    I would like to see a update of rosters for who ever gets traded or who ever got assigned in a team and have more interviews

  • miles

    there should be offseason charity games in mycareer and if you get mvp or finals mvp or nba first team play a pickup game at the whitehouse with obama

  • My Player

    1. Before the draft in my player you can choose a backstory for yourself

    2. Make press conferences have multiple questions and be more personal to your my player, I would drop 100 points and they would ask about how i got player of the week

    3. Be able to talk trash to certain players and create rivalries of your own for example if I have a my player that is a SF and plays better than lebron than have comparisons and heated rivalries not just like its another game. And key games don’t count its the same as an ordinary regular season game

    4. Please for the love of god make more hair and facial features

    5. Have commentators talk about your my player when you accomplish things for example how you’ve been averaging a triple double and you’ve been on a long winning streak simple things

    6. Way more endorsements and take out choosing between nike and Jordan. I want to be able to sign with adidas or wear different shoes when i want to

    7. Be able to skip key games but a set number of times a year

    8. More VC when you resign your contract. I get paid 500 vc a year like i did with my rookie contract while averaging a triple double and won my team 3 championships? that is not logical 2k fix it

    9. be able to edit your wingspan

    10. Be able to interact with the crowd more and when your on a crap team the whole entire stadium is not filled up

    Thats it for now i could think of a ton of things but all in all make my player MORE PERSONAL!!!! make it so like each my player you create is not like the other. Its a sports rpg

  • 2kfanatic

    Nba live had all of us this except myplayer idk wat happened it juss started to suck

  • 2kfanatic

    They should let u player thru ncaa tournament based on how good u play should decide how good your player and where he will go in the draft and but the real rookies should get drafted onto the same team

  • Bring in some new hairstyles, tattoos, and add some more gear.

  • they should say the starting line up in 2k

  • 1.) Make more in real life
    2.) Just not make Jay-z the Exacitive produncer
    3.0 Not have to buy/Pre-Order Nba2k13 to get the Dunk 3 point contest All star game Rising star challenge

  • plzzz make the graphics same as console

  • Justin

    i think the building your player from a high school senior is very good. it would be interesting having to chose a college and going on from there. i also think they should make a mode where you can be the gm and you get to hear the buzz from other players and gms. the players can come to you or you can call them and you get to pretty much run the team

  • Chris Evans

    Bring back 2k college series were you build your stock and reputation in college like road to glory but in college though. And also 2k cribs were your able to purchase houses and stuff and make it seem more realistic.

  • kai

    Add the 50 greatest nba players with their teams.

  • – put more haircuts on there like fades, parts, etc.

    – do the gameface like ea sports did

    – put espn crew on there during halftime

    – put technical fouls and ejections on there

    – do hall of fame live

    – put olympics on there

    – let us make our own nickname

    – put the highlights for the jordan player of the game back on there like you did on 2k12

    – put jamal crawford and chris paul signature layups on there

  • seth ingalls

    i think they should incorperate what we want instead if them they would get more money out if this

  • You should be able to trade and sell players with others online players, if you got like Tim Hardaway and you put him in a kind of market, and someone else want it they can offer vc or a player to trade with. If they added those things ”My team” would be AWESOME!!!!!!

  • jeff mathieu


  • RubioMadness

    They need to make serious improvements to the online association. It would be great if you could see who was online at the time instead of just sending game requests out randomly and hoping someone is online. A trade system in MyTeam would be great as well.

  • darius allen

    how about create a stadium/arena for your created team,more under armour shoes,make Players like they are in real life,like lebron james arrogant,kevin garnett a dirty player and russell westbrook a crybaby.Make Lebron james with a beard,make it realistic and please keep create a team in the game.Please use my ideas in nba 2k14.

  • michaeloefelein

    if you create a celeb team again please make it more realistic…sean kingston is not able to dunk..never 🙂

  • Have the olympics in the game

  • sloth

    i have some ideas to make nba 2k14 amazing

    1.Before the game, be able to watch the starting lineups for each team

    2.Be able to use your kinect or playstation eye camera to take a picture of your face and put it on you

    3.more classic teams (reggie millers pacers)

    4.more haircuts

    5.Other sponsers (adidas, reebok) to put goggles on your player

    7.playoff atmosphere to get the announcer to say your name

    9.when making a team, able to put words on your jerseys

    10.all-star game, dunk contest, 3 point shootout,rookie challenge, skills challenge that you dont have to download

  • u should be able to have a house and car on mycareer mode, more and different tattoos,and u should be able to create sleeves desings,and, choose your on voice and new faces,and last u should be able to get a phone

  • Please get some more hairstyles i have had all of dem and please get ahairstyle of HIGHTOP FADE PLEASE!!!!!

  • Exequiel De Leon

    slum dunk contest

  • Shontz Yaeger

    bring back the super sonics

  • Shontz Yaeger

    i think they should bring back the super sonics

  • Ryan Schafer

    when you sit down to talk to a team after the d-league you should have more to choose from and you should be able to talk into the kinect

  • Ryan Schafer

    bring back 3 point comp. and dunk comp. in nba blacktop

  • in my career or my player allow the player to buy his own car and house and you will be able to drive to the stadium with your car.

  • Ryan Schafer

    have your player live the life of a rookie/superstar in myplayer mode

    • Ryan Schafer

      and have them play in the olpmics

  • Ryan Schafer

    have a choose of playing in college then to nba or go straight to the d-league

  • Ryan Schafer

    hey should have your player on MyPlayer mode go to the olmpics

  • Ryan Schafer

    they should let you live the life of a all star in MyPlayer mode

  • 1. Start from high school – college – nba
    2. have an NBA 2k MY CRIB

  • Miles

    Start from march madness in my career. Have a wife and kids(optional)

  • dizzletwizzle

    more singature skills

  • dizzletwizzle

    the crowd graphics sucks

  • Guest

    earvin johnson

  • dizzletwizzle

    julius erving

  • Wishlist/Ideas:

    1. Add the “Celebrity Game” to the All Star Weekend

    2. Halftime show which should include a person from the crowd coming down and shooting a half-court shot for $50k and if you’re the star of your team, you get to hand them the check.

    3. Be able to play as Barack Obama or at least at the White House in Blacktop Mode

    4. Different parks for Blacktop Mode i.e. Rucker Park, The Cage, Venice Beach, and etc.

    5. In “MyCareer” mode, when you choose the college you go to, have your player start off playing in March Madness (or at least Sweet 16). So whatever college you choose, you’ll start off playing in March Madness, even if that team really wasn’t in it, then the other teams in it will have actually been in it. That way you can showcase your talents in a more hyped situation, not in that Summer League. Then if your team wins the championship, you declare for the NBA Draft and based on your play in the March Madness, you get drafted accordingly. Then when you get drafted, you go through the Summer League and that determines your role and how many minutes you get. The better you play in the Summer League, the more minutes you get and more important your role will be.

    6. Be able to buy houses, cars, and etc. As a low-payed rookie, you’ll only be able to buy an apartment, but once you become a superstar and get paid more, you’ll be able to buy more (of course).

    7. Be able to get married (Like, include girls from Sports Illustrated, or have the option to create your wife) and have kids (sons only though). So if you retire when your son turns 19, you get to play as your son, whose face will be generated based on the face of your player and whoever you marry. If your son is not 19, then you can coach as your current player until your son turns 19. Also, if you become a Hall Of Famer, then your son’s attributes will be better. So, the better you are at the end of your career, the better he will be. Then the son gets married and etc.

    8. We don’t need VC to buy EVERYTHING. Also, it should be a little bit easier to earn VC and in a wider abundance. And if you win the NBA Finals in MyCareer mode, you should be awarded 20,000 VC, 30,000 if you win and you’re the Finals MVP, and 35,000 if you were the regular season MVP as well. Also, our player’s salary will determine how much VC we earn. The more our player’s salary is, the more VC he earns.

    9. The TNT crew of Ernie Johnson, Shaq, Charles, Kenny, and Webber. Have them talk during halftime of games about the current game. Also, make this a bonus team to play with, the TNT/ESPN crew, consisting of: Ernie Johnson, Kenny, Charles, Shaq, Webber, Magic, Dennis Scott, Reggie Miller, and etc.

    10. Have Historic Games like in 2K11 and 2K12.

    11. A better shoe customizer. Make it possible to mix and match pieces, depending on what endorsement you have (in MyCareer only. Also be able to make shoes in a mode outside of MyCareer for your MyPlayer to wear and be able to sell your design online and you can earn VC for every person that purchases your shoe). Make the shoes look more realistic and not so plastic.

    12. “Create-A-Coach” mode so that way you can create your own coach.

    13. Not have to work so damn much just to get a little bit of SP in MyCareer mode. It was much better in 2K11, easier to upgrade your player, being able to get him to 99 by the middle of your second year, or before if you were consistent and played a lot.

    14. Be able to create your own commercials or at least choose from different options.

    15. More hairstyles for your player

    16. Being able to control your player’s tendencies in MyCareer mode. Now, my player has a 99 dunk, I want to be able to make him dunk at every chance he can get, I WANT TO SEE SOME POSTERS!

    17. Have a dunk replayer, in which you’re able to save it as a poster and the poster will be sold in “stores”.

    18. Include more endorsements, from other companies not sports related like Sprite, Coke, Honda, and etc. Also, jersey sales. For every time you sell a jersey, you get a few VC

    19. Top 5 and Top 10 Plays of the Day, Week, Month, and Year. You get VC if you make a play that is in the Top 3. 100 VC for 3rd play, 250 VC for 2nd play, and 500 VC for 1st play. If you make the Top Play of the Year, then you get 2000 VC.

    20. More legendary teams and players and make them more accurate. Also, include a few international players and teams as well as being able to play an Olympics Mode.

    21. LeBron James on the cover. He has YET to be on the cover and I believe he deserves it. After last year and this year, he needs to be on the cover.

    22. Be able to talk and hang out with your NBA friends, boosting your chemistry if you’re on the same team as them or one of them.

    23. Be able to see the actual tweets of NBA players

    24. A parade if you win the NBA Finals

    25. Don’t make the players fatigue so quickly if their stamina attribute is at 99. Also, don’t make it where my player has a 99 shot from medium range misses a wide-open shot off of a perfect release, but yet some random scrub with a 70 shot from medium range hits some insane ass turn-around, step-back, fade-away jumper over you. THAT’S BS. Also, if my speed is 99, NOBODY should be able to catch me on the fast break unless they’re LBJ or Rose or somebody like that, not no damn Mario Chalmers or Derrick Williams or somebody like that. Also, if my handles are a 99, THEY SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO STEAL THE DAMN BALL FROM ME EASILY OR BARELY AT ALL, ESPECIALLY IF THEIR STEAL IS ONLY LIKE A 65, YET WHEN I TRY TO STEAL FROM THEM WITH A 99 STEAL, IT’S A REACH IN FOUL. FIX THAT! And stop having the coach sub me out in MyCareer mode 1 rebound short of a triple-double and shit. It’s like every time I’m going to make a milestone or break a record, they “take me out” and then I can’t hit the milestone. STOP CHEATING ME YOU BASTARDS! Also fix the “Finisher” and “Posterizer” signature skills because when I’ll be going up to try and dunk on Udonis Haslem or even Chalmers, I will get fouled, but miss the dunk or just miss the dunk. Yet, on the other end, Wade will run through and dunk over like, Dwight and Al Jefferson (I know they’re not on the same team, just using them as examples based on their size) at the same damn time. Or if I go to make a layup in contact with a 95 or 99 “Shoot in Contact” and 99 in “Strength”, as well as “Finisher” as a signature skill, I’ll miss. Then on the other end, Chalmers will do some 360, double pump, no look, reverse layup and make it. Like, really? -___- That is BS! That all needs to be fixed. Also, stop making to where they can always read your passes, ESPECIALLY on alley oops. THAT IS BULLSHIT! If that were true, LAC wouldn’t be called “Lob City” because all of the oop passes would be deflected or stolen. Also, make it to where your player in “MyCareer” doesn’t receive all the blame, like you’ll get a, “Allowed Player To Score” or “Allowed Player To Get Offensive Rebound” even though that player wasn’t one you were guarding or all four of your teammates were in the paint to rebound it, but let one guy get to it before they did. Also, make it easier to dive for loose balls. You have to press too many buttons rapidly just to get your player to jump and by then the ball is out.

    Well, this is my wishlist for NBA 2K14. I know some of you might think, “What the hell?” on some of these, but hear me out. It would be a dope game if it existed with all of this stuff, more fun to play, more stuff to do. So, yeah, plus, it’s MY wishlist. Don’t like it? Oh well, write your own. Hope to see at least 12/25 of the things I asked for, ESPECIALLY the fixes in #25. Yupp, this is my dream list. Now, 2K Sports……………..MAKE IT HAPPEN! 😀

  • a300

    having gym … and who is like a grand theft auto porder go down the street …

  • Jeremiah Robinson


  • Jeremiah Robinson

    1. They should make your MYPLAYER start from college.
    2. They need to make changes to your MYPLAYER voice. They should let you choose the voice or you can speak into the mic and use your voice.
    3. You should have a legit off-season and workouts with your team.
    4. They should make Halftime interviews with your MYPLAYER, and they need to make the interviews better and also they need to make the GM Sitdown better.
    5. Make the MYPLAYER rosters more realistic.
    6. Have more shoes and clothes for your MYPLAYER.

  • Rich Fox

    To make the best basketball ever :

    1. Add Physics and fix the animations where I’m sucked into backing down a player when trying to make a cut in the post .
    2. You should also be able to get holding calls when players are moving around the courtan and you try to stop them .
    3. Remove attributes and player rankings . Chris Paul shouldn’t be allowed to get every steal in the game just because he’s Chris Paul .
    4. Add first person view to myPlayer mode where you can hear the player breathing and have him call plays and etc.
    5. In MyPlayer , you should be able to have the coach direct you and draw up plays on time outs .
    6. You should have clutch moments in late game situations where you can the team can go to you for baskets .
    7. Have different player body types like : long arms , muscular , stubby ( Like melo ) , Chubby ( Like big men )
    8. Add sign agent to MyPlayer to handle trades endorsements and money .
    9. Add player rivalries where you can chose rivials players and teams and have big games against them .
    10. Add real practices where you can go up against players in your position and battle for minutes .
    11. Develop signature moves when player becomes star .
    12. Have players develop skills instead of buying them
    13. Create your own jump shot .
    14. Have more interactment throughout the summer of MyPlayer .
    15. Add more legends like Kareem , Dr. J , Reggie and etc.

  • KHugh123

    In MyPlayer mode you should be able to edit your players height and weight and give him tattoos and let him get a fresh cut. Also, it should be more in depth with maybe having your player workout in the gym and have practices to improve skills instead of just playing games and the occassional drills

  • the thing that we need in 2k14 is a better crowd because is horrible and make it realstic like madden people you can do it trust me and other thing we need is a better halftime report when you sit down with erine shaq charles and talk about the first half and than we need commmecials like when coachs call timeout let it have commecials than back to the game at least 7 or 8 and plus have more intervies on and off the court like in the locker room when the game over and evething and finally my player let your my player start in colleage and let it be your face and your voice on the my player like upload it on a computer . and finally let your my player have it on car and house like when you get done with your season you can chill in your crib ride in your car and do all that good stuff please please look at my page and put this stuff in 2k14 it will get everone buying it trusr me and plus have a pre game show like before the game stat let your my player shout around with your team please and thank you

  • tony rose

    I’m a Hugh Jordan fan if they could give us an option on uniforms example Jordan’s short shorts in all of 90s where undershorts are showing they have that in exhibition mode not association mode the current Nba shorts are long baggy sloppy looking that’s all I wish for jus an option on size of shorts in association mode shouldn’t be to hard or too much ask for

  • troy brwon

    you should be able to purchase full sleeve tattoo that are similar to player tattoo that already in the league(like JR smith, Jamal Crawford, Birdman Anderson ETC..)

  • troy brwon

    bring back the dunk contest participation

  • troy brwon

    bring back real cash instead of skill point… ppl want to know how much there worth

  • disqus_Ofk8vTbZJV

    bring back college hoops

  • when you start playing the game ask you whats your favorite u select for example the miami heats and you have the background of the team locker room that you have select and then appears the menu choose your team for a quick game blabla

  • BBlifestyle

    The only thing that needs to be added is: Make it possible to start the association mode from the past with real players and drafts to the 90s, so you wouldnt have to draft all these made up players from the start.

  • Donatas

    It would be cool if we could continue our 2k13 career to 2k14 so we don’t have to create new player and start everything from 0

  • Fin

    It would be great if the replays would happen before a timeout or during breaks instead of in between possessions.

  • JulzDaRandom

    -More shoes like the AdiGhost……

    -For the rising star and the 3point contest,you should be able to put your jersey from your team in my career

  • Brandon Jackson

    My Wishlist:
    1) Integrate the TNT/ESPN/ABC aspect of the games. Like if you’re playing a game and it isn’t nationally televised then it should be presented by the teams local channel. And in the association mode have it on the calendar telling you what games will be on what channel.
    2) Have players be themselves @ the free throw line…if I want to use the ‘Hack a Shaq’ strategy on DeAndre Jordan I should be able to knowing that 9 times out of ten he’ll miss two.
    3) In association mode have the computer be more realistic and make smarter trades.
    4) Make every shoe on the game totally customizable. You have serious game players who also watch every game possible who want to put the exact same color Jordans that Nate Robinson or DeMar Derozan wore in the game.
    5) more spacing on the floor. I hate when I call a player over for a pick and one of my other teammates shifts right into the spot that I want you use after the pick.
    6) LOSE THE CHEATING CPU!! I can’t even run my association mode on HOF because of how extra hard the CPU cheats. Pick n roll passes are always read and stolen..they never miss wide open shots @ all..if I make a great defense play as in a block the refs will always call a foul.
    7) Add JR Smiths tatts on his neck. Kobe is not that fast. Josh Selby has no business having a higher dunk RTG than Jamesarden.
    8) please bring back the college basketball it would be epic to have the mode like they do at EA where u can bring your guy from college to the pros.

  • Kameron M.

    Oh and another thing; please randomize the jersey selection in MyCareer like in Road to the Show. I mean It sucks to get drafted by the Heat but you can’t wear the Retros, Back in Black’s, White Hot, etc. It gets boring and repetitive when teams only wear the home and aways

  • Kameron M.

    Add more emotion…direct cutaways to players after game winners…players with high emotion=more call complaining=technical fouls HOWEVER keep some control to the techs because i don’t want a player getting T’ed up late in a game where the FT would cost me without my control. Out of Bounds Reviews changed calls, suspensions, fines (VC), ejections, all of that would add a realistic heart-pumping feel to the game. Bench players excited and allow us to “live” in the moment after a game-winner: listen to the crowd the celebration the players talking and maybe a “be the ref” mode but definitely add pre-game warmups if the player wishes

  • Kenny

    2k14 should let u live a real life like a family and house

  • JulzDaRandom

    My career-You should
    change the “Allow Your Man To Score”..If your a Pg,and if you let your
    Pg offenser scores,it’s okk..But not when your a Pg and a Center
    scores..That’s just stupid…. Press conference before games…… Make
    the Commenter say your real names more often rather than your
    nickname…… More shoes endorsements(Adidas,Reebok,Under armour)…..
    like the idea for the social media thing,but you also can answer to
    peoples questions,talk to them.Make it more like tweeter…… Try
    making to make the USA Team….

    Creation of Players-More hairstyles(High Top,Choose the hairstyles of
    the Nba players) ,More voices,Mouth piece and Elites socks..

    Shoes-We should change the color of our shoes (If your in the
    Lakers,you can choose the normal color of the shoes or the color of your

    Dunks-Bring back all the Nba players dunk package (lebrons dunk
    package,Blake Griffins,Derrick rose)and save the facebook dunk package.

  • Cydonia

    The Beats in 2k12 were 10X better than this year’s stuff. Stop monopolizing the music. Allow Historic Teams to be Shared online WITH the correct uniforms! Allow entire Classic Seasons with correct era uniforms for creation or roster share. Take this $#*! to the next level!

  • Miles Hardee

    letting you make you own moves like dunks, layups, crossovers and shooting strokes.

  • JulzDaRandom

    My career-You should change the “Allow Your Man To Score”..If your a Pg,and if you let your Pg offenser scores,it’s okk..But not when your a Pg and a Center scores..That’s just stupid…. Press conference before games.. Make the Commenter say your real names more often rather than your nickname.. More shoes endorsements(Adidas,Reebok,Under armour).. like the idea for the social media thing,but you also can answer to peoples questions,talk to them.Make it more like tweeter. Try making to make the USA Team..

    Creation of Players-More hairstyles(High Top,Choose the hairstyles of the Nba players) ,More voices,Mouth piece and Elites socks..

    Shoes-We should change the color of our shoes (If your in the Laker,you can choose the normal color of the shoes or the color of your team.

    Dunks-Bring back all the Nba players dunk package (lebrons dunk package,Blake Griffins,Derrick rose)

  • Young Basic 17

    I have ideas that can help my career mode have better results and plays.

    1. You should be able to have a crib for my career, you buy your accessories without xboxlive. The better you do in your career (any year) the better the type of crib you get.

    2.In crib mode after every game you should be able to watch espn, and other house events.

    3.All the off court events you get on my career you should be able to actually play or experience it to make my career more realistic.

    4.You should be able to pick the jerseys you wanna wear before the game starts.

    5.Bring back draft combine before the rookie showcase, or just let the player do drills before the rookie showcase to get used to their player.

    6.You should start when you become a lottery pick in the draft to make the my career mode more realistic, plus the way you’ve played like 5 or 4 stars on everything should determine your player’s overall.

    7.You should be able to choose your voice and player’s egos, mentality and emotion level to show how he gets along with teamates/opponents/your coach & gm/referees and fans.

    8.Your should be able to interact with your teamates/choach and referee on the court during games like (Press A/X To Interact With Generousity or Press B/O To Interact With Indifference).

    9.You already have the twitter thing but give the players facebook and instagram as well and let the players be able to respond/msg their fans/friends, and post or tweet what’s on your mind and your buzz gets likes/retweets to be more realistic.

    10.You should be able to sign with any endorsment and get more varieties with it, not just get sneakers you should have your own clothes, sports wear, choose your billboards, magazine cover poses and choose how you want your commercial to be.

    11.Shopping for clothes/sports gear shouldn’t need xboxlive, just have enough money with your my career paychecks. You should also get phones to talk with your teamates/coach/fans/friends and family, also be able to take snapshots on and off the court for your fan views.

    Those are my ideas, I hope you like them and use them. Thanks

    You should also bring back college and make the my career link to it.

    My gmail is for contact.

  • J#33

    Really, a pregame warm up and half time coach speech… motivating etc. would make the gameplay so much more interesting!

  • J#33

    MyPlayer with my face with camera feature of ps4

  • Mirari Freeman

    allow us to make our own shoe brand by making an editor. much like the COD black ops II emblem maker

  • Mirari Freeman

    also have more offseason tasks for Mycareer like:

    1)summer league for rookies

    2)olympic teams

    3)training camp

    and if needed make a 2 disc set (1 for mycareer and myplayer blacktop and another for online play and quick games)

  • Mirari Freeman

    how about when you make your My-career when picking your college team you can play in the NCAA tournament to raise your value and if you don’t want to play in the college games you can sim (like simming the high school games in NCAA football 2012)

    • @mirarifreeman:disqus I’mn’t sure about contracts between NCAA and 2K.

  • malik

    more accessories eg. mouthpiece more adidas and nike sleeves and socks

  • MVP

    Too many glitches! PLEASE FIX IT.

  • Anthony Budd

    Bring espn into the game like madden did in 2010 after every game

    Different voices & let us create different my players without them lookin the same nd having the same name & voice

    Let us change our jersey we are tired of the same two

    Different hairstyles

    Let us sign with adidas, under armor, converse, reebok. Not just nike and jordan

    Change LeBron attributes ( thats just cheating )

    Let us have money instead of vc points

    Lower the prices for clothes

    Have different drills

    And if some one is injured in real life have them be injured in myplayer mode to

    Lets our my player play for Team U.S.A in the olympics

  • The only thing they need 2 do is have Live & NBA2K sync up 2gather & a lot of stuff would be solved.

  • on 2k14 i would like to see create ur own free throw just like create ur own jumper instead and i would say ally-opp duck packages and lay-up


    oh yea this is anthony brown again i think when you do my carrer when their are photoshoots for magazines or billboards we should be able too accept or deny it and we should atleast pick the pose like holding a ball or somthing like dat


    My name is Anthony Brown and i think you should see your player driving to the game and if he’s late or something the coach would be standing at the door shaking his head and he wont get as many minuets i also think he should be able to interact with his team and players around the league he should be able totalk to them after the game and before the game and he should be able to post appropiate tweets or annouce when his Jays or Nikes go drop (and he should be able to make his own brand?)


      and i forgot too add make the blocks better and more realistic

  • Mathew

    * Starting lineup introductions ie: AAAAAt gaurd from UNLV, 6″3, number 9 . . . . . . . . . . etc etc.

    * The ‘option’ to carry over your 2k13 My Player to 2k14 so you dont have to start as a rookie every year you buy 2k.

    * The ‘option’ to do pregame shooting warmups with your team before the game.

    * A trophy cabinet which holds championship trophies, rings, mvp trophies etc that you have won over your career

    * choose what uniforms to wear in My Player games

  • WhiteMamba

    Start Associations like eight years older to change NBA history.
    More fluency in the CPU game.
    Jersey’s changing in Christmas Day or St.Patrick’s or noche latina.
    Join the NBA as a big prospect,so being and starter in your new team or have 30 MPG.

    More actions to do out from the games.

  • Yo Dyeu

    have your player start in college and play like 2 seasons and then get drafted into the nba , it would also be cool if we could have a life beyond the court . partys , cars , houses the whole deal

  • we should have 2kmylife, like walk, drive around and that stuff. The game would be more exiting, and i`ve talk to some people about it they agreed, it`ll be more exiting

  • 2KFAN

    First Let it be on PC said i heard 2K may cancel it

    1)Allow your player to talk and answer about 2 questions to Doris at haltime,

    then be able to go to the lockeroom before the 3rd quater

    2)in the social media tab be able to reply back

    exp: if a player says there going to beat your team be able to type a message back

    3)Every year of your career get new endorsement deals

    etc: yr 1 Jordan

    yr 2 Nike

    yr 3 Adidas

    yr 4 Burger King or something

    4) Have a crib like in NFL 2K5 and in Madden

    5)After we create our new player let it go to us playing our last game in college

    6)A bunch load of different press conf. questions and predraft questions

    7)let us finally have “STAR” under our status instead of “starter,role,and prospect”

    8)it may sound silly but if we get fouled let us fight or exchange words or let us get ejected out of game or something

    9)new voices for our myplayer please and let us be able to change the voices so not all players sound the same

    10)different hairstyles let us have designs like brandon jennings and ron artest




    11) sleeve tattoos chest tattoos leg tattoos

    12) fix the problem that when we try to extend contrat it either freezes or crashed

    13) be able to block dunks

    14) CREW CREW CREW CREW CREW CREW CREW!!!! i mean i dont play it but give it to the people that LOVVVVVE IT

  • John Pagauisan

    fix SP TO VC in my career…


    And drive around and go to basketball games and basketball court games and basketball training .


    Start Off Last College Game Go To Big Rookie Showcase And Get Drafted Buy A House A Phone Your Own Designer Shoes And Cars .

  • put the wnba in it

  • 1: my player in college
    2: my player walk around own a house & go to other ppl games
    3: let your my player hang out with celebrities
    4: more celebrities
    5:my player jeresy change
    6: have a birthday party for your my player
    7: have more events in all star weekend
    8: make your my player have a rivialry
    9: put nba tv tnt espn abc in to host games
    10: let your my player be team captian
    11: have obama at one of your games
    12: put more songs in it

  • Shadee Fisher

    in mycareer wear your team jersey instead of wear elits and stars, team chuck vs team shaq and celebriy all star game

  • i wanna more clothes customization, NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND on PC and ofcourse available all star teams, more endorsments……. thats all

  • Alex

    I really wish that in the next game, 2ksports could improve the moods of each player and create relations between them.. I mean, it would be fantastic if two players could stir up during a game and force one by ones (for example kirie irving and brandon knight in the All Star Game) and create a competitiveness for a couple of months or for a lifelong (think about kobe and MJ or durant and lebron).

    Another example could be the Lakers team.. If you pick the team in the 2k13 game you wont notice the charged atmosphere there today and you will easily win Miami for example..

    I think that this is the most attractive improvement that 2ksports could make. Imagine also that Gasol’s brothers could play together.. there WILL BE OBVIOUSLY a special union inside the court between them and nba 2k13 dont consider that option, that’s my only wish for the new 2k game.

  • roverz90

    I don’t know if I’m the only one but out of last 3 nba2k’s, the best experience i had with 2k11. I feal like it has gone worse.Kitch. In my career mode you should bring back accessories in game not just online, If i want to change something on my player i don’t wanna go buy different stuff, give us knee pads, arm sleeves and etc. Let us choose jerseys in my career mode. And maybe, and this is the idea that I like, givas an option to play career mode with real players like they made on proevolution soccer 2013.

  • gangstar

    let us play some games in a college team before the draft begins

  • new camera mode first person and third person

    should make players fight with each other dfter flagrant foul

  • your created player can be a (star) and not a (pricipiante) and if you’re chosen player number 1 draft pick playing quintecto than once.

  • dan

    Lebron wade dwight durant etc rookie full legends teams reggie pacers maybe magic Larry rookie

  • katuh9

    in my career lets start out in college then go to the rookie showcase and if you come out top 12 you have to start and make my career online like in madden im so sure everybody will like that and lets go back to skill points and it could be tight if you could walk to the gym and drive to games like in GTA for an online my career

  • Allen Iverson Jr.

    Things that need to be added in 2k14:
    1) you should be able to play a career as a coach.
    2) there should be a live team practice.
    3) your player (or coach) should have a house and a car, I mean you guys make the my players seem like bums that earn thousands of dollars a year.
    4) your player should have personal trainers that help him get better and recover from injuries.
    5) your player should actually be able to get injured, make injuries a little more frequent.
    6) you should have a choice to either start your basketball career in high school or college.
    7) you should earn more vc when you win a game online about 250-500 vc.
    8) people should be able to carry their mycareer accounts over from the previous games.
    9) you should be able to get flagrant fouls, technical fouls, and you should be able to argue w/the refs and your coach.
    10) there should be on court pre-game and on court post-game interviews.
    11) you should be able to hang out at other players houses.
    12) you should actually be able to participate in team dinners and nba cares events.
    13) you should be able to sign autographs and interact with fans.
    15) just think about what a real nba player would do in real life.
    16) if there are online 2k servers problems or something then there shouldn’t be a winner or a loser for that game.

  • more crossovers better crossovers through the leg crossovers a little bit more streetball ball moves

  • Derek

    -in my career you should be able to shoot around before the game with your teammates until you feel warmed up.

    -Also you should Be able to play in the olympics.

    -instead of press game interviews, you should do on court interviews after the game until
    playoff time.

    -Be able to participate in charity events that you choose

    -more endorsements and more animations to go along with what you choose

    -be able to workout in the off season if you want

  • TheBlackholepointguard

    1.Can you add the streetball players or AND 1 players in the roster so we can make cooler crossovers

    2.Can you add Local Area Network gaming… And Can make many myplayers in one account

    3.Can upload logos from file for making a team… And we can design our own Jersey for our new team.

    4. Add some accesories in my player liek shades, eyeglasses, necktie, bowtie, reporters clothes, referies clothes, and Hiphop clothes.

    5.Pls add the college teams in the roster…

    6.Add some new features and signature moves.

    7. Make a best Blacktop player… like Hot sauce in And 1 and Helicopter in and 1.

    8.Put some cool anklebreakers and crossovers…

    9. Add the mascot clothes for my player…


  • TheBlackholepointguard

    Can you add Local Area Network gaming… And Can make many myplayers in one account

  • Derek

  • Derek

    Bring the east and west all stars back.

  • Jawahn

    For the 2k14 wish list .I wlill like for my career player to wear more than the two same uniforms.

  • Tim McNeal

    Upload your face like with madden, so your my playercan be more realistic

  • rayray

    make college players in the draft class!

  • in my career mode your my player must have a chance to play with the olympic team

  • disqus_7Jo5ZTgfic

    What will be great is keep the Online Association how it is. But make it where you can invite a friend over the internet to play with you. On the Same team. NBA 2k14

  • Anthony

    Madden has moving hair

  • Anthony

    And change the voice of my career

  • Anthony

    More realistic animations dealing with the player himself as in moving hair. A more interactive crowd like before the buzzer beater everybody is still and when you hit the shot then everybody goes wild instead wavin arms the. Whole time.. MORE AFRICAN AMERICAN HAIRCUTS!!!! Tired of all looking like I haven’t brushed my hair. No fades n a fucked up street edge up? C’mon

  • #1/ give signature hair styles
    #2/ make more contact dunks
    #3/ add my crew mode agin
    #4/ new post animations ….. far as falling if you fade too far back
    #5/ new Dunks period ….. in a game and in the slam dunk competition
    #6/ make new signature skills;;; like example;;; Range. a player that has strength to shoot from any where above the arch
    #7/ make better shoe disigns
    #8/ create fancy layups … like derrick rose
    #9/ stop makin animated shots thats fake.. example a little guy goes up on big man they are goin to make him do that lean back layup… just make him go up
    #10/ make your my players have funny commercials like they do in real life

  • technical fouls

  • Dustin Morris

    1. Get accessories on your my player for free like in 2k12 instead of buying them with VC.

    2. Give the all star weekend to everyone, not just the people who pre-ordered the game.

    3. Make after game interviews with doris burke.

    4. Start out in college and work your way into the NBA

    5. Make players more aggressive so they will get into fights and get suspended.

    6. Add technical fouls

    7. After retirement you should be able to come out of retirement or become a coach.

    8. Highlights of the game and halftime for all systems not depending on the storage of the system

    9. Make it like real life (house, car, and traveling)

    10. Be able to change the voice

    • Dustin Morris

      (Forgot to add this) Let your player play on the USA Olympics Team

  • My favorite thing to do would be able to import or transfer the mycareer and myplayer over from 2k13 to 2k14

  • lil Penny

    classic teams should be playable online!!

  • lil Penny

    not 1995 but the 1996 orlando magic…with Penny and Shaq. 1995-1996

  • lil Penny

    1996 orlando magic!!

  • lil Penny

    Make the classic teams available for online play!!

  • lil Penny

    1996 orlando magic

  • i want em to add better hairstyles u should be able to have a wingspan and a hand size how much body fat u want i want to be able to let my player where his jersey like dwight howard’s and lebron in real life better dunks more tattoos and let us choose our vertical

  • Guest

    and add more tattoos

  • i want em to add better hairstyles u should be able to have a wingspan and a hand size how much body fat u want i want to be able to let my player where his jersey like dwight howard’s and lebron in real life better dunks more tattoos and let us choose our vertical

  • Iziah Anderson

    alot of more soundtracks the ones played get old quick

  • Iziah Anderson

    separate game like 2kMylife like sims and GTA drive to your games and practice go to events, think it would be a fun addition

  • usa olympics in my player mode would make so much more realistic it would be awsome


    -real D-League
    -real player introduction with original music
    -new mode: MY TEAM, create your own team and play an association with 31 teams
    -better presentation on all star weekend

  • tahji

    Nba 2k14 it should have espn,tnt and nba tv so it can b more commentators and when it is halftime it should b real like shaq and charles barkley and players should have the right accecories in the game and the right color for different uniforms in mycareer u should earn more vc after the game and the myplayer store should have real life cost instead of shirts costing 5000 vc and there should b more shoes in the game and more accecories to choose from and u should b able to choose what your team weres in mycareer n u should have a house n car

  • Karolis

    Also bring back D League for My Career and Association

  • Karolis

    1. Make My Player Closet and other stuff to PC version.
    2. Bring back draft combine.
    3. Bring back Crew mode.

  • Barash

    can make your own team with any NBA player

  • bring back allen irvsen with his team for a two year

  • Be able to contcat with celebritys

  • This is what i hope you add/fix on 2k’s next installment:
    1. Please make sure you fix bugs that are messing up the game like how i could sign a new contract because it would freeze my game, and how i could change my 2kbeats playlist so i had to listen to the same boring songs.

    2. On myplayer it takes way too long to be good enough to even make the game fun. it makes the game more of a chore than it is fun. If im drafted #1 overall the i should have the best potential and overall rating. it unrealistic to be the #1 overall pick with a 59 overall rating and not START on top of that.

    3. when customizing my myplayer i should also be able to customize tendencies and attributes. why should i have to suck so much and feel like i didnt create my player? i should also be able to choose my personality and that should matter.

    4. either eliminate vc or lower the cost of skill and attributes. one of the main reasons the beginning or your myplayers career is such a chore is because it skills cost way too much. like one speed attribute cost 1000 vc. thats insane. stop that. also clothes and accessories cost too much also.

    5. there should be some type of off season activity so you can improve like real life.

    6.last time you guys did an update that messed up the whole game.

  • it is soo boring trying to make you myplayer good enough to actually be able to make a can we atleast have the game make sense to where if your drafted first overall you have the best overall rating in the draft class. i hate starting out with a 59 overall rating and working all year just to make the game fun. you should be able to adjust everything including attributes and tendencies. no more vc either or at least lower the cost for the skills and attributes or something because it cost way to much (especially speed and quickness.) ANDD PLEAASE FIX THE BUGS. i couldn’t even sign a new contract because it froze every time i tried and i could not change the 2kbeats playlist either so i had to listen to the same boring music. 2k13 was a disappointment please dont do it to us again.

  • bbb

    be able to get a technical or a flagrant. also include interviews right after the game finish. ask mutilple questions at the podium.

  • 2k thinker

    I think 2k14 should have a story mode and a career mode. I also think that the story mode should tie with in the career mode. The story mode should includewalking around cities, dramatic events, cut scene

  • on my career you should be able to walk around town , buy cars and houses. if you make these changes i gurantee that nba2k13 games will be as popular as ever

  • joshua

    bring the high school to the college to the nba2k14 si much more exciting

  • Benzoo

    In the association should have choices of actual draft. And do not start with the team having only their own pick…

    Retired players would return in draft class.

  • Joseph Cochrane

    birng back vince cater on the raptors

  • michael harris

    here goes BRING BACK CREW!!!!!!!!! oh and make more stuff in MyCareer like buy a house or or car something real practices and other things done.

  • how Swede it is

    The higher you go in draft you start With a higher rating and more minutes. And give us game glasses as well, like kirk and amare. Thats it.

  • And carmelo on tbe cover

  • And there should be a u.s.a team for your my player

  • They should mske where u can have your own house in all that

  • I would love to see the draft combine,summer circuit and the D-league back. 🙂 It would be nice to give an option to play college ball too and then do the draft combine etc.

  • Rae#3

    In 2k14 you should be able to add multiple accessories at once to your player like D Rose and bring back the old money and contract system. They should bring down the prices for clothes and other accessories. Add un All Star weekend even if you didn’t pre order.

  • spursfan94

    improve mode myteam, make it as good as mode ultimate team in fifa13, it would be awesome


    make it to where you live the life of a real nba player like be able to choose whether you want kids or a wife be able to be in relationships like girlfriend and boyfriend be able to buy houses and cars and drive to workouts and practices and be able to get personal trainers and managers and agents stuff like that be able to start from your college year as a freshman too thats all im askin and instead of vc and sp change it back to money like in nba 2k12

  • Christopher

    Improve the presentation!

    Have a choice of the announcers
    Have real pregame/postgame festivities

    Make the game way more realistic to an actual NBA game. Not just some things everything!

  • im straight with the gameplay ,just a little fix with that and it’ll be great.generic shoes should be upgraded and add other shoe brands that players signed with. realistic number of crowd depending on what occasion going on, more realistic cyberfaces, and please lessen bugs in the game 🙂 that’s all . more power to 2Ksports

    PS: bring back all the features that has been removed

  • Melo

    Folow Real Nba….Real Nba life…..

  • Liomar$

    Flagrant fouls and ejection

  • king

    add Young Vince Carter
    My Career mode, so annoying after games talkings. Decrease it

    Clean error of Creating legends , play drills, knockout, sometimes can,t pass ball,then cant complete it
    Controller is hard to do my wishing moves,
    thank u

  • Bring Back Kareem and get the 61-62 Bucks and Warriors with the Big O and Wilt Chamberlain but also go way back and get a team with George Mikan

  • tararatas

    all star weekend with all contest in pirate game

  • ninho

    i want shaqtin a fool

  • Kevon Allen lll

    More sneakers. Try to make them more realistic and also more.

  • David Gray

    2k14 should start having the espn tnt and NBAtv logos

  • nnaemeka

    we should be able to at least play the last game of your college career were your automatically in the championship before the draft.

    able to choose players voice

    be able to buy house, drive to practice

    Top 10 plays of the night

    these are my request for 2k14


    More teams! National teams like Spain, France, Argentina, Russia etc. and club teams outside the NBA (Euroleague teams) like Barcelona, CSKA Moscow, Real Madrid, Olympiacos. Also, more classic teams with real rosters (bring back Kareem!)

  • Guest

    More teams! I want a lot more national teams like Spain, Argentina, France, Serbia etc. and club teams outside the NBA (Euroleague teams) like Barcelona, CSKA Moscow, Olympiacos, Real Madrid etc

  • jesus

    if a player is drafted in the first place holder so you can play once

  • be able to carry on with ur player on the next 2K

  • half time interviews
    And also your player should be a to talk trash


  • Rishi Prabhuram

    the way the starting lineups are presented are to good. make them like the one in the past where the spotlight shines on them and then a picture appears of that player underneath. Keep the other one where the player moves for big games or just make it like the one in nba 2k10. make the preorder something that isn’t related to basketball something good and don’t make it a DLC. make it so it comes with the game


    be able to live an ordinary nba player life like buy cars and houses get endorsements from more shoe companies other than nike and jordan drop kids off at school take wife to work be able to go to practices and workouts with team and be able to hire agents managers personal trainers make him work his way up from his freshman year in college to his rookie year in the league be able to select the sound of his voice let us type in what he gets to say in press conferences and gm sit downs also change money back instead of skill points and vc matter of fact forget freshman year in college thats child play make it where you have to work your way up from your freshman year in high school the ninth grade also have sprint halftime report with shaq chuck jalen or chris or kenny and that other coccasion man


    make it to where in my career that you live an ordinary nba player life like drop your kids off at school and take your wife to work and also make it to where you have to start from your freshman year in college to your rookie year in the nba
    and instead of vc and skill points change it back to money like in nba 2k12

  • disqus_B9D2IRjTnn

    This is not a freeworld game, those of u who want to drive cars, buy house, walk in the street and shit ahah get GTA or sumshit lmaoo yall make me laugh with yall comments aha this is stricly Basketball get real!

  • disqus_B9D2IRjTnn

    audience make em more real

  • disqus_B9D2IRjTnn

    Dont get rid of my team

  • disqus_B9D2IRjTnn

    also change up the commentary its the same ol same ol.

  • disqus_B9D2IRjTnn

    FIX your damn servers!! 2k online is really crap.

  • add reggie miller

  • markus from germany

    The dunk-block problem should be fixed already in NBA2K13, ( with a patch ) because it is just grotesque to call a game with such a bug a Simulation.

  • Bryce B.

    I just have two suggestion I hope you will look at. My first one is a flattop hair style chose, i say just because its a cool hair style. And my next suggestion is and Oylimpic Team mode that you can go against other countries.

  • Plus install all star weekend so we can get it without preordering. The game

  • Put Reggie Miller in the game and fix mycarrer glitches

  • Bring back Kareem Abdul-Jabbar get the 61-62 Warriors with Wilt Chamberlain and the 61-62 Bucks with Oscar Robertson

  • Tirta Kemal

    Less bug

  • Tru Powers

    I have a few Requests for NBA 2k14 My Career Mode.

    1. Allow us to choose what jersey to wear in each game. Like association mode
    you can choice what jersey to wear.

    2. Fix the freeze glitch when we want a contract extension on our final year
    of our contract.

    3. Simulate many game as you want and choose what game you want to play
    during the season.

    4. Allow more trades to happen whenever we feel like it by talking to the GM
    sit-down and one of the topics is to trade people on our team.

    5. We should be able to choose our secondary position when we create our

    6. Have the TNT Crew such as Chuck, Jet, Shaq, and Ernie for Pre-game and
    Half-time Shows.

    7. Have more ESPN personnel such as Skip Bayless, Steven A. Smith, and Tim
    Legler Twitting on the social media.

    8. Have more team color in game accessories such a team color ankle wraps
    and team color rubber bands.

    9. On our player’s card allow your created player to have a personality
    trait such as expression or laid back. Also have the ability to see STAR icon
    for their role on the team instead of starter. My player is 95 overall rating
    and I’m still just a starter.

    10. Give more Signature Skill to the new rookies that are adding for next
    season. If a player layup and dunks in the 90’s then Finisher should be in
    their Signature Skills.

    Tell me what you think?

  • ami

    make LeBron some what defendable god damn IT!

  • Yohon

    All off the allstar teams and all of the jerseys and to creat your own team

  • matlboi

    1. The defense on 2k13 was not so great. on 2k14 please have a better blocking/stealing system.
    2. gm sit down, the gm should actually listen to you or favor you somewhat.
    3.the locomotion on the game should be realistic, instead of being force out or someone gliding threw me or my center not disturbing the guy thats dunking.
    4 beside that it great game just make a little more closer to being real.

  • Phil Hummel

    More realistic shooting %, it has to be more real so you are ending games at a real result!

    Before game practice, shooting practice on the court before games!

    After game interviews, also regular season games! (real voices)

    Real ESPN, FOX or TNT scoreboard, that would be so cool!

    More realistic sounds when ball slashes through

    More interviews and communication with the coach and players

    More realistic foul episodes!

    Better halftime show with NBA Caves, player stories and so on!

    As real as possible!

  • Gatorsbball01

    Be able to have a hair choice of a flat top, and then be able to adjust how tall it would be

  • irving

    college 2k series , i’d love it

  • Zachary Snyder

    I think the cover of nba 2k14 should be Doctor J, Wilt Chamberlin, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Scotty Pippen, Bob cousy,

  • Zachary Snyder

    I think you should be able to take charges on dunks and be able to block layups

  • Zachary Snyder

    I think their should be technical fouls, flagrant fouls , ejections, s the court ga with ref,

  • Zachary Snyder

    I think you should be able to be a reporter after becoming a hall of famer
    I think you should be able to carry over any game modes from the previous 2k nba game and bring it into next years game so you don’t need to start from scratch

  • Zachary Snyder

    I think you should get better playing time as a rookie depending on one round you get picked in the draftot be playing to minutes a game maybe you should be playing like twelve

  • Zachary Snyder

    They should start my carreer from a high school standpoint with some of the best highschools around the country and have those players on those teams be involved and maybe even be in a draft soin es. They should also do this with college. Then the highschoolers could move up to college and college move up to pro

  • Zachary Snyder

    You should be able to get money with an endosement deal or a billboard picture
    You should be able to by skill points
    You should have three point contest and dunk contest automatically installed in game
    You should bee able to go to a casino and gamble with your virtual credit or skill points

  • Zachary Snyder

    You should be able to when you retire from my player be able to coach a team and there should be a hall of fame league where when you become a hall of famers you make up a team of hall of famers and play against other teams of hall of famers. This would be like my player but with hall of famers

  • Gatorsbball01

    you should be able to have the hair choice of a flat top and then be able to adjust how tall the flat top is

  • meet hell

    more endorsements in my player mode

  • cool

    you guys should bring college back i agree because just like in football you have college but you start in high school then get recruited to a college then go to the NFL man if it was like that for 2k that would be amazing.

  • stefanos

    i think it’s time for Tracy Mcgrady with the orlando magic,sush as vince carter also Lebron with the Cavs…T-MAC baby or in houston with YAO but i prefer Orlando..Do you agree guys?

  • brown

    i was thinking when playing association mode as a gm you could have a say in the all star reserves and maybe the all nba teams, mvp etc could add so much more

  • Before the 1st game of the NBA finals they have a pledge of allegiance and an awesome player intro with the announcer introducing all the players. Also a good historic 2 minute video on the nba champion ship

  • nana

    In myplayer when you get your contrate they give u a house and car so u can drive n go to the games

  • Florin

    I want a list with who you can make dunk on pc,or add new dunk in training camp,to teach you how you can make nice and spectacular dunk,and 3pct contest and dunk contest on PC.thanks

  • seth

    To be able to block dunks. I want to be a great shot-blocker, but the blocks in this game are so cheap. I mean, you’ll block a ball with your armpit. When you block a dunk, it should look real, like getting stuffed and sent to the floor. They should make it so only people with a certain block, vertical and defensive awareness can block dunks.

    Also bring in some new old teams. Examples: 61-62 Warriors with Wilt Chamberlain averaging 50.4 points.- 2000-2001 Lakers with Shaq and Kobe. Bring back Kareem and Dr.J.

  • AlphaKrash

    jordan challenge

  • Ryan Huggins

    You should have a fight mode during basketball games, but it has to be a chose for the player to fight

  • disqus_R22hoTCXK1

    The ability to have 2 different my players

  • disqus_0j1Y9UC8MU

    For halftime, you should add the voices of either Magic Johnson, Robert Horry, or Kurt Rambis, or just have the TNT crew (Shaq, Chuck, Ernie Johnson, and Kenny Smith, add Steve Kerr too!

  • disqus_0j1Y9UC8MU

    *Add in a NCAA type of thing in MyCareer… It would be awesome if you can play for Duke, North Carolina, Michigan State, Indiana State. Etc.

    *more voices to the MyCareer, it sounds weird if you sound like a black guy if you are asian or white…

    *Make the VC lean more over to 2K11 , 2K11 was good and simple, keep it that way and not make it so complex with a bunch of new stuff…

    *For the Showtime Lakers, add in Chick Hearn for THEIR broadcaster/commentator…

    *add the Seattle Sonics with KD35 and with Ray Allen.

    * for the current Lakers, their commentators shutdown be Stu Lantz and Bill Macdonald…

    * for any commentator, don’t get too repetitive with what they say, I sometimes just play my music from my IPod and mute the TV.

    * keep the Shoe Brand Sponsors in, add more options to design your shoe.


  • NBA All STAR 2014 on PC

  • Donovan Dismuke

    This is all ideas for my career mode. I think that when were not playing a game in the mode, we can drive around and buy stuff like gear, cars, clothes, etc. and have our own house like Test Drive Unlimited 2 and Grand Theft Auto. Also instead of the rookie showcase game, it can be like the college football game and have a little tournament with the college you chose and the colleges that the other rookies go to or you can choose a high school if you don’t want to go to college and be in a high school tournament so you can have a better chance of going number 1 in the draft and you can see yourself in the draft like real life like on tv. Other ideas are that to look at the headlines, standings, stats, etc. you can look on you computer or phone in the game and watch tv when your bored and watch the highlights of you or other people like espn. And you could be signed by any kind of shoe brand, so if you would want to wear Adidas you can sign with them and have the signings of all the shoe brands in at most ten games. You can also have more than shoe commercials and have more endorsements with cars, clothes, gear, etc. like Blake Griffin. You can drive and walk to the locker room like the walking objectives from other games and actually show them announce the starting lineups and for all star weekend have all the all star events be in it instead of just 3 of them. Also there can be shoot around warm ups so you can know where your strengths and weaknesses are on the court that game. There can also be a pre season training camp to show the coach you can start. And lastly during the offseason you can join the USA team and play in the Olympics. I hope you like these ideas and I hope you can use them.

    • Shontz Yaeger


      • jenel

        I agree! this would take the game to a new level!

    • CameroMac23

      probably in nba 2k20 lmao

  • Make MyCareer if you punch somebody or get into trouble you could get suspended in the NBA.

    Make something like Team dinner live so i can talk to my teammates like you did with GM sitdown..

    Make after game interview on the court with doris bourke

    make diffrent and more creative hair and tattoos

    Maybe sometimes if a player does a hard foul on you, you should be able to push and get a technical foul.

    Top 10 play of the week.

    probably you could do a story mode.

    make a animation where if you posterize on someone you look in there face or one of your team hold you when do a amazing dunk or posterize.

    making your own speacial dunk.

    you should have a rival player where you dominate on them and they dominate on you

    if you get drafted to a team, one of the guys who been on the team for a while can teach you the rope of how the team play.

    can do your senior year of college and get drafted.

    have your own crib where you could invite your teams or coach chat a little or play to bring up your team chemistry up.

    talk trash to a opponent

  • Dean

    March Maddness to begin MyPlayer.

  • Donovan Dismuke

    This is all ideas for my career mode. I think that when were not playing a game in the mode, we can drive around and buy stuff like gear, cars, clothes, etc. and have our own house like Test Drive Unlimited 2 and Grand Theft Auto. Also instead of the rookie showcase game, it can be like the college football game and have a little tournament with the college you chose and the colleges that the other rookies go to or you can choose a high school if you don’t want to go to college and be in a high school tournament so you can have a better chance of going number 1 in the draft and you can see yourself in the draft like real life like on tv. Other ideas are that to look at the headlines, standings, stats, etc. you can look on you computer or phone in the game and watch tv when your bored and watch the highlights of you or other people like espn. And you could be signed by any kind of shoe brand, so if you would want to wear Adidas you can sign with them and have the signings of all the shoe brands in at most ten games. You can also have more than shoe commercials and have more endorsements with cars, clothes, gear, etc. like Blake Griffin. You can drive and walk to the locker room like the walking objectives from other games and actually show them announce the starting lineups and for all star weekend have all the all star events be in it instead of just 3 of them. Also there can be shoot around warm ups so you can know where your strengths and weaknesses are on the court that game. There can also be a pre season training camp to show the coach you can start. And lastly during the offseason you can join the USA team and play in the Olympics. I hope you like these ideas and I hope you can use them.

  • seth

    One more thing, BEING ABLE TO BLOCK DUNKS!!!. So many times in MyCareer(I’m a center) someone dunks a standing dunk as if there is no one in there with him. Point guards that can barely dunk dunk on me as if I wasn’t even there. Stuff like this is so unrealistic.
    And don’t make it like nba2k12 where point guards block you. You should have to have a certain block rating to block a dunk. Like if my block rating is a 99 and vertical 90, then I should be able to block a point guard with a dunk rating of 50. And instead of making the blocks look fake, have a block animation, like where they get stuffed and fall on the floor. You should have to be in the right position to block the dunk instead of coming out of nowhere and blocking it. Chasedown Artist sucks. I’ll be chasing someone down on a fast break and instead of even ATTEMPTING a block, they jump extremely high and swing their arm in the air. Also I want to get blocks like Dwight Howard, jumping up really high for the ball and blocking it at its peak. When I try doing that my player jumps like 10-15 inches when his vertical rating is a 90. And if your block rating is a 99, you should be averaging 4-5 maybe even up to 6 blocks a game instead of 2.

  • seth

    Just like in NBA 2k12, bring back the NBA’s Greatest, but this time have challenges for each player. Like 2k11 with Jordan, except one for each player. Like Wilt Chamberlain score 100 points. You should get VC or something for these challenges.

    Also they should bring in some more old teams, like the 61-62 Warriors with Wilt Chamberlain. The 2000-2001 Lakers with Shaq and Kobe. I like the 97-98 Lakers but Kobe isn’t in his prime. Another thing, in MyCareer mode, you should be able to make your player as good as you want. I don’t like these caps on your ratings. You should be able to have as many signature skills as you can buy. I mean, if you’re making a player you shouldn’t be limited to only five.

  • make the dunk contest free

  • make real halftime show with the analyst
    second make the people who talk during the game change like put reggie miller in

  • Tyler


    2. Interviews after games.

    3. TNT/ESPN.

    4. REGGIE MILLER! (commentating)
    5. I’m a KD fan so, make him less fat! he’s way more skinny then they make him. And fix his face. And a lot of other faces.

  • Joseph

    Add Fiba and Reggie Miller for once

  • Donovan Dismuke

    This is all ideas for my career mode. I think that when were not playing a game in the mode, we can drive around and buy stuff like gear, cars, clothes, etc. and have our own house like Test Drive Unlimited 2 and Grand Theft Auto. Also instead of the rookie showcase game, it can be like the college football game and have a little tournament with the college you chose and the colleges that the other rookies go to or you can choose a high school if you don’t want to go to college and be in a high school tournament so you can have a better chance of going number 1 in the draft and you can see yourself in the draft like real life like on tv. Other ideas are that to look at the headlines, standings, stats, etc. you can look on you computer or phone in the game and watch tv when your bored and watch the highlights of you or other people like espn. And you could be signed by any kind of shoe brand, so if you would want to wear Adidas you can sign with them and have the signings of all the shoe brands in at most ten games. You can also have more than shoe commercials and have more endorsements with cars, clothes, gear, etc. like Blake Griffin. You can drive and walk to the locker room like the walking objectives from other games and actually show them announce the starting lineups and for all star weekend have all the all star events be in it instead of just 3 of them. Also there can be shoot around warm ups so you can know where your strengths and weaknesses are on the court that game. There can also be a pre season training camp to show the coach you can start. And lastly during the offseason you can join the USA team and play in the Olympics. I hope you like these ideas and I hope you can use them.

  • rinaldo virgilli

    More voices to my player and please 2ksports dlc for pc!!

  • TONY


  • TONY


  • TONY


  • TONY


  • TONY


  • David

    I would like 2k to not fuck up 2k14 and make the console and PC versions THE SAME!

  • chris

    These are a few of my ideas, none of which I think are over ambitious:
    1) first and foremost, something thats annoyed me for a while now. GET RID OF THE PIZZA BOX JERSEYS! Half the time they’re floating 3 inches of the player, looks ridiculous, especially when you have people like Dwight Howard who in real life wear one so tight it could be used as a bra!
    2) like others have suggested, different interview settings in my player ie on court or in the locker room, with a user chosen voice rather than this weird generic one.
    3) something like the EA sports gameface would be a great addition
    4)Maybe a little free roam in my player, not like all over town but maybe just the training facility, where you go to one place for a shootaround or you can walk down the corridor and go to the weight room to improve your strength etc
    5) if you become a star and you get injured there is a lot of hype and build up when you get back to playing (a little like adidas’ “the return” for derrick rose)
    6) if its a long injury you have to do the rehab, nothing major just something like drills set over the course of the injury to help you get back and if you are too carefull it will take longer but if you are too intense you re-injure yourself

  • Solomon Rade

    If we can’t get college hoops do something like madden 13 and have story generated headlines from players coming out of retirement to players raising there draft stock

  • Okay Here We Go..
    1. If your playing my player, association or season mode you can go on and check the top 10 plays,steals,blocks and dunks of the night or the week.
    2. Make my player more interesting with critics talking about you and making good upcoming games more anticipating
    3. Make have more things to look at like the real
    4. If say ur doing CAL with LeBron and you win the MVP award it should have people talking about him compared to Jordan and lots of controversy
    5. Before matches using ur my player or CAL player you can shoot around before the game like NBA live
    6. And there should be the odd push and shove between two players and Metta World Peace can be more agrresive towards others and is more likely to push others
    7. You can get technical fouls for pushing others instead of just swearing at ur kinect. Also if ur dominating ur matchup especially if there someone like World Peace, Garnett, Cousins they could get aggresive on u and they could get ejected.
    8. In my player or CAL u can communicate with players and tell them to practice with you in and you can practice drills with them because you might want your My Player to learn a thing or two from great players like LeBron, Kobe, Durant etc.

    I will probably think of more another day but this is what i have come up with so far. I hope 2k reads this and gets some ideas but I know they will have a lot on their hands with all of these other suggestions.

  • Be your avater and walk around the city with your my player
    U can talk to poeple on get deals and stuff

    • Shontz Yaeger


  • Taylor Carey

    My player: To add to media they should make top plays of the night videos and you get to see if your player got in the top 10 from a play you actually ran in the game. And viral videos on youtube like when blake dunked on perkins.
    – better rebounding (their floating) (not realistic)
    – more commentators that you can actually choose from
    – more endorsements
    – better celebrities (kevin hart wasnt in it)

  • Can buy Clothes and Shorts on lan and online.

  • Have Dynamic choices.. like Red Dead kinda, that’ll effect your chemirestry and fanfare outside of the game.

  • Winadi

    get more realistic in players ability of playing the ball, and with easier controll. Maybe also add allstar games for free, include in the game

  • More voices as well. Its been the same for too long. Association mode. Why is it guys who can dunk dunk all the time and the defense breaks down too easily. Fix thsst too

  • All of the teams from the 90’s are there except the pacers. Reggie Miller is a legend. For mycareer, skill points are hard to earn and its hard to get ahead! If your a top ten draftee, you should get at least 20-25 minutes a night. Dunk packages shouldnt need to be bought. The higher your dunk rating is, the more dunks you should be able to do. Nba2k12 myplayer had more skill points to earn. They changed that system too fast.

  • be able to control a team from the top,and if ur team isn’t making enough money,to be able to relocate

  • more shoe companies

  • no generic shoes,wnba team’s,Olympic teams if a uniform is made available in my player,it should be available for exhibition games

  • Willis Boi

    nicer create a team jerseys, those logos are terrible, we should be able to have the city on the away and team name on the home, or vice-versa.. and instead of picking the ugly logo for the jersey, pick the font. then, just like old madden games you should be able to create an arena

  • 1.) Bring back the Draft Combine in 2k11 to 2k14 for my player.

    2.) Make it possible for your my player to go undrafted and even be dumped in the D-League.(This would make the game much more realistic and could create a cool comeback story like Jeremy Lin!)

    3.) A cool edition to my player would be able to start off in high school as a senior as a top recruit and commit to a college and play until you get drafted into the NBA.

    4.) Adding the option to play on the USA team if you get selected over the summer would throw my player over the top!

    5.) Having the coach talk to you while you are being subbed in or out or within a time out or even at halftime would add new dimension to my player.

    6.)Add MyCoach Mode.

    7.) Fix the passing so bad or dangerous passes are more often intercepted especially when the defender jumps the pass or is right there for the steal.

    8.) Dribbling into someone should cause a loose ball if the ball hit the defender body.

    • Shontz Yaeger

      also bring back the blacktop from nba 2k11 with dunk contest and 3 point contest

  • disqus_uMRItbSp5s

    It would be great if yall put the dunk contest and three point shoot out on there

  • Here are the most popular requests:

    1. Add every single NBA Legend. Most wanted: Reggie Miller
    2. New commentators: Marv Albert, Mike Breen (BANG!) etc.
    3. Real TV stations: ESPN/TNT/NBATV for regular season and ABC for NBA Finals
    4. Crowd Atmosphere: Louder reactions from crowd in tight moments in the game.
    5. More realistic player faces: More sweat, mouth guards sticking out, etc.
    6. More intelligent CPU awareness: CPU players react more on loose balls and rebounds
    7. Technical fouls.
    8. Make accessories less expensive
    9. More expansive photo mode: Add filters, quick upload to social networks.
    10. Fix percentages: Increase 3PT%, increase alley-oop%, decrease reach in foul%
    11. Make graphics more shiny, make colors brighter and less dull.
    12. Make player movement more fluid and smoother, not so robotic.
    13. Make every player, with rating over 75, their own unique moves and play style.
    14. Get rid of generic shoes.
    15. Every player has accurate accessories and hair.

  • I Like the site..but what NBA star sould be on the next cover??? check out this guys prediction for the next NBA2K14 cover..

  • Gary

    All commentatorys like riggie miller steve kerr and company. Add more sneakers like fila pumas etc bring every jersey even ones that was a thought like the blk knick the blk lakers and all the jersey ever mad like the red nets jersey all u to move teams in assocation mode and commentary should follow ur season i dont want to hear about dwight leave magics when im in my thrid and fouth yr of my season have a hall of fame cermony in the off season have use draft or sign ero league players have scout prospect with section for ex east region central midwest west asia europe and the world regions bring the ero league and d league that way u can have free agents sign to either a nba a dleague or ero league team and canadian league to let us experiance basketball with a ultimate basketball game and add all of the street ball courts like 2k use to have like the rucker w4th the cage etc

  • Lance

    Make melo better than a 89 or 90 he should be rated like a 94 or 95

  • Lance

    Have something like nfl 2k5 did with helmet cam for nba 2k14 my career so it feels like your actually in the game

  • Tilen Trunkl

    it would be great if users could choose the commentator staff… k.harlan s.kerr and clark are good but i’m thinking if they could put… Mike Breen, Marv Albert, Reggie Miller also along with the previous three… maybe also the option to choose which commentator suits you the best… thanks !

  • 1.) Bring back the Draft Combine in 2k11 to 2k14 for my player.

    2.) Make it possible for your my player to go undrafted and even be dumped in the D-League.(This would make the game much more realistic and could create a cool comeback story like Jeremy Lin!)

    3.) A cool edition to my player would be able to start off in high school as a senior as a top recruit and commit to a college and play until you get drafted into the NBA.

    4.) Adding the option to play on the USA team if you get selected over the summer would throw my player over the top!

    5.) Having the coach talk to you while you are being subbed in or out or within a time out or even at halftime would add new dimension to my player.

    6.)Add MyCoach Mode.

    7.) Fix the passing so bad or dangerous passes are more often intercepted especially when the defender jumps the pass or is right there for the steal.

    8.) Dribbling into someone should cause a loose ball if the ball hit the defender body.

  • 1.) Bring back the Draft Combine in 2k11 to 2k14 for my player.

    2.) Make it possible for your my player to go undrafted and even be dumped in the D-League.(This would make the game much more realistic and could create a cool comeback story like Jeremy Lin!)

    3.) A cool edition to my player would be able to start off in high school as a senior as a top recruit and commit to a college and play until you get drafted into the NBA.

    4.) Adding the option to play on the USA team if you get selected over the summer would throw my player over the top!

    5.) Having the coach talk to you while you are being subbed in or out or within a time out or even at halftime would add new dimension to my player.

    6.)Add MyCoach Mode.

    7.) Fix the passing so bad or dangerous passes are more often intercepted especially when the defender jumps the pass or is right there for the steal.

    8.) Dribbling into someone should cause a loose ball if the ball hit the defender body.

  • Rion

    Start from highscool then college then nba if you want and make real life workouts like pushups and situps and and each game you get a little more vc

  • Rishi Prabhuram

    try including whatever you can for systems like the wii besides presentation like create a legend the dream team allen inverson the classic lakers with young kobe and be able to save roster and nba today from nba 2k11 and for all of them include the situation option

  • ninja27

    1. to be able for your my career team to choose alternate jersey’s. because it kinda gets boring using the same jerseys for your whole career.

    2. To buy and design your own players house.

    3. More fan, teamates and your player inter actions.

    4. Lessen the Offensive Rebounding game slider.

    5. increase animation of players.

    6. to choose the voice of my player.

  • Brian Lee

    Please make the crowd louder, makes the game more exciting like a college atmosphere. Also to have the option of turning off the instant replays during gameplay.

  • make a new year jersey !! :DD

  • AirJourdan

    1:Make a MyLife Mode

    2:Start from high school
    3:be able to actually walk around and drive(that why its called my life)
    4:like in the game “bully’ when you need grades to pass,put that in the game so if you have bad grades you still make the team but are a bench warmer
    5:be able to name the high school you go to
    6:have more hair cuts(high tops,fades…..)
    7:make the crowds realistic and react to things like ankle breaks making the “ooohhhhh” noise .
    8:make the gyms the actual size(from high school to college to nba)
    9:better ankle breaker animations and better size-up moves

  • Rishi Prabhuram

    bring back create a legend with more games i will tell which one later

    blacktop mode with dunk contest and 3 point contest.
    be able to import my career,association, create a legend into next game
    pick from an ESPN TNT ABC OR nba tv broadcast and when you pick that you get a scoreboard and sounds.
    I like the idea of dynamic DNA in game
    keep the rosters up to date even after the seasons end.
    add more commercials in the middle of quarters and at halftime include games that are happening at any other sport like ncaa MLB NFL Nhl soccer
    espn integration in game.

  • Rishi Prabhuram

    bring back NBA’s greatest modes with more games and present players not just bill russell and Michael Jordan i am talking kobe’s 81 points and lebron’s 48 points vs detroit in 2007 east finals and all the blacktop modes in nba 2k11. also you should be able to pick from an espn themed broadcast a TNT themed one an abc themed one and nba tv themed. you should also be able to transfer your association and any multiseason such as my player or create a legend mode to the next game. also stop including a athlete on the cover. add a player with a question mark on him holding the larry O brien trophy. This is going to sound weird but team up with nba live series it will help for both franchises. Also for systems like the wii which are incapable of holding good graphics include all the same modes and teams like create a legend your dream team your allen iverson your nba today from nba 2k11

  • bob

    Dunk and 3pt contest in the pc version! its not in NBA2k13 on pc and it sucks!!!

  • flan02

    not forget the most important, real P.A announcer for 30 teams
    This the same PA announcer on all teams, and added the intro before each game in each Pavilion, as real any game,

  • Chris Ozgo

    You should make it so that at the beginning of your career you have no reputation in the nba so that you get no calls from refs, your teammates never pass you the ball, ect.
    MyCoach mode
    You shouldnt be able to dunk the ball every time down the floor.
    Remove using real-world money to buy huge amounts of VC
    Maybe you should be able to play a key game of your last college season, your last game of your last college season and the Rookie Showcase so you have a better chance of getting drafted #1
    You should be able to buy a house/car in MyCareer
    You should be able to do an association with your MyTeam

  • Isaac Madrid

    Have your player get traded without demanding one. Also i dont you have to have live just to get accessories for your player

  • Eso

    2k14 should have away and home gear … Alow us to edit home gear and away gear example : away game teams would wear black and the home games should be either or team color 1 or 2

  • DariO773

    New jerseys and shoes are nice BUT We NEED

    vc points for online association

    Replace doris burke w/stephen a smith/skip bayless

    Updated sound track (boring)

    Spectate other games
    Improved my career tattoos/change jersey

    decide players jersey number/acessories in O.A

    Lebron is NOT a closer

    Bring back my crew/playable all star weekend*

    Subtract vc points if u quit Gamertag @dario247

  • akeee

    -make the crowd more realistic. Like when a team does a comeback, force timeouts, when a player on the home team is beasting..etc.

    – please change the commentators lines already! Com’ on 3 years is enough

    – LeBron cover, I swear when he gets a cover ill say “its about Damn time”

    -Please make the emotions attribute not just for referee calls but more for how hyped the player get when he does a good play-_-”

    -top ten plays of the week, month then season even..

    – how about slam dunk, 3 point and skills are already in mycarrer, not pre order

    -omg please fix how your competing against another superstar in your position, the superstar scores in double digits and rest of team hadn’t even reached double by 4th, hoggs the ball all game, and teamate pass him the ball everytime up the court which is why his teammate don’t score..

    – should be able to do the Olympics

    – voice selections for myplayer

    -Take out that VC shit or at least for mycarrer. I swear I bought this game on day one and ppl already had superstar players, not cool..

    -the commentators should definitely talk about myplayer more in game especially when I’m a superstar rookie..

    – my player should have a rival either with a player or a whole team (like Jordan). But we don’t choose em the rivalry happens in game in the most logical way and randomly. For Ex: SF, Kevin Durant and myplayer, SF also were both competing and had 40 point games a lot of times we met, we should be rivals and the social media,, commentators should all reconize that. Then if we meet in what I’m sayin?

    – also if there’s a veteran superstar on your team you should be able to learn some of their moves in your capability of course..

    -lastly about some TECHNICAL FOILS!! You know maybe scuffles lol jeez I’ve been waiting for this forever. Maybe when two teams can become rivals because of the

  • D-Trixx

    Being able to buy Crossovers like Allen Iverson’s Tim Hardaway’s The same way we buy Dunk Packages like historic jordan etc.

  • ryan

    need a different way of creating your player because somehow they always look the same

  • 1. If I play good Rookie Showcase and get the #1 pick in the draft, I should be starter with 34 minutes per game.

    2. Make attributes to buy with money or with SP or VP and make whole team workouts so if I’m SF and I’m role player, if I do better workout than starting SF because he’s tired or something I should get starting role or at least more minutes.

    3. My Coach mode so I can only train team and be on the sidelines in the game and lead them in practice and workouts.

    4. After MyCareer retirement if i finish as a hall of fame, I should be able to become an coach or assistant coach or half-time reporter.

    5. Add Summer League after MyCareer draft and add workouts before draft so the GM’s can see me better.

    6. Make more realistic predraft interviews.

    7. Make something like Team Dinner LIVE so I can talk to my teammates like you did with GM sit-down.

    8. Make after game interview on the court with Doris Borke.

    9. Make the camera that is positioned like in MyPlayer eyes on the court so there will be more realistic.

    10. Make less bumps and make them easier to pass because when I as an center bump in the paint, there’s like 1-2 second animation till i get in position.

    11. Make All-Star and Rookie game less competitive like in realistic, I mean free to go dunks, crazy passes and that kind off stuff.

    12. Make like if any player make hard foul on me and hits me in the head that I push him and then he becomes my rival so if i beat out rival on stats at the end of the season I get extra money and SP.

    13. Make more realistic sliders and make the teams that use the clock, in association mode if I get the rebound, I can pass to the guy next to me and it will always be the fast basket and then 1st Quarter ends with 40-40 score on 12 min bases

    14. Make practice w/o the ball like sprints, long runs, push-ups, lift weight and those kind of things.

    15. Bring back the college 2K series, let you build your my player from there and then bring him into NBA 2K.

    16. Be able to import your MyCareer account from this game to the next.

    17. Add more legends (look at my previous posts).
    18. Import and export MyCareer, created players, teams, jerseys, coaches, and Blacktop mode from 2K9, 2K10, 2K11, 2K12, 2K13 and 2K14 into 2K9-14

  • VitaliiStalin211

    Well it will be great if it has FREE Slam dunk contest on PC

  • 2K13 is an awesome game but adding just a few things
    1.You should be able to use created players in NBA Creating A Legend
    2.You should be able to replace real teams with your created teams in MyPlayer mode..
    3.Dunks should be able too be blocked more often. And Alley Oops should be less affective.
    4.Go back to skill points for MyPlayer. Too many people just play blacktop games to make their MyPlayers 99.
    5. After Game interviews if you get player of the game in MyPlayer.
    6. More variety in playoff interveiws in MyPlayer.
    7. Have an option of diferent choices for the voices of your MyPlayer. I’m sure there would be someone who would been keen to be a new voice for the MyPlayer mode. I know I would. 🙂
    8. Signature Downfalls, eg. Gets Cold quickly, Keeps shooting when in a slump, ect
    9. Be able to create a coach and create a stadium for your created teams.
    10. Be able to communicate with other players in MyPlayer as well. There personalities can change depending on whether they are expressive, neutral, ect.
    11. Put in draft class for MyPlayer.
    12. In association mode make it less likely for players to go into free agency.
    13. Make it harder to pick up/lose Superstar players in Association, i.e picking them up in free agency or losing a player to free agency after training them up for a few seasons.
    14. Make potential camps a. more expensive or b. less affective i.e only gain 5 points on potential.
    15. Be able to promote your assistant coach.
    16. The most important one of them all. MAKE THE 2K CAMERA TURN AROUND FASTER! I have 2k9 on the PS2 and the 2K camera is better. It’s a disaster when you steal the ball off someone and your on a fast break and the camera turns around and you end up running the wrong way and Vise Versa when they steal the ball.

    I know changing all 16 of those things probably isn’t possible but even just getting one changed would be an achievement for me (the 2k camera one please?) Keep working hard on it guys!

  • Guest

    2K13 is an awesome game but adding just a few things
    1.You should be able to use created players in NBA Creating A Legend
    2.You should be able to replace real teams with your created teams in MyPlayer mode..
    3.Dunks should be able too be blocked more often. And Alley Oops should be less affective.
    4.Go back to skill points for MyPlayer. Too many people just play blacktop games to make their MyPlayers 99.
    5. After Game interviews if you get player of the game in MyPlayer.
    6. More variety in playoff interveiws in MyPlayer.
    7. Signature Downfalls, eg. Gets Cold quickly, Keeps shooting when in a slump, ect.

  • Add a all time scoring list,rebounding,assists etc. that updates every day
    Every time when you pass someone on that list comentator should say:(For example) ,,And with that basket he passed …. on …. position on all time ….. list

  • nick

    1. crew.
    2. a seperate my player for crew that gets skill points when you play crew games.
    3. 2k11 or 2k12 controls with an option to keep the new controls if you like them.
    4. be able to use the other controls online.
    5.go back to just skill points instead of vc.

  • Jordan

    Let the player get a 3pt even if blocked if they hold the shooting button and release at a appropriate time

  • Jordan

    Few things

    1. Put Jordan, Allan inverson and wilt chamberlain

    2. When the player of the home court can shake the screen at the free throw line allow both teams to do that

  • Avery

    Have the game less of an online game, (for people who don’t have online,) have the fake people not super stacked, Vince carter raptors, AND FACE-MASKS/GOGGLES

  • Mike

    Please allow us to play online with multiple people on the same console like in NHL.

  • Brian Jimenez

    1. Bring more realistic events like work outs, haircuts, getting a girlfriend, meeting people, stuff like that

    2. Make myCareer start from College and develop to the NBA

    3. Bring in Adidas, Nike,Reebok, and Jordan to the shoes section that you choose to go with

    4. Keep the old players back in day in, being in the Olympics is also should be there.

    5. Lastly bring in the summer league, an off season into this game.

  • Brian Jimenez

    These are what I wish for NBA 2K14
    1. In myCareer you should give us the oppurnity to change our jerseys like in a exhibition game
    2. Bring in more Blackotop courts, more blacktop matches like 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 5v5, and bring back the Sprite slam dog competition for online and offline.
    3. Make off season games on myCareer, Bring myPlayer from the beginning in college to the NBA, make more realistic views like you on the way towards a game, and put side events visible like bringing your team in dinner nights, movie nights, NBA Cares, It works its just take awhile to load and individual events that you can actually do on your time.

  • camille

    we can free a all stars team with season for exemple if we win a season with denver we win the all stars of denver with melo iverson mutombo …

  • Bring back Cribz like you had in NFL 2k5

  • tom

    More accurate 3 pointers and free throws thx

  • Adidas Endorsements!!! Logo Creator for signature customize player offline. More voices for people who want it, I don’t need it I like the voice. Be an actual Star More than three signature shoes better commercials. But most importantly Adidas Endorsements!!!! Keep dribble system.

  • 2kfan

    a signature skill that lets u reach for the ball on the ballhandler without it being called a foul

  • convert 2k11 to 13 files into 2k14

    durant cover

    easier mycareer

    can be coach or a-coach or gm or player or team owner if retired in mycareer!!!!!


    2007 rockets and spurs

    2002 hornets

    07 hornets

    01 grizzlies

    68 hawks
    03 wizards

  • 2kfan

    i think there shud be a signature skill that allows u 2 swipe at a ballhandler without it being called a foul

  • 1.Before the game starts make an Animated Kevin Harlan, Clark Kellogg
    and Steve Kerr in the stands talking to each other and talking about for
    example what does the New York Knicks have to do to stop Lebron James
    and the Miami Heat.
    2.Have Commercials during timeouts or After a quarter. Commercials with videos not pictures like in NBA 2k13.
    MyCareer, Dorris Burke should Interview you if you’re having a nice
    game during timeouts. When the final buzzer sounds Dorris Burke should
    interview you if you are the Jordan Player of the game.
    MyCareer like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) without killing, if you punch
    somebody or get into trouble you could get suspended in the NBA and your
    team should bail you out of jail.
    5. Put in some Technical Fouls or
    Hard Fouls that can get you suspended or thrown out of the game and you
    get sent to the locker room and you watch the game there.
    6.If a superstar gets injured for example Lebron James they will be sent to the
    locker room and if they come back into the game the crowd will cheer.
    7.if someone gets injured severely they will go to the locker room with
    some medical assistants. Not like in NBA 2K13 if someone gets injured
    they will just go to the bench.
    8.If you retire in MyCareer, you
    could either play again, like what MJ did or you could be a coach or an
    assistant coach or the GM of a team or even a part owner or Owner of the
    9.At Halftime ads Sir Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’neal.

    • Shontz Yaeger

      i totally agree

  • CroFan

    -ability to block dunks
    -more classic teams (99-00 Pacers,03-04 Pistons,LeBron in Cavs,Rockets with TMac and Yao,Nets with Kidd and Carter)
    -more hairstyles (something like Cristiano Ronaldo or David Beacham hair)
    -realistic game sliders (i cant hold CPU under 100 points on allstar diff and 10 min qtr)
    -tehnical and flagrant fouls
    -better passing (the worst thing about NBA 2K,i have at least 15 tos because player tries to pass thru CPU players or they throw out of bounds on alley oops and even a little thougher passes+CPU makes too many deflections and pick pockets) absolutely horrible CPU is way too fast to cath on the break no matter what player am i using to chase down or what player CPU runs the break with and its the only problem with speed
    -make pc version the same as the console versions

    • Shontz Yaeger

      i agree

  • For the twitter thing have a bunch of celebrities and otHer sports ppl also be able to reply to people’s tweets be able to drive and or fly with the team to games.


    NBA FIGHT..When someone get a hard foul the other player will get angry and they will FIGHT

  • Better shooting form

  • Connor

    if you use SP u should be able to convert SP to VC
    or just money instead if VC

    at least one compulsory training session to get better without using skill points or wasting drills

    MORE hairstyles

    and more names so the commentator can say your name or atleast more and better nicknames

  • i have 2

    1. let your player start from college & move his way up to the nba


  • DJ JM

    New Scoreboards and New Sponsors Every game

  • Johan

    They should do something like EA did with their connected careers, that would be awesome! and to make a whole improvement of the career mode especially beacuse its the game mode most played in the game. Online modes need more improvements especially the servers and connection between players.

  • camille

    tracy Mcgrady!

  • donte

    on my career when its offseason they should have where u have to train and do stuff over the offseason and also they should have a thing where u have to start off with 10,000 vc

  • Nicholas Chin

    i would like:

    continuation from the previous 2k
    live team practices for chances to prove yourself to the coach
    coach mode, like the madden one, where you can make and direct plays

    be able to combine 2k college and nba.
    more coach conversation topics

    that’s about it for now

    • texasgmr04

      I think everyone agrees that we want another College game from 2K. This is something that I feel would really put the game over the top when we can bring my player from college to the pros.

  • There are too many suggestions to read through, so I’m not sure if this has been brought up, but allow for more editing when it comes to association mode. Things such as Team Contraction or Expansion. If that happens then there would also need to be a way to adjust playoffs, maybe expanding or shortening them. If I want to play an association mode with 24 teams to make it more competitive I should be able to. Or if I want to create teams such as the Seattle SuperSonics or maybe give San Diego a team again I could do that.

  • randomize home jerseys for my player

  • Jordan Ross

    U guys should make my career more fun like beeing able to drive around in your city and show you on the airplane and have a life off the court

  • Please put all my stuff in the game please!
    1.Make the all star game free and not downloadable
    2.Make it realistic where you can be in team usa team and to be in starting lineup in first 5 picks
    3.Make more commentators
    4.Make a my coach mode
    5.If you are in hall of fame when you retire you can become a coach
    6.Make different stuff and just surprise with 1 mode
    7.If youre team wins a championship show a championship banner and have a ring ceremony

  • A mycareer where you can live a life outside the court.

  • Ok these are gonna be good I hope you will put them in the game please!

    1.In my career let us be able to have worm up shots before games
    2.Let us be able to do real drills not just ball drills like suicides and push ups and situp etc
    3.Let it be more realistic let the fans cheer when we are on a run and when we are on a comeback
    4.If our team wins a championship we will have the ring ceremony and a banner will be there
    5.Let there be a Coach mode
    6.Let us be able to pick different coaches and make our coaches on my team
    7.Let us change voices please had the same on for what like 3 years
    8.Let us be able to get money and for stuff to have a realistic price not like 5000 for a shirt
    9.Make the allstar game and rookie showcase less defensive do do crazy stuff
    10.Let there be techs we wanted them for a while now
    11.Let us be able to be in the plane with our teammate

    12.Let us have phones to call teammates so we can have dinners and stuff
    13.Make it like a real Nba players life
    14.Have more commentators and a halftime reporter talk to you at the end of the half
    15.Last but not least make it fun try to change all of the my career creation im hating the same old stuff that’s all im really hoping you put all in the game

  • Driggo

    1) New tatoos
    2) Fresh looking haircuts (tapers, fades)
    3) Latino skin colorway (i am tired of trying to make a mexican baller and he still ends up looking black)
    4) Make a cool story mode with My Player
    that is all

  • Shahar

    1. Add Top 10 plays of the night replay to HOME menu on Association mode.

    2. Improve player movements.

    3. Add Live roster updating in All modes – My Player, Association… – Or make a new mode for live roster updating, which doesn’t allow the player to make trade, only real trades on real dates (Sync with real date on NBA league).

    Thanks for seeing these ideas.


    2. 2K needs to improve on the gameplay by having accurate fouls when you go to the hoop and shooting a jump shot.

    3. Improve the rebounding.

    4. Make 2K My player like a real life, more press conference questions, and make upgrading your my player harder.

  • ThatCrazyShark

    let us used a created player for my carrer than way we can be like a Kevin durrant when we start

  • Paulius Mas

    When a player completes a career, it could be a team coach

    Sorry I’am from Lithuania , Iam not very good in english language

  • Nemanja

    should make the playoffs if the great advantage that the celebrations begin before the end of the match

  • 1. VC is total failure

    2. i’m sure NBA players in reality don’t collect their money(VC in this case) for weeks just to buy a fu**in sleeve or headband, don’t ruin the game with VC sh*t just because you want to earn extra money, LET US ENJOY THE GAME !
    3. fix the commentary, it was great before, but now it’s boring already, everytime the same talking goes on
    4. fix player creation, why should all myplayers look alike?? enough of the 2k face
    5. why is there no Kareem, Dr. J. ??
    6. why should the game be “addicted” to the internet?? it should be optional, you don’t have to save every earned coin on your server
    7. allow creation of multiple myplayers, if there is two players that are in a household, why should they have to play the same player???
    8. make the top pick in the draft possible
    9. gm sitdown should have more topics to talk about, like making a wish about other player in the league to come in your team
    10. more legendary teams from the past
    11. don’t be lazy and just copy the game before the new one, do something in this year
    12. fix the arena audience!!
    13. fix the hairstyles, tattoos, facial hair,
    14. fix the blacktop, again the sh*t with VC
    15. fix the player ratings, like lebrons 98 ?????? too high

    • #15 is stupid, LeBron SHOULD be 99, and Jordan SHOULD be 106. Since 99 is the maximum, just put MJ to 99.

      • Shontz Yaeger

        i agree #15 is very stupid

    • J#33

      I agree for the most part but you sound like you hate NBA 2k for making an awesome basketball video game every year. Plus, they only have one year so don’t expect miracles. The better they make NBA2k14 the worse 2k15 will be eventually

    • Shontz Yaeger

      we should be able to take a picture on are kinect and have that be are face on the game so we can look just like are self

    • You should be able to Elbow or push somebody

  • daniel

    my player can start with the sweet 16 and we can progress to the final if we won the games then we have the summer league and then the rookie showcase an your pick in the draft depends of this elements

  • Mr. M3t

    1. Fix MyTeam…honestly it sucks, you cant get good players cuz they cost 15,000+ VC and you can’t get any players in boosters, so how am i supposed to play it????

    2. In MyPlayer there should be more than just one game before the draft…unless you can score 50 pts 10rebs and 20 asts, your not getting drafted #1or2or3

    3. Easier ways to get VC, i mean how am I supposed to buy clothes, attributes, MyTeam players, and other events if I only get 150 or 200 a game??

    4. Fix the thing that when ever you go for a rebound or steal, your guy is like lost or confused…he can’t go back up for a rebound and you always get beat to the basket, it was fine in 2k12.

  • brevin

    Pute Jason Williams and Chris Webber on there also Reggie miller and the Seattle supersonics from when ray Allen was there and try to make the players shots close to how they really shoot

  • ortiz-24

    1. put Kobe, Lebron, melo, as the cover of NBA 2k14.
    2. create a theme that will allowed us to created our own team and put the players that we like from regular teams there.
    3. make the game connect with facebook so your friends could see your accomplishment and scores and see how nice your are and your season scores.
    4. a theme that could allowed us to connect with our i pod or computer so we could make our own music play-list.
    5. theme that could allowed us make our own moves.

  • nima noyan

    1. Allow you to shootaround with your player before the game, and at halftime.

    2. Add college, D-league, summer league, and olympic games.

    3. Have an on court interview with Doris Burke after the game.

    4. Add more commentator phrases, so they dont say the same thing every single game. Also, make it so they can actually pronounce the name of the MyPlayer you create, instead of just saying your nickname. On top of that, lets say a player knocks down several 3-Pointers in a row, Make the commentators get excited about that, instead of carrying on with their convesations.

    5. Add more tattoo’s, and make it so you can have them on your back, chest, legs etc.

    6. Analyze individual plays at halftime instead of talking about teams and players as a whole.

    7. Allow us to sign with adidas, reebok etc. or give an option to start our own shoe brand.

    8. Make the social media option on MyPlayer an actual online community like twitter, where you can follow other MyPlayers and simulated celebrities, athletes etc.

    9. Please put more music on 2k14, the same couple of songs playing over and over can get annoying.

    10. Make the crowd atmosphere more realistic and exciting. For example in clutch moments, or other special moments.

  • make it more realistic

  • yupthatsright

    I have only one wish.

    Some Those Guys on the soundtrack!

  • Boss

    Make a website of MyTeam !! 🙂

  • 1.Before the game starts make an Animated Kevin Harlan, Clark Kellogg and Steve Kerr in the stands talking to each other and talking about for example what does the New York Knicks have to do to stop Lebron James and the Miami Heat.
    2.Have Commercials during timeouts or After a quarter. Commercials with videos not pictures like in NBA 2k13.
    3.In MyCareer, Dorris Burke should Interview you if you’re having a nice game during timeouts. When the final buzzer sounds Dorris Burke should interview you if you are the Jordan Player of the game.
    4.Make MyCareer like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) without killing, if you punch somebody or get into trouble you could get suspended in the NBA and your team should bail you out of jail.
    5. Put in some Technical Fouls or Hard Fouls that can get you suspended or thrown out of the game and you get sent to the locker room and you watch the game there.
    6.If a superstar gets injured for example Lebron James they will be sent to the locker room and if they come back into the game the crowd will cheer.
    7. if someone gets injured severely they will go to the locker room with some medial assistants. Not like in NBA 2K13 if someone gets injured they will just go to the bench.
    8.If you retire in MyCareer, you could either play again, like what MJ did or you could be a coach or an assistant coach or the GM of a team or even a part owner or Owner of the team

  • Raheem Williams

    1. well this first one might be a long shot but when you do your player mode you should play one game of your college games for example like for Kentucky and depending how good you do in the game if your aloud to enter in to the nba draft first, meaning you play can gains some VC points so you can improve before you enter the nba. the rookie and sophomore game make them wear the team kit like in real life not a black and white kit jerseys,so the game is more realistic.
    3.add all the international teams so you can do a game mode off the fiba championship or the Olympics.
    4.if a player for example LeBron James wear a shooting sleeve, make the colors adjust automatically to the away and home kit and not just have the same black sleeve he only wears on the away kits, when he wears white for his home kit.
    5.Make realistic player ratings for example have blake griffin dunk on people alot BUT!! dont have where lebron james can not be stopped when driving to the basket, kevin durant windmills dunks on people. not add so many animations like in 2k13, because when you steal the ball your player does not even pick the ball up because he is stuck in a animation!!!
    7. you should give your my player a bit more of a virtual life so he can go out into the city and but clothes and house cars ect plus they could be given rookie tasks like a reals life where your sent out into the city fetch stuff to improve to team chemistry.
    8.on my player should be able to get the same hairstyles and tattoos as the plays on the game.
    9. you should be able to get technical in the game.
    10. add the celebrity game to the all star weekend with the people who actually play in the game for that year with the hall of fame.
    11.on my player choose what endorsement you want nike jordan adidas under amour.
    12.should have a twitter wear you can tweet on to increase your fan rate.

  • giovanni

    everybody is always changing their facial hair it would be neat to add on some of their facial hair like you choose. just like LBJ had a big beard during the 2011-2012 season then in the finals he went to a goatee with a mustache that should be added when you edit him like his own facial hair in his collection something like that lol

  • Paulius

    1.more players emotions,like discuss with referee
    2.Fiba and Euroleague season mode
    3.Top 5 or 10 of the week

    • giovanni

      omg im so with you on that one just not #2 lol

  • Being able to start in the allstar game …

  • Steven Braithwaite-Waller

    First of all cut the whole walk around the streets and drive to the arena’s crap, this is 2k not GTA. But I would like even simple changes

    1. If i buy an item with VC it should unlock the item foe me to use in Create A Player mode.

    2. In My Career mode expand the brand’s you can be sponsored with (Adidas, Reebok, Spalding, Converse, Under Armour)

    3. Add more of the newer brands (Li Ning, Peak, ect.)

    4. If a player has A high emotion attribute make their chances of flagrant fouling, or obtaining technical fouls increase.

    5. Possibly add a classic season mode such as the 1997-98 NBA season and play through that.

  • giovanni

    i think they should add more sweat i mean just look at when KG when he plays its dripping sweat. and another thing the rim and the net at least make that look real

  • Jose

    1.Coach mode

    2.Summer League

    3FIBA Tourment and olimpics tourments

    4Carmelo Anthony in the cover

    5Interview the best players of the half and the play

    6Top 10 plays,dunks,blocks assists,ect.

    7have a technical foul,flagrant foul, and suspension, eject player.

    8I can whrite in the twitter

    9Mycarrer have house car girlfriend ect.

    10Have a phone

    • DURANT COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shontz Yaeger


  • Paul

    1. Hard fouls on players
    2.Flagrant Fouls,technical fouls.
    3. If player gets fouled hardly,he starts pushing/brawling with his opponent. And then other teammates comes to sepperate a fight.

  • friza

    insert the dunk contest and three pont shoutout or much better you can insert all of all-star events for free

  • Christian Anobaah

    make the championship as a real nba so the ring the cup and champagne

  • Kyojiro89

    take 2k13, fix the glitches, make the dunk contest and 3pt contest available
    for everybody not just the people who per-ordered the damn game and add
    new rookies and the proper D-league and you should be good!

  • Ur Nba2k fan

    New cool dunks, new cool hairstyles, huge beard like harden, new accesories or maybe not, like dunk of blake griffin ex. when he dunks on perkins, foul fights (that would be awesome) :)), no glitch!!!! that’s all……. (I’m playing on PC) thanks!

  • My wishlist for NBA 2K14

    – Better Create A Team Mode with options to customize arenas, uniforms to make them look like a REAL Team, the option to not have mascots or cheerleaders and Create A Head Coach (like how they used to do with the old College Hoops Titles)

    – Real Player Introductions from all 30 NBA Teams (with their own P.A. Announcer) and for all Classic/Custom/International/Created Teams.

    – More Commentary Teams! I mean, either that or have regional commentary teams and have Harlan/Kerr/Kellog/Burke be the main broadcast team.

    – International and National Teams! Teams from all over the world, (Euroleague, J-League, CBA, etc.) and the FIBA Organized National Teams.

    – Better MyPlayer Mode

    – Better Blacktop Mode where you can either play on the streets, in your regional area, in a gym or in your home teams arena.

    – Improved Association Mode where you can fire and hire coaches and other staff members.

    – Unlockable Challenges, kinda like Playback Moments that Madden used to do or Classic Moments to unlock more stuff.

  • 1-LeBron Cover

    2-Be able to pass your my player player from 2k13 to 2k14

    3-More classic teams like reggie´s pacers or ’01 Kings.

  • The Ability to Draw your own plays like a real coach and the players are able to run the patterns you have made in a quick game…..

  • numb#5

    just make complete all star weekend with dunk contest,3pt shoot,polygon for point guard and other…please 😀

  • a straighter and nicer hairline
    Pick jerseys in my career.
    4v4 or 5v5 blacktop.

  • camille

    1: the team all stars like denver all stars for exmple
    2 : remake of the legend carreer

    3 : cover for any team

  • david

    at least 2 commentary teams with more phrases, stories and backgrounds about the players
    college in myplayer-mode
    we should be able to create more than one player
    blacktop with every nba-player + streetball-legends
    mycareer: sponsoring by adidas and under armour as well, not just nike & jordan
    best of euroleague-teams (top16)
    real rookies

    • Shontz Yaeger

      yes i agree

  • 1)Weekly top 10

    2)Some National teams

    3)Some European Teams

  • Kyle

    1v1’s, 2v2’s 3v3’s With your Carreer Player.

  • add some fight scene on court!!!

    • Shontz Yaeger


  • add espn presentation or TNT presentation

  • papaj

    1. technical and flagrant fouls

  • Lil Wayne as a celebrity character

  • legends need to include:
    65 boston and lakers

    71 bucks and lakers

    72 hawks and lakers

    73 sixers and bucks

    85 sixers and bucks

    80 boston and portland

    86 bulls and spurs

    89 bulls and cleveland

    91 bulls and lakers

    92 bulls and blazers

    93 bulls charlotte and suns

    94 rockets and nyk

    95 indiana and orlando, rockets

    96 bulls and sonics

    97 and 98 bulls and jazz

    99 spurs and nyk

    00 pacers and lakers

    01 lakers and sixers

    02 lakers and kings and nets

    03 spurs and pistons

    04 lakers and detroit

    05 pistons andspurs

    08 sonics and 09 thunder
    11 nets and 12 nets

  • if you create a player in pc, you can create a portrait using webcam

  • import created players, coaches, shoes, and teams from 2k14 to 2k13, 12 or 11
    unlimited shoe and team creating

  • 1. Game face because in 2k13 my player look a mess.

    2.In my player mode my player should have a house a car.

    3.The clothing should cost less and should have better tatoos.

    4.In my player mode my player should have more than 2 sponcer.

    5.My player should be allowed to be un 3pt contest slam dunk contest any other contest without the code.

  • jimmy fn stackz

    the most important person is lebron james should be in nba 2k14

  • diesel

    you should also be able to choose if you want short shorts or medium or modern shorts to wear then choose a color for you headband and have your number on it. and full on customize shoe like with initials or something on your customized shoes. i also get sort of frustrated sometimes because my 3 point shot is all the way up on myplayer and he even misses wide open 3’s

  • diesel

    2k needs to do a game face like on madden 13 so it looks just like you. Also it would be cool if you could have your own house and car. also show players on the airplane as a pre game thing. also make up a dunk or something as a signature dunk. 2k14 should also have more hair styles and different brands like adidas etc.

  • 1. Make a MyCoach mode.

    2. Allow my MyCareer player to become a coach/assistant coach/gm after I retire.

    3. Make the Olympic & FIBA World Championship tournaments available in exhibition, MyCareer, MyCoach, & The Association with all the teams that competed in the most recent of each tournament available in exhibition.

    4. DO NOT create fictional players to fill in rosters. Id rather play with players missing than guys who dont exist.

    5. If I struggle in MyCareer send me to the D-League.

    6. Include legendary coaches on legendary teams.

    7. Include these teams:

    – Angola

    – Cote dlvoire

    – Tunisia

    – China

    – Iran

    – Jordan

    – Lebanon

    – Argentina

    – Brazil

    – Canada

    – Puerto Rico

    – United States

    – Australia

    – New Zealand

    – Croatia

    – France

    – Germany

    – Greece

    – Lithuania

    – Russia

    – Serbia

    – Slovenia

    – Spain

    – Turkey

    – Nigeria

    – Great Britain

    – East All-Stars

    – West All-Stars

    – Rookies

    – Sophomores

    – Russell Celtics

    – 1995-1996 Bulls

    – Ewing Knicks

    – Malone Jazz

    – Erving 76ers

    – Iverson 76ers

    – Showtime Lakers

    – RunTMC

    – Bird Celtics

    – Dream Team

    – Miller Pacers

    – Barkley Suns

    – Bad Boy Pistons

    – Payton SuperSonics

    – Dawkins Hawks

    – Drexler Trail Blazers

    – Robertson Bucks

    – O’Neal Magic

    – Olajuwon Rockets

    – 1971-1972 Lakers

    – Monroe Knicks

    – Maravich Hawks

    – Mutombo Nuggets

    – Bogues Hornets

    – Mourning Heat

    – Ming Rockets

  • Khalil

    Add more names, like my name is Khalil and it isn’t an uncommon name but it isn’t on the game and my last name is Hilton and I think there are a couple famous Hilton’s and thing named after the last name Hilton

  • Chris Boyd

    Should have Nike elite socks or Adidas team speed socks

  • Chris Boyd

    Make your own logo

  • Chris Boyd

    We should be able sign with Adidas,Reebok,converse,or under armor instead of just Nike and Jordan

  • 1. Put a flagrant foul
    2. Put a technical foul on coach
    3. When your player injured put a medical team so they can fetch your my player and player you choose in quick game
    4. When the player is injured and he is ok now put him in the bench like in the real life

  • Get back the jordan challenge!!

  • jbjairman

    Just make Lebron Look like Lebron please. Honestly thats the only reason why I didn’t buy it this year because Lebron (my fav player) while playing with him felt like someone else simply because he didn’t look like him. Headband was strait instead of a slant. To be honest. THE PICTURE ABOVE IS PERFECT. But he doesn’t look like that on 2k13 at least not the xbox 360 version.

  • grafik105

    for the myplayer, i wanna be able to make it to the olympic team. this would probably mean having international leagues and team and players, and of course nba games are nba rules and the olympic and other international leagues be fibs rules. i would love the choice of going to the nba or going to another league. come on its gonna be 2014 not just us americans play 2k. im sure the game sells well internationally but this would make ea give up on even making live. just make 2k the most complete basketball game ever.

  • update the shoes for the regular wii (not wii u) and improve the graphics. wii should also get virtual currency.

  • BK

    Make Wii version same as or almost the same as xbox and ps3 versions.

  • kent

    1. Put many hairs
    2. Put a screen shot button , so we can take a pics.
    3. make 2k14 3D or realistic
    4. make many endorsement
    5. make a many balls
    6. make a vacation if your my player team was lost in the playoffs

  • William


  • Better Hairlines Please

  • Suhrud Raut

    after the first half, our player should have an opportunity to get interviewed by doris burke or craig sager

  • be able to have your teams jerseys and clothes in your closet. thanks

  • make it so my player can play against my friend or other persons my player in a real game that counts. thanks

  • GET A CERTAIN RETIREMENT AGE, where the player has to stop playing in the nba because no nba player stays in the league for ever. thanks

  • kent

    1. do not default anythings in PC.. Like in 2k13 you default MyTeam,MyPlayer Closet,VC and more.
    2.make an update in PC, like in XBOX 360
    3. put all teams like 99-00 Miami , 99-00 Pacers , 99-00 Portland and more
    4. put charles barkley and his team
    5 put all the legends
    6 put allstar DLC games in PC

    DONE !!

  • AzOne96

    I want to play Dunk Contest and 3pt Contest…In NBA 2K13 i can’t because I didn’t buy the pre-order or download the dlc…I want the original game has dunk contest,3pt contest, and be able to buy clothes for my career without having to play online…Please i only hope these things

  • ProtatoPie

    For me, a really really loyal 2K fan.

    1. Alternate Commentators

    -You really don’t need only 3 commentators only. How about like 5 commentators?

    -Different commentators per game. (e.g. vs Hawks – Steve Kerr, etc. – vs Heat – Anybody else)

    2. More classic teams

    -A lot of people really tend on remembering the good ol’ days when T-Mac was with the Rockets with Yao, Vinsanity was with the Nets, Old stuff like that.

    -If you asked me for a list, this is what I would suggest.

    -2001-2002 Orlando Magic

    -2007-2008 Houston Rockets

    -1994-1995 Indiana Pacers

    -2004-2005 New Jersey Nets

    -2000-2001 Toronto Raptors

    -2005-2006 Cleveland Cavaliers (Young LeBron with Shaq)

    -2002-2003 Detroit Pistons

    -2003-2004 Wizards (Michael Jordan’s final year)

    3. I agree with Dimees, I really would like a MyCoach mode for coaching players. It can be somewhat like the Association mode, but far more entertaining. I know you’ll do your best 2K. Everybody knows that.

    4. Additions to the MyCareer mode.

    -If you ever retire as a player that qualifies for the hall of fame, or just a really good player… You can continue your MyCareer mode in MyCoach mode. Now you’re a coach.

    5. No ‘go-through’, ‘noclip’ glitches.

    -It’s kinda hard for a right word to describe what I just saw out there in 2K12. D:

    6. Old Celebrity All-Stars

    -With guys like TuPac, Eminem, and other awesome celebs.

    Thanks a lot 2K Sports! I’ll really be supporting your games for a long time!

    -ProtatoPie (

  • DodgyJim

    1. In Association mode, have backstory for generated rookies. The commentators seem to have something to talk about with all the real players, but once you’ve played a few seasons, the commentary ends up having nothing to say about individuals. Add stuff like “X starred at college, setting a single-season record for 3s”. Or base it on their progression – “When Y came into the league, he didn’t have any sort of jump shot, but he’s obviously worked on it and now he’s deadly from 3 feet”.

    2. Re-design the effects of injuries. Real players get niggles throughout the season that have just a minor impact on their play – I feel that the little twinges aren’t represented. Any time you get an injury, you’re pretty much better off sitting the guy cause even mild injuries have a big effect on performance. Niggles would be little things that drop 1 or 2 points off a skill here or there. Rest them a game (or give them light minutes) and they recover. The flip side, is you also add a “Rhythm” stat – players that have a long time off for injury (or who are stuck on the bench) come back with 0 rhythm, which also is a negative skill effect. The more minutes and consecutive games they play, the more their rhythm builds up.

  • lamar

    these are all repeats…



  • Paulito

    1. i think you should make the coach mode more realistic as in add something like, you can only train your team be on sidelines of games and make them do practices and workouts.

    2. As my player after you retire, should be able to become a coach or assistant coach.

    3. lebron james cover.

    4. as you get older you loose athleticism.

    5. so you can rename a franchise or redo the jerseys and the court.

  • Tyson

    All the things I see so far can’t be added till the next generation of consoles, and bigger disc…

  • 9. with REAL coaches not fake!

    10. actual halftime with KFC 3-point shot of the quarter

    11. hair should grow

    12. bring back nba 2k11 theme, fast lane and other 2k11 and 2k12 songs

    13. can skip to the game i want not only play next game and next key game in mycareer

    14.create a free throw style mode and add some rules like technical foul and suspension

  • 5. bring back the nba 2k, 2k sports, vc team, 2k china, east and west all-stars
    6. lebron, kobe, durant cover like in 2k12 (three covers)
    7. d-league teams
    8. add 03 pistons, 06 heat, 07 celtics, 08 sonics, 10 lakers, 11 nets

  • 1. delete the generic players
    2. fix lebron’s cyberface
    3. change jay z’s horrible songs
    4. bring back the slam dunk contest, 3pt shootout, like in nba 2k11

  • Bring back Kareem and Dr.J

  • Also I recommend getting more old teams, maybe like the 61-62 Warriors. with Wilt Chamberlain, not the 70-71 where he’s old. And if you have goaltending off in quick game they should give you a block if you tip it. Also the 2000-2001 Lakers with Shaq and Kobe. I know you have the 97-98, but Kobe wasn’t in his prime.

  • First of all, make dunks blockable, and not those stupid ones where windmill dunk always get blocked. Also make blocks easier to get, in simulation too. I mean, if your block rating is a 99, you should be averaging about 4-5 blocks in simulation. Instead I average like 2. The blocks should have cutscenes, like the dunks. You should be able to stuff back dunk attempts, not just tip it and make it look fake.

  • I’d like for the practice mode to include the full roster. It’d be cool if you’re practicing as Lebron and Wade comes over to request a 1 on 1!! There should also be multiple courts so it wouldn’t be too jammed up. A BBVA game with real player jerseys. Free AllStar content. Adidas, Nike, Jordan etc. logos on gear. Better options in the appearance field. Full color options for gear like in NBA Live. Post game interviews with the player of the game. Spike Lee at the the Garden (Lol) Reggie Miller & Chris Webber please.

  • Chris Paul

    bring back the summer circuit in “myplayer mode” and whoever played very well in the circuit will be the one to join nthe starters

  • beastido

    There should be technical fouls

  • jose1059

    the narrators tell our real name
    not the nicknames

  • tay

    Copy tattoos from active players

  • Nik

    1. in my player mode let us sim the games we want to and not have us play all the games or skip like 10 to our next key game
    2. be able to select your own gear for your player. its pretty tough to get skill points to begin with and you can even have your team color like on a arm sleeve.
    3. have like a summer league for my player for you can prove yourself to the team
    4. if you score like 30 points with 10 assists and 7 rebounds they need to make your player at least a 70 overall. starting out at 63 is just stupid
    5. being able to edit your player like hair styles and tattoos more. not having to quit back to the menu and then change it and then go back, but in the game mode.

    overall nba 2k13 wasnt a bad game or great game it was more of an average your for 2K but it did disappoint me mainly for my player mode.

    • Nik

      average year for 2K not your

  • you should be able to throw trick passes

  • Be able to be sponsored by adidas
    On online association, have a seprate association with older great players, such as michael, scottie, julius erving, shaq, kareem, magic, bird, chamberlin, iverson etc. but with recents players in their primes

  • I’ve been seeing a lot of comments suggesting the shootaround before a game. Why not put it in the loading screen? So players can shoot around while the game is loading. And you can see people entering the stadium and all that stuff..

  • Add some more depth to future drafts in Association and wherever, similar to Madden 13, have a few special players each year that actually have developed back stories – make things happen like top prospects getting severely injured towards the end of the season causing their draft stock to fall, or a player that is a mid rounder who has a great NCAA run and his draft stock sky rockets

    Player progression should be based around how a player plays, 11 and 12 you knew exactly how much each player was going to go up each year (it never reaaalllly changed and if it did it was maybe within 1 sp) 13 seems to be a bit better, but I think there should be two components added to end of season player progression: 1. have the players play that season influence how much he improves (if a young star like Kyrie has a terrible season he shouldn’t automatically go up 4 pts but also if a bench player absolutely dominates, takes a starting role etc. that should influence his progression to be more than just +1). Age shouldn’t be such a factor (yes as players get older their play often declines, but there are many strong older players who although they aren’t as good as they used to be they shouldn’t be going down 2 sp every season. 2: Create a lottery that will randomly boost a few players by more than they deserve (kind of a summer breakout idea, so all players who are under a certain age maybe 28, get put into a lottery system and 2 or 3 of them get awarded with more progression than they likely would have. It wouldn’t be something you see happen it just occurs intrinsicly in the game and when the progression screens come up after playoffs there would be those few players scattered throughout the league who get this breakout progression.

  • daqwan

    bring new hair style packages
    i wanna chris paul lining

  • elijah garrett

    my requests for NBA 2k14

    add life out side of the court, like buying your own house and customizing it and buying cars and driving them , be able to make a family, be able to start a basketball camp for kids, after retirement become a coach or buy teams or become a broadcaster. if you can bring the Olympic games so we can participate in them. make a college game so you can play in it then get drafted to the league. i think you can make more money 2k if u make the Wnba and let us create our own girl and maybe the NBA player and the Wnba player can go out or be family.

  • jr

    and the usual a little bit of better graphics better physics and all the glitches.. dont rush 2k take your time next year we have patience. We rather have a bug free game in december than have a bugged game in october full of glitches.

  • jr

    let the all star pack be free.

  • jr

    VC system better i know, its about making money but, it isint that fun when people just start with 99

  • jr

    shoot around before a my career game crew more realistic feel to the game more depth and you should add like you going through college ncaa champ then you would get drafted i would love to see that personally

  • owen

    i wish my player can destroy the rim like shaq
    and more detail 4 the shoe to make it realistic

  • disqus_xAO0dKKYKu

    I have a request for NBA2K14 that u can do pre game worm ups like shoot around and be able to talk to douris burck after a game

  • Cornell F.

    They should add on MyCareer is the FIBA! That would be AMAZING!
    And they should add Flagrant Fouls, Ejections, and Technical Fouls.

  • Rballer9

    2k14 wishlist


    2.BVA rising stars game players should have there own jerseys

    3. Better lebron face

    4.cyber faces for the roster updated players.

  • Derrick






















  • Mohamed Habsh

    One of my wishes or requests are: Don’t add the vc points we like the money system better, and for my career mode add a rookie difficulty because for some people its very hard for them to lay pro mode i personally play allstar mode. Thanks for reading!

  • ale

    1. be easier to improve to your player and be easier to earn skill points
    2.put a history mode
    3.better menu songs
    4.put the 1988 all star teams and the actual all star team
    6.Put reggie miller pacers
    7.make the fans more realistic easier to start in myCareer
    thank you

  • Jaime early

    1st make all star weekend accessible to everyone
    2nd espn or TNT presantations would make the game feel like your watching the actual game
    3rd If you become a top 5 pick you should be a starter with 30 to 35 minutes
    4th let us choose shoes for rookie showcase and not those generics
    5th in mycareer make it so we live an nba players life .example as soon as the game is over have a post game interview with 2 to 3 questions. Example 2 show the team bus pulling up in front of the stadium that would be sick.
    6th give us the option to choose a voice the voice you give us don’t match how the player looks.
    7th in the offseason give us the option to workout with current nba players and legends and make the attribute boost higher so we can improve better. Example I am entering my 2nd season I choose to work out with Chris Paul my attribute boost should be based off of how long or how much I workout with him 2 weeks 8+ ball handle 5+ pass and 5+ steal with one signature skill for free. Etc
    8th give us one free signature skill to start off with.
    I know this doesn’t relate to the question but please 2k make an NCAA basketball game NCAA 2k14 with a my player who starts out in the McDonald’s all American from either ny nj or ct etc. and the better he does in that game the better the college offers and more college offers goes to college for 1 to 4 years and can get exported to nba 2k14 goes to rookie showcase and gets drafted from there please 2k sports read this comment and others please it mean so much.

  • James Joyner

    Have patches for the jerseys like they do for people that play on PC. Have this feature for PS3 and Xbox 360. Or just do more work on the jerseys because they have looked the same since 2K12. Also change the dunk contest. I don’t like the guitar hero concept.

  • Dallas Brassfield

    1. How about at halftime we get a Charles Barkley and Shaq.

    2. In my career mode less expensive clothes and accessories; 5000 vc for a shirt thats ridiculous.

    3.My career mode you should be able to choose your voice, and during the all star game how about adding a three point and dunk contest (If the my player isn’t a part of it he should have the option of wanting to attend it)

    4.Get every players shot RIGHT, and not just work to perfect Lebron James; Paul Pierce barely jumps on his shot in real life but in game he jumps about 12 inches off ground.

    5. In my career mode stop trying so hard to make it difficult; because the only position you can be good at is shooting guard (thats unacceptable)

    6.In my career mode we should be able to continue from last years game… and if we choose a default name the commentators should call us that name at all times (not the general, the great etc…)

    7. Speaking of commentators: how about mixing them up like one game have Kevin Harlen, Reggie Miller, and Steve Kerr; and the next game have Marv Albert, Mike Breen, and Clark Kellogg.

    8. Also dealing with commentators: instead of just having Doris Burke how about adding Lisa Salters to the mix or a Chris Mullins.

    9. Bring back The three point and dunk contest but PLEASE have it inside the arena like in real life.


  • 2k14 should have a game mode where you an have different types of te same people lke kobe with a mask and kobe with ouy the mask

  • zakaria sharif

    1. have halftime interviews
    2. show the full haltime report with shaq and them

  • Being able to customize the players hair and facial hair.

  • 1. Add cyberface to all the players

    2. Gameface like EA sports

    3. More hairstyles, tattoos and accessories

    4. Be able to cut your players hair, for example if you have an afro you should be able to use some razors and get a mohawk or something else


  • Johnny

    You should bring back the 4 player online asociation and instead of the old teams you should add all or most of the championship teams year by year

  • Branchs

    You Can Play Myplayer Blacktop Not Only 3V3 But Anything From 5V5 And Etc Also Give The Rating The Players Need And We Need Real Fans On The Side

  • pokefester

    These are just some of my ideas as to what should me added to 2k14

    1. I would LOVE to see a mode in which you can create your own plays and not just edit paybooks with pre-existing plays, whether that be in just Association or all game modes doesn’t matter to me

    2. When your playing Association mode, just like in My Player mode where you get to sit down with the GM, I think you should be able to sit down with the players in Association mode as you are the GM

    3. Jay-Z did a great job with the presentation and soundtrack of NBA 2k13 and I would love to see NBA 2k14 produced either by him again or at least put that amount of effort into the presentation and soundtrack of NBA 2k14

    4. Glitches should be fixed, like the glitch where the shot thing goes all weird and the colours go all white

    5. VTCRB mentioned a great idea about making a My Coach mode, and Dimees also mentioned a great idea where you could become a coach or gm after retiring your My Player

  • iknow2k

    1.west coast and east coast celebrities
    2. be able to do have all the Allstar contests in blacktop and association or season and on my careermode

    3.Beable to do the fantasy challenge like on madden 10 with the fake teams that you can unlock.

    4.the fantasy teams should be like cartoons from nick and cartoonnetwork or be able to use them on a regular basis able to use NFL,NHL,FIFA,CFL,and MLB players

    6.on mycareermode be able to skip draft to your pick

    7.Be able to get 1st round pick on mycareermode and not have to pay for your release and your dunk package and your layup and you should be able to chose a certain player crossovers like allen iverson

  • 1. FIBA Teams:
    Puerto Rico
    Great Britain
    Turkey, etc..

    2. FIBA ball

    3. FIBA tournament mode

    4. Dream Team 2

  • manuel chico

    reggie miller should be added the 95 suns, 2002 wizards, 2000 raptors,2001 pistons stay with all of the teams from nba 2k13 diffrent choices like 2k12,lebron,kobe,or melo

  • Be able to play mycareer online and/or offline with ur friend with two or more players like in madden 13

  • pako

    create classic players. reggie miller (Indian pacers 2000)

    lakers roster 2001 2002 2003

    san antonio 2004 detroit 2005

  • bastos

    hi, i would like in nba 2k14:

    – a pc version as good as the others on xbox or ps3, because in 2k13, we miss a lot of things like the allstar game or the team mode…

    – in “my legend”, please put the hall of fame like in “my player” like we can push our favorite players to be a hall of famer.

    -add teams champions the last ten years like boston 08 or miami with shaq..

  • In my player mode could be a all star day where you can participate in dunk or 3pt contest it would be AWESOME!!!!

  • RC

    i want to see some brawl, when the game becomes more physical and aggressive that would be nice

  • ammn99

    put all the jerseys in My Carrer

    make like real life in all star let the teams enjoy

    add skills challange


  • disqus_B2Rq8Xn5Ji

    put european teams in 2k14 and i mean teams such as panathinaikos,cska moscow,real madrid,fenerbache ulker,anadolu efes,zalgiris kaunas,barcelona regal,macabi electra tel aviv

  • A possibility to play divisions games and top ranked 5 teams games in the association mode like :

    Play next game or play next “key” game

  • DK4

    I would like to see top 10 plays of my player after every season. That would be cool 🙂
    And if my player is an all star then top 10 dunks maybe or something

  • The ring on the backboard is so unrealistic. Fix it please!

  • no reach-in fouls

  • disqus_R22hoTCXK1

    ability to choose between rookie showcase/draft combine and summer league on or off in my career.
    The all-star and rising stars game should use the sliders used in blacktop games maybe

  • be a referee mode

  • Lietuvis

    1. It would be great if you create euroleague and with my player you can play there and when go to the NBA
    2. Make that everyone can create my player face with foto like fifa13 game-face
    3.Add all players cybercafes, because in nba2k13 A.Shved and anthers are without cybercafe.
    4.Make All good leagues in the world(eouroleague, euro-cup, VTB, Spanish, Lithuanian(LKL), Russian, Greece, Italian) that if player wasn’t drafted i can get offers from Europe teams or if i don’t want go to NBA this season my player can get offers from teams or can chose play in NBA D league
    5.I think now are to hard get skill points.
    6. Make more haircuts and more realistic.
    7.Make coach mode.

    • Shontz Yaeger

      i agree really hope theres a coach mode

  • KK25

    1.Make MyCareer contracts paid with money not SP.
    2.Bring back real D-League
    3.In Association mode make more realistic draft class ratings, add pre game rituals to draft class rookies and skills.
    4.In Association mode fantasy draft make the CPU take better choices because now sometimes in the team there are 2-3~ Point guards or other position players which is above 75 rating or even more.
    5.Bring back summer league and draft combine.

  • 1. Lebron on Cover (even though ronnie2k obviously hates him. biases aside Lebron is one of the NBA greats)
    2.real time crowd reactions to what really happens in your game
    5.equal features across different platforms.(PC being left out in 2k13. hopefully this is not true in 2k14)
    6.2k13 myplayer brought into 2k14 so we don’t start from scratch (it gets irritating not being able to do this. hopefully we have this in 2k14)

  • Bring back Crew! and this time also make a game mode so you can make a mycareer online league that you can have your friends play together against other teams either cpu or online in seasons that way it’ll make a great multiplayer, sort of like team up but with mycareer.

  • Have in-game player confrontations, player and ref confrontations, taunts, player and coaching staff ejections, in-game and post-game interviews conducted by the reporters such as David Aldridge, realistic halftime shows with Charles Barkley, Stephen A. Smith, Shaq, etc. They should also have actual pregame warmups, announcements of the starting lineups and how each home team conducts their introductions, celebrity/basketball legend visits to serve as guest commentators, if a celebrity or basketball legend is in attendance, have the reporters approach and interview them. Make the commercials look real, for example NBA Cares. During timeouts, being able to zoom in on the team huddle and see what the coach is telling his players. Correct the glitch where players shoot free throws, they go low-five their teammates even though they aren’t standing there coz they moved to another spot. Have games between rival teams/players make it feel and look like an actual rivalry, no cute sh!t, make it more physical and high-tempered with mixed emotions. There should be hard fouls/flagrant fouls, and afterwards give the user the option to either react by retaliating or just let it go. If the player doesn’t agree with a call, they can also have the option to argue, tell the ref “good call”, or just let it go. The refs should also have the option to give a technical if they feel the player has gone overboard or has made contact with the ref. Suspensions should be implemented. If a player is injured or has undergone surgery, let them go through rehab. Instead of just having a meeting solely with the GM, hold meetings with the team, a player(s), or coaching staff. MyCareer should be able to choose what shoes they want to use. I got so much more I could think of.

  • 1. In Association Mode, if a superstar player (CP3, Durant etc) is entering free agency, if their team has just won a championship, they should stay with that team.
    2. Actual Draft classes. I know this is not possible after maybe 2015, but each year update the draft classes because the generic rookies suck and all look the same.
    3. Realistic statistics when simulating games, Lebron scoring 24 ppg and Westbrook scoring 28 ppg is unrealistic. Chris Paul and Rubio should average more than 7 apg.
    4. Actual All-NBA Players should make the All-NBA teams. Brandon Jennings making All NBA 1st team in 2013? Really 2k?
    5. If you go up for a shot, and the defense bumps you or makes you change it, call a foul. Not every time, but more often would be amazing. Maybe 70% of changed shots result in fouls. If not this, then maybe more contact shots go in.
    6. Great Shot blockers like Dwight Howard, Ibaka, McGee, these types of players should be able to block dunks. It seems like when a player leaves the floor to dunk, just walk down the other end. Change this.
    7. Remove Jay-Z from the intro sequences. Watching Jay-Z rap before a basketball game is something I would never like to see.
    8. When Advertising between quarters in MyCareer, the game should incorporate some highlights instead of a billboard. Like if you dunked over Lebron James, that should be in the commercial instead of a billboard or magazine cover. If this can’t happen, then let us edit the highlights ourselves to show in the commercials.
    9. Commentary, player and crowd reaction needs to be fixed for buzzer beaters that change the outcome of the game. Game winning buzzer beater, players jump around, commentators yell, crowd goes crazy, this happens in 2k13 for about 3 seconds, and then the players just walk away. This needs to change to create a more realistic atmosphere.
    10. Just get rid of generic shoes, players, coaches, generic everything. It looks horrible.
    11. Less missed dunks. Too often I throw a lob to say… Andre Iguodala, or Blake Griffin. It seems like if the passer doesn’t have the Alley oop sig skill, the reciever will miss the dunk.
    12. Make star players more defendable. Kobe Bryant against Tony Allen should not be able to drop 40 points each time.
    13. Add in a custom arm length. This is a huge advantage to have in basketball, for example, Kevin Durant and Dirk. Long arms allow you to shoot over absolutely anybody.
    14. Different broadcasters and commentators. It is frustrating listening to Steve Kerr say the same S**t over and over again. Have an option that allows you to change which network the game is broadcasted on (ESPN, TNT, NBATV) and have different commentating groups, like the guy that yells SLAAAAAAAAAAM DUNK at clippers games, or this guy: “Durant for 3, BANG!”
    These features would make the game more realistic and entertaining for casual and hardcore fans.

  • just two things for me: 1-improve the defense.the offense makes the most unrealstic shots even if they’re terrible players.and 2- just once on the online association when i change my team’s playbook,it ACTUALLY changes to the plays i added and removed

  • dominic

    1. Have it where you can take a picture and upload it to your my player instead of creating a person from scratch..2. more sp points earned like 2k12..3. Create a coach mode..4. I think you guys should have it very realistic off the court (like more stuff to do) and have it look realistic during post game. 5 ESPN should be on there..I agree with Karl D

  • you can get interviewed at halftime or at the end of a game if you do good.

    you can get text from your manager or what ever saying you need to go to practice, do an endorsement etc… and if you dont go you team chemistry, popularity goes down,

  • kdot

    Ability to edit rosters in my career like you can in association. make the vc more real life with like proper salarys. Better looking tattoos. Li ning shoe brand if possible. More pre game stuff etc in locker room, running out onto court. Better celebrations for game winners, winning championship etc (there is celebrations in the game but they pretty lame). Post game interviews are dope but more than one question would b cool. Presentations for M.V.P, R.O.Y out on court.
    I know there is presentations for champ trophy and finals mvp but yer nothng for the others.

  • 1) Better Graphics. More realistic Faces.

    2) More dunk packages n a create your own dunk/package

    3) In my career the player should be able to get other players to give him alley oops when he wants it. or go for steals. or select a particular player for help defense, etc.

    4) Modelling your player should have more options, more facial hairstyles, more face structures, etc.

    5) More nicknames & realistic commentary which(referring to your player as they refer everyone else, i.e. by name).

    6) Ability to add tattoos & change hairstyles in the career mode.

    7) More comprehensive challenges/dynamic goals in the career mode.

    8) Better controls for alley oops.

    9) More shoe designs, components, colors, etc.(Editable Nike Plus shoes)

    10) Comprehensive & realistic training sessions, GM sit-downs.

    11) Better support for PC.

    12) Better clutch shots(i.e. longer range for 3ptrs in clutch)

    13) Socializing options.

    14) Rival matches = Increased Intensity, high heat, taunts, etc.

    15) More options for pregame rituals, etc.

    16) A little more RPG element, like Passing when you can easily score earns you rep & respect. If you make a monster block, non-star players might fret at your sight, Dunking earns you more local fan support or popularity,

    17) Playable all star weekends both in the career & outside it,( just like we can play matches from home screen or go for practice) including the three point contest, the slam dunk contest & so on… to be there in the game by default..

  • Martin

    add other olympic teams like spain, argetina, brazil etc.

  • 1. Off ball fouling.
    2. Crowd reaction to the in game situation(crowd is more emotional when the game is down to the wire or relatively quiet in the first quarter of a less important game.)

  • Martin


    1. lebron james should be the cover. and the cover’s theme will be his achievements like being the mvp, a champion, and a gold medalist in the Olympics

    2. in mycareer, in the offseason (if you are good enough) you can play for team usa in FIBA or even in the Olympics

    3. all star weekend in pc

    4. the all star weekend in consoles should be included. DON NOT MAKE IT A DLC IN NBA 2K14.

    5. rearrange the commentary. in games you should change the commentaries. in a game steve kerr and in the next it can be jaff van gundy. that will be more realistic.

    6. in my career, the endorsements should have more commercials

    7. in my career, it should have more shoe sponsors like adidas or reebok etc. not only nike and adidas.

    8. the accessories should be more. like the ones that d rose wear in their fingers. and the adidas calf sleeves and adidas pressure shorts and undershirt

    9. after a game if you do good, doris burke will interview you before you go to the press conference.

    10. if you draw a hard foul, your player can push or even talk badly to the player who fouled you. that would look more realistic.

  • MyPlayer Locker on PC
    Bring back all classic teams like Balticore Bullets or Vancouver Grizzlies
    Have D – League
    No auto retirement
    Better graphics

  • Zach Lipstein

    Get rid of the fake players and put in college players or real people that will be in the NBA in the future

  • Guest

    Get rid of the fake players and add college players that will really be in the NBA in the future.

  • Let us be able to import our My Player from the previous 2k so we don’t have to start all over unless we want to do so

  • Tonio Loko

    There are celebreties watching every game .. like Apple dE Ap ..

  • John

    Bring back the Money not VC!!!!

  • 1. At halftime how about a charles barkley and shaq

    2. cheaper to buy clothes and accesories, I mean 5000 VC for a shirt that ridiculous

    3. would you please get everybody shot right and not just lebron; like paul pierce, manu ginobilli, joe johnson.

    4.In my career mode you should be able to chose your own freaking voice, its been the same voice for 3 years running.

    5. In my career mode we should play 3 games in college and then do nba draft .

    6. In my career mode if in rookie showcase you do well and get top 5 picks you should start unless its a big time star.

    7.and for once I’d like to be able to block a dunk if they can do it in real life why can’t we on the game .
    8. How about different commentators every now and then.(vote up if you agree)

    I can just about guarantee the people that read this agreed to maybe 5 out of 8 things on this list.

    • Rishi Prabhuram

      I agree with different commentaters be able to choose from your style of broadcast from espn broadcast jeff van gundy mike breen and doris burke and for tnt the same as now with sounds of espn and tnt

    • Shontz Yaeger

      yes more voice choices and they should also have more choices when we talk to people after are games and be able to talk into the kinect for it to. i agree with all the things you put on there

    • pj

      I would like them to commentate about my player more in the games add fun facts like pj has not missed a 3pointer in the last 10 games or he shoots over 60% against the magic in his career u know as ur season goes on. Also they should commentate on ur goods and bads such as he is very good shooter coming off the dribble or he is very dominant when he drives right, they should pick up on this as ur season goes along what ur good sand bads are and commentate it during games.

  • Darien

    Say my name in the game… Darien (Dare E AN), its quite common

  • more games before our my players get drafted and if you get drafted top 10 u should start or get like 30 min play time
    also there are to many fouls on our players but not a lot on the cpu

  • 1 Make a option that you can import your my player from previous 2k’s and have the rosters updated when your not online

    2 Add the Olympics into the game so in the offseason every 4 years you can compete against the world ..

  • Darien

    Give the option to do a workout again after youve completed one, so you don’t have to go back to the menu and load it up.

  • NBA 2K

    Put reggie miller and old pacers on NBA 2K14, and the kid team: VC.

  • better servers

    choose venue for blacktop

    when you buy a blacktop player you shouldnt have to play online to use them

    have skill points easier to get

    have things not so overpriced in player store

    my player in exhibition if wanted

    practace before an exhibition match like pregame thing whem they are in tearaways

    more cheats

    allow my player to make major purchases

    make justin bieber his normal height and strength

    not make michael jordan so overpowered

  • Make the defense better the blocks suck an it’s to easy to blow past ppl

  • Ace

    make allstar dunkcontest and 3 pointcontest in pc

  • at the halftime show choose someone from the crowd so you can be them and take the 10k halfcourt shots and dunkcontests, silly things like that would make the game alot funner.

  • musie

    To be able to buy a house car (Lamborghini, Ferrari etc , bring back all legends get the phoenix team with Barkley and Kevin Johnson… add highlights from careers like unlockable clips be able to look at the dream team roster, (such as Jordans “the shot” vs the cavs, against the jazz ” Reggie miller shot on Jordan and actually move your player in the arena and be able to talk to team mates and other stars in the NBA. T-mac when he was a star rockets and magic, ray Allen on bucks stuff like that be able to actually host tournaments and go to sleep like gta iv minus the killing and stuff

  • you should be able to build your own personal team.along with logos,colors,an arena.given the option to either draft current players or create the players,or a mix

  • let us get T’s and flagrant’s

  • dominic

    maybe top 10 plays in commercial.. that include your player

  • MarkVillar24

    Flagrant Foul ! Technical Foul ! Fights ! Brawl !!!! All-star weekend for pc!! Slam DUnk COntest and three point contest for my career!!! Change kobe’s release in three pointer !

  • Marc

    Make a coach part, so you can be the coach and see whats the coach sees through it’s eyes like make your own plays with a marker and board etc of what a coach does.

  • make an “in eye” camera view of the players. so its imaginable as if you were truly him in the game. this should be added to either the entire game or just the myplayer mode.

  • Make it fair for all teams an make the defense more accurate

  • fix coach’s and audience’s appearance better. and at home assoc home screen, all players look the same with just the head replaced. but all wearing the same suit. oh, the voice too…

  • Venganza

    buzzer beaters crowd reaction.

  • Ty

    More customizing for the “My Player”. For example, arm length, and race

  • disqus_Q6js0jtDG0

    A big 3 game! LeBron, Wade, and Bosh v.s M.J, Scottie, And Rodman! 3 v 3

  • move your team to a different city and be able to change logos and colors and build your arena and have a alternate jersey

  • Arnold

    1- Bring back the D-League

    2- choose your own players voice

    3- an actual halftime show

    4- when you play season mode there should be a top 10 plays of the week kinda like what you see on sportcenters top 10

    5- change the atmosphere of the NBA finals have player presentations, real life crowd reactions & when you win the title there should be an actual parade sorta like in madden 13 how about meetings at the white house where you present barack obama with the jersey

    6- when your on your way to defending the finals title when you start a brand new season actually show players receiving their rings, and showing the brand new banner getting hanged in the arena

    7- Show coaches reactions when bad calls are made, show him getting into arguments with refs & show the coach getting ejected

    8- Pre & post game interviews with doris burke on mycareer mode

    9- when the game is close to ending show the play or the plays of the game before you give out the player of the game

  • Tim

    You should be able to get techs as a player or coach and get ejected.You should also be able to customize the uniforms for the teams.

  • Maxxx P 18

    The option of starting a draft league during a year prior to the current season would be great. Then simply populate the draft classes with the players who were ACTUALLY drafted the following year. Make it as historically accurate as possible including the actual rosters and arenas. If the teams didn’t exist, remove them until the year they arrive. I’d love to start a league at the 83-84 season…Not sure what that would cost license wise, but it would be amazing. Last thing, there need to be better rookies in the online league draft. There are NEVER any speicalty players like knock down shooters or lock down defenders. Just 3-5 decent players and bunch of bums who never amount to anything. Theres so much more I can post…but these would be spectacular additions.

  • Maxxx P 18

    Bring back the circle indicator that identifies which player the user is controlling. There are far too many on ball d debates.

    Focus more on defensive fundamentals I.e. closing out on an assignment when the ball handler picks up his dribble, boxing out, first defender back picks up first offensive player in transition.

    Eliminate the backboard single man alley oop. ..or reserve it for ONLY players actually capable of pulling it off

    No more vetoing options in private leagues

    The passing is still less than desireable…ESPECIALLY if you don’t icon pass.

    Remove the 2 day waiting period in online leagues

    Give VC points for league game play. They are far more competitive than ranked matches and blacktop.

  • Just

    I want Top5, or Top10 plays of the week.

    • Shontz Yaeger

      we should be able to pass the ball in more ways like between the legs and behind the back and be able to make smarter passes like i want to pass to the person right in front of me and it passes it to the person way over on the other side

      • Shontz Yaeger

        in myplayer when the other team makes a stupid pass and you can pick it off it doesnt do anything so we should have faster reflects and be able to pick off passes when you dont press a button because you are pressing the button late and i can never find out how to call for an allow oop in my player so please put it in the instructions or something

      • the shoot and pass buttons x&a on xbox or square and x on ps3

      • the boss

        you can call alley oops. its the same as throwing them its square plus x

      • Shontz Yaeger

        i want my teammates to score in myplayer when i pass to them they are open but dont shot

      • Shontz Yaeger

        be able to have a triple or double or more alley oops in one

    • Jeff

      How about online co-op franchise mode with the ability to play through the whole season let us play co-op games that matter let us figure out how to manage the team and everything else and let us have a my player career co-op online in a franchise too let us play ball the modes together PLEASE!!!!

    • Schnidzz

      You need to create a series mode like NBA Live had. Instead of having to
      quit a game everytime, switching who’s home and away, it’ll auto do
      that for you and give you options for a 3,5,or 7 game series. That would
      be dope. save a lot of time, and if the commentators remembered stats
      from the series.

    • Chris

      I agree! In season mode you should be able to make have amazing plays you pulled off make it to the top plays of the week

    • Jnett

      Overhaul Computer AI

      Some problems with player AI:

      If Chris Paul and Dwight Howard are on elite
      level teams where they contend for a championship why do they constantly jump
      ship to the rebuilding Cavaliers or Pistons every time I play?

      Why does Josh Smith want to resign with the
      Hawks when they aren’t going anywhere?

      Problems with Front Office AI:

      If Tyreke Evans’s production has consistently
      been dropping since his rookie year then why are the Kings so eager to sign him
      to a 6 year contract? Actually, it’s Sacramento, never mind.

      Why do I see the Celtics and Spurs keep trading
      away Paul Pierce and Tim Duncan? Tim Duncan will never be traded so why does it
      happen in the game?

      In the real NBA free agents and D-Leaguers are
      constantly coming and going on 10 day contracts. In 2K13 I’ve never seen a free
      agent signed to a 10 day contract. Not once. In fact, whenever I try to sign a
      player to a ten day contract they decline. What are the chances of an undrafted
      rookie not accepting an NBA offer? When a player goes down with an injury the
      front office should see this and give a FA a chance.

      Change the logic teams use with rotations. If
      the team has a very good balanced bench then maybe they’ll use 10 guys. Benches
      never use a full 12. Make it so all the starters aren’t getting 34 minutes.
      Some teams have one starter who only plays 25 minutes. If teams have two very
      good bench players then they should both play 20+ minutes.

      Whatever was done to AI draft logic this
      previous year, please change it. Before the logic was bad, but not horrible.
      It’s awful this year. Maybe you were hoping to create busts and steals, but if
      the guy is hyped up as a top 5 pick pre-draft and has an 80 overall why is he
      falling to the 20’s? And why are 60 overalls constantly being drafted number 1?

      Make it so some European/Foreign players who are
      drafted will stay in Europe for a year or two.

      Make it so that there are specialized players,
      (defensive specialists, three-point shooters, etc.) Where are all the outside
      shooting big men? Point forwards?

      There will never, ever be a number one pick who
      is a 5’11, 220 point guard from Tulane.

      New Coaches not all A+

      In past 2K basketball games all the generic
      coaches who appear are immediately on the level of Phil Jackson. They have an
      A+ in every single category and change the game. In my opinion maybe they
      should be a high B or low A in one category like if they’re a defensive
      specialist, but outside that they should have to develop like players.

      Be able to let an assistant coach become a head

      Fitting into a coaches system

      Make coaches actually matter. If your team is
      being coached by Gregg Popovich the team will perform better than they would if
      they were being coached by Mike Dunlap. Also make it so certain players can fit
      into a coaches/teams style better than others, (Steve Nash in Phoenix).

      More realistic block and assists number.

      I’ve tried as hard as possible and the highest
      simulated block numbers for a season average I’ve been able to get is 2.9. The
      highest assist average for a season I’ve seen was Rondo with a 12.1. Why does
      Serge Ibaka end up with around 2 blocks a game when in real life he is a
      dominant shot blocker (3.7)? This is the same with assists. Chris Paul only
      averages about 6.5 every year. Why?

      Expectations and Suspensions

      I’ll do my best to explain this idea. Make an
      expectations grade for each player. If the Bobcats draft a SG number 1 overall
      then he should have a high expectations grade and he’ll start despite his
      overall rating. If he performs badly then his expectation grade will
      consistently drop until it hits 0 and he’s yanked from the starting lineup.
      This allows scrubs to develop into stars and changes Free Agency a lot. Maybe
      in your Association Dion Waiters gets injured and Wayne Ellington is put in the
      starting lineup. He over performs and his expectations rise and he’ll be worth
      more in free agency because of his breakout year (think Jeremy Lin). If a
      player is coming off a horrible year then they’ll cost less in free agency.
      Maybe a team will overpay a scrub who happened to overachieve and he’ll go down
      as a horrible contract after failing to live up to expectations.

      Make the emotion rating matter. You know who
      they are. Rondo, J.R Smith, World Peace, DeMarcus Cousins… Dwight Howard.
      They’re infamous for the trouble they cause on and sometimes off the court.
      While it’s understandable that there can’t be players arguing/fighting on court
      the emotion grade could at least make it feel like it’s there. The higher the rating,
      the higher the chance of a random suspension for a player or team chemistry
      issue. This would also change the draft. There are two point guards. One is
      immensely talented and has tons of potential. The other is a little less
      talented and has less potential. The first player also has a reputation as a
      major troublemaker. Are you going to take the 1st player who has the
      potential to be the next Ron Artest, or the safe but less talented pick?


      Wingspan is one of the most important factors in
      basketball. It’s why there are players like Bismack Biyombo (6’9) who are elite
      shot blockers (7’7 wingspan). Players who are extra-long and athletic can be
      better defenders, (Kawhi Leonard, Tayshaun Prince, Paul George, etc.)

      Make it so the ball is its own object-

      When someone drives to the rim and goes up for a
      shot if you go into replay mode you can see the ball hit arms, chests, even
      heads sometimes. When the ball comes into contact with something it should
      move. While playing my hand frequently goes through the ball only a little bit.
      While I still get a large piece of it, I guess it’s not enough to register as a
      block. This should still move the ball, the ball shouldn’t just go through it
      as if nothing happened.

      Players score inside way too easily

      It seems as though no matter what a player will
      score inside. Despite there being three players around someone, they will still
      take it up for a standing dunk 90% of the time, ignoring all defenses. It’s

      Alter fouling logic

      Why does Nate Robinson keep fouling LeBron on
      fast break dunks. “Nate, you’re not going to stop him.” Once a player gets to
      the hoop stop making players jump up and foul them. No one does that in the
      real game.

      Too many dunks

      I get that you want to sell a bunch of games to
      the fans who love seeing a ton of fast break 360 windmill jams over 2
      opponents, but that rarely, if ever, happens except in the 2K games. Despite
      LeBron being one of the most powerful finishers the game has ever seen he still
      isn’t going to be able to dunk on Zach Randolph every single opportunity like in
      the game. It annoys me to see LeBron never attempt a single layup.

      Please change the help defense

      Brandon Jennings lets his man go by and he
      cruises in for an easy layup with nobody paying attention to him. In the NBA
      this wouldn’t happen, especially with Larry Sanders waiting there to swat it
      out of there. Why is there no help defense?

      Make the crowd volume change.

      If the warriors are down 3 and Stephen Curry
      hits a huge three to tie it why does the crowd stay at the same monotone boring
      pitch? It’s going to get crazy, so why doesn’t that happen in game?


      My player gets picked number two overall, but he
      rots on the bench behind Tyrus Thomas? Let me start immediately.

      My player gets picked 26th overall,
      and I’m starting after 20 games no matter how bad I play? Why?

      Why is MKG on the roster when I got drafted
      number 2?

      Why does my white Yale graduate sound like that?

      • Antojuan Broderick

        yes to all of that.. and the game module lets my players hand or arm go through another player either fix it so that it doesn’t go through and creates contact or stop calling it a foul on me

  • The most important thing is to make MyPlayer fair game! When you increase your difficulty level in 2k13 to superstar/hall of fame your teammates become very weak regardless the team you play in. You need to carry the whole team on your shoulders (making majority of points/assists) if you want to snatch any more than one win in ten games.

    Increasing the difficulty level should affect only how difficult your OWN playing on the court becomes, not on your teammates.

  • PraoZ12

    1-Bring back d-league
    2- Add Summer league and pre draft matches like in 2k11
    3- Add Pre-draft interviews
    4- Can be be coach or ass coach after retirement pls
    5- we should be able to choose our my player’s voice
    6-Buying houses, walking in the streets,driving cars,practising at the court near you house, going to park,going to market
    7-after the game interviews
    8-before game practising(shooting , strecting) must be exist.

    • Guest

      What i said plus his, PLEASE

    • Rishi Prabhuram

      Bring back nba’s greatest with more games include the same games in 2k12 but include more present day players i will include a full list in my next wish

    • J#33

      Why the fuck should an NBA game be like Grand Theft Auto??? Who needs driving cars in a sports game. I’d be happy if they give us more BASKETBALL experience and for real, you think they could make a perfect GTA including an NBA mode within a year??

    • Rishi Prabhuram

      stretching is spelled wrong

    • jenel

      I like your ideas

  • leler

    The ability to play on easy in MyCareer

  • winston gorospe

    Request for nba2k14:

    1.have a technical foul,flagrant foul, and suspension, eject player.

    2.mouth piece for player.
    3. the hair should grow.
    4. the last is… nba2k14 can play a LAN network!!!!
    i hope this features in 2k14

  • Oh and bring back those disgusting blocks from NBA 2k1 haha fun fun

  • 2k sports can improve their user friendly interface by having a search button on the trade/sign player section…or even in the home page…ok its where u type in a name of any NBA player past or present and their profile pops up, Like a “basketball card” where they played and who they are and who theyre playing for now, to make searching for players easier to find when they are creating a team or trading players and don’t really know where the player they Wana trade for is Playing currently. Like a Google search tab but it’ll be a 2k tab

  • Philip Awad

    We want crew back!! Why did you take it out the game for 2 months now?? I love crew, and so do all my friends and lots of others out there! PLEEEEEASE bring crew back, my one major request

  • Allend Jones

    more authentic halftime shows and more detail on jerseys and shoes.The slam dunk contest should use the original controls it made you feel more in control on the dunks and shot stick on the three point contest. Thank you

  • My career player facial hair and hair should go while you play couple of game until you go to crib barber to cut your hair like def jam fight for New York game. That would be amazing.

    Different voice for your height

    Make the game more real take away equalisers and put real NBA features in the game

    Make big men like centre and power forwards have short bust of speeds when they hype up from a steal or fast break, because they are big guys that can run fast in the NBA.

    CPU should not have accurate guess where you going to pass the ball un realistic ball should be faster then the eye. CPU should have slim chance of catching ball from your pass

  • More realistic crowd and put in some celeb at times.

    More customisation of body and arm length example some players like Kevin durant look more lean with long arms, also short players like Allen iverson.

    Allow draft to pick your jersey number if your player was not key player in colleague league and make it more realistic where as you stay on your rookie team longer to achieve goals not just move to any team at end of each season.

    New hair cuts and design own tattles.

    Real sweating in the game when the game is hard and intense
    Half time highlights from other key games.

    Bring back CREW MODE 2k come cuz

    More realistic time outs in the game.

    Put real cheerleaders and dance in the game not only 6 real squad.
    More hustle animation like jumping into crowd to save a ball or after dunk or layup do Little celebration to hype yourself and the team.

  • 1. Be able to change jerseys before each game for example classic colours home and away, also arm sleeves colours and leg sleeves too and choose home and away shoes.

    2. More realistic features on the game like music that go with basketball and that motivates you when you out the game discs on. NO jayz don’t make it hip hop game. Motivation music come on cuz.

    3.please please fix and create new cpu brain that thinks before they make passes, example if someone cut into the lane and you call for it in my career CPU should not pass it to you if you don’t have a 80 percent or more of catching it. CPU should not have eyes behind there back, example how can CPU know you gona pass it inside the lane and his back turned and the do a beach ball steal come 2k fix up.

    4 improve CPU on your team in my career because it seems CPU that ou face in my career play so well together but your CPU team mates so confused at times. Make CPU have better brain so they. Try new stuff out and don’t make dumb Parsees and dumb alley hoop to another team mate which they can’t catch , then ends up as turn over.

    5 2k14 should have office or mini crib so you can design and see all trophys archived and jersey that made you before you came to NBA like d league or colleague league, theatre of montage plays and highlights.

  • Ditch Jay-z and tacky menus.
    Gameplay should be closer to 2k11 and 2k12, without bugs and glitches.
    Graphics should be much, much better on the PC version.

  • put fiba in there -_- like in nba 2008-

  • TWIN

    If your my player can dunk put him in an slam dunk contest and if he can shoot 3’s put him in a three-point shootout with the best dunkers and shooters

  • 1. College final four(If not be able to pick like star in college with harder milstone or bum with easier milstone effect overall)
    2.D-League for my player
    2.More Endorsments such adasis,
    3.Have blacktop in my player like you call some your temmates and pratice in the on the black top
    4.Better Staring Overall in my player

    • Shontz Yaeger


  • give us an option to buy an NBA team and let us do what we want in running the team

  • not having another music industry dude produce the game?

  • Troy Larsen


  • 1. When we create our own shot we get to test out if we see it doesnt fit us we can change.

    2.LeBron James as Cover Athlete alone with no one else

  • Dean Ambrose

    1. Bring back crew.

    2. Bring back college basketball so you can start the my player from there then into the NBA.

    3. This was in Madden but if you can add Create A Coach or Create A Fan it would be awesome.

    4. More last name options and better nicknames.

    5. Add some street ball to the game.

  • there needs to be a college career. let us develop our players before the draft. sorta like ncaa football where they let you play your senior season of high school

    • sadly I don’t think the game will be able to store this much data. Unless they did 2 discs or a download or something. That is an option, if they need money make it a pre order bonus where you can download the NCAA tournament. Only other problem is I am not sure about contracts between 2k and the NCAA

      • Usmaan Bajwa

        data is never stored on the disc…lol. Data is stored to the HDD.

      • CameroMac23

        la noir had 3 disks on 360.. max payne had 2 discs.. data is on discs also.. lol

  • 1.) MyCoach Mode
    2.) Full Legendary Rosters. No made up players. (This includes The Dream Team)
    3.) International teams. ie Team USA etc.
    4.) D-League Teams.
    5.) FIBA World Championships & Olympic Tournaments in ALL modes. In MyPlayer let me play my way onto these teams & in MyCoach let me be nominated as the head coach of these teams & let me play these tournaments with teams I choose in exhibition & in Association let me take over for Jerry Coangelo so I can run USA Basketball.
    6.) Legends that need to be included:
    -The Dream Team
    -Reggie Miller’s Pacers
    -Patrick Ewing’s Knicks
    -the 72-10 Bulls
    -the Bad Boys
    -the 86 Celtics
    -the 86 Hawks
    -Showtime Lakers
    -Shaquille O’Neal
    -Run TMC
    -Charles Barkley’s Suns
    -Jerry West & Wilt Chamberlain Lakers
    -Karl Malone & John Stockton Jazz
    -Mugsy Bogues Hornets
    -Gary Payton Supersonics
    -Oscar Robertson Bucks
    -Bill Russell Celtics
    -Julius Erving & Moses Malone 76ers
    -Hakeen Olujawon Rockets
    -Dikembe Mutombo
    -Clyde Drexler Trailblazers
    -Earl Monroe & Walt Frazier Knicks
    -Pete Maravich Hawks
    Thats 23 classic teams. (22 NBA, 1 International) You can set up 11 HoF challenges between the 22 NBA teams to unlock them. The Dream Team can be bonus content for preordering or something.
    7) Include the actual coaches of those teams. ie Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson etc.
    8) In Association let me promote staff from within if I want.
    9) Take a page out of Madden’s playbook. You can download your pick to the game so your player coach has your actual face.
    10) Add summer league for my rookie season.

    • I also recommend Wilt Chamberlain’s season where he averaged 50 points per game.
      Also 2k14 needs to bring back Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Dr. J

      • Ryan Schafer


      • Shontz Yaeger

        they should have predict who are know who the rookies are so when we get to the draft there real rookies

    • Rishi Prabhuram

      for the greatest games that should be included all the ones in nba 2k12 plus these

      allen iverson 48 points game 1 2001 finals

      kevin durant feb 19 2012 50 points vs nuggets

      lebron james 48 points 2007 conference finals

      kobe 40 points vs magic game 1 2009 finals

      d rose 44 points game 3 east semis vs hawks

      chris paul game 4 2011 west semis 27 points 13 reb 15 assists

      dirk 50 points june 1st 2006 west finals game 5

      carmelo 50 points vs knicks nov 27 2009

      game 3 2010 west finals amare 42 points

      game 6 2003 first round pistons vs magic billups 40 points

      april 25 2010 heat vs celtics d wade 46 points

      • Kevin Lewis

        Reggie Miller torching the Knicks in the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 5!!

    • Ryan Schafer

      i agree

    • Shontz Yaeger

      dream team should not be for pre ordering

    • Trajan Mitchelson

      NBA live has a contract with FIBA so there won’t be an olympic tournament

  • it does not need to be download all-star weekend and does not need Xbox Live in order to buy accessories to play these off line

  • **************************///////////////////////Add a lead change/times tide stat in the Team Stats category PLEASE, this is what my friends and I always want to analyze at the end because we’re pretty much close ’till the end.****************//////////////////////

  • jay

    Have dunk contest and all-star weekend without pre-order and demo we should choose
    any team we wont and play till halftime

  • BossKam27

    I have a few Requests for NBA 2k14

    1. Make it easier to earn vc.

    2.Bring Back the summer league

    3.Give us all the blacktop players so we dont have 2 buy them.

    4. Let us choose where we want to play in blacktop

    5.Realistic moves to make people fall.

    6.Add adidas and reeboks to sneaker sponsors.

    7.In mycareer play blacktop and get fans when you win.

    8. Make things less money

    9.Make 3pt and dunk contest easier

  • reha

    2009 lakers triagle offense !!!

  • 1)More accessories likes Adidas Socks and Nike Elite Socks

    2)Take away the micro-transactions that allow you to buy VC

    3)You should be able to start if your picked high enough or have a player starting thats not good you should start

    4)A preseason camp that allows you to earn a starting job if you perform well enough

    5)Bring back summer league

  • Give us the ability to promote assistant coaches.

    FIRE the 2k insider!

    Real D-league with real players.

  • Play with created teams online nd fights

  • 1. When you get fouled hard, you should be able to choose to push them, start a fight, trash talk, or just walk away, and u should be able to get ejected from the game and get fined.

    2.You should be able to go in the players life, like buying cars, clothes, jewelry, houses, do commercials, drop your kid/s off at school, drive to practices and games, go to clubs with your friends and gf, etc

    3. Talking to your friends on the bus when your going to a game or an event

    4. Being able to go visit your hometown and get more fan support and worldwide support

    5. You should get better haircuts like the high top fade and designs like that and you guys need to update the commentary and let us change our voices on create a player mode.

    6. Practices before games and if u dont show up to practices the coach calls you after and if you dont pick up he leaves a message saying if u dnt show up the next practice ur gonna get fined.

    7.You can choose to argue with refs over fouls they say u committed or if the person

    fouled you but the ref didn’t see it happen.

  • CREW MODE CREW MODE CREW MODE. If those hackers are a problem set a cap in your servers and whoever hacks there myplayer BOOM BANHAMMER

  • Young Basic


  • kim

    1) be able to edit accesories without having to be online

    2)Bring back college series so you can build ur player from scratch and create his story

    3)if your drafted no. 1 you should start or atleast have a large amount of minutes

    4)can choose between all brands to be their poster boy i.e Adidas , nike , under armor , jordan

    5)pre game and post game interviews in my player mode

    6)should be able to choose between different voices in my player mode

    7)should be able to follow other players on twitter and be able to select from different tweet options i.e GOOD GAME TONIGHT and then you and that player become friends OR MAN YOU PLAYED BAD TONIGHT I CANT WAIT TILL WE PLAY YOU GUYS #EASYWIN and then you and that player bacome rivals ??

  • Young Basic

    I got a few ideas in mind

    Make the myplayer mode have a crib added with your purchasable accessories inside and let you buy furniture and other items for a nice looking house.

    Allow players to make custom controls, defaults and alternates added as well.

    Make the franchise and myplayer mode have facebook and keep twitter.

    Bring the complete AllStar weekend experience to the games exhibition myplayer mode and franchise mode.

    Make nikeid allow you to make your sneakers from the ground up instead of just putting color to the finishing touches.

    Make endorsements that seem more realistic like more commercials not just from jordan brand, more magazines any sports mags possible, more billboards any street especially in the city you’re from and more sneakers you can get instead of just one.

    Fix the glitch problem and make the crowd more affectionate when you’re the hype of the team, and have the commentators and sideline host talk about you in any way possible, but not too much.

    Allow the player to be able to choose the uniforms and make suggestions for the uniforms and ways to get more fan support in order to bring a confidential win.

  • What if we could really live our life in mycareer? Like drive our car to the game and the better the salary the better the car. We should be able to use our in-game social network to maybe get in touch with teammates to hook up at the blacktop and get a game going at a court or something.

  • Jared

    1. Make the accessories for MyPlayer like they were last season so you don’t have to be online to select wristbands, armbands, etc. Some people don’t have access to the internet

    2. Add a more realistic scoreboard, similar to the one on ESPN where it spans the bottom of the screen, not just in the bottom right corner

    3. Change the announcers. Kevin Harlan and Steve Kerr are fine, but Clark Kellogg doesn’t announce for the NBA.

    • Also, in 2K14, players should be able to select uniforms in MyPlayer mode. I get sick of wearing just the home and away unis, especially when I’m on a team that has multiple alternates

  • michael burnett

    don’t make too many glitches in the game and make the players look more realistic

  • howard-rose

    1- julious erving back in the game

    2- more haircuts for my player and retro haircuts like the dominique wilkins hi-top

    3- real tattos and modifications to my player

    4- press conference in my legend mode

    5- charles barkley teams all of them

    6-the rookie allen iverson and the rookie kobe to

    7-alternative retro jersey of seattle supersonics for OKC thunder and the court to

    8- 02-03 whashington wizards with jordan

  • Mason


    You need to have it so you can choose different announcers for the games! like in the settings before you play you can choose the TNT crew or CBS sports anonuncers or something! everyones tired of hearing the same words by the announcers and by putting in different announcers it makes the game a lot more realistic!

  • MelonJuice

    MyCoach mode would be fabulous. We could create a new head coach or be a CURRENT coach. Responsible for training/workouts, off-court and on-court activities, interacting with the players, probably even possible to interact with the board of the club. Able to pick rookies on draft night (?). ON COURT: able to call plays from sidelines;substitutions; speeches during halftime would be amazing, This may be too much but if something similar is able to be developed would be brilliant

  • CREW VS CREW!!! Please!!!

  • In my career mode allow the ability to create an arch rival. A player on a different team that will be the same position as you and that will level up as you do in the game. Whenever you have games with this players team make it worth triple VC. It could be something awesome. A lot like Magic vs Bird!

  • juan cerda

    I think you should put west and est all-stars, its not on nba 2k12, so I think it should be on 2k13

  • Mitchell

    1. Lebron Cover.

    2. Real crowd anticipation – appreciation of a run being put together, or a comeback run. The crowds excitement boils over with a 5-10-all run, and goes nuts when the other team is forced to call a timeout, like in real life. Creating a more interactive environment would do wonders for the production of not only the game, but the theatrical side of the NBA experience.

    3. Create a Legend needs press conference or some sort of story concept behind it, just like My Career. Following real life issues with players, teams and their public persona in the media.

    4. MORE TATTOO’S!, update the tattoo design section, allowing us to customize our own designs, or even get generic player tattoo’s onto our My Player.

    5. Allowing a vowel system for My Player names, like Google translate, picking up a unique name and being able to voice it, similar, or perfect. Instead of ‘The Captain’, ‘Mr. Clutch’ etc.

    6. If a player is destined to retire, a ‘final game atmosphere’ should be presented with that game, with a standing ovation if so deserving. Kobe’s last games are coming in the near seasons, and this feature would be very fitting for the end of his career.

    Hope these idea’s help to add onto a very near complete NBA virtual experience. Cheers.

    • William

      Kobe Cover.

      • D-Trixx

        LeBron Cover

      • FaisalBilal

        Kobe! LeBron Chokes lol

      • Which is better? Choking or hogging?

      • FaisalBilal

        Hogging cuz the if u got the ball in kobes hand in the 4th qtr ur garenteed to win

      • Durant Cover

      • durnt already on ther dumbass

      • Shontz Yaeger

        Durant needs to be on the cover or Kyrie

      • Chris M.

        melo cover

      • William

        I really don’t care who the cover is I just don”t want LeBron, if it’s not Kobe then how about Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, or Chris Paul.

      • Ryan Schafer

        or Kyrie Irving

    • Rishi Prabhuram

      use kinect to do pregame rituals in my career

    • Shontz Yaeger

      i agree with you and you should be able to pick your own nickname and not the ones they give you

  • Well, its almost perfect game the 2k13, but for the 2k14 you could do is:

    1. When the guys is tryin to pass you, he just run over you and you cant do anything, he doenst do any ball moves, just runs to the basket, thats kinda ridicolous.

    2. And the Skills System for the Career mode, should be more simple, put some more Legends Training Camps too.

    3. The speaks about “blocks” and “dunks” on the nba presentation of TV Broadcasting is boring, and always the same, since 2k12.

    4. The interview after the game, should do while the player is leaving the court, and on the table is always some random player, it should be the 2nd best scorer.

  • i have a few request

    1. on halftime have a quick sitdown talk with shaq, charles, etc.

    2. on halftime if im on my player or a quick-match game and im losing by 40 or up by 40 have someone interview me asking me question on half time. would be nice if you could post things on your twitter account
    4,make the game have more interviews.
    5. oh and have nba on tnt that would be AWESOME !

  • will tupou

    you should be able to play with other people on your my career just like in madden 13 how you can play against others or yall on the same team

  • MAKE IT SO YOU CAN BLOCK DUNKS SHOULD BE EVERY1S #1 smh and 2nd CREW!!!!!!!!!!! MY PLAYER IS POINTLESS WITHOUT CREW and make it so u cant buy your MP SP make them earn it

  • Ralph

    Better crowd (graphics and crowd reactions – celebrate when a big shot is hit)

  • a life for the myplayer houses talk to fans going to the events like team meetings cars more voices for my players

  • Chris Blue

    Reggie miller, Charles Barkley, Dr.J, everyone!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Blue

    international My player mode. Just like association but with my player. Featuring USA my player team.

  • I would like more creative dunks. Better animations. And a way to break animations easier. Im tired of trying to change a move or move my character, only to get stuck in animation i cant get out of. that second or 2 can be costly. Especially online with lag

  • danpowers

    please more haircuts in the edit player section. some 90s flat tops would be great.
    its really hard to add much more, the game is incredible already

  • Jvonn

    Be able to change team’s jerseys in MyCareer.

  • For Xbox 360, Kinect sensor allowed. Also in My Career, when you create a player, the announcer must say the last name. That’s it thanks.

  • That if you want create a dream team yourself and the slam dunk and the tree point contest more people gonna buyed

  • it should have good qualities
    and graphics

  • Greg

    And if you customize a player have the announcers say your last name, or at least give it a try

  • Greg

    Stacey King in the game, and being able to trade players anytime, not just on franchise so I can get Korver back on the Bulls


  • mitalo13

    too many words being censored

  • mitalo13

    stop bleeping out the word god in the soundtrack too thats ridiculous. eventually the soundtrack will just be all instrumentals with maybe a couple words per verse.

  • mitalo13

    Also add a new type of historic game mode and teams of the post championship bulls era. from the ’99 Knicks vs the spurs to the ’10 Lakers vs the Celtics or so. make it Similar to 2K12 historic mode but maybe a little more in depth like the 2K11 Jordan mode. Plus i like the new Myteam mode except for the fact that users can basically buy an all star team if they want. also itd b nice to be able to play as barkley and milller besides the dream team option.

  • mw96

    All Star Weekend on PC

  • all star game mvp instead of just player of the game

  • zach

    add an olympic campaign in my career

    • there is u cant ply with 2012 dream team before the season starts if ur 1st game is good enough

  • 1. make like real workouts and practices in my player; like a real nba players day.
    2. make all star game and rookie game less intense like in real life.
    3. better details on shoes
    4. add skills challenge into all star weekend.

    • Ryan Schafer

      yes i totally agree

  • disqus_B45rIiZeST

    you should be able to patnership with any brand e.g. adidas, reebok, sketchers, spalding, nike, jordan. you should be even able to make your own brand. own logo. you should be able to m