NBA 2K13 – Dream Team vs Commentary AllStars | Can I finally beat them ?

Posted November 30, 2012 by nikefaller in Gameplay

Here is the official start to my new series the NBA 2K13 Commentary AllStars. Where are going up against the 1992 Dream Team which is actually an archrival of mine. To this day I haven’t managed to beat the 1992 Dream Team on Hall Of Fame difficulty. I guess the one from the FIBA 2K12 mod doesn’t count really, but I’m definatly going to attempt a rematch soon !

You can see that I haven’t done all the tweaking in the roster. I missed a lot of 3 point shots and committed many turnovers. This all comes down to experimenting with different lineups, rotations, etc. Basically getting to know the players and team !

Hope y’all will enjoy this episode and of course this series.

Cheers Nike