NBA 2K13 – Die Kampfansage ! | New Series aka The Return Of The Commentary AllStars !

Posted November 24, 2012 by nikefaller in Mixes/Montages

The NBA 2K13 Commentary All-Stars are back ! This is a follow up of my series I did during NBA 2K12. Basically this is a custom made team featuring all (well, most) of the well known My Players from 2K commentators on YouTube. The list below will tell you who is currently on the team. I’m still working on a few things to change the appearance in game, specifically a custom court, scoreboard and team name. So far I’ve got custom away/home warm-up suits, custom away/home/alternative jerseys and 2 custom logos (which you’ll see with the 1st gameplay very soon).

Here is the breakdown of the completed team:
(In some cases I switched the positions so the players fit better into the team)

➜ Chris Smoove (PG) –
➜ D. IpodKingCarter (PG) –
➜ A. Garabet (PG) –
➜ J.Tyler (PG) –
➜ A. Wallace (SG/PG) –
➜ K. Spade (SG) –
➜ M. Alexander (SG) –
➜ A. Cooper (SG) –
➜ N. Bridges (SF) –
➜ Vince Carter Jr (SF) –
➜ C.Baker (PF/SF) –
➜ T. Jones (PF) –
➜ J. Banks (C/PF) –
➜ A. Chaudhry (C) –

Hope you guys will enjoy this series !
Cheers Nike


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    Awesome man! Amazing editing