NBA 2K13 – How To Create The Best My Player | Cheese ? Yes please !

Posted November 12, 2012 by nikefaller in News

This is certainly not to be taken seriously, but is definatly a way to abuse aka cheese in NBA 2K13. With this MyPlayer you will be able to score easily and efficiently while at the same time being agile enough on the court to play good defense. Furthermore, you will face a lot of missmatches (to your advantage) and get easy rebounds or blocks ! 😉

Short summary of what you have to do in order to create the best My Player in NBA 2K13:

1. Create a Small Forward (3PT Specialist)

2. Make him 7 ft tall and weighing around ~260lbs

3. Give him a quick and high release shot (I used Form 27, Base 8)

The rest is pretty much up to you. Though I suggest giving him very fast dribble moves, so you will stay agile on the court.

The advantages of a 7ft tall SF opposed to a Power Forward or Center is the speed, ability to move around the court faster and having lots of miss matches. You will be surprised how many open 3 point shots you will be getting and how easy it is to guard your match up. You will start with an 82 3PT rating which is already pretty high, but you can further improve that to a 99 rating … which is insane considering my Point Guard is capped at a 95.



  • stephan hall

    got nba 2k13 done my players 7foot 260 that players drop 75 points game got on heat we now on are 2 nba championship that one bad code they show sf he play better michael jordan kobe bryant shoots more three points thin great bulls

  • Ashley

    i made a 6″11 SF, 300lbs and athletic. I got an A+ teammate grade in the rookie showcase, and got drafted 1st. traded straight away to Denver nuggets from Cavs. im the star of the team, won two nba championships, finals mvp, allstar mvp and rookie of the year in 2 seasons. signed to nike.

  • Ivan Salas-Torres

    I got drafted 1pick oh shiet

  • qbsmall

    I made a 6ft point pg n went 1st round draft 1st pick im tha sweetest

  • octavias james

    Man 2k14 is dumb ass fuck .. The shooting game is just fucking dumb now , I turn that sorry shit back in .. I will just play nba 2k13 the best only think good about nba 2k14 is the myteam packs

    • chris

      all u had to do is go to ucontroller settings an switch it from default back to iso motion an shots

  • I do not know of any 7 ft SF’s in the league. However, there are a few around 6’10 / 6’11. So if I did this I probably would go with 6’10” . Also note in reality that as far as I have been able to find out, no SF that tall has ever been MVP. In reality it seems the sweet spot for height is something like 6’6 to 6’9. The majority of MVP awards fall in that range.

  • Nice man, good stuf. Check what I have done from my player >> beast ! 😀

  • I got picked 2nd with an athletic pg 6 ft 3… now its my second year.. been posterising on people.. luv dunking on them =D

  • Kurt

    I made a point guard 6’7 220lbs “all-around” style I played super bad in the rookie showcase so that I could be drafted by the heat. In six games I started getting 20+ pts a game w/ 10+ assists. At the moment I’m nearly done with my first season, and I’ve: Made the all-star team, 1st in the running for MVP & Rookie of the year. I’ve gone from 65 overall to 83 overall in less than 80 games.
    That is to say you can make a beast player at PG too.

    • chris

      how did u get drafted in tha second cuz everytime i do terrible tha last 3 teams wnt me n tha first

  • robert123

    I did what he said and made a sf 7ft tall and got drafted 1st round 2nd draft pic

  • i want to Spub Webb to be my player.

    and already edited player.

    can anyone download it ? or make .

  • watched the vid on youtube and made this guy, drafted 4th to the cavs, made starting lineup after 7 games, and posting 25 ppg with a 3pt % of .508. Get double teamed a hell of a lot now so making a few assists. Making 150 VC per game to be loaded into blocking and defensive rebounding. Then will make him a bit more athletic. If you want to be a big time player this might be the build for it

  • disqus_QnAV27YADT

    being 7 ft will justget u a power foward/ center position. I did this b4 i even read this amazingly

    • That is just wrong…you may get moved to a pf or center in the game but usually you will be at sf, and anyways doesn’t matter because that just means a slower matchup for you to rain 3s on.

  • devrnja

    i want to make Stromile Swift to be my player.. Can anybody help me make his face?

  • brad

    this really helped me thanks

  • romarinho

    you have to play efficient and overall good

    and, the most important thing, play for your team, not for yourself!!!

  • how do you make your player picked earlier? i never get past 15th. EVEN IN THE OLDER NBA 2K’S

    • ..It’s not really extremely difficult but still a bit hard to get selected in top 10. You NEED to get an A teammate grade to get selected in top 10 and if you want 1-3rd pick you need at least 15 points, 5 rebounds/assists/steals, A+ teammate grade, and if you can a block or two. Its easiest to do with an athletic point guard.

  • raajn

    so make a Kevin Durant? …

    • Yep, basically a very talll SF who is a 3pt specialist will increase your chances at getting #1 Draft Pick tremendously.

  • Leo

    i had like the same thing but my guy is 6 foot 9 and 220. i was 2nd pick