NBA 2K13 MyCareer – Am I Losing My Mind ? The Journey From The Blacktop Courts To The NBA

Posted November 6, 2012 by nikefaller in Gameplay

This is the beginning of the journey of Vince Carter Jr’s return to the NBA. The journey starts on the Blacktop courts and will hopefully end with him playing for an NBA team soon.

Vince Carter Jr is going back to his humble beginnings, the Blacktop courts. After being rejected by the D-League and international basketball leagues … going back to the Blacktop courts was his only shot at getting his name out there again.

This is the start of a long journey ahead, which will hopefully end with Vince Carter Jr playing in the NBA for a great team.


Cheers Nike


  • Minjoong Kim

    wait how do you connect nba and tdunlimited 2 i dont get it

  • Baza43

    Y did u use TDU2 and NBA 2k13

  • Peteranator

    What´s that game?

    • Test Drive Unlimited 2

  • mike